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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#1967 Noise on vertical velocities when using UBS momemtum advection scheme assigned gm Defect Unscheduled normal
#1984 Error in the online momentum trend diagnostic assigned gm Bug Unscheduled normal
#2016 ENHANCE-11 Trusting-SETTE cooperation (previously 2018WP) assigned nicolasmartin Task Unscheduled normal
#2036 SEAICE-05_crousset_coupled_interface assigned clem Task Unscheduled normal
#2044 ENHANCE-09_Gurvan-GEOMETRIC assigned gm Task Unscheduled normal
#2046 PUBLI-03_SFlavoni-advectionscheme-analysis assigned flavoni Task Unscheduled normal
#2052 ENHANCE-09(2018WP)_rbourdal_massfluxconvection assigned rbourdal Task Unscheduled normal
#2055 ENHANCE-14_cethe_PISCES_LBC assigned cetlod Task Unscheduled normal
#2162 Tiling for TRA and ZDF routines new mikebell Task Unscheduled normal
#2379 VALID-11_clevy_OASIS_TESTCASE new clevy Task Unscheduled normal
#2390 ticket for KERNEL-03_Storkey_Coward_RK3_stage2 WP2020 action new davestorkey Task Unscheduled normal
#2463 Updating the online quickstart guide new systeam Defect normal
#2607 HPC-03_Mele_Comm_Cleanup reopened francesca Task IMMERSE 2021 normal
#2608 HPC-04_Mele_Loop_Fusion new francesca Task IMMERSE 2021 normal
#2610 HPC-06_Epicoco_Halo_Management new epico Task 2021 WP normal
#2612 VLD-02_Aimie_Moulin_Med_Wave_Coupling assigned amoulin Task IMMERSE 2021 normal
#2613 VLD-03_Aimie_Moulin_Wave_Coupling_TestCase assigned amoulin Task 2021 WP normal
#2634 KNL-02_Jerome_RK3_stage1_tsplit new jchanut Task IMMERSE 2021 normal
#2643 DOMAINcfg: bugs re-introduced new Bug normal
#2662 HPC-11_mcastril_HPDAonline DiagGPU new mcastril Task IMMERSE 2021 normal
#2668 SI3 + nn_hls>1 crashes with "-init=arrays,snan,huge" compil options new clem Bug normal
#2682 Failing SETTE tests with debug flags and `nn_hls = 1` new hadcv Bug 2021 WP normal
#2695 ISF & key_qco compatibility + BUG in hpg_isf new techene Defect normal
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