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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#264 missing allocation of fld structures in sbcblk_core.F90 rblod Bug high OCE
#424 missing lbc_lnk in sbcmod nemo Bug high OCE
#1145 "explosive" isopycnal diffusion gm Bug high TOP
#1254 problem with O3 optimisation level using ifort: NEMO crashes nemo Bug high OCE
#1515 Temporary branch for CO6 Collaboration and Rose Suite development. Allows some retro options in CO5 deazer Task high Unscheduled OCE
#2032 ROBUST-02_LIM3-doc vancop Task high Documentation doc
#2049 VALID-04_SFlavoni_Overflow_Lock flavoni Task high Unscheduled OCE
#2183 AGRIF-01_cbricaud-EWandNorthBC(2017WP) cbricaud Task high Unscheduled TOP
#2466 Wrong runoffs temperature/salinity fluxes ? systeam Bug high TRA
#2648 VLD-06_UKMO_GO8 ayoung Task high 2021 WP MULTIPLE
#372 problem with netcdf syncing nemo Bug normal env
#1234 fse3t not defined over all points nemo Bug normal OCE
#1403 Use of uninitialised arrays leads to floating point exceptions nemo Bug normal LIM3
#1540 Tracer conservation (2): Surface vertical velocity with source terms in hdivn nemo Bug normal OCE
#1562 fldread bug gmainsant Bug normal OCE
#1758 namelist mangling: cfg does not always override ref nemo Bug normal 2015 release-3.6 tools
#1804 BDY+tides do not work with ln_bt_fw=false nemo Bug normal OCE
#1830 Problem with restart from another simulation nemo Bug normal OCE
#1866 rnf_b and rnf are the same field in coupled mode - breaks restartability nemo Bug normal OCE
#1941 TO DO list for the end of the 2017 merge party nemo Task normal 2017 WP OCE
#2441 Wave coupling only: not receiving coupling fields ayoung Defect normal 2020 WP SBC
#243 simplification of computation of snow-ice energy in limthd_ent nemo Enhancement low LIM3
#331 No bottom friction if mbathy=2 nemo Bug low OCE
#332 Mistake in comment in nam_dynvor nemo Bug low OCE
#345 add missing "USE daymod" statement into oce_trc nemo Bug low TOP
#369 Restart module writes restart files twice nemo Bug low OCE
#408 password of nemo_user nemo Bug low env
#410 PGF90-F-0004-Unable to open MODULE file netcdf.mod (fliocom.f90: 5) nemo Defect low env
#611 useless use un limthd nemo Bug low LIM2
#629 LIM3 restartability nemo Bug low LIM3
#646 coriolis parameter in limrhg_2.F90 nemo Bug low LIM2
#709 LIM3 (LIM2-EVP -Drakkar) : Lead area computation in limrhg.F90 (limrhg_evpc_2.F90) nemo Bug low LIM3
#711 avmb and avtb in traadv_cen2, ORCA2 nemo Bug low OCE
#729 New branch for Visbeck scheme for calculating eddy induced velocity coefficient acc Enhancement low Unscheduled OCE
#731 histvar_seq warning nemo Bug low OCE
#792 fldread in sbcrnf nemo Bug low OCE
#888 2011 merge INGV and MERCATOR nemo Task low OCE
#966 GYRE using linear eos (nn_eos=1) very slow nemo Bug low OCE
#987 Unable to output mean and instantaneous fields concurrently nemo Defect low OCE
#1032 Floating point exceptions in IOM (NetCDF) smasson Bug low OCE
#1102 mask send to IOM is wrong (ln_mskland=TRUE) nemo Bug low OCE
#1126 Perform basic coherency/consistency tests nemo Task low OCE
#1168 BDY MPP issues nemo Bug low OCE
#1202 Void nemo Bug low OCE
#1208 No module use'd for variable a_i in sbcice_if.F90 vancop Bug low OCE
#1231 Numeric problem along the north fold nemo Task low OCE
#1318 out of bound for array hi_max in limistate.F90 nemo Bug low LIM3
#1320 limistate.F90: i_fill is used out of the loop on i_fill nemo Bug low LIM3
#1343 Allow coupling fieldnames to be arbitrary length timgraham Bug low OCE
#1400 No isopycnal mixing with vvl ? rfurner?? Bug low OCE
#1425 error in TOP_SRC/PISCES/P4Z/p4zsed nemo Bug low OCE
#1475 Missmatch in bdyini between sending and receiving mocavero Bug low OCE
#1487 Specific branch for melt ponds in LIM3 vancop Task low Unscheduled LIM3
#1488 Specific branch for ice-atmosphere interface with LIM3 vancop Task low Unscheduled LIM3
#1489 Specific branch for CMIP6 outputs vancop Task low Unscheduled LIM3
#1490 Specific branch for prescribed sea ice BGC nemo Task low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1511 Proper shutdown of NEMO+OASIS if NEMO aborts... nemo Bug low OCE
#1514 changes to dynvor for partial steps een option mikebell Enhancement low OCE
#1518 Can’t reduce the number of Tidal Constituents nemo Bug low OCE
#1567 snow precipitation looks wrong in ORCA2-LIM3 nemo Bug low OCE
#1626 Add branch to allow sponge layer deazer Task low OCE
#1637 Mismatching units in new contributions to qns in sbcblk_core.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#1681 CO6 Branch of VN3.6 Stable with KD490 Light Attenuation deazer Enhancement low Unscheduled OCE
#1714 bugs in icbrst.F90 davestorkey Bug low Unscheduled OCE
#1734 bug in bdyini : straight BDY only works with rim width of 1 jamesharle Bug low BDY
#1776 Issue with Prather scheme nemo Bug low LIM3
#1784 CO6 Package Branch to Test Wetting and Drying mathiot Task low Unscheduled OCE
#1794 Duplicated lines in diaar5.F90 module nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1795 Boundary files for LIM3 are not found in a subdirectory nemo Bug low LIM3
#1822 Wrong logical used in IF statement for tracer trends in traldf_iso timgraham Defect low OCE
#1840 optional variables andmirek Task low OCE
#1847 iceprod_cea field doesn't exist in the LIM3 code. nemo Enhancement low LIM3
#1858 bug when reading external data in BDY? davestorkey Bug low BDY
#1872 NESTING TOOLS AGRIF read updated bathymetry for creating agrif restarts jchanut Enhancement low AGRIF
#1904 AMM15 package branch jgraham Task low OCE
#1923 Sea ice form drag nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1986 Upgrade surge code to NEMO4 to use wetting and drying mathiot Enhancement low OCE
#2077 xios-1.0 rev703 error in parallel output systeam Bug low tools
#2104 The mathlab utility for viewing and analyzing data in netcdf files nicolasmartin Bug low tools
#2137 wrong formulae for Lupkes 2012 ? systeam Bug low SBC
#2182 zero values at the boundaties of a nested domain jchanut Defect low AGRIF
#2220 adaptive EVP (ice rheology) makes the model crash systeam Defect low SI3
#2252 Question/remark about the zcoef variable (dtadyn.F90) systeam Defect low OFF
#2332 Reduce unnecessary computation in sbccpl.F90 systeam Defect low SBC
#2361 Maximum rimwidth text output mathiot Bug low BDY
#2383 reproducibility issue with Agrif (likely) systeam Bug low AGRIF
#2458 XIOS2.5 in coupled model systeam Defect low Unscheduled SBC
#2705 IOM-01_dcarneir_ASM_SI3 dcarneir Task low 2021 WP TOP
#1134 Large drift & Non-conservation of tracers vichi Bug highest TOP
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