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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#447 IOF and cutting along latitude nemo Bug high OCE
#1494 SI3 documentation vancop Task high Documentation SI3
#1698 ice-air coupling (LIM3). part3: bug in the non-solar heat flux clem Bug high LIM3
#1905 Asselin filtering of tracers in tranxt.F90 with VVL and lk_dynspg_ts.AND.ln_bt_fw==.true. incorrectly assumes that e3t will be Asselin filtered agn Bug high OCE
#2029 SI3-01(2018WP)_topographic_meltponds vancop Task high 2019 WP OCE
#2033 SI3-02_crousset_validation_rheology clem Task high 2019 WP OCE
#2034 SI3-03_crousset_validation_landfast clem Task high 2019 WP OCE
#2035 SI3-04_crousset_evaluation_UM5vsPRATHER clem Task high 2019 WP OCE
#2038 VALID-01(2018WP_cont)_clevy_AGRIF clevy Task high 2019 WP AGRIF
#2045 ENHANCE-08(2018WP)_Gurvan-Implicit_Drags gm Task high 2019 WP OCE
#2059 VALID-03_smasson_regional_agrif smasson Task high 2019 WP AGRIF
#2157 ASINTER-04_Madec_waves gm Task high IMMERSE 2019 SBC
#2176 ENHANCE-07_JamesH-sigma_under_ISF jamesharle Task high 2019 WP DOM
#2188 SI3-07_tsamados_drags vancop Task high 2019 WP SI3
#2196 HPC-07_XXX_agrif_HPC_review systeam Task high IMMERSE 2019 AGRIF
#2197 HPC-09_Mireck_OpenACC andmirek Task high 2019 WP TRA
#2208 VALID-04_cetlod_TOP_offline cetlod Task high 2019 WP TOP
#2320 Improvements in text output andmirek Enhancement high 2019 WP IOM
#1186 declaration of a global size array in OBS/mpp_map.F90 timgraham Bug normal OCE
#1212 Bug in UBS (dynamic) & partial cells gm Bug normal OCE
#1436 Possible invalid call to oasis_get_freqs smasson Bug normal OCE
#1532 Merge of branch dev_r5204_CNRS_PISCES_dcy into the trunk. nemo Enhancement normal OCE
#1537 wrong C preprocessor directives. nemo Bug normal OCE
#1664 dimensions were reversed in XIOS1 nemo Bug normal 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1686 Computed bbl diffusive coefficients & tracer conservation nemo Bug normal TOP
#1750 no-slip in AGRIF - nest boundaries in open ocean treated like coasts jchanut Defect normal AGRIF
#1785 reproductibility with tke / dependence on the number of subdomains rbourdal Bug normal OCE
#1868 couple NEMO and CICE with OASIS andmirek Enhancement normal OCE
#1970 AGRIF fails with two children grids presumable because of some XIOS error systeam Bug normal AGRIF
#1973 Floating invalid in limvar.f90 and limthd_dh.f90 vancop Bug normal LIM3
#2020 ENHANCE-12_Yevgeny-Icewaves acc Task normal 2018 WP OCE
#2323 read/write SI3 restart with XIOS andmirek Task normal IMMERSE 2019 SI3
#2658 HPC-10_mcastril_Mixed_Precision_implementation mcastril Task normal IMMERSE 2021 MULTIPLE
#374 Addition of clobber and chunksize when opening NetCDF files smasson Enhancement low OCE
#426 notification test nemo Task low OCE
#510 IOSERVER with NVTK cetlod Bug low env
#543 NVTK: the cron dedicated to check jobs doesn't run properly on IBM-VARGAS nemo Bug low env
#563 hardcoded nlay_s vancop Bug low LIM3
#580 cpl_oasis4 working... nemo Enhancement low OCE
#599 NVTK: bug at the job launch process if REF_TAGV variable is empty nemo Bug low env
#991 Create a branch for Marsaleix's hpg method hliu Task low OCE
#1113 possible out-of-bound if the first W-level is below 10m gm Bug low OCE
#1114 mismatch in array size and possibly uninitialized value in solsor.F90 gm Bug low OCE
#1119 Reproducibility using enveloping bathymetry jchanut Bug low OCE
#1137 Pb sbc_cpl_ice_tau wind stress on ice in "mixed oce-ice" coupling case smasson Bug low OCE
#1159 NOC new development branch: Loglayer Bottom friction Limiter nemo Task low OCE
#1163 Using land suppression can give different results nemo Bug low OCE
#1165 definition of fr1_i0 and fr2_i0 in coupled mode? nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1235 Division by zero in timing routines nemo Bug low OCE
#1249 Useless variables in the restart file gm Bug low OCE
#1295 rdtmax mis-assigned in domain.F90 gm Bug low OCE
#1297 Minor bug in ORCA2_LIM with Agrif jchanut Bug low OCE
#1310 Allow specification of start hour djlea Enhancement low OCE
#1311 Equatorial pressure correction djlea Enhancement low OCE
#1312 Sea ice increments djlea Enhancement low OCE
#1314 Implement assimilation interface SETTE test djlea Enhancement low OCE
#1316 Add 0.2K temperature mixed layer depthdiagnostic nemo Enhancement low Unscheduled OCE
#1326 weird loop in tra_npc nemo Bug low OCE
#1333 UKMO 2014 workplan task 5 (Kara mixed layer diagnostic) hadcv Task low OCE
#1344 UKMO 2014 workplan task 9 (Additional enhancements to the 1D configuration) hadcv Task low C1D
#1346 bug in BDY for multiple boundaries davestorkey Bug low OCE
#1357 Enhancement to allow the bdytmask to be read before optimisation of the mpp layout occurs jamesharle Enhancement low Unscheduled OCE
#1359 Restartability issue without key_ldfslp gm Bug low OCE
#1386 bug in ENE and ENS vorticity schemes with partial steps? gm Bug low Unscheduled OCE
#1405 netCDF attributs missing in meshmask file nemo Defect low OCE
#1406 useless time dimension in meshmask file nemo Defect low OCE
#1413 bug in cumulate surface flux in bdyvol ? jchanut Bug low OCE
#1418 Close the netcdf files in agrif_create_data.exe nemo Defect low AGRIF
#1419 Out of bound with bdy Orlanski. davestorkey Bug low OCE
#1428 2015 Met_Office_1 - Further updates to CICE interface mathiot Task low Unscheduled OCE
#1432 Lateral diffusion with VVL in Z coordinates - For Discussion nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1434 Tidal mixing energy in zdt_tmx with VVL nemo Defect low OCE
#1438 Use istate_uvg in NEMO v3.2 nemo Enhancement low Unscheduled OCE
#1444 Improved flexibility in the handling of the trajectory nemo Enhancement low TAM
#1453 2015 AGRIF-4/MERCATOR-5: Agrif: Enable vvl and AGRIF nemo Task low 2015 WP OCE
#1466 default definition of nam_vvl nemo Defect low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1477 Default of TEOS-10 in namelist_ref nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1507 Errors in namcfg & namctl not reported correctly nemo Defect low OCE
#1526 ln_tra_dmp / ln_tradmp nemo Enhancement low 2015 simplification OCE
#1557 Agrif sponge arrays out of bounds on small (sub)domains nemo Bug low AGRIF
#1606 Bug in analytical initial temperature profile flavoni Bug low OCE
#1671 NEMO 3.6 to 3.7 migration guide nicolasmartin Enhancement low OCE
#1690 unallocated array hit when using bdy + LIM2 vancop Bug low Unscheduled BDY
#1713 Bugs in split explicit diffusion jchanut Bug low OCE
#1718 2016 development branch: Parametrisation of tide water glacier melting mathiot Task low Unscheduled OCE
#1743 SST coupling with land/sea mask nemo Enhancement low 2016 WP OCE
#1789 Support coupling without atmosphere model nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1798 namtsd and namsbc_ssr blocks can't read weight files with the same name nemo Bug low OCE
#1812 Surface stresses at wrong time step in zdftke/zdfgls rbourdal Defect low OCE
#1816 No possibility to use the same weight filename with both a 3D and 2D input files to be interpolated ? nemo Bug low OCE
#1867 Volume control when using BDY and Time-splitting is not ready for use greffray Bug low BDY
#1876 Missing initialisation of array 'rnf_b'; river runoff not taken into account in the reconstruction of the nonlinear trajectory systeam Bug low TAM
#1912 parallel running of rebuild_nemo nemo Enhancement low OCE
#2064 ice velocity issues in AGRIF sponge layer with LIM2 VP clem Defect low AGRIF
#2067 Open namelists in read only mode andmirek Task low Unscheduled OCE
#2071 Allowing more flexibility with the sea surface restoring subroutine systeam Enhancement low SBC
#2106 Floating invalid in limthd_dh.f90 vancop Bug low LIM3
#2119 improved land-processor suppression systeam Defect low OCE
#2124 Unmasked avmu and avmv in GLS scheme for jk=jpk (with explicit bottom friction only) creates spurious mixing jchanut Bug low Unscheduled OCE
#2152 sto_par_init in nemo_init systeam Enhancement low TOP
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