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acaubel (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Owner Type Created Owner
#258 Problem with the name of input restart file "" OCE nemo Task 2008-09-23 nemo
#540 A new file called "fort.17" appears OCE nemo Bug 2009-08-27 nemo
#552 mixup between level and output_level in iodef.xml files OCE nemo Bug 2009-10-02 nemo
#551 date.file is no more existing when using key_iomput OCE smasson Defect 2009-10-02 smasson

acc (96 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Owner Type Created Owner
#2070 Reorganisation of nemogcm.F90 and mppini.F90 to better separate domain decomposition functions from the rest of the initialisation OCE 2018 release-4.0 acc Enhancement 2018-03-27 acc
#2025 ROBUST-06_Andrew-reporting OCE 2018 release-4.0 acc Task 2018-02-20 acc
#2026 VALID-10_GeorgeN-evalOSMOSIS OCE 2018 release-4.0 agn Task 2018-02-20 agn
#2166 HPC-06_SimonM-extendedhaloes TOP 2019 WP smueller Task 2018-11-21 smueller
#2167 ENHANCE-04_AndrewC-reporting env 2019 WP acc Task 2018-11-21 acc
#2170 VALID-02_GeorgeN-evalOSMOSIS TOP 2019 WP agn Task 2018-11-21 agn
#2176 ENHANCE-07_JamesH-sigma_under_ISF DOM 2019 WP jamesharle Task 2018-12-04 jamesharle
#235 Incorrect sign used when applying empold correction to freshwater budget OCE nemo Bug 2008-07-14 nemo
#292 incorrect calculation of icycle in dynspg_ts.F90 OCE nemo Bug 2008-12-08 nemo
#832 Missing brackets in volume filter correction calculation when computing before scale factor at u/v points (key_vvl) OCE acc Bug 2011-06-07 acc
#1040 NaNs originating in sbcdcy (diurnal cycle) at some points in space and time OCE nemo Bug 2012-12-17 nemo
#1566 ORCA1 strait corrections have the wrong indices OCE 2015 release-3.6 nemo Bug 2015-07-06 nemo
#2027 zdf_iwm_init (zdfiwm.F90) reads from a misnamed name list OCE 2018 release-4.0 acc Defect 2018-02-21 acc
#2113 Restoring restart ability with icebergs OCE 2018 release-4.0 mathiot Defect 2018-07-10 mathiot
#2020 ENHANCE-12_Yevgeny-Icewaves OCE 2018 WP acc Task 2018-02-20 acc
#2021 HPC-05_AndrewC-extendedhaloes OCE 2018 WP acc Task 2018-02-20 acc
#257 mpp_init_ioipsl sets incorrect halo attributes for mean files if jpnij .ne. jpni*jpnj OCE nemo Bug 2008-09-22 nemo
#310 unsuppressed keys in TOP advection routines TOP cetlod Bug 2009-01-29 cetlod
#496 Fix output state following an error state trapped by stpctl.F90 OCE nemo Bug 2009-07-27 nemo
#566 Missing variable definitions in iodef.xml OCE nemo Bug 2009-10-22 nemo
#623 mislabelled ice velocity fields in output.abort files LIM2 nemo Bug 2009-12-01 nemo
#675 Missing salt flux into the ocean when using vvl and sea-ice OCE acc Bug 2010-06-01 acc
#803 Missing dummy routine in ldfslp.F90 OCE acc Bug 2011-02-22 acc
#862 LIM2 VP/EVP initialisation and allocation corrections OCE acc Bug 2011-09-22 acc
#977 MPI_GROUP_MAX exceeded when running with LIM3 OCE acc Bug 2012-06-21 acc
#1057 Bug in mppini_2.h90 which can result in communication deadlock with some partitioning (mainly evident at high processor counts) OCE acc Bug 2013-02-18 acc
#1239 unallocated arrays in daily mean to diurnal cycle code with passive tracers OCE cbricaud Bug 2014-02-03 cbricaud
#1250 Array bound warnings in prt_ctl_init when jpnij /= jpni*jpnj OCE Unscheduled nemo Bug 2014-02-28 nemo
#1305 Wrong maximum level for light penetration in some mpp cases OCE acc Bug 2014-04-22 acc
#1307 Slow start-ups with v3.6 on some systems OCE acc Bug 2014-04-25 acc
#1325 Incorrect output restart filenames generated if files exist and ln_clobber is .true. OCE nemo Bug 2014-05-22 nemo
#1351 Problems with AMM12 SETTE tests with -O3 optimisation (ifort compiler) OCE nemo Bug 2014-06-24 nemo
#1365 domvvl restart logic faulty for cases when both fse3t_b and fse3t_n are not present in the restart file OCE acc Bug 2014-07-24 acc
#1510 Bug in hpg_prj (dynhpg.F90) reported by hliu OCE 2015 release-3.6 acc Bug 2015-04-17 acc
#1541 Missing subroutine referenced in trcice.F90 OCE nemo Bug 2015-06-18 nemo
#1691 Missing call to ldf_dyn in step (only relevant to time-varying eddy viscosity cases) OCE 2016 WP acc Bug 2016-03-10 acc
#1932 trabbl not conserving tracers at the north-fold OCE nemo Bug 2017-08-16 nemo
#2284 Bug in NST/agrif_top_update.F90 AGRIF Unscheduled jchanut Bug 2019-05-16 jchanut
#2324 Incorrect array passed to lbc_lnk in trcbdy.F90 TOP acc Bug 2019-10-29 acc
#2672 Missing initialisation of ln_trc_ais in trcnam_age.F90. TOP 2021 WP systeam Bug 2021-05-12 systeam
#2713 Restoring restartability of WED025 and ISOMIP+ with the current trunk and nn_hls=1 MULTIPLE acc Bug 2021-07-26 acc
#1060 minor alterations to iceberg trajectory component OCE acc Defect 2013-02-25 acc
#1852 Inconsistent halo values across restarts in SETTE tests OCE acc Defect 2017-02-21 acc
#2074 Out of bounds error in the extended row form of lbcnfd OCE 2018 release-4.0 acc Defect 2018-04-11 acc
#2110 Bug in traadv_fct.F90 OCE 2018 release-4.0 acc Defect 2018-07-05 acc
#2128 Uniqueness of iceberg labels can not be guaranteed if restarting from a collated restart file ICB 2018 release-4.0 acc Defect 2018-08-23 acc
#2328 Introduce missing functionality for sn_cfctl options TOP acc Defect 2019-11-05 acc
#2374 changes in option 2 version of iom.F90 which are not in the option 1 version TOP systeam Defect 2020-01-28 systeam
#2486 Fixing irregularities revealed by namelist integrity checks MULTIPLE 2020 WP acc Defect 2020-06-11 acc
#2504 Minor typo in sbc_blk_init that can lead to incorrect reporting of bulk formulation choice SBC 2020 WP acc Defect 2020-07-27 acc
#2512 Insufficient or incorrect information in zoom domain files to rebuild whole datasets when the zoom region spans more than one XIOS server and is written to multiple files. tools Unscheduled acc Defect 2020-08-18 acc
#2515 Inconsitency in checks for ORCA cn_cfg parameter MULTIPLE Unscheduled acc Defect 2020-08-25 acc
#2517 Activation of option to use ice restart file for initial ice conditions when ln_rstart = .false. SI3 Unscheduled acc Defect 2020-09-01 acc
#2565 Unpaired / in namelists can cause issues TOP systeam Defect 2020-11-05 systeam
#2572 Issues with trunk when testing beyond SETTE (ORCA2_ICE_PISCES) MULTIPLE 2020 WP acc Defect 2020-11-16 acc
#2595 Swap DO_2D and DO_3D* macro arguments to a more natural i-j-k ordering TOP systeam Defect 2020-12-18 systeam
#2689 latest changes assume ln understands the -r option tools acc Defect 2021-06-11 acc
#2696 Investigate halo1 - halo2 differences with ICB ICB acc Defect 2021-06-18 acc
#2702 Segmentation violation in icethd_do.F90 with nn_hls=2 SI3 systeam Defect 2021-06-23 systeam
#2758 Incomplete initialisation in diahth.F90 DIA systeam Defect 2022-03-08 systeam
#754 Added NetCDF4 chunking and compression support to v3.3beta OCE acc Enhancement 2010-11-05 acc
#758 ORCA1 support and alternative vertical levels OCE acc Enhancement 2010-11-12 acc
#770 Added ORCA1 option to ldfdyn_c3d.h90 OCE acc Enhancement 2010-11-30 acc
#1472 Temporary development branch for testing use of file attributes to control starting j-row from input netcdf files. OCE 2015 release-3.6 acc Enhancement 2015-02-17 acc
#1572 diaar5 assumes inputs are on the model grid OCE cetlod Enhancement 2015-07-08 cetlod
#1660 now tests the XIOS2.0 interface but changes are required to the supporting scripts to allow automation. OCE acc Enhancement 2016-01-07 acc
#1689 2016WP SIMPLIF-5 Reimplement Smagorinsky OCE acc Enhancement 2016-03-03 acc
#1790 Using unsupported configurations on systems without wget access to the internet OCE nemo Enhancement 2016-10-31 nemo
#1831 Adding the ability to read character attributes using iom_getatt OCE acc Enhancement 2017-01-18 acc
#1839 Changes to makenemo to support configurations in subdirectories of CONFIG OCE nemo Enhancement 2017-02-03 nemo
#1938 Update to demonstrator script to take into account all the contents of a trajectory mean file OCE nemo Enhancement 2017-09-07 nemo
#2341 Start 2019 MERGE branch env systeam Enhancement 2019-11-22 systeam
#2673 Make SETTE better tools 2021 WP acc Request 2021-05-13 acc
#679 mpp scalability OCE acc Task 2010-06-10 acc
#680 lateral ocean physics OCE acc Task 2010-06-10 acc
#684 Mid-year merge branch OCE acc Task 2010-06-24 acc
#733 Development branch for the merge of ukmo, mercator and nocs 2010 developments OCE acc Task 2010-10-11 acc
#776 Changes to enable correct ioserver organisation when jpni*jpnj /= jpnij OCE nemo Task 2010-12-07 nemo
#838 Create new branch for 2011 developments on Griffies operator (NOCS) OCE acc Task 2011-06-16 acc
#843 New Branch for 2011 development NOCS.10: Neptune effect OCE acc Task 2011-06-29 acc
#874 New branch for the merge of all NOC 2011 developments OCE acc Task 2011-10-17 acc
#890 Merging NOC and UKMO 2011 developments OCE acc Task 2011-11-14 acc
#1006 New branch for merge of NOC 2012 developments OCE acc Task 2012-11-19 acc
#1020 New branch for the merge of NOC and Mercator 2012 developments OCE nemo Task 2012-11-26 nemo
#1216 Temporary development branch for hosting surface wave components from ECMWF OCE acc Task 2014-01-15 acc
#1323 New development branch for surface wave components OCE Unscheduled acc Task 2014-05-15 acc
#1367 NOCS development branch for sub-timestepping of vertical advection OCE acc Task 2014-08-05 acc
#1417 Branch for the merge of UKMO and NOC 2014 changes OCE acc Task 2014-12-01 acc
#1457 2015 NOC-3 - System support and Simplification work OCE 2015 simplification acc Task 2015-02-03 acc
#1701 New development branch for 2016 fixes to Wetting and Drying OCE 2016 WP acc Task 2016-03-22 acc
#1802 New development branch for merging NOC 2016 developments OCE 2016 WP nemo Task 2016-11-25 nemo
#1810 New branch to merge NOC and CMCC 2016 developments OCE acc Task 2016-11-30 acc
#1915 ROBUST-8_AndrewC-MPP_no_ghost development branch OCE 2017 WP acc Task 2017-06-21 acc
#2337 SI3-01_stefryn_EAP_rheology SI3 stefryn Task 2019-11-21 stefryn
#2351 SI3-01_stefryn_EAP_rheology SI3 IMMERSE 2020 stefryn Task 2019-12-20 stefryn
#2352 PHYPRO-01_agn_OSMOSIS_science DYN IMMERSE 2020 agn Task 2019-12-20 agn
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