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New branch for merge of NOC 2012 developments

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Branch dev_NOC_2012_r3555. #1006. Step 13: Merge in trunk changes between revision 3452 and 3555. NOC merge complete subject to final SETTE testing.


Branch dev_NOC_2012_r3555. #1006. Step 11: merge in changes from the 2012/dev_r3452_NOCL02_Smagorinsky branch


Branch dev_NOC_2012_r3555. #1006. Step 10: merge in changes from the 2012/dev_r3452_NOCL06_LOGLAYER branch


Branch dev_NOC_2012_r3555. #1006. Step 9: Merge in trunk changes between revision 3385 and 3452


Branch dev_NOC_2012_r3555. #1006. Step 8. Minor code changes and updated iodef.xml files to enable successful SETTE testing


Branch dev_NOC_2012_r3555. #1006. Step 7. Check in code now merged with dev_r3385_NOCS04_HAMF


Branch dev_NOC_2012_r3555. #1006. Step 6: Minor code changes and updated namelists to enable successful SETTE testing


Branch dev_NOC_2012_r3555. #1006. Step 5: Merge in trunk changes between revision 3337 and 3385


Branch dev_NOC_2012_r3555. #1006. Step 4: Merge in changes from 2012/dev_r3337_NOCS10_ICB (ICeBergs) branch


Branch dev_NOC_2012_r3555. #1006. Step 3: Merge in trunk changes between revision 3322 and 3337


Branch dev_NOC_2012_rev3555. #1006. Step 2: Add changes from the 2012/dev_r3322_NOCS09_SAS (Stand Alone Surface module) branch


Create branch for the merge of all NOC 2012 developments. See ticket #1006. Step 1: copy trunk at lowest revision number used by any of the branches to be merged

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Created new branch for the merging of the following NOC 2012 developments:


Stage 1 is a copy of the trunk@3322. Subsequent stages will be documented on wiki:ticket/1006_dev_NOC_2012_rev3555

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NOC 2012 merge complete:

2012/dev_r3322_NOCS09_SAS [added to merge at changeset 3607 ]
2012/dev_r3337_NOCS10_ICB [added to merge at changeset 3609 ]
2012/dev_r3385_NOCS04_HAMF [added to merge at changeset 3631 ]

2012/dev_r3452_NOCL06_LOGLAYER [added to merge at changeset 3633 ]
2012/dev_r3452_NOCL02_Smagorinsky [added to merge at changeset 3634 ]

NOC 2012 merge completed and passed SETTE testing (except AGRIF (could not compile) and AMM12 (runs but is not reproducible or restartable)) at revision 3635.

To Do?:
NOCL documentation still missing
New iceberg outputs will need entries in the iodef.xml files

2012/dev_r3452_NOCL01_WettingDrying [Ongoing. On schedule for 2013 ]
2012/dev_r3452_NOCL03_vPPM [postponed to 2013]
2012/dev_r3452_NOCL05_hpgMarsaleix [postponed to 2013]

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