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#1006 (New branch for merge of NOC 2012 developments) – NEMO

Opened 12 years ago

Closed 12 years ago

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#1006 closed Task (fixed)

New branch for merge of NOC 2012 developments

Reported by: acc Owned by: acc
Priority: low Milestone:
Component: OCE Version: v3.4
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Commit History (12)


Branch dev_NOC_2012_r3555. #1006. Step 13: Merge in trunk changes between revision 3452 and 3555. NOC merge complete subject to final SETTE testing.


Branch dev_NOC_2012_r3555. #1006. Step 11: merge in changes from the 2012/dev_r3452_NOCL02_Smagorinsky branch


Branch dev_NOC_2012_r3555. #1006. Step 10: merge in changes from the 2012/dev_r3452_NOCL06_LOGLAYER branch


Branch dev_NOC_2012_r3555. #1006. Step 9: Merge in trunk changes between revision 3385 and 3452


Branch dev_NOC_2012_r3555. #1006. Step 8. Minor code changes and updated iodef.xml files to enable successful SETTE testing


Branch dev_NOC_2012_r3555. #1006. Step 7. Check in code now merged with dev_r3385_NOCS04_HAMF


Branch dev_NOC_2012_r3555. #1006. Step 6: Minor code changes and updated namelists to enable successful SETTE testing


Branch dev_NOC_2012_r3555. #1006. Step 5: Merge in trunk changes between revision 3337 and 3385


Branch dev_NOC_2012_r3555. #1006. Step 4: Merge in changes from 2012/dev_r3337_NOCS10_ICB (ICeBergs) branch


Branch dev_NOC_2012_r3555. #1006. Step 3: Merge in trunk changes between revision 3322 and 3337


Branch dev_NOC_2012_rev3555. #1006. Step 2: Add changes from the 2012/dev_r3322_NOCS09_SAS (Stand Alone Surface module) branch


Create branch for the merge of all NOC 2012 developments. See ticket #1006. Step 1: copy trunk at lowest revision number used by any of the branches to be merged

Change History (3)

comment:1 Changed 12 years ago by acc

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Created new branch for the merging of the following NOC 2012 developments:


Stage 1 is a copy of the trunk@3322. Subsequent stages will be documented on wiki:ticket/1006_dev_NOC_2012_rev3555

comment:2 Changed 12 years ago by acc

  • Resolution set to fixed
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NOC 2012 merge complete:

2012/dev_r3322_NOCS09_SAS [added to merge at changeset 3607 ]
2012/dev_r3337_NOCS10_ICB [added to merge at changeset 3609 ]
2012/dev_r3385_NOCS04_HAMF [added to merge at changeset 3631 ]

2012/dev_r3452_NOCL06_LOGLAYER [added to merge at changeset 3633 ]
2012/dev_r3452_NOCL02_Smagorinsky [added to merge at changeset 3634 ]

NOC 2012 merge completed and passed SETTE testing (except AGRIF (could not compile) and AMM12 (runs but is not reproducible or restartable)) at revision 3635.

NOCL documentation still missing
New iceberg outputs will need entries in the iodef.xml files

2012/dev_r3452_NOCL01_WettingDrying [Ongoing. On schedule for 2013 ]
2012/dev_r3452_NOCL03_vPPM [postponed to 2013]
2012/dev_r3452_NOCL05_hpgMarsaleix [postponed to 2013]

comment:3 Changed 7 years ago by nemo

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Remove 'Development' type

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