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#1456 (2015 CMCC - 4: simplification tasks) – NEMO

Opened 9 years ago

Closed 6 years ago

Last modified 6 years ago

#1456 closed Task (fixed)

2015 CMCC - 4: simplification tasks

Reported by: diovino Owned by: diovino
Priority: low Milestone: 2015 simplification
Component: OCE Version: trunk
Severity: Keywords:


CMCC simplification tasks: removal of obsolete features

Commit History (3)


Merge branches/2015/dev_r5056_CMCC4_simplification (see ticket #1456)


Dev. branch CMCC4_simplification ticket #1456


Dev. Branch CMCC-4 ticket #1456

Change History (5)

comment:1 Changed 9 years ago by diovino

Neptune effect

Neptune effect removed from namelist and NEMO code

  1. namelist namdyn_nept suppressed
  2. module dynnep suppressed consequently file dynnept.F90 removed

( subroutines dyn_nept_init, dyn_nept_smooth_vel, dynnept_alloc,dyn_nept_cor, dyn_nept_smooth_vel, dyn_nept_vel and dyn_nept_div_cur_init deleted)

Cross-land advection

Cross-land advection removed form namelist and NEMO code

  1. namelist namcla suppressed
  2. module cla suppressed consequently file cla.F90 removed ( subroutines cla_div, cla_dynspg, cla_dynspg, cla_init, cla_bab_el_mandeb, cla_gibraltar, cla_hormuz, cla_traadv deleted)

Smagorinsky corrections

Smagorinsky viscosity and diffusivity suppressed

  1. flags rn_chsmag,rn_smsh suppressed in namelist namtra_ldf
  2. flags rn_cmsmag_1,rn_cmsmag_2,rn_cmsh suppressed in namelist namdyn_ldf
  3. module ldftra_smag and ldftra_smag suppressed consequently files ldftra_smag.F90 ldfdyn_smag.F90 removed

( subroutines ldf_dyn_smag,ldf_tra_smag deleted)

Acceleration of convergence

Vertical time-steps

Vertical time-step profile replaced by unique time-step 
rdt(k)==> rdt
  1. flags nn_acc,rn_rdtmin,rn_rdtmax, rn_rdth suppressed in namelist namdom
  2. The 4th argument of following routines takes a simple variable r2dt,r2dtrc instead of a vector variable (k) :
    • tra_adv_tvd,
    • tra_adv_muscl
    • tra_adv_muscl2
    • tra_adv_ubs
    • tra_adv_qck
    • tra_adv_tvd_zts

Tracer time/step

time/step is the same for dynamics and tracers
rdttra(k) ==> rdt, rdttra1==> rdt, 
r2dtra(k)==> r2dt has been kept private

Passive Tracer time/step

Passive tracer time-step replaced by unique time step  
rdttrc(k) ==> rdttrc [ defined as rdttrc=rdt*FLOAT( nn_dttrc )]
  • Routines that allocate room for vertical time-step profile are removed: trc_adv_alloc,trc_nxt_alloc,trc_zdf_alloc

DIMG format

DIMG format is removed from namelist and NEMO code. Following files are removed:

  • iom_rstdimg.F90 (routine iom_rstdimg_open, iom_rstdimg_close, iom_rstdimg_get, iom_rstdimg_rstput)
  • diawri_dimg.h90 (version of dia_wri routine for dimg format)
  • diadimg.F90 (routine dia_wri_dimg , dia_wri_dimg_alloc )
  • limwri_dimg.h90 (version of lim_wri routine for dimg format)
  • limwri_dimg_2.h90 (version of lim_wri_2 routine for dimg format)

iom_ioipsl module

module iom_ioipsl removed and file iom_ioipsl.F90 suppressed
(subroutines iom_ioipsl_open, iom_ioipsl_close, iom_ioipsl_varid, iom_ioipsl_get,
iom_ioipsl_gettime, iom_ioipsl_rstput deleted)

bug fixed ticket #1374

modifications in diaar5.f90


  1. NVTK Tested YES, tested through SETTE
  2. TESTED with XIOS YES, tested through SETTE

Bit Comparability

  1. Does this change preserve answers in your tested standard configurations (to the last bit) ? YES
  2. Does this change bit compare across various processor configurations? YES
  3. Is this change expected to preserve answers in all possible model configurations? YES
  4. Is this change expected to preserve all diagnostics? YES

System Changes

  1. Does your change alter name lists? YES, see above for details
  2. Does your change require a change in compiler options? NO

IPR issues

  1. Has the code been wholly (100%) produced by NEMO developers staff working exclusively on NEMO? YES

comment:2 Changed 8 years ago by diovino

Second Minor Revision

  • OPA_SRC/DIA/diaharm.F90 (commented-out ifdefs removed)
  • TOP_SRC/TRP/trdmxl_trc.F90 (commented-out ifdefs removed)
  • OPA_SRC/SBC/sbcice_cice.F90 (typo removed)
  • OPA_SRC/LBC/lib_mpp.F90 (default values for printing IO information in ctl_opn() restored)
  • TOP_SRC/TRP/trcnxt.F90 (tab-space at line 135 removed)
  • SETTE/ (default cluster option restored)
  • SETTE/ (default cluster option restored)

comment:3 Changed 8 years ago by diovino

Third Minor Revision

expression zdt=rdt removed, rdt is used instead in

  • OPA_SRC/DIA/diaptr.F90
  • OPA_SRC/DIA/diawri.F90
  • SAS_SRC/diawri.F90
  • TOP_SRC/trcdia.F90

expression zdt=p2dt removed, p2dt is used in

  • OPA_SRC/TRA/traadv_muscl.F90
  • OPA_SRC/TRA/traadv_muscl2.F90
  • OPA_SRC/TRA/traadv_qck.F90

expression z2dtt=p2dt removed, p2dt is used in

  • OPA_SRC/TRA/traadv_tvd.F90
  • OPA_SRC/TRA/traadv_ubs.F90

comment:4 Changed 6 years ago by lovato

  • Resolution set to fixed
  • Status changed from new to closed

Changes related to this ticket were included in the code during 2016 Merge Party.

comment:5 Changed 6 years ago by nemo

  • Type changed from Development to Task

Remove 'Development' type

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