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ROBUST-10 Evolution of NEMO CDE

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This !ticket is related to the aforementioned shared action and will gather its workflow and discussion all along the progress.
The wiki page 2016WP/ROBUST-10_MARTIN will itemize the roadmap and its different tasks as well as the preview and the review process.

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I just activated the new notification system for the Forge as described in the wiki page of the shared action (SVN commits, Trac tickets & forum topics).

Of course, you can report to me any issue, directly in this !ticket (link at the end of the message) or by email at nemo@….

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You can find hereafter the plain text export of the 2 diagrams showed in my presentation.

Website work

No image "New_website_plan.jpg" attached to Agenda/ST/2016-11-30

Modeling Framework

  • Environment Components
    • Core Engines
      • Ocean (OPA) ⇒ Gurvan
      • Sea-Ice (LIM) ⇒ LIM WG
      • Biogeochemistry (TOP) ⇒ Christian & Tomas
    • References Configurations & Test Cases ⇒ Test Cases WG
    • Interfaces & Tools
      • Assimilation (TAM) ⇒ TAM WG
      • Coupler (OASIS) ⇒ ?
      • IO server (XIOS) ⇒ HPC WG
      • Mesh refinement (AGRIF) ⇒ AGRIF WG
      • SIREN / Configuration Manager ⇒ Cfg. Man. WG
  • Development platform ⇒ Nicolas
  • Release Notes ⇒ ?

European Consortium

  • Governance & Strategy ⇒ Claire
  • Institutes involved (Claire & respective NEMO Officer for institute page)
  • Development Team ⇒ Claire
  • History ⇒ Claire

Associated Projects ⇒ Nicolas & Mathieu

Bibliography & Documentation ⇒ Nicolas & Mathieu

Medias (Images or Videos) ⇒ ST

Trac work on Users environment

No image "Forge_users_env.jpg" attached to Agenda/ST/2016-11-30

'Users' forums group

Editing work: short description for forums list wiew and write FAQ-like subject to be sticked at top of subjects list

  • Support forums
    • 'Getting starting with NEMO' ⇒ ?
    • 'Tools & Interfaces' ⇒ ?
  • Consulting forums
    • 'Setup physical parameters and computing options' ⇒ ?
    • 'Test Cases' ⇒ Test Cases WG
  • Open forums
    • 'Open discussions': subjects not strictly related to NEMO ⇒ ?

New newsletter mailing list ⇒ Nicolas

Wiki area

  • Specific homepage (overall description) ⇒ ?
  • How-tos
    • Install modeling environment ⇒ ?
    • Setup a new configuration ⇒ Test Cases WG
      • Relying on Ref. Cfgs ⇒ Clément B.
      • Add or modify module or key ⇒ HPC WG
    • Tools ⇒ Config. Man. WG
      • SIREN / Cfg Manager
      • (list to be defined)…
    • Interfacing ⇒ Sébastien
      • Coupling with other models ⇒ HPC WG
      • Data assimilation: TAM ⇒ TAM WG
      • Grid refinement by nesting: AGRIF ⇒ AGRIF WG
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The shared work of this 2016 work plan action has been moved to the 2017 workplan and the new tickets to keep track of it are:

The remaining tasks

  • Creation of new mailing lists in the 'Universalistes' service of RENATER
  • Reconfiguration of Trac authentication system to manage the users accounts
    • Implement a form for a user account creation similar to the one in the present website (CeCILL license acceptance, captcha and newsletter pre-registration)
    • Replace HTTP by HTML for the connexion interface with possibilities to reset password or delete account

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  • Resolution set to fixed
  • Status changed from new to closed

The switch to the new project environment (website, Users area on Trac forge and new mailing lists) has been done without major issues and each component seems to work as much as it can be.

Kudos to ST members for completing this in the time allotted.

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