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#1787 (missing IF (lwp) ... in trcrst.F90) – NEMO

Opened 8 years ago

Closed 8 years ago

#1787 closed Defect (fixed)

missing IF (lwp) ... in trcrst.F90

Reported by: molines Owned by: nemo
Priority: low Milestone:
Component: TOP Version: trunk
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  • In trcrst.F90 the line of the code indidated by <===== produce as many blank line as used core for NEMO in the log file, during a run
  • It is not a bug but need correction for nicer log files !
          DO jn = 1, jptra
             ztraf = glob_sum( trn(:,:,:,jn) * zvol(:,:,:) )
             zmin  = MINVAL( trn(:,:,:,jn), mask= ((tmask*SPREAD(tmask_i,DIM=3,NCOPIES=jpk).NE.0.)) )
             zmax  = MAXVAL( trn(:,:,:,jn), mask= ((tmask*SPREAD(tmask_i,DIM=3,NCOPIES=jpk).NE.0.)) )
             IF( lk_mpp ) THEN
                CALL mpp_min( zmin )      ! min over the global domain
                CALL mpp_max( zmax )      ! max over the global domain
             END IF
             zmean  = ztraf / areatot
             zdrift = ( ( ztraf - trai(jn) ) / ( trai(jn) + 1.e-12 )  ) * 100._wp
             IF(lwp) WRITE(numout,9000) jn, TRIM( ctrcnm(jn) ), zmean, zmin, zmax, zdrift
          END DO
          WRITE(numout,*)  !<===========
    9000  FORMAT(' tracer nb :',i2,'    name :',a10,'    mean :',e18.10,'    min :',e18.10, &
          &      '    max :',e18.10,'    drift :',e18.10, ' %')
       END SUBROUTINE trc_rst_stat


  • missing IF (lw)
  • This 'error' is also found in previous releases and in particular in 3.6_STABLE


      IF (lwp ) WRITE(numout,*)

Commit History (2)


Trunk: Add IF(lwp) condition to diagnostic output in trcrst.F90 (trc_rst_stat) as recommended by ticket #1787


Branch 2015/nemo_v3_6_STABLE. Add IF(lwp) condition to diagnostic output in trcrst.F90 (trc_rst_stat) as recommended by ticket #1787

Change History (1)

comment:1 Changed 8 years ago by acc

  • Resolution set to fixed
  • Status changed from new to closed

Recommended change made to Branch 2015/nemo_v3.6_STABLE in changeset:7052
and to trunk in changeset:7055.
Ticket closed.

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