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#1790 (Using unsupported configurations on systems without wget access to the internet) – NEMO

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Using unsupported configurations on systems without wget access to the internet

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The unsupported configurations in NEMO are provided as a way for users to provide alternative configurations to the wider community without having to rely on system team sponsership and support. The idea is to provide minimal but sufficient information with the standard distribution to allow ancillary files to be fetched from remote servers at compile time. Thus a makenemo command such as:

./makenemo -n MYISOMIP -u ISOMIP -m some_arch

will create a new configuration called MYISOMIP with MY_SRC and EXP00 directories populated from a remote server. It does this by first using the wget command to fetch a list of remote files and then using wget repeatedly to fetch each of the files listed therein. The location of the remote list is contained in one line of information held in the uspcfg.txt file (in CONFIG).

A work-around is required for systems without direct access to the internet or on which wget has been disabled/not installed.


On these systems it is possible to create local copies of the remote files and replace the wget function with a local copy command. It will be the user's responsibility to ensure that the local copies reflect any changes made in the remote sources.


A bash script ( and a comprehensive set of instructions (README_uspcfg) is provided in TOOLS/MISCELLANEOUS. The script can be used on a system which does have wget access to the internet to create a tar ball of the files held remotely. This tar ball can be transferred to the target system and unpacked somewhere that is visible to the node on which makenemo is to be run. The unpacked directory will include a setup script which will make changes to the target uspcfg.txt file and redefine the wget function so that it performs a local copy. This setup script can be rerun on future occasions to make similar changes in other target CONFIG directories. See the README_uspcfg file for full details.

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#1790 Add and README_uspcfg to TOOLS/MISCELLANEOUS (trunk) in order to provide a work-around for using unsupported configurations on systems without wget access to the internet. Full instructions are in README_uspcfg

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