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Use of jpdom_data in mppini_2.h90 is invalid?

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When running nemo with jpni x jpnj < jpnij there are iom_get calls in mppini_2.h90 that use jpdom_data: i.e. when reading ztop and zbot (defined as array jpiglo x jpjglo)


As far as I can see jpdom_data uses istart(1:2) = (/ mig(1), mjg(1) + jstartrow - 1 /).

This is a problem because:

1) mig and mjg are yet to be defined (this happens later in the call to dom_ini) and
2) this references istart to the global position of the local processor - and ztop/zbot require the global data not just local.

This is also an issue if applying an additional correction if using the bdy_msk array.


As in v3.6_stable when was read in - jpdom_unkown can be used.

<       REAL(wp), DIMENSION(jpiglo,jpjglo) ::   zbot, ztop          ! global workspace
>       REAL(wp), DIMENSION(jpiglo,jpjglo) ::   zbot, ztop, zbdy    ! global workspace
<       CALL iom_get( inum, jpdom_data, 'bottom_level' , zbot    )  ! nb of ocean T-points
<       CALL iom_get( inum, jpdom_data, 'top_level'    , ztop    )  ! nb of ocean T-points (ISF)
>       CALL iom_get( inum, jpdom_unknown, 'bottom_level' , zbot    )  ! nb of ocean T-points
>       CALL iom_get( inum, jpdom_unknown, 'top_level'    , ztop    )  ! nb of ocean T-points (ISF)
<          CALL iom_get ( inum, jpdom_data, 'bdy_msk', bdytmask(:,:) )
>          CALL iom_get ( inum, jpdom_unknown, 'bdy_msk', zbdy )
<          WHERE ( bdytmask(:,:) <= 0. ) imask = 0
>          WHERE ( zbdy(:,:) <= 0. ) imask = 0

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Fixes to reading in arrays from and, and updates to landsupression mask (see tickets #1853 and #1854).

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