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Missing lbc calls in WAD scheme

Reported by: jchanut Owned by: systeam
Priority: low Milestone:
Component: DYN Version: release-4.0
Severity: minor Keywords: WAD



Wetting and drying scheme (flux blocking case, e.g. directional limiter or ln_wd_dl = T and ln_wd_dl_bc = T).
WAD test case not affected since ln_wd_dl_bc = F in namelist.


Missing lateral boundary conditions on time averaged masks at velocity points (in dynspg_ts module). This affects the update of baroclinic velocities after the time splitting loop is complete (hence only if ln_wd_dl_bc=T)


In dynspg_ts, add lbc call on zuwdav2(:,:) and zvwdav2(:,:) prior:

      IF ( ln_wd_dl .and. ln_wd_dl_bc) THEN
         DO jk = 1, jpkm1
            un(:,:,jk) = ( un_adv(:,:)*r1_hu_n(:,:) &
                       & + zuwdav2(:,:)*(un(:,:,jk) - un_adv(:,:)*r1_hu_n(:,:)) ) * umask(:,:,jk)
            vn(:,:,jk) = ( vn_adv(:,:)*r1_hv_n(:,:) &
                       & + zvwdav2(:,:)*(vn(:,:,jk) - vn_adv(:,:)*r1_hv_n(:,:)) ) * vmask(:,:,jk)
         END DO
      END IF

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#2335, add missing lbc call with wad


#2335, add missing lbc call with wad

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#2335, add missing lbc call with wad

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#2335, add missing lbc call with wad

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