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Severity: major Keywords: mixed precision nemo performance hpc
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This action is a follow up from HPC-08_Mixed_precision in 2018 WP. It was linked to two tickets (#2039 and #2040), that were respectively devoted to the assessment and implementation of Mixed Precision in NEMO. After the evaluation stage has been completed (together with the preparation of the necessary tools to do the mentioned assessment and the implementation), this year will be time for the implementation.

Oriol Tintó (oriol.tinto@…) is the Principal Investigator for the whole task. ECMWF is a collaborator for this phase and will have a principal role on the validation in coupled simulations.

Workplan action

Wikipage: wiki:HPC-04_mcastril_Mixed_Precision_implementation?

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dev_r12512_HPC-04_mcastril_Mixed_Precision_implementation: corrections, see #2364


dev_r12512_HPC-04_mcastril_Mixed_Precision_implementation: merge with trunk@13134, see #2364

Change History (7)

comment:2 Changed 14 months ago by orioltp

In 13135:

dev_r12512_HPC-04_mcastril_Mixed_Precision_implementation: merge with trunk@13134, see #2364

comment:3 Changed 13 months ago by orioltp

In 13140:

dev_r12512_HPC-04_mcastril_Mixed_Precision_implementation: corrections, see #2364

comment:4 Changed 13 months ago by smasson

[13222] passes all sette tests and gives the same results as trunk@13218

Current code is : NEMO/branches/2020/dev_r12512_HPC-04_mcastril_Mixed_Precision_implementation @ r13222  ( last change @ r13222 )

SETTE validation report generated for :

       NEMO/branches/2020/dev_r12512_HPC-04_mcastril_Mixed_Precision_implementation @ r13222 (last changed revision)

       on X64_JEANZAY arch file

!!---------------1st pass------------------!!

WGYRE_PISCES_ST              run.stat    restartability  passed :  13222
WGYRE_PISCES_ST              tracer.stat restartability  passed :  13222
WORCA2_ICE_PISCES_ST         run.stat    restartability  passed :  13222
WORCA2_ICE_PISCES_ST         tracer.stat restartability  passed :  13222
WORCA2_OFF_PISCES_ST         tracer.stat restartability  passed :  13222
WAMM12_ST                    run.stat    restartability  passed :  13222
WORCA2_SAS_ICE_ST            run.stat    restartability  passed :  13222
WAGRIF_DEMO_ST               run.stat    restartability  passed :  13222
WSPITZ12_ST                  run.stat    restartability  passed :  13222
WISOMIP_ST                   run.stat    restartability  passed :  13222
WOVERFLOW_ST                 run.stat    restartability  passed :  13222
WLOCK_EXCHANGE_ST            run.stat    restartability  passed :  13222
WVORTEX_ST                   run.stat    restartability  passed :  13222
WICE_AGRIF_ST                run.stat    restartability  passed :  13222

WGYRE_PISCES_ST              run.stat    reproducibility passed :  13222
WGYRE_PISCES_ST              tracer.stat reproducibility passed :  13222
WORCA2_ICE_PISCES_ST         run.stat    reproducibility passed :  13222
WORCA2_ICE_PISCES_ST         tracer.stat reproducibility passed :  13222
WORCA2_OFF_PISCES_ST         tracer.stat reproducibility passed :  13222
WAMM12_ST                    run.stat    reproducibility passed :  13222
WORCA2_SAS_ICE_ST            run.stat    reproducibility passed :  13222
WORCA2_ICE_OBS_ST            run.stat    reproducibility passed :  13222
WAGRIF_DEMO_ST               run.stat    reproducibility passed :  13222
WSPITZ12_ST                  run.stat    reproducibility passed :  13222
WISOMIP_ST                   run.stat    reproducibility passed :  13222
WVORTEX_ST                   run.stat    reproducibility passed :  13222
WICE_AGRIF_ST                run.stat    reproducibility passed :  13222

   !----agrif check----!
ORCA2 AGRIF vs ORCA2 NOAGRIF run.stat    unchanged  -    passed :  13222 13222

   !----result comparison check----!

check result differences between :
VALID directory : /gpfsscratch/rech/fqx/reee217/dev_r12512_HPC-04_mcastril_Mixed_Precision_implementation/NEMO_VALIDATION at rev 13222
REFERENCE directory : /gpfswork/rech/fqx/reee217/NEMO_ALL_VALIDATIONS/trunk/NEMO_VALIDATION at rev 13218

WGYRE_PISCES_ST       run.stat    files are identical
WGYRE_PISCES_ST       tracer.stat files are identical
WORCA2_ICE_PISCES_ST  run.stat    files are identical
WORCA2_ICE_PISCES_ST  tracer.stat files are identical
WORCA2_OFF_PISCES_ST  tracer.stat files are identical
WAMM12_ST             run.stat    files are identical
WISOMIP_ST            run.stat    files are identical
WORCA2_SAS_ICE_ST     run.stat    files are identical
WAGRIF_DEMO_ST        run.stat    files are identical
WSPITZ12_ST           run.stat    files are identical
WISOMIP_ST            run.stat    files are identical
WVORTEX_ST            run.stat    files are identical
WICE_AGRIF_ST         run.stat    files are identical

comment:5 Changed 4 months ago by nemo

  • Milestone changed from IMMERSE 2020 to Unscheduled

comment:6 Changed 3 months ago by mcastril

Follow up: #2658

comment:7 Changed 3 months ago by mcastril

  • Resolution set to fixed
  • Status changed from new to closed
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