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doc does not compile

Reported by: smasson Owned by: nicolasmartin
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In the trunk the doc fails to compile with the following bug:

bash-3.2$ ./ NEMO
        ¤ Generation of the PDF format
Latexmk: RC file [./latex/global/] does not exist

        ¤ End of building run


The compilation of the v4-HEAD works.
the file release-4.0-HEAD/doc/latex/global/ does exist whereas there is no such a file in trunk/doc/latex/global
I don't know why…


copying release-4.0-HEAD/doc/latex/global/ into trunk/doc/latex/global seems to do the job…
but I don't know if it is the good solution…

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comment:1 Changed 7 months ago by smasson

Some additional informations:

From Simon:

1) in the trunk seems to have appeared with [11591] and to have disappeared with [12182] upstream of the trunk update of the 2019 merge; the commit message suggests that [12182] "merges in dev_ASINTER-01-05_merge" (presumably source:/NEMO/branches/2019/dev_ASINTER-01-05_merged).
2) Apparently :
source:/NEMO/branches/2019/dev_ASINTER-01-05_merged started from
source:NEMO/branches/2019/dev_r11265_ASINTER-01_Guillaume_ABL1D@11945, which started from
source:/NEMO/branches/2019/dev_r10984_HPC-13_IRRMANN_BDY_optimization@11268, which started from

[12182] merge source:/NEMO/branches/2019/dev_ASINTER-01-05_merged@12165

[12165] 2019/dev_ASINTER-01-05_merged: Update to r12072 of trunk. merge source:/NEMO/trunk@12072
source:NEMO/branches/2019/dev_ASINTER-01-05_merged/doc/latex/global@12164 does not contain
source:/NEMO/trunk/doc/latex/global@12072 contains the file
source:NEMO/branches/2019/dev_ASINTER-01-05_merged/doc/latex/global@12165 still does not contain

→ why?
→ Was the merge properly done (with svn merge and not "by hand")?
→ With which version of the trunk was merged source:NEMO/branches/2019/dev_ASINTER-01-05_merged/doc/latex/global@12164 ?
Which version of svn was used? With the release of Subversion 1.7 the svn merge subcommand disables merges into mixed-revision working copies by default. It gives an error like:

svn: E195020: Cannot merge into mixed-revision working copy 


if we look at the revision log of source:/NEMO/branches/2019/dev_ASINTER-01-05_merged@12165:
We see some "multiple merge" in a single commit:
[12063] dev_ASINTER-01-05_merged: update branch with dev_r11085_ASINTER-05_Brodeau_Advanced_Bulk@r12061 and trunk@r12055
but still no… copying from the trunk
[12015] dev_ASINTER-01-05_merged: merge dev_r11085_ASINTER-05_Brodeau_Advanced_Bulk branch @rev11988 with dev_r11265_ASINTER-01_Guillaume_ABL1D branch @rev11937
→ how was this done?

if we look at [12015] nothing is done on the doc directory but:
source:NEMO/branches/2019/dev_r11085_ASINTER-05_Brodeau_Advanced_Bulk/doc/latex/global@11988 does contain
because of [11831] dev_r11085_ASINTER-05_Brodeau_Advanced_Bulk: Update the branch to r11830 of the trunk!

If we look at dev_r11265_ASINTER-01_Guillaume_ABL1D revision log:
The last merge of this branch with the trunk seems to be:
[11587] dev_r11265_ASINTER-01_Guillaume_ABL1D: merge trunk @ r11584 with dev_r11265_ABL … so before the addition of in the trunk.

comment:2 Changed 7 months ago by smasson

clearly we have to remove most of the modifications done on the doc/latex in [12182]
or in [12063] which looks very similar

but we have to keep some of these changes…

I propose to take the changes done "intentionally" in the following branches and modified by [12063] or [12182]

comment:3 Changed 6 months ago by mathiot

  • Cc pierre.mathiot@… amy.young@… added

I am also struggling to compile the doc (even with your suggested fix)

===========Latexmk: Missing input file: '../../global/epilogue.tex' from line
  '! LaTeX Error: File `../../global/epilogue.tex' not found.'

I am surprised it compile at all. In the head of the trunk, appendices.tex has some links to annex_[A-E] but they are not there (this is still the old filename), chap_misc.tex need to access epilogue.tex but this file has been removed since (during the big merge) and probably other.

I am wondering if we should simply revert doc to the state before the big merge and let people re-introduced there changes one by one.

comment:4 Changed 6 months ago by smasson

I agree the fix is not working. It is only a small part of the problem.
As we found with Simon, there was a problem in the merge of the different branches.
Yes, we have to find the simplest way to kind of "revert" this corrupted merge… Maybe your proposition is the good one.

comment:5 Changed 11 days ago by nicolasmartin

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I guess I'm the most relevant for looking at the case.

As far as I remember, the LaTeX documentation was compiling successfully when I committed my last changes to the trunk in 2019 ([11711]), or at least with few missing uncommitted changes.
I will get back to this revision as the starting point and I think I would be able to identify in the different branches merged the updates done in the LaTeX sources, because the modifications will be contain either in the chapters or in the bibliography.

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