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Incorrect time-series output in file tracer.stat when key_iomput is undefined

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Component: TOP Version: 4.0-HEAD
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The file tracer.stat produced by a standard ORCA2_ICE_PISCES run with undefined key_iomput differs from that produced by a corresponding run with defined key_iomput. Further, SETTE reports the failure of the ORCA2_ICE_PISCES restartability test if key_iomput is undefined (e.g., in SETTE with environment variables SETTE_XIOS and SETTE_MPMD set to "no") due to differences in the output file tracer.stat.


When time-series output into file tracer.stat is active, local variable ll_trcstat in source:/NEMO/releases/r4.0/r4.0-HEAD/src/TOP/trcstp.F90 is set to .TRUE. during timesteps which compute and output tracer.stat time-series values. In the ORCA2_ICE_PISCES configuration of the model, variable areatot, which is used in the time-series computation, varies in time. Without key_iomput, however, areatot is not updated during all timesteps in which ln_trcstat is set to .TRUE., which leads to the computation of incorrect time-series values. In contrast, if key_iomput is defined and the output of at least one of a set of specific PISCES diagnostic variables (pno3tot, ppo4tot, psiltot, palktot, and pfertot) is enabled, areatot is updated during all timesteps and the tracer.stat time series is correctly computed.


Line source:/NEMO/releases/r4.0/r4.0-HEAD/src/TOP/trcstp.F90:#L81 could be brought into line with the corresponding trunk version (source:/NEMO/trunk/src/TOP/trcstp.F90@13286:#L83) by substituting ll_trcstat for ln_ctl in order to ensure the correct computation of the tracer.stat time-series values.

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Repair of the tracer.stat time-series computation (ticket #2497)

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Repair of the tracer.stat time-series computation (ticket #2497)

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