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#2500 (Memory usage of DOMAINcfg) – NEMO

Opened 3 years ago

#2500 new Request

Memory usage of DOMAINcfg

Reported by: mathiot Owned by: systeam
Priority: low Milestone: Unscheduled
Component: tools Version: trunk
Severity: minor Keywords: DOMAINcfg,


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After last year dev on DOMAINcfg tools, memory imprint has been reduced drastically by removing all the useless 3d variables. For eORCA12, it still requires 2 full nodes on a cluster to build it.
I think we can go further.

1: All the variables are allocated at the same time, but I don't see why we cannot allocate only the variable needed for the horizontal grid, compute the horizontal grid, write it and deallocated them, the same for the vertical grid and the mask and only keep a limited number of variable allocated all along the script.

The work identified to do it is:

  • split dom_alloc in 3 : mshhgr_alloc, mshzgr_alloc, msk_alloc and build the associated dealloc funtion
  • split the domain_write subroutine in 2 (horizontal and vertical). Mask is already managed by domwri.

2: Some variables looks to me still useless (need to be properly checked):

  • r1_*
  • *e1e2*
  • miku/v/f et mbku/v

Au final ca fait prés de 25 variables 2d

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