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#2536 (MY_SRC of ISOMIP+) – NEMO

Opened 3 years ago

Last modified 3 years ago

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Reported by: smasson Owned by: systeam
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Component: MULTIPLE Version: trunk
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The MY_SRC of ISOMIP+ contains many duplicated routines that have not been correctly phased with their src equivalent.
For example, the Current version is not compliant with the new definition of gdept in domzgr_substitute.
It does not pass sette tests in debug mode.


The duplication of routines has been introduced in NEMO with the MY_SRC directories and the use of different src/* directories but this is ALWAYS a bad solution. I am spending days phasing duplicated routines that are always forgotten either by the developers or during the svn merge procedure...


We must avoid duplicated routines.
For example in this case I don't understand why there is duplicated eosbn2, why proper nameliste parameters of ln_seos cannot give the same results as ln_eos?
Why istate, dtatsd are duplicated? We should adapt the original routines instead of duplicating routines.

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ticket #2535: change for ISOMIP+ to pass sette (for root cause see #2536)

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comment:1 Changed 3 years ago by mathiot

On the general issue:

  • I agree on the main idea, the less there is in MY_SRC for the test cases (or others), the better it is (less file to maintain).

On this specific case:

  • ticket has been open with suggestion to give more freedom in the configuration design (#2540, #2539, #2538) which are responsible for some of these files.

comment:2 Changed 3 years ago by mathiot

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