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#863 (Implement z_tilde vertical coordinate) – NEMO

Opened 12 years ago

Closed 10 years ago

Last modified 22 months ago

#863 closed Task (fixed)

Implement z_tilde vertical coordinate

Reported by: mlelod Owned by: nemo
Priority: low Milestone:
Component: OCE Version: v3.3
Severity: Keywords: OPA v3.3 z~


Purpose: Reduce spurious diapycnal mixing due to high frequency vertical motions.

Method: Computational surfaces are following high frequency vertical motions
while staying close to the z* coordiante at low frequency.

see Leclair & Madec, Ocean Modelling, 2011

Commit History (27)


Branch 2013/dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC, #863. Update namelists with z-tilde options (nam_vvl)


Branch 2013/dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC, #863. Further changes to allow PISCES SETTE tests to compile


Branch 2013/dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC, #863. Corrections to enable compilation of GYRE SETTE tests. GYRE tests passed


Branch 2013/dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC, #863. Fixes to allow successful compilation of ORCA2_LIM with key_dynspg_ts


Branch 2013/dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC, #863. Merge in trunk changes from 3858 to 4119; resolve conflicts and check in prior to compiling and testing


Branch 2013/dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC, #863. Merge in final changes from the dev_r3867_MERCATOR1_DYN branch; mainly AGRIF and BDY compatibility


Branch 2013/dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC, #863. Correction to update step in ln_bt_fw=.true. case.


Branch 2013/dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC, #863. Correction to divergence calculation ordering and return to single wzv routine called twice.


Branch 2013/dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC, #863. Port of Jeromes version of dynspg_ts.F90 into z-tilde framework


Branch 2013/dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC, #863. Best endeavour merge of Z-tilde branch and Mercator time-stepping changes. Still issues with key_dynspg_ts that need all party involvement to resolve.


Branch 2013/dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC, #863. Merge of Mercator time-stepping changes with z-tilde structure. Not yet fully operational with key_dynspg_ts but main structural changes are all in place.


Branch 2013/dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC, #863. Port across time-stepping changes from dev_r3867_MERCATOR1_DYN branch. Part 1: modules totally independent of ztilde changes (chiefly BDY stuff).


Branch 2013/dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC, #863. Fixes to tidal potential forcing changes to ensure no numerical changes due to the re-styling


Branch 2013/dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC, #863. Minor fix to sbctide.F90 to enable compilation (typos resulting in undeclared variables).


dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC, #863 : activate tide potential in filtered ssh case + style in tide modules


Branch 2013/dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC, #863. Minor fix to dynspg_ts.F90 and introduction of an option to suppress ztilde coordinate in the equatorial band


Branch 2013/dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC, #863. Fix to dynvor.F90 to remove instability when using the EEN vorticity scheme with z-tilde. Also cosmetic changes and better initial settings for zstar/ztilde when using full ice embedding


Branch 2013/dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC, #863. Changes to make new vvl code restartable. Vertical scale factors are read in dom_vvl_init which is called from domain before istate. Introduced rst_read_open in restart.F90 so that the restart file can be optionally opened in advance of the call to rst_read


Branch 2013/dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC, #863. Additions to nam_vvl so that all options can be controlled via the namelist and reported to ocean.output.


Branch 2013/dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC, #863. Correction to sst2 and sss3 terms in diawri.F90 and code tidying in domvvl.F90 with added support for other ORCA grids


Branch 2013/dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC, #863. Correction of elusive bug in domvvl.F90 that has been stopping zstar/ztilde working properly with partial steps


Branch 2013/dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC, #863. Further corrections to bugs in dynspg_ts.F90 spotted during search for unrelated bugs


Branch 2013/dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC, #863. Typo correction to diawri.F90 and removal of duplicate io from restat.F90 (now done in domvvl.F90)


Branch 2013/dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC, #863. Nearly complete port of 2011/dev_r2739_LOCEAN8_ZTC development branch into v3.5aplha base. Compiles and runs but currently unstable after 8 timesteps with ORCA2_LIM reference configuration.


Branch 2013/dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC #863. Change names of gdept_0, gdepw_0, e3t_0, e3w_0 to gdept_1d, gdepw_1d, e3t_1d, e3w_1d respectively in preparation for the introduction of time invariant 3d arrays using the _0 suffix


Create branch for re-implementation of Z-tilde vertical coordinate. Continuation of ticket #863 but restarted to use 3.5alpha as the basis.


dev_r2739_LOCEAN8_ZTC (z-tilde): #863 correct bugs and rename some variables

Change History (9)

comment:1 Changed 12 years ago by mlelod

Purpose: Reduce spurious diapycnal mixing due to high frequency vertical motions.

Method: Computational surfaces are following high frequency vertical motions
while staying close to the z* coordiante at low frequency.
See (Leclair & Madec, Ocean Modelling, 2011)

See wiki/ticket/863? for detailed description

comment:2 Changed 10 years ago by gm

  • Resolution set to fixed
  • Status changed from new to closed

done in v3.6

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  • Keywords coordinates added; coordinate removed

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Milestone 2011 Stream 3: New features deleted

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comment:7 Changed 6 years ago by nemo

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