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17:11 Changeset [14983] by clem

trunk: small sneaky enhancement related to ticket #2661 (adding dissipation outputs)

16:52 Changeset [14982] by hadcv

#2665: Various fixes for code enabled with key_qco/key_linssh

15:47 Changeset [14981] by acc

#2673 . Reintegrate sette developments back onto main sette branch. This action closes #2673

15:37 Changeset [14980] by acc

#2673 . merge in changes from main sette branch to sette_ticket2673

15:25 Changeset [14979] by acc

#2689 . Replace use of ln -r in Fmake_WORK.sh with a POSIX2-compliant alternative. No change in behaviour expected but should work on all systems

15:21 Changeset [14978] by hadcv

#2640: correct tra_adv_qck results on the north fold

11:24 Changeset [14977] by jchanut

#2638, set trunk AGRIF external to the updated library

11:14 Changeset [14976] by jchanut

#2638, merge dev_14608_AGRIF_domcfg branch into trunk

11:05 Changeset [14975] by jchanut

#2638, merge new AGRIF library into trunk

10:35 Changeset [14974] by clem

NESTING TOOLS 4.0-HEAD: solve ticket #2687

10:31 Changeset [14973] by jchanut

#2638, changed merged revisions

10:31 Changeset [14972] by cetlod

dev_PISCO : minor change in namelist_pisces

10:22 Changeset [14971] by jchanut

#2638, keep up with the trunk


15:08 Changeset [14970] by cetlod

PISCO : minor bugfixes

10:04 Changeset [14969] by cbricaud

delete a development branch

10:00 Changeset [14968] by amoulin

MANUAL updates for wave-current interaction -ticket #2613

09:56 Changeset [14967] by cbricaud

introduce limit conditions under ice caps in GLS; see #2593 and #2604

08:53 Changeset [14966] by cbricaud

add scaling of mixing under sea-ice in GLS (as for TKE) ; see ticket #2604


18:48 Changeset [14965] by lovato

update setup information for X64_ZEUS

18:47 Changeset [14964] by lovato

add missing namelist from #2489

18:14 Changeset [14963] by aumont

Code updates + debugging + configuration files updates

16:20 Changeset [14962] by jchanut

#2638, update python script to accomodate multiply nested zooms

11:38 Changeset [14961] by amoulin

read wave number field if ln_zdfswm activated -ticket #2685


16:37 Changeset [14960] by davestorkey

Fix restartability issue in ISF code. See:

13:49 Changeset [14959] by clem

trunk: change file_def to make canal test case working


16:31 Changeset [14958] by jchanut

#2638, synchronize branch with trunk

14:26 Changeset [14957] by cetlod

NEWDEV_PISCO : minor changes to avoid compilation error when using AGRIF


18:19 Changeset [14956] by jchanut

#2638, update AGRIF_DEMO definition

18:02 Changeset [14955] by jchanut

#2638, Updated python script to be compliant with previous commit

18:00 Changeset [14954] by gsamson

remove C1D specific treatment in fld_read (not needed anymore with new halos); ticket #2680

17:51 Changeset [14953] by amoulin

read wnum in sbcwave.F90 of MY_SRC -ticket #2613

17:42 Changeset [14952] by jchanut

#2638, closed domains AGRIF new convention + various add ons

17:35 Changeset [14951] by jchanut

#2638, change grid positioning convention (again) in case of closed boundaries over parent grid. Accounting for 1 extra land cell in that case, child grids have to be shifted by 1 point to the South East.

17:27 Changeset [14950] by jchanut

#2638, shifted southern bdy sponge

17:12 Changeset [14949] by acc

#2605 : bug fixes to allow all SETTE tests to compile and run on this branch without key_RK3. This is a missed variable name change in stp2d.F90 and an uninecessarily duplicated routine in stprk3.F90. The duplicated routine (finalize_lbc) is unused but AGRIF compilations will pick up the incompatible first version from stpmlf.F90 (AGRIF does not respect scope). The copy in stprk3.F90 has been removed.

16:17 Changeset [14948] by gsamson

update batch templates in SETTE in agreement with Mercator ARCH files

16:09 Changeset [14947] by gsamson

modify Fmake_WORK.sh script and call in makenemo to correctly handle '-e' option; ticket #2684

15:10 Changeset [14946] by amoulin

update namelist_cfg -ticket #2613

09:38 Changeset [14945] by gsamson

add 'key_iomput' old cpp key compatibility to be able to compile old trunk revisions


17:16 Changeset [14944] by sparonuz

Added interface for function dyn_drg_init

16:53 Changeset [14943] by acc

#2605 : Corrections to istate.F90 and trasbc.F90 so that changes to ensure restartability with key_RK3 do not break restartability without key_RK3. Both now passing SETTE tests.

15:56 Changeset [14942] by acc

#2605 : Tidier version of restart.F90 that avoids writing the newly-introduced, before barotropic velocities when key_RK3 is not active

13:42 Changeset [14941] by acc

#2605 : restartability and reproducibility fixes (at least for AMM12 with key_qco and key_RK3). Including: Sibylles corrected indexing of ssh in stprk3.F90; inclusion of before barotropic velocities in restarts (restart.F90 and istate.F90) and (as yet, unreviewed) changes to stprk3_stg.F90/trasbc.F90 to ensure correct stage calculations. A couple of other minor changes in module_example.F90 and mppini.F90 that the compiler flagged.


12:20 Changeset [14940] by timgraham

Remove debugging write statements

12:13 Changeset [14939] by timgraham

Changes to allow use of a climatological iceberg distribution but taking the flux from the coupler.

11:00 Changeset [14938] by frrh

Raise SST limit to 50C

10:57 Changeset [14937] by frrh

Raise limit for SST anomaly checking since the 40C limit flags
values which appear to be perfectly legitimate.


16:59 Changeset [14936] by amoulin

add ADIABATIC WAVE TESTCASE folder -ticket #2613

14:54 Changeset [14935] by amoulin


10:51 Changeset [14934] by cguiavarch

Add freshwater temperature content from iceberg and ice cavities


18:05 Changeset [14933] by sparonuz

Added wp specification to some real declarations to parameters a_ddh, a_ddh_2

18:00 Changeset [14932] by sparonuz

Removed custom precision, Ticket #2683

16:36 Changeset [14931] by jchanut

#2638: restores Pierre's changes done in #2588 at r14199

13:03 Changeset [14930] by sparonuz

Need to disentangle the dependency between these two variables

10:57 Changeset [14929] by rlod

Finalization of TOP documentation: 2020 shared action, https://forge.ipsl.jussieu.fr/nemo/wiki/2020WP/PUB-02_Ethe_TOP_DOC, C. Ethe & R. Person, thanks to O. Aumont

10:44 Changeset [14928] by rlod

Top documentation: Update namelists

10:41 Changeset [14927] by rlod

Top documentation: Update figures


17:22 Changeset [14926] by mathiot

ticket #2669 : change long_name att of fwfisf* variables

16:57 Changeset [14925] by smueller

Removal of development branch /NEMO/branches/2021/dev_r14122_HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining following merge into /NEMO/trunk (ticket #2353)

16:07 Changeset [14924] by mathiot

ticket #2669 : off topic again, I plugged in the fix for the oasis case made by Christrian.

15:43 Changeset [14923] by mathiot

ticket #2669: a bit off topic, but I updated the ISOMIP+ MY_SRC to match the trunk (ease comparison of sources)

15:25 Changeset [14922] by hadcv

#2682: Fix AMM12 and AGRIF_DEMO failing with debug flags and nn_hls = 1

14:19 Changeset [14921] by smueller

Merge of development branch /NEMO/branches/2021/dev_r14122_HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining into /NEMO/trunk (ticket #2353)

09:09 Changeset [14920] by gsamson

first steps to get C1D_PAPA working without MPI (key_mpi_off)


20:01 Changeset [14919] by mathiot

ticket #2669: set sign convention of thermald output in bg03 the same as in other mlt scheme

19:50 Changeset [14918] by smueller

Conversion of array assignments to explicit loops in order to avoid problematic nested preprocessor macros in module zdfosm (ticket #2353)

19:30 Changeset [14917] by mathiot

ticket #2669: add masking of isftfrz_* variables, fix issue on vertical mean in bg03 case, fix sign of qlatisf output

18:40 Changeset [14916] by mathiot

ticket #2669: bg03 option uses rn_gammat0 defined in cav namelist bloc (corrected by adding a new namelist parameter rn_isfpar_bg03_gt0)

17:21 Changeset [14915] by gsamson

minimum set of bugfixes and changes to get C1D_PAPA compiling and running with MPI; ticket #2680

14:57 Changeset [14914] by gsamson

create branch for ticket #2680 from trunk@r14886

13:18 Changeset [14913] by smueller

Synchronizing with /NEMO/trunk@14912 (ticket #2353)

12:51 Changeset [14912] by smueller

Minor adjustments to comments (ticket #2353)

12:30 Changeset [14911] by smueller

Simplification of some subroutine arguments to reduce the number of copy-in and copy-out occurrences when tiling is active (ticket #2353)

11:07 Changeset [14910] by girrmann

minor optimizations in asynchronous communication routine


18:04 Changeset [14909] by smueller

Tidy-up of the OSMOSIS boundary-layer scheme source code (ticket #2353)

17:43 Changeset [14908] by mathiot

fix consistency between cav and par cases and sign issues

17:38 Changeset [14907] by mathiot

add some debug diagnostics and improve readability of debug print

17:36 Changeset [14906] by mathiot

update long_name of isf flux variable (add sign convention) and sign convention of the isf melt forcing in namelist

17:33 Changeset [14905] by jcastill

Update in line with the parent branch

17:26 Changeset [14904] by mathiot

creation of branch to work on ticket #2669

16:06 Changeset [14903] by hadcv

#2600: Fix bug with A1Di/A1Dj/A2D macros, update standard tiling namelists

11:34 Changeset [14902] by girrmann

missing namelist modification


23:02 Changeset [14901] by smueller

Supplement to changeset [14900] that accomplishes the enabling of the tiling option in the OSMOSIS boundary-layer scheme implementation (ticket #2353)

21:26 Changeset [14900] by smueller

Enabling of the tiling option in the OSMOSIS boundary-layer scheme implementation (ticket #2353)

15:53 Changeset [14899] by girrmann

Asynchronous communications now works in time splitting with nncomm == 3 (newpt2pt communication) and yiels identical results but is not compatible with other schemes. Under investigation…


17:40 Changeset [14898] by dancopsey

Make iceberg top melt a combination of sea ice top melt and ocean solar.

14:55 Changeset [14897] by acc

Branch sette_ticket2673. Add a super_sette.sh suggestion for running multiple tests and a sette_eval.sh which is a stripped down version of sette_rpt.sh to perform just the check for differences between different sets. A key difference though is the -q (quiet mode) switch whichreduces output to a single line evaluation. Examples will be added to #2673


11:35 Changeset [14896] by amoulin

Create VLD-03_Aimie_Moulin_Wave_Coupling_TestCase branch -ticket #2613


18:52 Changeset [14895] by acc

Branch: sette_ticket2673. Add TILING and COLLECTIVES activation to all configurations (except AGRIF_DEMO)

18:05 Changeset [14894] by sparonuz

Added wp specification to some real declarations

17:48 Changeset [14893] by acc

Branch sette_ticket2673. Add -g option to supply a 1 character, alphanumeric suffix which is appended to _ST when creating configuration directories. This allows grouping of runtime directories so that chained invocations of sette.sh will not be at risk of interference. I.e. it makes possible a super-sette script such as:
# set -vx
# Simple script to create a full suite of tests
./sette.sh -r -g 0 # Full tests - MAIN (using *_ST0 config dirs)
./sette.sh -e -F -t -v HALO1 -g 1 -r # Full tests - with nn_hls=1 (using *_ST1 config dirs)
./sette.sh -i -e -F -t -n ORCA2_ICE_PISCES -v NO_ICB1 -g 2 -r # ORCA2_ICE_PISCES, nn_hls=1, no icebergs (using *_ST2 config dirs)
./sette.sh -i -n ORCA2_ICE_PISCES -v NO_ICB2 -g 3 -r # ORCA2_ICE_PISCES, nn_hls=2, no icebergs (using *_ST3 config dirs)
./sette.sh -C -n ORCA2_ICE_PISCES -v NO_COLL -g 4 -r # ORCA2_ICE_PISCES, nn_hls=2, no collectives (using *_ST4 config dirs)
./sette.sh -q -v NO_QCO -g 5 # Full tests without key_qco (using *_ST5 config dirs)

16:16 Changeset [14892] by dguibert

lbc_lnk_call_generic: add lbc_lnk_pt2pt_async

15:48 Changeset [14891] by dguibert

add lbc_lnk_pt2pt_async

Introduce a new pt2pt scheme allowing to overlap communication and computation

  1. calling irecv
  2. compute on whole domain using a dummy subroutine
  3. calling isend

… usual unpack


18:20 Changeset [14890] by acc

Branch: sette_ticket2673. Minor adjustment of sette_list_avail_rev.sh to use MAIN as a default subdirectory. #2673

17:20 Changeset [14889] by smueller

Enabling of the extended halo option (nn_hls=2) in the implementation of the OSMOSIS boundary layer scheme (ticket #2353)

15:46 Changeset [14888] by acc

Branch: sette_ticket2673. Fixed too hasty edit in sette_rpt.sh and introduced new utility function: sette_fetch_inputs.sh. #2673

13:42 Changeset [14887] by acc

Branch: sette_ticket2673. Introduced a default, MAIN subdirectory which is used if no sub-directory is specified. This keeps a tidier structure below NEMO_VALIDATION_DIR (and equivalent REF). sette_rpt.sh now accepts a -V sub_dir2 option to name a 2nd subdirectory below NEMO_VALIDATION_DIR to compare against the -v sub_dir. Introduced a sette_use_LITE.sh utility to switch between input datasets

11:10 Changeset [14886] by clem

trunk ICE: the diagnostic of heat flux for ice surface melt was not outputed because of initialization problem

11:10 Changeset [14885] by clem

4.0-HEAD ICE: the diagnostic of heat flux for ice surface melt was not outputed because of initialization problem


20:49 Changeset [14884] by acc

Branch: sette_ticket2673. Make sure a dry-run performs no action even if NEMO_VALIDATION_DIR does not exist. #2673

20:34 Changeset [14883] by acc

Branch: sette_ticket2673. Prompt for user confirmation rather than implicitly change options if a non-viable combination has been asked for. #2673

18:32 Changeset [14882] by gsamson

#2600: Fix diagnostics preventing ORCA2_ICE_PISCES running with nn_hls = 2 and tiling; r14845 missing pieces

18:06 Changeset [14881] by acc

Branch: sette_ticket2673. Minor correction to help information

18:06 Changeset [14880] by dancopsey

Introduce a small amount of top melt to icebergs

16:30 Changeset [14879] by acc

Branch: sette_ticket2673. Rookie mistake - forgot to set compatible nn_hls values in the nest namelists. Correct now

16:11 Changeset [14878] by acc

Branch: sette_ticket2673. Added EXTRA_HALO support to all configurations except AGRIF_DEMO (pending changes to nested domin)

13:19 Changeset [14877] by acc

Updated ARCHER2 arch files to use trunk version of XIOS and added -Dkey_nosignedzero

12:18 Changeset [14876] by acc

Branch: sette_ticket2673. Tweaked sette_list_avail_rev.sh (improved readability of o/p and added -R option to list reference directory contents). Removed options to set key_nosignedzero (this should be a property of arch files only).

09:59 Changeset [14875] by gsamson

update mercator arch files


21:03 Changeset [14874] by acc

Branch: sette_ticket2673. Fix a bug in sette_rpt.sh and add an option to over-ride the reference revision number. See #2673

16:19 Changeset [14873] by acc

Branch: sette_ticket2673. Improved functionality: added -r (no report) option to disable running sette_rpt.sh at the end of sette.sh (allows chaining of sette.sh invocations with different arguments). Allowed SAS and AGRIF to be equivalently requested as ORCA2_SAS_ICE or AGRIF_DEMO (saves having to remember which are abbreviated). Sorted out the logic so that RESTART is no longer a mandatory test (allows REPRO without RESTART but, also, importantly, allows COMPILE as a test which will compile but not attempt to run - should mean fewer excuses for not running SETTE)

15:06 Changeset [14872] by girrmann

add old communication pattern for performance profiling

11:50 Changeset [14871] by rlod

Bug fix of initialisation of ln_trc_ais in C14 and CFC modules, see ticket #2672


16:54 Changeset [14870] by acc

Branch: sette_ticket2673. More tweaks. Added a few more features and aligned the utility scripts with the new directory structure. Each experiment directory in the NEMO_VALIDATION_DIR now gets a sette_config file recording the settings used to run the test. They now also get copies of the *namelist*_cfg files which can be useful for cross-checking. sette_list_avail_rev.sh now accepts the -v subdir option.

12:41 Changeset [14869] by acc

Branch: sette_ticket2673. Added missing export for NEMO_VALID. Also tidied up scripts with new set_namelist_opt function and adapting set_xio_using_server function to accept yes/no as well as true/false

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