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16:59 Ticket #697 (NVTK update to use nemo_v3_2 and IOMPUT) closed by clevy
16:57 Changeset [2040] by clevy

[NVTK scripts in INSTALL/JOBS update, see ticket:#697]

16:53 Ticket #697 (NVTK update to use nemo_v3_2 and IOMPUT) created by clevy
Update some scripts in NVTK in order to use adequate input files for 3_2 …


17:55 Ticket #696 (update NVTK/fait_AA_make) closed by clevy
17:45 Changeset [2039] by clevy

[NVTK/fait_AA_make update, see ticket:#696]

16:53 Ticket #696 (update NVTK/fait_AA_make) created by clevy
The fait_AA_make script in NVTK is not up to date: it does not work …


12:57 Changeset [2038] by cetlod

Apply the merge to passive tracers, see ticket:693

12:01 Changeset [2037] by rfurner

bug fix to sbcrnf, jpkm1 changed to mbathy-1


17:29 Changeset [2036] by rblod

Fix compilation issues on fcm branch


17:19 Changeset [2035] by cetlod

update iodef files

17:05 Changeset [2034] by cetlod

cosmetic changes

15:10 Changeset [2033] by cetlod

update scripts to build Makefile for the merge, see ticket:693

15:06 Changeset [2032] by cetlod

update namelists to take into accoutn the merge of both active and passive tracers transport, see ticket:693

14:33 Ticket #692 (obc_par without key_agrif in nemo_v3_2_1) closed by rblod
fixed: Fix with tichet #688
14:32 Ticket #688 (OBC + AGRIF in nemo_v3_2_1: requires fixes) closed by rblod
14:31 Changeset [2031] by rblod

Fix issues with OBC and AGRIF, see ticket #688 and #692

14:19 Changeset [2030] by cetlod

Apply the merge to passive tracers, see ticket:693

13:59 Ticket #690 (segmentation fault in prtctl.F90( nemo_v3_2_1)) closed by rblod
13:59 Changeset [2029] by rblod

Fix prtctl, see ticket #690

13:45 Ticket #689 (OBC in nemo_v3_2_1) closed by rblod
13:43 Changeset [2028] by rblod

Fix bug in obc, see ticket #689

13:33 Changeset [2027] by cetlod

Reorganisation of the initialisation phase, see ticket:695

13:32 Ticket #695 (Reorganisation of the initialisation phase) created by cetlod
The initialisation of each physics process ( namelist read and control of …
13:09 Changeset [2026] by cetlod

Encapsulate active and passive trends in one module, see ticket:694

13:09 Ticket #694 (Encapsulate active and passive trends in one module) created by cetlod
As a starting point, create the trdtra.F90 module. Il will manage both …
13:00 Changeset [2025] by cetlod

Define 4D T/S arrays and tracer index, see ticket:693

12:57 Changeset [2024] by cetlod

Merge of active and passive tracer advection/diffusion modules, see ticket:693

12:56 Ticket #693 (Merge of active and passive tracer advection/diffusion modules) created by cetlod
- creation of generic advection/diffusion modules that will be able to …
12:27 Changeset [2023] by cetlod

Create a specific branch for the merge of active and passive tracers transport routines, see ticket:664

11:56 ticket/0664_TRA_TRP edited by cetlod
11:53 ticket/0664_TRA_TRP edited by cetlod


15:46 std_plots.pro.interan attached to IS-ENES/core2_cmip by flavoni
15:43 std_plots.pro.clima attached to IS-ENES/core2_cmip by flavoni


14:05 Ticket #692 (obc_par without key_agrif in nemo_v3_2_1) created by vichi
when key_obc is activated without key_agrif, obc_par.F90 does not compile …
13:51 Ticket #691 (trcctl_my_trc.F90 : bug in compilation (nemo_v3_2_1)) created by molines
Last of this series of (small) bugs : In trcctl_my_trc, the loop index …
13:48 Ticket #690 (segmentation fault in prtctl.F90( nemo_v3_2_1)) created by molines
Under certains circumstances, I found a segmentation fault in prtctl.F90 …
13:40 Ticket #689 (OBC in nemo_v3_2_1) created by molines
There are some bugs in 2 obc routines : 1. obctra.F90 : A bug …
13:28 Ticket #688 (OBC + AGRIF in nemo_v3_2_1: requires fixes) created by molines
Hello ! As mentioned by Rachid in his mail presenting nemo_v3_2_1, mixing …


12:48 Changeset [2022] by smasson

supress boring messages from IOIPSL in DEV_r1879_FCM


11:04 Changeset [2021] by rblod

Revert partially revious commit on FCM branch

11:02 Changeset [2020] by rblod

Correct makenemo on FCM branch


19:48 Changeset [2019] by rblod

Put back the changes for Agrif on fcm branch

18:54 Changeset [2018] by rblod

putting back Agrif on external

18:53 Changeset [2017] by rblod

remove agrif from external

18:37 Changeset [2016] by rblod

Come back to an old fashion makefile to compile the conv without FCM on FCM branch

15:20 Changeset [2015] by rblod

Change AIX option

13:12 Changeset [2014] by rblod

Adaptation for ioserver o, FCM branch


00:30 ticket/0677_mpp_rep edited by rblod


15:41 Changeset [2013] by smasson

remove propertie svn:executabe of fortran files in DEV_r1879_FCM

14:21 Changeset [2012] by rblod

Fix again the fcm branch for ioserver


00:34 Changeset [2011] by rblod

Fix for ioserver and fcm


22:54 Changeset [2010] by rblod

Fix somme pre-processing issues with IBM on branch FCM

18:13 Changeset [2009] by smasson

add quotes in INCLUDE mpif.h in lib_mpp.F90 of DEV_r1879_FCM

17:44 Changeset [2008] by smasson

replace #include by INCLUDE in AGRIF of DEV_r1879_FCM

17:14 Changeset [2007] by smasson

update branches/DEV_r1879_FCM/NEMOGCM/NEMO with tags/nemo_v3_2_1/NEMO

17:01 ticket/0663_MLF edited by mlelod
16:58 ticket/0663_MLF edited by mlelod


17:19 ticket/0663_MLF edited by mlelod
17:06 ticket/0663_MLF edited by mlelod
09:22 Ticket #687 (MERCATOR.5 — GLS Vertical scheme) created by cbricaud
Mellor Yamada 2,5, generic length scale (Umlauf and burchard 2003) …


17:15 ticket/0684 edited by acc
17:07 Changeset [2006] by acc

ticket #684 step 9a: Code fixes to achieve first successful compilation of mid-year merge code

15:20 ticket/0684 edited by acc
15:07 Changeset [2005] by mlelod

ticket: #663 MLF: second part (local compatibility essentially)

15:04 ticket/0663_MLF edited by mlelod
15:02 ticket/0663_MLF edited by mlelod
15:00 ticket/0684 edited by acc
15:00 ticket/0663_MLF edited by mlelod
14:58 ticket/0663_MLF edited by mlelod
14:57 ticket/0663_MLF edited by mlelod
14:56 ticket/0663_MLF edited by mlelod
14:55 ticket/0663_MLF edited by mlelod
14:52 ticket/0684 edited by acc
14:40 Changeset [2004] by acc

ticket #684 step 8: Add in changes from the trunk between revisions 1879 and the 3.2.1 tag (rev 1986)

14:25 Changeset [2003] by rblod

Add missing module for mpp reproducibility, see ticket #677

14:19 Changeset [2002] by djlea

Adding ASM assimilation code

14:18 Changeset [2001] by djlea

Adding observation operator code

13:51 ticket/0684 edited by acc
13:33 ticket/0684 edited by acc
13:27 Changeset [2000] by acc

ticket #684 step 7: Add in changes between the head of the DEV_r1821_Rivers branch and the trunk@1821. Note untested changes were made to the Rivers branch before this merge see wiki ticket page for details

12:40 Changeset [1999] by cbricaud

Create a specific branch for GLS Vertical scheme


17:34 ticket/0663_MLF edited by mlelod
17:12 Changeset [1998] by acc

ticket #465_Rivers tidied code and added namelist changes in preparation for mid-year merge

15:47 Changeset [1997] by smasson

updating svn_tools vendor into DEV_r1879_FCM/NEMOGCM/EXTERNAL

15:47 Changeset [1996] by smasson

correct error in the previous commit

15:45 Changeset [1995] by smasson

updating svn_tools vendor into DEV_r1879_FCM/NEMOGCM/EXTERNAL

15:43 Changeset [1994] by smasson

bugfix on svn_tools/update_vendor.sh

15:42 Changeset [1993] by smasson

merging IOIPSL/v2_2_1 into the EXTERNAL deposit

15:39 ticket/0663_MLF edited by mlelod
15:39 Changeset [1992] by smasson

Tag vendors/IOIPSL/current as vendors/IOIPSL/v2_2_1.

15:39 Changeset [1991] by smasson

Load working_directory into vendors/IOIPSL/current.

15:37 ticket/0663_MLF edited by mlelod
15:26 Changeset [1990] by smasson

importing svn_tools vendor into DEV_r1879_FCM/NEMOGCM/EXTERNAL

15:19 Changeset [1989] by smasson

update scripts to update vendors


17:58 Changeset [1988] by rblod

Some cleaning in External and harmonization off cpp keys with NEMO

16:16 Changeset [1987] by rblod

Adjustement for fcm

15:55 ticket/0663_MLF edited by mlelod
15:28 Changeset [1986] by rblod

Tagging nemo_v3_2_1

14:53 ticket/0663_MLF edited by mlelod
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