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17:15 Ticket #712 (index not declared in ldfdyn_c1d.h90) created by rblod
jk index is not declared in the case of use of ldfdyn_c1d.h90 …
15:04 Changeset [2067] by rblod

Small changes for portability in BB_make*


23:18 Ticket #711 (avmb and avtb in traadv_cen2, ORCA2) created by dupontf
Bonjour, It is unclear to me why avmb and avtb are increased in …
20:51 Ticket #710 (sbc_ana: emp/emps drift with time) created by dupontf
In sbcana.F90 tagged 1732, the value of qns, qsr, emp, emps are only set …
14:04 Changeset [2066] by rblod

Suppress dummy module on FCM branch since there is no more need of it for dependancy search

13:25 Changeset [2065] by rblod

Set nbobc only one, see ticket #689

13:23 Ticket #708 (unset index in obcfla) closed by rblod
13:22 Changeset [2064] by rblod

Set correct value for uemsk and vemsk index, see ticket #708


17:02 Ticket #709 (LIM3 (LIM2-EVP -Drakkar) : Lead area computation in limrhg.F90 ...) created by royf
At line 256 and 262 where zt11,zt12, zt21, and zt22 are used. Should zt11 …
12:28 Changeset [2063] by charris

First set of changes in prepration for multi-category ice fields, see ticket #662


16:02 IS-ENES/core2_cmip edited by flavoni
15:57 IS-ENES/core2_cmip edited by flavoni
15:56 IS-ENES/core2_cmip edited by flavoni
15:54 IS-ENES/core2_cmip edited by flavoni
15:52 IS-ENES/core2_cmip edited by flavoni
15:48 IS-ENES/core2_cmip edited by flavoni
15:44 IS-ENES/core2_cmip edited by flavoni
15:42 IS-ENES/core2_cmip edited by flavoni
15:37 IS-ENES/core2_cmip edited by flavoni
14:43 ticket/0681 edited by djlea


22:08 Ticket #708 (unset index in obcfla) created by dupontf
Throughout obcfla.F90 tagged 1941, the index jk is declared but not set. …
17:50 ticket/0681 edited by djlea
17:49 ticket/0681 created by djlea
15:50 Changeset [2062] by djlea

Two minor fixes. One to correct a typo in the output of asm namelist variables. The other to put missing if defined key control around code which calls asm.

12:08 Changeset [2061] by sga

Corrections by George Nurser to NEMO branch DEV_r1924_nocs_latphys

Updating of ralpha, rbeta to rn_alpha, rn_beta; neos to nn_eos


22:04 Ticket #707 (obcdyn_bt is asking for an unknown module) created by dupontf
In obcdyn_bt.F90 tagged 1152, in the list of needed modules, there is this …
13:35 Changeset [2060] by sga

Commits to NEMO branch DEV_r1924_nocs_latphys.

Added Griffies skew flux as formulated by Chris Harris
and modified by George Nurser at NOC. Not tested yet.

Unfinished, expecting to put in new metric terms.

11:44 Changeset [2059] by cbricaud

add modifications to have the possibility to read weekly files with fldread


14:40 Ticket #706 ("weekly file" option in fldread) created by cbricaud
14:15 Changeset [2058] by cbricaud

Create a specific branch to add the weekly files option in fldread

13:21 Ticket #705 (LIM3+coupled mode: Compilation error in sbccpl.F90) created by ufla
When LIM3 (key_lim3) is used together with the coupled mode (key_coupled, …
12:04 Ticket #704 (EVP rheology in LIM2) created by cbricaud
Code have been tested with NVTK. Concerning documentation, there is no …
12:02 Ticket #703 (GLS Vertical scheme) created by cbricaud
New routines have benn tested with NVTK. Complete documentations will come …
11:49 Changeset [2057] by cetlod

Update fait* scripts to take into account OFFLINE reorganisation, see ticket:701

11:49 Changeset [2056] by cetlod

Update namelist to take into account OFFLINE reorganisation, see ticket:701

11:39 Changeset [2055] by cbricaud

add documents modifications for GLS

11:35 Changeset [2054] by cetlod

remove eosbn2 module, see ticket:701

11:32 Changeset [2053] by cetlod

improve the offline part to take into account the merge of TRA-TRC, see ticket:702

11:31 Ticket #702 (Re-organisation of OFFLINE) created by cetlod
- Suppression of all duplicate modules from OPA_SRC - Keep only the …
11:15 Changeset [2052] by cetlod

Improve the merge TRA-TRC, see ticket:701

11:14 Ticket #701 (Improve the merge TRA-TRC) created by cetlod
- phasing TOP_SRC with the one the trunk ( bugfixes ) - computation of the …
10:47 Changeset [2051] by cbricaud

corrections to use on-the-fly interpolation with 3D files in fldread

10:23 Ticket #691 (trcctl_my_trc.F90 : bug in compilation (nemo_v3_2_1)) closed by cetlod
10:23 Changeset [2050] by cetlod

change loop indice jn to jl in trcctl_my_trc.F90, see ticket:691

10:14 Changeset [2049] by cetlod

change jp_lpobster to jp_lobster

10:11 Changeset [2048] by cbricaud

add GLS Vertical scheme

09:59 Ticket #700 (Improve CFC and Bomb C14 models) closed by cetlod
09:58 Changeset [2047] by cetlod

Improve CFC and Bomb C14 models, see ticket:700

09:58 Ticket #700 (Improve CFC and Bomb C14 models) created by cetlod
- correction of time interpolation of partial pressure for CFC model - …
09:42 Changeset [2046] by cbricaud

commit modifications to add EVP rheology in LIM3


17:21 Changeset [2045] by smasson

update DEV_r1879_FCM with the trunk


14:28 Ticket #699 (Compilation error in SBC/sbccpl.F90 (LIM2 config)) closed by smasson
fixed: thank you [[BR]] done, see changeset:2044
14:27 Changeset [2044] by smasson

small bugfix for coupled mode, see ticket:669

11:22 Ticket #699 (Compilation error in SBC/sbccpl.F90 (LIM2 config)) created by ufla
The trunk version of SBC/sbccpl.F90 doesn't compile in the LIM2 …


15:45 Changeset [2043] by cbricaud

Create a specific branch for EVP rheology in LIM2

15:44 Changeset [2042] by cbricaud

Create a specific branch for atmospheric pressure forcing

15:36 Changeset [2041] by cbricaud

Create a specific branch for atmospheric pressure forcing

09:12 Ticket #698 (Compiling NEMO with key_agrif option (pgf90)) closed by mgunduz
fixed: Dear Steven, Thank you very much for your reply. Changing the Makefile …


14:04 Ticket #698 (Compiling NEMO with key_agrif option (pgf90)) created by mgunduz
Dear All, I am trying to compile NEMO_V3_2_1 with the below key options; …


16:59 Ticket #697 (NVTK update to use nemo_v3_2 and IOMPUT) closed by clevy
16:57 Changeset [2040] by clevy

[NVTK scripts in INSTALL/JOBS update, see ticket:#697]

16:53 Ticket #697 (NVTK update to use nemo_v3_2 and IOMPUT) created by clevy
Update some scripts in NVTK in order to use adequate input files for 3_2 …


17:55 Ticket #696 (update NVTK/fait_AA_make) closed by clevy
17:45 Changeset [2039] by clevy

[NVTK/fait_AA_make update, see ticket:#696]

16:53 Ticket #696 (update NVTK/fait_AA_make) created by clevy
The fait_AA_make script in NVTK is not up to date: it does not work …


12:57 Changeset [2038] by cetlod

Apply the merge to passive tracers, see ticket:693

12:01 Changeset [2037] by rfurner

bug fix to sbcrnf, jpkm1 changed to mbathy-1


17:29 Changeset [2036] by rblod

Fix compilation issues on fcm branch

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