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This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
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22:59 WorkingGroups/TOP/dev_meeting edited by cetlod
22:56 NEMO_TOP_v32.pdf attached to WorkingGroups/TOP/dev_meeting by cetlod
22:31 WorkingGroups/TOP/dev_meeting edited by cetlod
22:28 WorkingGroups/TOP/dev_meeting created by cetlod
17:57 Changeset [2196] by gm
ticket:#658 add Figures for qsr and diurnal cycle
17:55 Changeset [2195] by gm
ticket:#658 update TRA DYN & SBC with sbc, qsr, nxt and rnf …
17:16 ticket/0658_DOC edited by gm
00:08 Changeset [2194] by cetlod
ensure restartability of PISCES


23:59 Changeset [2193] by cetlod
update namelists for LOCEAN's branch
23:49 Changeset [2192] by cetlod
ensure restartability of PISCES
22:24 Ticket #732 (day restart defined and written at the same time step) closed by smasson
fixed: done, see changeset:2191 see at the end of ocean.output: […] …
22:20 Changeset [2191] by smasson
restart openning before its use in day, see ticket:732
22:18 Ticket #732 (day restart defined and written at the same time step) created by smasson
When day_rst is called at the end of day, the value of lrst_oce is still …
18:39 Ticket #731 (histvar_seq warning) created by rphanim
Dear All, I am running the ORCA2_LIM configuration for 1 year, the …
17:56 Changeset [2190] by acc
NEMO branch DEV_r1924_nocs_latphys. Code changes to fix problems …
17:12 Changeset [2189] by rfurner
added namelist changes for OBS and ASM branches, some changes to doc for …
15:15 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_LOCEAN edited by smasson
14:47 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_LOCEAN edited by cetlod
11:32 2011WP edited by rblod
11:19 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_LOCEAN edited by rblod
11:18 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_LOCEAN edited by rblod
10:32 Changeset [2188] by smasson
code review but GM for dev_r2174_DCY
10:26 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_LOCEAN edited by rblod


18:00 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_LOCEAN edited by rblod
17:44 Changeset [2187] by smasson
add diurna cycle in dev_r2174_DCY, see ticket:730
17:21 Changeset [2186] by smasson
Create a specific branch for the Diurnal Cycle
17:17 Changeset [2185] by rfurner
adding updates from bdy branch, revision 2100:2168
17:10 Changeset [2184] by rfurner
added updates to mixed_ldfdyn branch revision 1840:2182
17:07 Changeset [2183] by djlea
Reverting a change to the NEMO book
17:01 Changeset [2182] by edblockley
3rd commit for mixed_ldfdyn to include the remainder of the namelist …
16:45 ticket/0681 edited by djlea
16:37 ticket/0681 edited by djlea
16:33 ticket/0681 edited by djlea
16:24 Changeset [2181] by djlea
Update namelist for OBS and ASM code
16:23 Changeset [2180] by djlea
Updated namelists to run OBS and ASM code
16:12 Ticket #730 (diurnal cycle of qsr from daily values) created by smasson
commit this long time existing feature... from daily forcing …
15:49 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud
15:36 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_LOCEAN edited by rblod
15:24 2010WP/2010Action_institutions_LOCEAN_old edited by rblod
14:18 Changeset [2179] by rfurner
commiting updates to river code, revision 2127:2173
10:33 2011WP/2011Stream2 edited by idcatukmo
10:29 2011WP/2011Stream0 edited by idcatukmo
10:26 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by idcatukmo
10:05 Changeset [2178] by rblod
avoid creation of libraries
09:57 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by idcatukmo
09:54 Changeset [2177] by sga
NEMO branch DEV_r1924_nocs_latphys. Remove code for optional calculation …
09:39 Changeset [2176] by sga
NEMO branch DEV_r1924_visbeck. Add code to be cut from branch …
09:38 2011WP/2011Stream0 edited by idcatukmo
09:36 2011WP/2011Stream2 edited by idcatukmo
09:33 2011WP/2011Stream3 edited by idcatukmo
09:31 2011WP/2011Stream2 edited by idcatukmo
09:24 2011WP/2011Stream1 edited by idcatukmo
09:13 Changeset [2175] by sga
Create NEMO branch DEV_r1924_visbeck. Visbeck scheme for calculation of …
09:08 2011WP/2011Stream0 edited by idcatukmo
09:06 Ticket #729 (New branch for Visbeck scheme for calculating eddy induced velocity ...) created by sga
Create new NEMO branch DEV_r1924_visbeck. This will be code that is not …


19:04 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud
18:49 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud
18:47 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud
18:43 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud
18:25 Ticket #728 (cannot create NetCDF files larger than 2Gb) closed by smasson
fixed: done by default in IOIPSL histbeg function -> ok
18:13 Changeset [2174] by smasson
continue changeset:2170, see ticket:727
18:04 2011WP/2011Stream0 edited by idcatukmo
17:55 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud
17:54 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud
17:48 Changeset [2173] by rfurner
updated namelists
17:40 Changeset [2172] by smasson
restart files gt 2Gb, see ticket:728
17:38 Ticket #728 (cannot create NetCDF files larger than 2Gb) created by smasson
Solution: add NF90_64BIT_OFFSET in the call of NF90_CREATE with f90 …
17:31 Changeset [2171] by rfurner
Some variables renamed and some calculations moved to different modules …
16:50 Ticket #727 (wrong cpu ranking of iom_put files (coupled mode only)) closed by smasson
fixed: done, see changeset:2170
16:50 Changeset [2170] by smasson
wrong cpu ranking of iom_put files (coupled mode only), see ticket:727
16:49 Ticket #727 (wrong cpu ranking of iom_put files (coupled mode only)) created by smasson
Error in cpu ranking of output files created by iom_put in coupled …
16:42 Changeset [2169] by rblod
FCM branch again and again
16:22 Ticket #726 (Error in Qsr when using key_vvl) created by gm
For optimisation purposes, the coefficient etot3 used to compute the …
16:19 Changeset [2168] by rblod
Cosmetic changes on BDY branch
15:32 Changeset [2167] by rblod
Update POMME configuration
15:29 Changeset [2166] by rblod
Fix various bugs in OBC see ticket #716 #548 #296
14:18 Changeset [2165] by rfurner
updated documentation to include new river options
13:20 Changeset [2164] by gm
ticket:#658 lot of things see DOC wiki page
11:30 Changeset [2163] by sga
NEMO branch DEV_r1924_nocs_latphys. George Nurser Included code in …


21:21 Changeset [2162] by cetlod
bug correction on PISCES
21:21 Changeset [2161] by cetlod
bug correction on PISCES
17:22 Changeset [2160] by rblod
FCM branch : add correct reference to CeCILL license
16:27 Changeset [2159] by rblod
FCM branch, some cleaning to save disk space and add CeCiLL licence
16:16 BDY_ROUTINES.tar attached to ticket/0718/Review by rblod
16:15 ticket/0718/Review edited by rblod
15:30 Changeset [2158] by rblod
FCM branch, improve clean option
14:58 ticket/0725 edited by cbricaud
14:54 ticket/0725 created by cbricaud
14:45 Ticket #725 (Atmopsheric pressure forcing: 2010 task Mercator 4) created by cbricaud
12:58 Changeset [2157] by rblod
on FCM branch, change adm to ADM caused by stupid case insensitive …
10:12 ticket/0718/Review created by rblod
09:59 ticket/0681/Review edited by rblod
09:58 Changeset [2156] by rfurner
small change to lib_mpp, to fix bug
09:50 ticket/0681/Review edited by rblod
09:39 ticket/0681/Review edited by rblod
09:37 ticket/0681/Review edited by rblod
09:36 ticket/0681/Review edited by rblod


19:54 obs_read_seaice.F90 attached to ticket/0681/Review by rblod
19:27 ticket/0681/Review edited by rblod
19:17 ticket/0681/Review created by rblod
17:36 2011WP/2011Stream3 edited by acc
17:35 2011WP/2011Stream2 edited by acc
17:29 2011WP/2011Stream1 edited by acc
17:20 2011WP/2011Stream0 edited by acc
17:17 2011WP/2011Stream3 edited by acc
17:01 Changeset [2155] by cbricaud
link limrhg.F90 ( from LIM_SRC_3) in LIM_SRC_2 for LIM2_EVP
17:00 Changeset [2154] by cbricaud
improvment for NEC
16:40 Ticket #724 (commit of idl tools for post processing for ORCA2_LIM configuration) closed by flavoni
16:18 Ticket #707 (obcdyn_bt is asking for an unknown module) closed by rblod
16:18 Changeset [2153] by rblod
Correct USE obcdta in obcdyn_bt
16:15 Ticket #714 (bad if-condition in obcrad) closed by rblod
16:15 Changeset [2152] by rblod
Commit for perfect restart in obcrad, see ticket #714
16:09 Changeset [2151] by flavoni
add README file, see ticket #724
16:06 Changeset [2150] by flavoni
commit idl tools for post-processing, for ORCA2_LIM configuration, see …
15:58 Ticket #724 (commit of idl tools for post processing for ORCA2_LIM configuration) created by flavoni
Commit all .pro files, plus shell scripts to do plots & time series, like …
15:54 Ticket #715 (Definition of obctmsk in obcini.F90 depending on a IF-condition) closed by rblod
fixed: I follow the suggestion .. Merci Rachid
15:53 Changeset [2149] by rblod
Compute obctmsk en all cases, see ticket #715
15:53 Changeset [2148] by cetlod
merge LOCEAN 2010 developments branches
15:44 Ticket #710 (sbc_ana: emp/emps drift with time) closed by rblod
15:44 Changeset [2147] by rblod
Minor bug in sbcana due do numerical precision, see ticket #710
15:39 Ticket #712 (index not declared in ldfdyn_c1d.h90) closed by rblod
15:39 Changeset [2146] by rblod
Fix missing dummy loop indice, see ticket #712
15:36 Ticket #723 (sshn_b not initialized with key_dynspg_ts) closed by rblod
15:36 Changeset [2145] by rblod
Fixx sshn_b initialization, see ticket #723
15:26 Ticket #723 (sshn_b not initialized with key_dynspg_ts) created by rblod
When using time splitting, sshn_b is never initialized. Fix: add it in …
15:21 Changeset [2144] by cetlod
bug correction in trabbl.F90
15:18 2011WP/2011Stream2 edited by clevy
15:11 2011WP/2011Stream2 edited by clevy
15:08 2011WP/2011Stream1 edited by clevy
15:05 2011WP/2011Stream0 edited by clevy
15:04 2011WP/2011Stream0 edited by clevy
15:00 2011WP/2011Stream3 edited by clevy
14:49 Changeset [2143] by rblod
Improvement of FCM branch
14:43 2011WP/2011Stream2 edited by clevy
14:41 2011WP/2011Stream2 edited by clevy
14:30 2011WP/2011Stream1 edited by clevy
14:26 2011WP/2011Stream1 edited by clevy
12:57 2011WP/2011Stream0 edited by clevy


12:04 Changeset [2142] by sga
NEMO branch DEV_r1924_nocs_latphys. George Nurser. DOC/NEMO_book.tex: …


15:22 Changeset [2141] by cbricaud
add module to read atmospheric pressure and module to compute surface …
15:07 Changeset [2140] by cbricaud
error of svn command
15:05 Changeset [2139] by cbricaud
correct error of svn command
14:52 Changeset [2138] by cbricaud
Create a specific branch for atmoshperic pressure forcing
14:25 Changeset [2137] by cbricaud
merge with head of trunk ( rev 2136 )
11:18 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud
11:17 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud


22:56 Changeset [2136] by rblod
add compilation of tools like rebuild or nesting tools
19:31 Changeset [2135] by cbricaud
add changes from branch dev_1784_EVP
19:29 Changeset [2134] by cbricaud
remove debug print and comment
17:45 Changeset [2133] by rfurner
mistake in if statements in solmat corrected (issue was due to merge of …
17:31 Changeset [2132] by cbricaud
add change from DEV_r1784_GLS
17:25 Changeset [2131] by cbricaud
add changes from dev_1784_WEEK
16:48 Changeset [2130] by cbricaud
Add chnages from DEV_r1784_3DF branch
13:01 Changeset [2129] by rfurner
pervious merge had mised bits of OBS branch, adding these now


14:44 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_CMCC edited by clevy
14:43 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_INGV edited by clevy
14:42 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by clevy
14:42 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by clevy
14:41 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_NOC edited by clevy
14:40 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_LOCEAN edited by clevy
14:38 Ticket #722 (devukmo2010 creation) created by rfurner
This ticket relates to the branch devukmo2010, which is a merge of Met …
14:29 Changeset [2128] by rfurner
merged branches OBS, ASM, Rivers, BDY & mixed_dynldf ready for vn3.3 merge
13:54 Changeset [2127] by rfurner
Changes to trasbc, rnf effects now dealt with correctly
12:27 WikiStart edited by clevy


15:43 Changeset [2126] by rfurner
merge of all 2010 UKMO code in preparation for merge party
14:18 ticket/0650 edited by cbricaud
14:17 ticket/0650 edited by cbricaud
14:15 ticket/0650 edited by cbricaud
14:11 ticket/0650 created by cbricaud
12:22 Changeset [2125] by cbricaud
modification: don't allocate fdta arrays when time-interpollation is not …


12:11 Changeset [2124] by cetlod
removed useless variables


17:39 Changeset [2123] by cetlod
correction of minor bug in trabbl.F90
17:38 Changeset [2122] by cetlod
correction of minor bug in trabbl.F90
16:57 ticket/0687 edited by cbricaud
16:57 ticket/0687 edited by cbricaud
16:50 ticket/0687 edited by cbricaud
16:49 ticket/0687 edited by cbricaud
16:48 ticket/0687 edited by cbricaud
16:47 ticket/0687 created by cbricaud
16:35 ticket/0706 edited by cbricaud
16:33 ticket/0706 created by cbricaud
16:18 Changeset [2121] by cetlod
apply cosmetic changes
16:12 ticket/0704 edited by cbricaud
16:12 Changeset [2120] by cetlod
apply cosmetic changes
16:12 ticket/0704 edited by cbricaud
16:08 ticket/0704 edited by cbricaud
16:07 ticket/0704 edited by cbricaud
15:19 Changeset [2119] by cbricaud
10:12 Changeset [2118] by rfurner
changes to include volume flux in hdivn instead of ssha, currently not …


19:49 Changeset [2117] by cetlod
minor bug correction
19:36 Changeset [2116] by mlelod
ticket: #720 restart the branch from the latest DEV_r1837_MLF branch …
18:52 Changeset [2115] by cetlod
improve trcsbc.F90 routine in DEV_r2006_merge_TRA_TRC branch
14:34 user/rblod/TicketStat edited by rblod
14:32 user/rblod/TicketStat edited by rblod
14:30 user/rblod/TicketStat edited by rblod


21:21 Changeset [2114] by cetlod
update namelists
21:20 Changeset [2113] by cetlod
phasing DEV_r2106_LOCEAN2010 with DEV_r1821_Rivers branch
16:14 Changeset [2112] by mlelod
ticket: #663 introduce dia_hsb_init routine (called by opa_init)
15:36 Changeset [2111] by cetlod
Create a branch for 2010 Paris developements, see ticket #721
15:25 Ticket #721 (Create a branch for 2010 Paris developments) created by cetlod
The branch is dedicated to merge the 2010 developments from Paris. It …
15:15 Changeset [2110] by cetlod
Removing inappropriate branch for DEV_r1784_LOCEAN2010
14:44 Changeset [2109] by mlelod
ticket: #663 allocatable variables in diahsb and remove unnecessary …


21:52 Changeset [2108] by mlelod
ticket: #663 add heat/salt/volume budgets
14:30 Changeset [2107] by mlelod
cosmetic changes again


16:09 ticket/0664_TRA_TRP edited by cetlod
10:51 Changeset [2106] by cetlod
improve trabbl routine according to review


16:10 ticket/0664_TRA_TRP edited by cetlod
15:54 ticket/0664_TRA_TRP edited by cetlod
15:45 ticket/0664_TRA_TRP edited by cetlod
15:12 ticket/0664_TRA_TRP edited by cetlod
15:09 ticket/0664_TRA_TRP edited by cetlod
14:43 ticket/0664_TRA_TRP edited by cetlod
14:41 ticket/0664_TRA_TRP edited by cetlod
14:37 Changeset [2105] by cetlod
update namelists
14:35 Changeset [2104] by cetlod
update DEV_r2006_merge_TRA_TRC according to review
12:49 Changeset [2103] by mlelod
Create a specific branch for the new z_tilde vertical coordinate …
12:48 ticket/0720_ZTC created by mlelod
12:45 Ticket #720 (OPA vertical z_tilde coordinate) created by mlelod
Introduce the ALE z_tilde vertical coordinate following Leclair and Madec …
11:23 ticket/0658_DOC edited by gm
11:12 ticket/0658_DOC edited by gm
11:05 ticket/0658_DOC edited by gm


17:50 Changeset [2102] by mlelod
delete branch before re-create it clean
16:05 Changeset [2101] by rfurner
moved calculation of rnf_dep from trasbc to sbc_rnf_init and for vvl …
15:37 Changeset [2100] by davestorkey
bug fix
12:34 Changeset [2099] by mlelod
Create a specific branch for the new z_tilde vertical coordinate
12:30 Changeset [2098] by mlelod
Create a specific branch for the new z_tilde vertical coordinate
10:44 2011WP edited by clevy
10:43 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_CMCC created by clevy
09:35 IS-ENES/core2_cmip edited by flavoni
09:32 namelist_ice_lim2 attached to IS-ENES/core2_cmip by flavoni
09:32 IS-ENES/core2_cmip edited by flavoni


16:07 ticket/0704 created by cbricaud
14:53 Changeset [2097] by smasson
update DEV_r1879_FCM with the trunk
14:48 Changeset [2096] by smasson
DEV_r1879_FCM: use cpp keys to define the domain decomposition
14:10 Changeset [2095] by cbricaud
add correction from reviewer
10:43 ticket/0704/Review edited by gm
10:25 Changeset [2094] by davestorkey
Correction to bug fix.
09:39 Changeset [2093] by davestorkey
Main change set.
08:33 Changeset [2092] by cbricaud
create from trunk r1784 a new branch to merge 2010 developments from …


22:29 Changeset [2091] by mlelod
ticket: #663 cosmetic changes
22:26 ticket/0663_MLF edited by mlelod
22:21 ticket/0663_MLF edited by mlelod
22:18 ticket/0663_MLF edited by mlelod
18:21 Ticket #719 (minor bugfixes in the coupled interface) closed by smasson
fixed: done see changeset:2090
18:19 Changeset [2090] by smasson
minor bugfixes in the coupled interface, see ticket:719
18:18 Ticket #719 (minor bugfixes in the coupled interface) created by smasson
There is a set of minor bugfixes in the coupled interface: - …
16:56 Changeset [2089] by rblod
Create a branch for 2010 Paris developements
12:02 Changeset [2088] by davestorkey
ticket #718: BDY updates
10:34 Ticket #718 (updates to BDY module) created by davestorkey
There are two main changes: 1. Implementation of open boundary conditions …


11:20 Changeset [2087] by cetlod
correction of minor bugs
10:50 Changeset [2086] by cetlod
update namelists and BB_make* scripts
10:45 Changeset [2085] by cetlod
improve the vvl option for TOP models


16:29 Changeset [2084] by cetlod
minor bug correction
14:49 Changeset [2083] by cetlod
correction of minor bugs
12:32 Changeset [2082] by cetlod
Improve the merge of TRA-TRC, see ticket #717
12:31 Ticket #717 (Improve the merge TRA-TRC) created by cetlod
- Rewrite eosbn2.F90 and zpshde.F90 with 4D tracers as input argument …
12:05 2011WP edited by clevy
12:04 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_NOC edited by clevy
Name changed from 2011WP/Action_institutions_NOCS to … (diff)
11:57 2011WP edited by clevy
09:33 2011WP/2011Stream1 edited by clevy
09:32 2011WP/2011Stream0 edited by clevy


18:00 ticket/0650/Review created by cbricaud
17:58 ticket/0706/Review created by cbricaud
17:53 ticket/0704/Review created by cbricaud
16:45 2011WP edited by clevy
16:44 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_INGV created by clevy
16:10 ticket/0703/Review created by cbricaud
15:58 Changeset [2081] by cbricaud
correction of bug about the generic name of vertical scales factors
15:11 Changeset [2080] by cbricaud
add documentation for DEV_r1784_GLS
14:04 Changeset [2079] by sga
NEMO branch DEV_r1924_nocs_latphys Corrected namelist. George Nurser
14:01 Changeset [2078] by sga
NEMO branch DEV_r1924_nocs_latphys. Documentation updates. George Nurser
10:43 Changeset [2077] by cbricaud
commit change from DEV_r1784_3DF
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