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This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
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21:06 Ticket #789 (Typo in sbcmod.F90) created by molines
Typo error on line 108 of sbcmod.F90 (CLIO --> CORE ) […]
20:07 Changeset [2565] by rblod
Suppress duplicated code in obcini, see ticket #788
18:26 Ticket #788 (dupplicate code in obc_ini) created by molines
In obc_ini, the following bloc of code is duplicated, thus introducing an …
14:19 2011WP/2011Stream2/DynamicMemory edited by trackstand


17:06 2011WP/2011Stream2/DynamicMemory edited by trackstand
14:33 2011WP/2011Stream2/DynamicMemory edited by trackstand
12:38 2011WP/2011Stream2/DynamicMemory edited by trackstand


17:55 Changeset [2564] by rfurner
bug fix for time splitting module
17:50 2011WP/2011Stream2/DynamicMemory edited by mafoipsl
17:25 Changeset [2563] by flavoni
remove changed directories by mistake, see ticket #752
17:22 Changeset [2562] by flavoni
add test in, see ticket #752
14:40 2010WP/2010fromMergePartyToVersion3.3 edited by flavoni
14:27 2010WP/2010fromMergePartyToVersion3.3 edited by flavoni
14:12 2010WP/2010fromMergePartyToVersion3.3 edited by flavoni
14:07 2010WP/2010fromMergePartyToVersion3.3 edited by flavoni
14:05 2010WP/2010fromMergePartyToVersion3.3 edited by flavoni


17:22 Changeset [2561] by cetlod
Suppression of special characters in the name of output variables & check …
12:11 Changeset [2560] by flavoni
add missing comma in IDL scripts
11:13 Changeset [2559] by rblod
Correction in dtadyn when not using key_trabbl


14:54 Changeset [2558] by flavoni
added missing array's initialisation in traadv.f90
13:24 Changeset [2557] by flavoni
update script .pro, added mask into average computation, see ticket #724
13:02 Changeset [2556] by flavoni
update, see ticket #724
11:01 2010WP/2010fromMergePartyToVersion3.3 edited by flavoni
11:00 2010WP/2010fromMergePartyToVersion3.3 edited by flavoni
10:51 2010WP/2010fromMergePartyToVersion3.3 edited by flavoni


16:58 Changeset [2555] by cetlod
minor bug correction on trcini.F90
16:08 Ticket #787 (little inconsistency in name of forcing files, in opa9.card) closed by flavoni
16:08 Changeset [2554] by flavoni
update file name in opa9.card, see ticket #787
16:07 Ticket #787 (little inconsistency in name of forcing files, in opa9.card) created by flavoni
In opa9.card names of forcing files (COREII) are not the same that in …
15:25 2010WP/2010fromMergePartyToVersion3.3 edited by flavoni


16:32 2010WP/2010fromMergePartyToVersion3.3 edited by clevy
15:26 Changeset [2553] by flavoni
change test in, see ticket #752
14:59 Changeset [2552] by flavoni
opa9.card : removed from list of BoundaryFiles? bathy_updated, necessary …
12:43 Changeset [2551] by flavoni
only cosmetic change in namelist, and in opa9.card put runoff core by …
12:15 Changeset [2550] by flavoni
only cosmetic change in namelist
11:13 2010WP/2010fromMergePartyToVersion3.3 edited by clevy
10:53 2010WP/2010fromMergePartyToVersion3.3 edited by clevy
10:27 Changeset [2549] by flavoni
small bug: forget to remove bad test in, see ticket #752


17:22 Changeset [2548] by rblod
Allow reproducibility of GYRE configuration
16:40 2010WP/2010fromMergePartyToVersion3.3 edited by flavoni
16:37 Changeset [2547] by rblod
Correct bug in dynbfr, see ticket #786
16:36 Ticket #786 (meridional bottom friction) created by rblod
In dynbfr, zonal values and indexes are used in the computation of the …
13:29 2010WP/2010fromMergePartyToVersion3.3 edited by flavoni
11:54 2010WP/2010fromMergePartyToVersion3.3 edited by clevy
11:46 Ticket #785 (Dynamic memory) created by trackstand
As of v3.3 of NEMO, the dimensions of all major arrays are set at compile …
11:21 Changeset [2546] by flavoni
change test in, see ticket #752
11:13 2010WP/2010fromMergePartyToVersion3.3 edited by clevy
10:55 2010WP/2010fromMergePartyToVersion3.3 edited by flavoni


17:48 Changeset [2545] by flavoni
improved READE and SETTE.pdf for SETTE, add small debug, see ticket #752
17:39 Changeset [2544] by flavoni
added key_trabbl removed from cpp_ORCA2_LIM.fcm by error, see ticket #784
16:36 Ticket #784 (suprressed key_trabbl, added key_zdftmx in cpp_ORCA2_LIM.fcm, update ...) closed by flavoni
16:36 Changeset [2543] by flavoni
update namelist, and cpp._ORCA2_LIM.fcm, see ticket #784
16:35 Ticket #784 (suprressed key_trabbl, added key_zdftmx in cpp_ORCA2_LIM.fcm, update ...) created by flavoni
suppressed key_trabbl in cpp_ORCA2_LIM.fcm, added key_zdftmx and update …
14:18 Changeset [2542] by rblod
Syntax error in Fread_dir


06:31 Ticket #734 (branch for v3.3 beta) closed by gm
fixed: The v3.3beta branch has been moved to the trunk to become the v3.3 (see …
06:21 Ticket #658 (OPA documentation phasing) closed by gm
fixed: Done through a series of changeset, the last one being changeset:2541 A …
05:55 Changeset [2541] by gm
v3.3beta: #658 hopefully the final update, including MPP sum, SIGN, IOM, …
05:46 Changeset [2540] by gm
v3.3beta: phasing of the DOC and trunk namelists


11:04 Changeset [2539] by flavoni
corrected small bug in, see ticket #752
10:45 Changeset [2538] by flavoni
correct a small bug fix in add_key option for makenemo, see ticket #740


15:41 Changeset [2537] by flavoni
update IDL scripts, see ticket #724


12:17 2011WP/2011Stream2/DynamicMemory edited by trackstand
12:09 2011WP/2011Stream2/DynamicMemory edited by trackstand


17:17 Changeset [2536] by rblod
correct a bug in domzgr, see ticket #783
13:37 Ticket #783 (domzgr follow-on) created by rblod
LIne 507, I should be bathy(:,:) = MAX( zhmin , bathy(:,:) …


16:48 Changeset [2535] by rblod
Correction in domzgr, see ticket #782
00:16 Ticket #782 (domzgr with minimum depth in level) created by rblod
I think there are two bugs line 502 of domzgr when defining minimum depth …


18:40 Changeset [2534] by rblod
rm NVTK on the trunk
18:39 Changeset [2533] by rblod
rm UTIL on the trunk
18:39 Changeset [2532] by rblod
rm CVSROOT on the trunk
18:36 Changeset [2531] by rblod
Copy nemo_v3_3_beta/DOC into the trunk
18:35 Changeset [2530] by rblod
rm DOC on the trunk before re-importing it
18:35 Changeset [2529] by rblod
Copy nemo_v3_3_beta/ADM into the trunk
18:33 Changeset [2528] by rblod
Update NEMOGCM from branch nemo_v3_3_beta
17:49 Changeset [2527] by rblod
17:48 Changeset [2526] by rblod
Move CONFIG directory in NEMOGCM
17:47 Changeset [2525] by rblod
Move EXTERNAL directory in NEMOGCM
17:46 Changeset [2524] by rblod
Move NEMO directory in NEMOGCM
17:44 Changeset [2523] by rblod
Create NEMOGCM directory
16:43 Changeset [2522] by rblod
Tagging nemo_v3_2_2, merry christmas
15:44 Changeset [2521] by rblod
minor changes for job and xml file for 3.2
15:43 Changeset [2520] by rblod
Add in core documentation for compilation scripts


14:04 Changeset [2519] by rblod
Update BB_make for 3.2


17:39 Changeset [2518] by cetlod
v3.3:minor bug correction in PISCES
17:34 Changeset [2517] by cetlod
v3.3beta:Ensure restartability of ORCA2_OFF_PISCES & define lk_offline …
17:10 Ticket #781 (Reopening of Ticket #777?) closed by gm
fixed: hups....  You are right !!!   I forgot to commit the modified domain.F90 …
17:10 Changeset [2516] by gm
v3.3beta: #777 and #781 backward compatibility with deepest level + …
17:08 Changeset [2515] by smasson
trunk: bugfix for agrif when using Chlorophyll data, introduced in ticket …
17:06 Changeset [2514] by smasson
v33b: bugfix for agrif when using Chlorophyll data, introduced in ticket …
17:01 Changeset [2513] by smasson
v33b: unexplained changes needed to compile with agrif on IBM PW6 (xlf90 …
16:27 Changeset [2512] by smasson
v33b: increase value of dom_max_nb in ioipsl to avoid error when …
15:26 Changeset [2511] by flavoni
add control number of arguments for set_namelist function in SETTE, see …
15:21 Changeset [2510] by flavoni
correct missing " in SETTE functions, see ticket #752
13:07 Changeset [2509] by cetlod
CMIP5_IPSL: change fait_config to include the good name of carbon cycle …
12:55 Ticket #781 (Reopening of Ticket #777?) created by vichi
Hi, it looks like parameter rn_hmin has been added to the namelist file …
12:52 Changeset [2508] by cetlod
Change wrong name configuration IPSLCM5_C to IPSLCM5A_C in fait_config
11:49 Changeset [2507] by flavoni
added a small PDF doc of SETTE, and of its scripts, see ticket #752
11:46 Ticket #580 (cpl_oasis4 working...) closed by smasson
wontfix: a new version of cpl_oasis4 has been committed (see changeset:2506). This …
11:40 Changeset [2506] by smasson
v33b: toward coupling with OASIS4, see ticket #580
09:20 Changeset [2505] by cetlod
Add IPSLCM5_C configuration in fait_config
09:18 Changeset [2504] by cetlod
Computation of monthly mean ocean carbon flux in PISCES


15:33 Changeset [2503] by rblod
Ugly fix for #667 for safety in 3.2
15:32 Changeset [2502] by rblod
Ugly fix for #667 for safety in 3.2
14:57 Ticket #536 (Little incoherence in new variable names for nemo_v3_2_beta in comments of ...) closed by gm
fixed: Ok all the namelists have been corrected in the v3.3b. In addition the …
14:55 Changeset [2501] by gm
v3.3beta: #536 correct some inconsistency in the namelist comments + add …


16:58 Changeset [2500] by flavoni
changed comments in SETTE scripts, to have doc with sphinx, see ticket …
15:46 Changeset [2499] by davestorkey
v3.2: bug fix for iom_gettime
15:22 Ticket #657 (Proposition to declare a variable for character size) closed by gm
fixed: That's a very good idea ! In par_kind.F90, we add a variable "lc" : …
15:22 Changeset [2498] by gm
v3.3beta: #657 declare a variable for character size
11:20 Ticket #645 (Pb in lib_mpp for nbondj = 2) closed by rblod
11:19 Ticket #562 (lbc_blk sign for ua_e, va_e in bdydyn.F90) closed by rblod
11:13 Ticket #647 (OBC in NEMO3.2) closed by rblod
fixed: Not totally fixed since OBC could be improved seriously, but major bugs …
11:11 Ticket #743 (choose one option for mpp rep) closed by rblod
11:11 Ticket #748 (dynspg_ts and vvl) closed by rblod
fixed: See changeset …
11:07 Ticket #129 (Use of F95 signed zero causes incorrect results) closed by rblod
fixed: Fixed in next nemo_v3_3 with a cpp key key_nosignedzero
11:06 Ticket #296 (obcdta_bt out of date) closed by rblod
fixed: Done in nemo_v3_2 and nemo_v3_3, see …
10:19 Ticket #677 (mpp reproducibility) closed by rblod
fixed: Done in nemo_v3_3
10:02 Ticket #761 (Critical Error on IDRIS/IBM SP6 ( fortran compiler xlf version ? ...) closed by gm
07:51 Ticket #233 (bottom friction issue...) closed by gm
07:47 Ticket #780 (zdfgls: error in bottom friction formulation) closed by gm
fixed: Actions: • wbotu wbotv removed from dynzdf_imp, zdfbfr and zdfgls • …
07:44 Changeset [2497] by gm
v3.3beta: #780 zdfgls error in bottom friction formulation
07:28 Ticket #780 (zdfgls: error in bottom friction formulation) created by gm
The GLS scheme has been developed in v3.1, i.e. with an implicit …
06:14 Ticket #331 (No bottom friction if mbathy=2) closed by gm
invalid: This was a good point for release v3.1 and previous ones. Since release …
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