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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
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19:13 Ticket #832 (Missing brackets in volume filter correction calculation when computing ...) closed by acc
fixed: Fixes to dynnxt.F90 and domvvl.F90 added at changeset 2779
19:09 Changeset [2779] by acc
#832. Corrections to before scale factor calculations (fse3u_b and …
19:05 Ticket #832 (Missing brackets in volume filter correction calculation when computing ...) created by acc
Missing brackets when computing the inverse of surface area at u/v points …
14:35 Ticket #817 (LIM3 is not compiling and not running in v3_2_2 and v3_3_1) closed by smasson
fixed: Easily done for v3_2_2 in changeset:2778 Was much harder in …
11:56 Changeset [2778] by smasson
LIM3 compiling in v3_2_2, see ticket#817
11:55 Changeset [2777] by smasson
LIM3 compiling and (partly?) running in v3_3_1, see ticket#817


16:07 ticket/0829 edited by rblod
16:04 ticket/0829 edited by rblod
16:03 ticket/0829 edited by rblod
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15:18 ticket/0829 edited by rblod
15:16 Changeset [2776] by rblod
Add a second solution to find automatically an available working array, …
15:15 ticket/0829 edited by rblod
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14:55 Changeset [2775] by rblod
Add a first solution to find automatically an available working array, see …
14:45 ticket/0829 edited by rblod


11:00 Ticket #831 (ghost line not passed across processors in SUBROUTINE zgr_sco of ...) created by agn
Hi, With s-coordinates on multiple processors (4x4) ORCA2_LIM2 was …


15:13 Ticket #830 (Minor bug in PISCES/p4zsed.F90) closed by cetlod
fixed: Done, see changeset:2774
15:13 Changeset [2774] by cetlod
PISCES trunk : Use dynamical allocation for some local arrays, see ticket …
15:10 Ticket #830 (Minor bug in PISCES/p4zsed.F90) created by cetlod
Some worked arrays are still defined in p4zsed.F90 in static mode : …
12:49 Changeset [2773] by cetlod
PISCES trunk, bug in p4zrem.F90 : wrk_3d_2 is used twice
08:31 Changeset [2772] by sga
NEMO trunk, bugfix to ldfslp.F90: correct jk indices


17:07 ticket/0829 edited by rblod
17:05 Changeset [2771] by rblod
First implementation of timing, with tvd as an example, see ticket #829
15:16 ticket/0829 edited by rblod
15:09 ticket/0829 edited by rblod
11:14 Changeset [2770] by rblod
branch for dynamic memory evolution, see ticket #829
11:06 ticket/0829 edited by rblod
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09:55 ticket/0829 edited by rblod
09:47 ticket/0829 created by rblod
09:42 Ticket #829 (Improvement of dynamic memory) created by rblod
Create a branch to investigate possible improvement of dynamic memory, see …


17:19 Ticket #828 (inverted comments in OPA namelists for the vorticity schemes options) created by ctlod
The comments in the 2 following lines in OPA namelists: ln_dynvor_ene = …


10:19 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v3.3/parallelpage_3_3 edited by flavoni


11:40 Ticket #827 (AGRIF SSH artifical outliers in the base model) created by ebehrens
Hey everybody I have a nice ssh error in the base model and don´t know how …


15:42 2011WP/2011Stream2/OpenBoundaries edited by davestorkey
15:40 NEMO_Bdy_wiki.doc attached to 2011WP/2011Stream2/OpenBoundaries by davestorkey
Jerome's comments on OBC-BDY design


09:29 Ticket #826 (missing some output files created with iom) closed by smasson
fixed: The problem is coming from a variable that is not initialized. Bugfix has …
09:27 Ticket #826 (missing some output files created with iom) created by smasson
in some cases on sole machines, some output files created by iom are …
09:25 Ticket #825 (incompatibility between iomserver and intrinsic functions pack/unpack) closed by smasson
fixed: done for the IOSERVER, see: …
09:23 Ticket #825 (incompatibility between iomserver and intrinsic functions pack/unpack) created by Marcello Vicchi
It looks like the iom developers have redefined the FORTRAN intrinsic …


22:25 Changeset [2769] by smasson
end of bugfix started in changeset:2767
21:51 Changeset [2768] by smasson
minor bugfix in svn_tools
17:10 Changeset [2767] by smasson
merging XMLIO_SERVER/r_193 into the EXTERNAL deposit
16:45 Changeset [2766] by smasson
Tag vendors/XMLIO_SERVER/current as vendors/XMLIO_SERVER/r_193.
16:45 Changeset [2765] by smasson
Load working_directory into vendors/XMLIO_SERVER/current.
15:47 Ticket #824 (Module m_path (XMLF90) is duplicated in two files) created by lovato
In the folder XMLF90/src/xpath are present two files related to the m_path …


17:19 user/smasson/NEMOConfigurationDataBase edited by smasson
17:13 user/smasson/NEMOConfigurationDataBase edited by smasson
13:20 Changeset [2764] by cetlod
update the dtadyn.F90 routine, see ticket #823
13:19 Ticket #823 (OFFLINE: bug in bbl diffusive coefficient) created by cetlod
Since nemo_v3, the bbl diffusive coef are outputed in the files rather …
10:59 user/flavoni/libIGCM/setupsimupage edited by flavoni
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