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16:55 2011WP/2011Stream2/Open Boundary Progress2011 created by davestorkey
16:50 Ticket #870 (Developments to BDY in preparation for OBC-BDY merge) created by davestorkey
In preparation for the merge of the OBC and BDY open boundary modules, the …
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12:56 ticket/0869 created by djlea
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12:36 Changeset [2875] by djlea

New branch for adding OBS tools

12:27 Ticket #869 (Add obstools and update documentation for OBS and ASM) created by djlea
Last year the OBS and ASM branch was added to the NEMO trunk. This year we …
12:19 Changeset [2874] by charris

Code for running NEMO with CICE (for fully coupled mode this should be used in combination with dev_r2802_UKMO8_sbccpl). Changes are described briefly below.

physct: Constants modified to be consistent with CICE

nemogcm / prtctl / mppini: Changes to NEMO decomposition (activated using key_nemocice_decomp) to produce 'square' options in CICE. Can run without this key / code but this requires a global gather / scatter in the NEMO-CICE coupling which gets very slow on large processors numbers.

sbc_ice: CICE options and arrays added

sbcmod: CICE option added, including calls for initialising and finalising CICE.

sbcblk_core: Make sure necessary forcing field are available for CICE

sbcice_cice: Main CICE coupling code.

10:25 Changeset [2873] by hliu

1). added pressure Jacobian horizontal pressure gradient code, 2) added par_AMM7/12.h90, 3) added two arch files for NOCL mobius and ubuntu linux

10:18 Changeset [2872] by hliu

1) added the semi-implicit bottom friction code (3 in DYN, 1 in ZDF), 2) added par_AMM7/12.h90, 3) added two arch files for NOCL mobius and ubuntu linux

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19:27 Ticket #868 (Create a new branch for PPM advection) created by hliu
NOCL.5 - PPM advection: We try to implement the vertical PPM …
19:15 Ticket #867 (Create a new branch for Mixed Implicit Explicit bottom friction) created by hliu
NOCL.4-Mixed Implicit Explicit bottom friction: This work provide a …
19:01 Ticket #866 (Create a new branch for Horizontal Pressure Gradient scheme) created by hliu
NOCL.1 - Horizontal Pressure Gradient scheme: A constrained cubic …
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18:41 ticket/0865 created by deazer
18:35 Ticket #865 (New Coastal Ocean configuration as a standard configuration) created by deazer
Creating a new configuration for the coastal Regions. Based upon AMM but …
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17:17 Changeset [2871] by cbricaud

add diadct documentation and new Mercator logo

16:58 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_NOC edited by acc
16:50 Changeset [2870] by cbricaud

change a comments in namelist

16:49 Changeset [2869] by cbricaud

add floats variables in iodef.xml and chnage a comments in namelist

16:44 Changeset [2868] by cbricaud

add namdct bloc in GYRE namelist

16:42 Changeset [2867] by cbricaud

rename list_sections.ascii_keep

16:41 Changeset [2866] by cbricaud

add a special list section for GYRE

16:26 ticket/0864 created by cbricaud
16:10 Ticket #864 (MERCATOR.10 — Online computing of transport across sections ¶) created by cbricaud
add online computing of transports across sections. svn branch: …
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14:33 Changeset [2865] by davestorkey
  1. Updates for dynspg_exp option.
  2. Implement time_offset functionality in obc_dta.
  3. Add option to specify boundaries in the namelist.
  4. Re-activate obc_vol option.
  5. Update to namelist control of tidal harmonics.
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12:40 ticket/0846 edited by vichi
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17:02 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
17:02 Changeset [2864] by cbricaud

add dia_dct_init Dummy routine

17:00 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
16:57 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
16:50 ticket/0863 created by mlelod
16:44 Ticket #863 (Implement z_tilde vertical coordinate) created by mlelod
Purpose: Reduce spurious diapycnal mixing due to high frequency …
15:43 Changeset [2863] by mlelod

create new branch for z_tilde coordinate

15:27 Changeset [2862] by mlelod

delete old branch and restart from a new one

13:49 Changeset [2861] by cetlod

dev_r2787_LOCEAN_offline_fldread:bug correction to ensure restartabililty

12:21 Changeset [2860] by cbricaud

correction of array bounds

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10:56 Changeset [2859] by cbricaud

cleanning, minor modifications

10:54 Changeset [2858] by cbricaud

cleanning, minor modifications


18:43 Changeset [2857] by cbricaud

modify formula of heat and salt transport

12:30 Changeset [2856] by charris

Create a branch for CICE coupling code (linked to UKMO8/LOCEAN2)


12:36 Ticket #862 (LIM2 VP/EVP initialisation and allocation corrections) closed by acc
12:35 Changeset [2855] by acc

Minor corrections to LIM2 initialisation and allocation, see ticket: #862

12:34 Ticket #862 (LIM2 VP/EVP initialisation and allocation corrections) created by acc
A couple of minor corrections are needed to the LIM2 code. The first fixes …
12:11 Changeset [2854] by cbricaud

add comments

09:05 Changeset [2853] by cbricaud

delate Makefile, for unsing maketools.


15:10 Changeset [2852] by cetlod

dev_r2787_PISCES_improvment:minor bug correction in nitrogen fixation diagnostic

14:22 Changeset [2851] by cbricaud


14:09 Changeset [2850] by cbricaud

add diadct namelist block for ORCA2

14:03 Changeset [2849] by cbricaud

tools to compute sections pathway

12:33 Changeset [2848] by cbricaud

add routines for online transports computing

09:01 Changeset [2847] by cbricaud

create branch for 2011 Mercator-Ocean development: Online computing of transport across sections


17:45 Changeset [2846] by cbricaud

modification of namelist and chapter for floats

16:18 Changeset [2845] by cbricaud

add missing ln_ascii in namelist

15:40 Changeset [2844] by cbricaud

minor corrections

15:14 ticket/0861 edited by vichi
11:00 ticket/0861 created by epico
09:51 Ticket #861 (Discussion about the performance evaluation of the dynamic memory version) created by epico
The NEMO version v3.3.1, with the introduction of the dynamical memory …


18:32 Changeset [2843] by cbricaud

comestic changes for flodom.F90, add call to flo_rst in floats.F90, minor correction in flo_rst


14:38 TOP_interface.pdf attached to ticket/0846 by vichi
Coupling interface for biogeochemical models external to the NEMO …
14:37 ticket/0846 edited by vichi


11:25 Changeset [2842] by cbricaud

correction to have one instantaneous value per day

11:24 Changeset [2841] by cbricaud

cosmetic changes


16:33 Ticket #860 (Unallocated arrays qrp and erp sometimes passed from dia_wri to histwrite) created by spickles
Under some circumstances, dia_wri() will pass the arrays qrp and erp to …
15:42 ticket/0846 edited by vichi
14:38 Changeset [2840] by agn

branches/2011/dev_r2782_NOCS_Griffies ticket #838 bugfixes + preliminary support for s-coords

08:41 Changeset [2839] by cbricaud

modified routine for netcdf output


17:54 Changeset [2838] by hliu

New branch for the PPM vertical advection scheme, NOCL

17:53 Changeset [2837] by hliu

New branch for the implicit bottom friction, NOCL

17:49 Changeset [2836] by hliu

New branch for the pressure Jacobian horizontal pressure gradient, NOCL

16:13 ticket/0859 created by cbricaud
16:11 Changeset [2835] by cbricaud

create branch for 2011 development: MERCATOR 9 - Lagrangian Floats Module improvments

14:38 Ticket #859 (new branch for 2011 development: MERCATOR 9 - Lagrangian Floats Module ...) created by cbricaud


13:19 Changeset [2834] by charris

#662 Tidying of sbc_cpl_ice_flx (mainly related to LIM2). There is still scope for cleaning up the use of ice fraction and lead fraction in the sbccpl routines, but best to wait until the LIM3 functionality is properly sorted.

11:37 Changeset [2833] by cetlod

dev_r2787_LOCEAN3_TRA_TRP:correct minor bug to avoid compilation error


15:30 ticket/0846 edited by cetlod
15:23 ticket/0846 edited by cetlod
15:12 ticket/0846 edited by cetlod
12:16 Ticket #858 (Bug in thermal conductivity computation for Pringle version) created by vancop
In the computation of thermal conductivity using Pringle formula, the …


15:33 Changeset [2832] by charris

#662 Latest code changes for sbccpl. These include bug-fixes, control of topmelt and botmelt coupling fields for running CICE with the UM, some more steps towards being able to run with multiple categories for LIM3 and a change in the arguments passed to sbc_cpl_ice_flx.


11:19 Ticket #857 (Restarting when using BDY in 3.3.1) created by nemo_user
Nemo crashes after one time step, if one does a restart with key_bdy …


15:12 Ticket #856 (Enhanced initialization for LIM3) created by vancop
Current initialization for LIM3 generates negative concentrations, which …
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