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19:46 Ticket #875 (Bug in ORCA1 configuration.) created by kmogensen
Hi all. There seems to be a problem with the ORCA1 configuration in the …
18:21 Changeset [2948] by cbricaud

corrections after review

17:36 Changeset [2947] by rfurner

small changes to comments

17:01 Changeset [2946] by cbricaud

improve doc

16:58 Changeset [2945] by djlea

Move OBSTOOLS code to src directory

16:54 Changeset [2944] by kpedwards

fixes to trc.F90 and trcsub.F90

16:49 Changeset [2943] by cbricaud

add comments in job

15:15 ticket/0874_NOC_2011_MERGE created by acc
15:08 Ticket #874 (New branch for the merge of all NOC 2011 developments) created by acc
Created a new branch for the merge of all NOC 2011 developments. Step1. …
14:53 Changeset [2942] by acc

Create branch for the merge of all NOC 2011 developments. See ticket #874. Step 1: copy trunk at lowest revision number used by any of the branches to be merged

14:17 Changeset [2941] by cbricaud

corrections after review

13:59 ticket/0864 edited by cbricaud
13:58 ticket/0864 edited by cbricaud


21:50 ticket/0846 edited by momme
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10:04 Changeset [2939] by hliu

change the order of multiply viscosity

10:02 Changeset [2938] by hliu

change the order of multiply diffusivity, smagorinsky+bilaplacian not recommended

10:02 Changeset [2937] by hliu

change the order of multiply diffusivity, smagorinsky_ bilaplacian not recommended

09:56 Changeset [2936] by hliu

new variable defined

09:56 Changeset [2935] by hliu

new variable defined

09:55 Changeset [2934] by hliu

new variable defined

09:55 Changeset [2933] by hliu

new variable defined

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09:52 Changeset [2931] by hliu
09:51 Changeset [2930] by hliu
09:49 Changeset [2929] by hliu
09:46 Changeset [2928] by hliu

Submitted by Maria Luneva. Calculation of Smagronsky diffusivity and viscosity

ldftra_smag.F90 ldfdyn_smag.F90 step_oce.F90 step.F90 ldftra_oce.F90 ldftra.F90 ldfdyn_oce.F90 ldfdyn.F90 ldftra_c3d.h90 dynldf_bilap.F90 dynldf_bilapg.F90 traldf_bilap.F90 traldf_bilapg.F90

Modules added: ldftra_smag.F90 - calculates Smagorinsky diffusivity for laplacian and bilaplacian operators,

called by step.F90

ldfdyn_smag.F90 - calculates Smagorinsky viscosity for laplacian and bilaplacian operators
called by step.F90

(Griffies and Hallberg, 2000)

laplacian case:

aht=(rn_chsmag*delta/pi)2*D (1)
(or rn_cmsmag for viscousity)

where D2=Dt2 + Ds2, Dt is horisontal tension and Ds is the horizontal shearing strain


in bilaplacian case diffusivity(viscousity) bht=aht*delta2/8

Stability criteria is twice stronger then in (Griffies and Hallberg, 2000)in assumption of positiveness of the solution
Aht<delta2/(16 rdt)

rn_aht_0 - background diffusivity (either laplacian or bilaplacian)
rn_ahm_0_lap, rn_ahm_0_blp background viscosity in laplacian and bilaplacian case

Keys added : key_traldf_smag ( should be set with key_traldf_c3d)

key_dynldf_smag ( should be set with key_dynldf_c3d)

Modules changed:

step_oce.F90 : added:
USE ldftra_smag ! smagorinsky diffusivity . (ldf_tra_smag routine)
USE ldfdyn_smag ! smagorinsky viscosity (ldf_dyn_smag routine)

added calculation of smagorinsky diffusivity/viscousity:

#if defined key_traldf_c3d && key_traldf_smag

CALL ldf_tra_smag( kstp ) ! Smagorinsky diffusivity

# endif
#if defined key_dynldf_c3d && key_dynldf_smag

CALL ldf_dyn_smag( kstp ) ! Smagorinsky viscosity

# endif



added : definition of new scalar constants

rn_chsmag = 1._wp !: constant in Smagorinsky diffusivity
nkaht_smag =0 !: switch of diffusivity in bilaplacian Smagorinsky

nkaht_smag =1 in smagorinsky case andchanges the order of multiplication by diffusivity in bilaplacian case (and makes in unconservative!!!) as in usual case nkaht_smag =0 operator absolutely unstable (but conservative)

Bilaplacian Smagorinsky operator is not recommended


added :definition of new constants

rn_cmsmag_1 = 3._wp !: constant in laplacian Smagorinsky viscosity
rn_cmsmag_2 = 3._wp !: constant in bilaplacian Smagorinsky viscosity
nkahm_smag = 0


added : new scalar to namelist namtra_ldf:

NAMELIST/namtra_ldf/ ln_traldf_lap , ln_traldf_bilap, &

& rn_slpmax , rn_chsmag

check and warnings:

#if defined key_traldf_smag && ! defined key_traldf_c3d

CALL ctl_stop( 'key_traldf_smag can only be used with key_traldf_c3d' )



# if defined key_traldf_smag



# endif


added: to NAMELIST/namdyn_ldf/ new variable and assignment to nkahm_smag

NAMELIST/namdyn_ldf/ ln_dynldf_lap , ln_dynldf_bilap, &

& rn_cmsmag_1 ,rn_cmsmag_2

nkahm_smag = 0

#if defined key_dynldf_smag

nkahm_smag = 1



corrected small bug for key_traldf_c3d and not key_traldf_eiv



  • traldf_bilapg.F90

All lines containing nkaht:

zlt(ji,jj) = ((1-nkaht_smag)*fsahtt(ji,jj,jk)+nkaht_smag) * zbtr * ( ztu(ji,jj,jk) - ztu(ji-1,jj,jk) &

pta(ji,jj,jk,jn) = pta(ji,jj,jk,jn) + ztra*(nkaht_smag*fsahtt(ji,jj,jk)+1-nkaht_smag


DYN : modified lines contain nkahm in modules


  • dynldf_bilapg.F90

namelist: added to the corresponding namelists:

rn_chsmag=1 (corresponding to for typical horcon values for POM)

namdyn_ldf: (as recommended by (Griffies and Hallberg, 2000) )

rn_cmsmag_1=3 (laplacian)
rn_cmsmag_2=3 (bilaplacian)

TESTS: GYRE 0.2 and 0.1 km resolution with very low backgrouns viscosity/diffusivity (5/1 m2/s for laplacian and -1-3e7m4/s for bilaplacian


19:01 Changeset [2927] by cbricaud

corrections after review

17:32 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by rfurner
17:18 Changeset [2926] by hliu

Undoing change wrongly committed in r2887. for Maria Luneva

16:27 Changeset [2925] by cetlod

branch CMIP5_IPSL : minor modifications on iodef.xml files

16:13 Changeset [2924] by cetlod

branch CMIP5_IPSL: Update reference configurations so that they can be run on titane (CCRT BULL computer) using libIGCM

16:07 Changeset [2923] by cetlod

branch CMIP5_IPSL: Add IPSLCM5A.2 in fait_config

15:47 Changeset [2922] by cbricaud

correction of diadct documentation

14:42 ticket/0865 edited by deazer
12:39 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
12:36 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
11:14 Ticket #873 (bug in diaptr) created by xcapet
In dia_ptr.F90 the same memory space is used for advective heat and …
10:56 Changeset [2921] by deazer


10:52 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by deazer
10:31 ticket/0865 edited by deazer
09:15 Changeset [2920] by cbricaud

add tidal potential

08:30 Changeset [2919] by cbricaud

corrections after review

08:12 Changeset [2918] by cbricaud

modifications after review


18:40 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
18:28 Changeset [2917] by mlelod

save memory and cpu in the layer case, see ticket/863?

18:19 Changeset [2916] by cbricaud

modifications after review

18:07 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
17:42 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
17:40 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
17:25 Changeset [2915] by acc

Branch NOCS_NEPTUNE final style changes and documention. See ticket #843

16:46 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
16:26 Changeset [2914] by kpedwards

Fix typos to variables names.

15:57 Changeset [2913] by cbricaud

add comments

15:40 Changeset [2912] by cbricaud

corrections after review

15:12 Changeset [2911] by cbricaud

replace sens by direction

15:03 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
11:41 Changeset [2910] by kpedwards

Updates from Christian - use kit000 in local TRA code; plus a few style corrections in TRC code.

07:59 Changeset [2909] by cbricaud


07:52 Changeset [2908] by cbricaud

add a s-coordinate case for interp subroutine


23:53 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
23:48 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
23:47 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
23:46 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
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modifications after review

18:59 Changeset [2906] by cbricaud

improve documentation for floats

17:27 ticket/0859 edited by cbricaud
16:03 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
14:28 Changeset [2905] by mlelod

first commit, compilation ok, see ticket/863?

10:00 Changeset [2904] by kpedwards

Added code for e3?_temp - needed for averaging.


15:14 Changeset [2903] by cbricaud

improve documentation for diadct

15:13 Changeset [2902] by cbricaud

improve documentation for diadct

10:34 Ticket #872 (sbcblk_clio.F90: bug in dynamic allocation.) created by mathiot
There is a bug about the dynamic allocation in sbcblk_clio.F90 in …
09:12 Changeset [2901] by cbricaud

update POMME namelist

05:36 Changeset [2900] by deazer

Create a specific branch for the AMM Systems Config


17:43 ticket/0864/Review created by rfurner
17:03 ticket/0859/Review edited by acc
16:53 ticket/0859/Review created by acc


18:26 Changeset [2899] by acc

Branch 2011/dev_r2855_NOCS_mppsca. Applied full coding conventions and added manual entry (Chap_MISC.tex). See #679

17:18 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by edblockley
17:14 ticket/0871 edited by edblockley
17:02 Changeset [2898] by edblockley

4th commit for rebuild branch; Moving rebuild_nemo code from TOOLS/REBUILD to TOOLS/REBUILD_NEMO (NB. this could be renamed REBUILD at a later date if that directory were to be removed) . see ticket:#871

17:00 Changeset [2897] by edblockley

3rd commit for rebuild branch; Adding arch-xlf_aix.fcm for xlf compiler, arch-xlf_pwr6.fcm for xlf compiler with IBM Power6 extra options as well as arch-ifort_linux_omp.fcm for ifort compiler with omp enabled. see ticket:#871

16:41 Changeset [2896] by edblockley

2nd commit for rebuild branch; Renbaming arch-xlf_aix.fcm as arch-mpxlf_aix.fcm because it actually uses the mpxlf compiler (for MPI). see ticket:#871

16:36 Changeset [2895] by edblockley

1st commit for rebuild branch including the rebuild_nemo.f90 code and accompanying shell script. see ticket:#871

16:33 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by edblockley
16:21 Changeset [2894] by edblockley

Create a branch for the new faster rebuild code

16:02 ticket/0871 created by edblockley
15:19 Changeset [2893] by djlea

Adding obs tools to branch

13:01 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by edblockley
13:00 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by edblockley
12:58 Ticket #871 (Add faster rebuild to NEMO/TOOLS respository) created by edblockley
At the Met Office we have created a new executable for rebuilding NEMO …


15:59 Changeset [2892] by kpedwards

Updates for substepping: include nittrc000 in call to advection routines and added physics variables for averaging.

15:07 Changeset [2891] by flavoni

small change in param.cfg, SETTE

14:12 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by rfurner
13:56 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by rfurner
13:03 Changeset [2890] by flavoni

update SETTE

11:46 Changeset [2889] by flavoni

Create a specific branch for the updated SETTE

11:26 Changeset [2888] by davestorkey

Move changes into updated BDY module and restore old OBC code.
(Full merge to take place next year).


15:08 ticket/0848/Review edited by sga
14:23 ticket/0855 edited by kpedwards
14:15 ticket/0855 edited by kpedwards
14:14 ticket/0855 edited by kpedwards
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14:00 ticket/0855 created by kpedwards
13:31 ticket/0848/Review edited by sga
13:22 ticket/0848/Review edited by sga
11:16 Changeset [2887] by hliu

addition and modification of files for Smagorinsky method. for Maria Luneva

10:05 ticket/0848/Review edited by sga


12:28 Changeset [2886] by cbricaud

add missing operator

09:45 ticket/0848/Review edited by sga
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16:05 ticket/0662 edited by charris
16:04 ticket/0662 edited by charris
15:23 ticket/0662 created by charris
15:10 ticket/0848/Review edited by sga
14:47 ticket/0848/Review edited by sga
14:25 ticket/0848/Review edited by sga
12:17 ticket/0848/Review edited by sga
Review ticket created - not yet completed (diff)
12:12 Changeset [2885] by charris

#662 Changes to complement those in [2884] to allow NEMO-CICE model to compile OK.

12:11 Changeset [2884] by charris

#662 Tidying + changes to make sure NEMO-CICE model will compile OK.


18:37 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_NOC edited by acc
18:30 Changeset [2883] by acc

Branch 2011/dev_r2855_NOCS_mppsca. Correction to comments and removal of unwanted debugging options

17:57 Changeset [2882] by acc

Branch 2011/dev_r2855_NOCS_mppsca. Code to avoid the use of MPI_ALLGATHER at the north fold. Prace investigations suggest this can improve scalability for large domain decompositions. This is a completion and replacement of work started on branch DEV_1879_mpp_sca. See #679

17:32 Changeset [2881] by acc

Create new branch for the 2011, NOCS.9: MPP scalability development. This is an update of work initially undertaken by PRACE. See #679 and subsequent updates

15:38 Changeset [2880] by hliu

Create a new branch for Smagorinsky algorithm, for Maria Luneva

11:46 Changeset [2879] by cbricaud
10:26 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by charris
08:26 Changeset [2878] by cbricaud


18:54 Changeset [2877] by cbricaud

coding rules

17:36 Changeset [2876] by cbricaud

modify comments


17:05 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by davestorkey
17:02 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by davestorkey
16:55 2011WP/2011Stream2/Open Boundary Progress2011 created by davestorkey
16:50 Ticket #870 (Developments to BDY in preparation for OBC-BDY merge) created by davestorkey
In preparation for the merge of the OBC and BDY open boundary modules, the …
14:29 ticket/0869 edited by djlea
13:44 ticket/0859 edited by cbricaud
12:58 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by djlea
12:56 ticket/0869 created by djlea
12:39 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by djlea
12:36 Changeset [2875] by djlea

New branch for adding OBS tools

12:27 Ticket #869 (Add obstools and update documentation for OBS and ASM) created by djlea
Last year the OBS and ASM branch was added to the NEMO trunk. This year we …
12:19 Changeset [2874] by charris

Code for running NEMO with CICE (for fully coupled mode this should be used in combination with dev_r2802_UKMO8_sbccpl). Changes are described briefly below.

physct: Constants modified to be consistent with CICE

nemogcm / prtctl / mppini: Changes to NEMO decomposition (activated using key_nemocice_decomp) to produce 'square' options in CICE. Can run without this key / code but this requires a global gather / scatter in the NEMO-CICE coupling which gets very slow on large processors numbers.

sbc_ice: CICE options and arrays added

sbcmod: CICE option added, including calls for initialising and finalising CICE.

sbcblk_core: Make sure necessary forcing field are available for CICE

sbcice_cice: Main CICE coupling code.

10:25 Changeset [2873] by hliu

1). added pressure Jacobian horizontal pressure gradient code, 2) added par_AMM7/12.h90, 3) added two arch files for NOCL mobius and ubuntu linux

10:18 Changeset [2872] by hliu

1) added the semi-implicit bottom friction code (3 in DYN, 1 in ZDF), 2) added par_AMM7/12.h90, 3) added two arch files for NOCL mobius and ubuntu linux

09:43 ticket/0864 edited by cbricaud


20:10 ticket/0859 edited by cbricaud
20:10 ticket/0859 edited by cbricaud
20:08 ticket/0864 edited by cbricaud
19:57 ticket/0864 edited by cbricaud
19:56 ticket/0864 edited by cbricaud
19:51 ticket/0864 edited by cbricaud
19:27 Ticket #868 (Create a new branch for PPM advection) created by hliu
NOCL.5 - PPM advection: We try to implement the vertical PPM …
19:15 Ticket #867 (Create a new branch for Mixed Implicit Explicit bottom friction) created by hliu
NOCL.4-Mixed Implicit Explicit bottom friction: This work provide a …
19:01 Ticket #866 (Create a new branch for Horizontal Pressure Gradient scheme) created by hliu
NOCL.1 - Horizontal Pressure Gradient scheme: A constrained cubic …
18:51 ticket/0865 edited by deazer
18:46 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by deazer
18:41 ticket/0865 created by deazer
18:35 Ticket #865 (New Coastal Ocean configuration as a standard configuration) created by deazer
Creating a new configuration for the coastal Regions. Based upon AMM but …
18:28 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by deazer
18:27 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by deazer
17:48 ticket/0864 edited by cbricaud
17:44 ticket/0859 edited by cbricaud
17:40 ticket/0864 edited by cbricaud
17:40 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by rfurner
17:17 Changeset [2871] by cbricaud

add diadct documentation and new Mercator logo

16:58 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_NOC edited by acc
16:50 Changeset [2870] by cbricaud

change a comments in namelist

16:49 Changeset [2869] by cbricaud

add floats variables in iodef.xml and chnage a comments in namelist

16:44 Changeset [2868] by cbricaud

add namdct bloc in GYRE namelist

16:42 Changeset [2867] by cbricaud

rename list_sections.ascii_keep

16:41 Changeset [2866] by cbricaud

add a special list section for GYRE

16:26 ticket/0864 created by cbricaud
16:10 Ticket #864 (MERCATOR.10 — Online computing of transport across sections ¶) created by cbricaud
add online computing of transports across sections. svn branch: …
15:51 ticket/0859 edited by cbricaud
14:33 Changeset [2865] by davestorkey
  1. Updates for dynspg_exp option.
  2. Implement time_offset functionality in obc_dta.
  3. Add option to specify boundaries in the namelist.
  4. Re-activate obc_vol option.
  5. Update to namelist control of tidal harmonics.
12:49 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_CMCC edited by vichi
12:47 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_CMCC edited by vichi
12:40 ticket/0846 edited by vichi
12:33 ticket/0846 edited by vichi


17:02 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
17:02 Changeset [2864] by cbricaud

add dia_dct_init Dummy routine

17:00 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
16:57 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
16:50 ticket/0863 created by mlelod
16:44 Ticket #863 (Implement z_tilde vertical coordinate) created by mlelod
Purpose: Reduce spurious diapycnal mixing due to high frequency …
15:43 Changeset [2863] by mlelod

create new branch for z_tilde coordinate

15:27 Changeset [2862] by mlelod

delete old branch and restart from a new one

13:49 Changeset [2861] by cetlod

dev_r2787_LOCEAN_offline_fldread:bug correction to ensure restartabililty

12:21 Changeset [2860] by cbricaud

correction of array bounds

11:03 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by kpedwards
11:00 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by kpedwards
10:56 Changeset [2859] by cbricaud

cleanning, minor modifications

10:54 Changeset [2858] by cbricaud

cleanning, minor modifications


18:43 Changeset [2857] by cbricaud

modify formula of heat and salt transport

12:30 Changeset [2856] by charris

Create a branch for CICE coupling code (linked to UKMO8/LOCEAN2)


12:36 Ticket #862 (LIM2 VP/EVP initialisation and allocation corrections) closed by acc
12:35 Changeset [2855] by acc

Minor corrections to LIM2 initialisation and allocation, see ticket: #862

12:34 Ticket #862 (LIM2 VP/EVP initialisation and allocation corrections) created by acc
A couple of minor corrections are needed to the LIM2 code. The first fixes …
12:11 Changeset [2854] by cbricaud

add comments

09:05 Changeset [2853] by cbricaud

delate Makefile, for unsing maketools.


15:10 Changeset [2852] by cetlod

dev_r2787_PISCES_improvment:minor bug correction in nitrogen fixation diagnostic

14:22 Changeset [2851] by cbricaud


14:09 Changeset [2850] by cbricaud

add diadct namelist block for ORCA2

14:03 Changeset [2849] by cbricaud

tools to compute sections pathway

12:33 Changeset [2848] by cbricaud

add routines for online transports computing

09:01 Changeset [2847] by cbricaud

create branch for 2011 Mercator-Ocean development: Online computing of transport across sections


17:45 Changeset [2846] by cbricaud

modification of namelist and chapter for floats

16:18 Changeset [2845] by cbricaud

add missing ln_ascii in namelist

15:40 Changeset [2844] by cbricaud

minor corrections

15:14 ticket/0861 edited by vichi
11:00 ticket/0861 created by epico
09:51 Ticket #861 (Discussion about the performance evaluation of the dynamic memory version) created by epico
The NEMO version v3.3.1, with the introduction of the dynamical memory …


18:32 Changeset [2843] by cbricaud

comestic changes for flodom.F90, add call to flo_rst in floats.F90, minor correction in flo_rst


14:38 TOP_interface.pdf attached to ticket/0846 by vichi
Coupling interface for biogeochemical models external to the NEMO …
14:37 ticket/0846 edited by vichi
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