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10:35 Ticket #882 (Bug in z index in ldf_slp_mxl() in ldfslp.F90) closed by gm
fixed: I don't see the problem… in the trunk ! This bug has been corrected 5 …
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09:05 ticket/0883_MERCATOR_2011_MERGE edited by cbricaud
09:05 ticket/0883_MERCATOR_2011_MERGE created by cbricaud
08:57 Ticket #883 (MERCATOR_2011_MERGE) created by cbricaud
create branch for all 2011 MERCATOR developments
08:56 Changeset [3035] by cbricaud

Create branch for the merge of all MERCATOR 2011 developments.


16:11 Ticket #882 (Bug in z index in ldf_slp_mxl() in ldfslp.F90) created by trackstand
In the final loop in the ldf_slp_mxl() routine, the z index 'ik' is used …
08:08 Changeset [3034] by deazer

dev_r2855_UKMO1_AMMCONFIG: Added AMM-PISCES Config Requires: cfg.txt, namelist_top,namelist_pisces to be added uses AMM config as basis for nemo namelist


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15:52 ticket/0881 created by vichi
15:51 Changeset [3033] by vichi

ticket #881. Step 3: Added changes from dev_r2855_CMCC4_con branch

15:48 Changeset [3032] by vichi

ticket #881. Step 2: Added changes from dev_r2855_CMCC3_divd branch

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15:36 Changeset [3031] by vichi

corrected a wrong operation and removed a duplicated directory

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15:04 Changeset [3030] by vichi

ticket #881. Step 1: Created dev_CMCC 2011 merge branch

14:47 Ticket #881 (Creation of dev_CMCC 2011 merge branch) created by vichi
This branch merges together changes from CMCC3 and CMCC4 development …
13:59 Changeset [3029] by flavoni

change job for BULL X64, add sette.sh specific for vargas

09:42 Changeset [3028] by cetlod

branch dev_LOCEAN_2011 : minor changes in TOP component relative to the management of additional diagnostics


18:24 ticket/0874_NOC_2011_MERGE edited by acc
18:14 Changeset [3027] by acc

Branch dev_NOC_2011_MERGE. #874. Step 8: minor corrections for single processor running as uncovered during SETTE testing

18:10 Changeset [3026] by djlea

Remove unneeded sec_to_dt from dataplot. Also add obstools build instructions to documentation.

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17:55 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_INGV edited by poddo
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17:00 Changeset [3025] by edblockley

6th commit for rebuild branch; Rewirkign the code to allow time chunk splitting for 4D variables giving the user the option to save memory at the expense of run time. see ticket:#871

16:37 Changeset [3024] by flavoni

put missing . in SETTE

16:34 Changeset [3023] by flavoni

put missing . in SETTE

12:20 ticket/0842_TRA_TRP edited by cetlod
12:20 Changeset [3022] by dobricic

Applied the divergence damping for horizontal velocity increments.

12:18 ticket/0877_LOCEAN_2011 edited by cetlod
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12:07 Changeset [3021] by cetlod

branch dev_LOCEAN_2011:Merge in changes between rev 2757:3020 of branch 2011/dev_r2855_LOCEAN7_SETTE/NEMOGCM/SETTE subdirectory, see ticket #877

12:02 ticket/0877_LOCEAN_2011 edited by cetlod
12:00 ticket/0877_LOCEAN_2011 edited by cetlod
11:28 Changeset [3020] by flavoni

update SETTE, removed ln_trcrad

10:57 ticket/0877_LOCEAN_2011 edited by cetlod
10:55 Changeset [3019] by edblockley

5th commit for rebuild branch; Fixing a small bug in the rebuild to ensure that the rebuild dimension no.s are properly set when the names are specified in the namelist. Also changing indimlens to SHARED rather than PRIVATE for OMP loops to satisfy certain compilers. see ticket:#871

10:38 Changeset [3018] by dobricic


18:18 ticket/0662 edited by smasson
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17:58 Changeset [3017] by flavoni

update file

17:38 Changeset [3016] by flavoni

update file

17:32 Changeset [3015] by flavoni

add ORCA2_OFF_PISCES in tests, and its input file

16:29 Changeset [3014] by flavoni

correction to iodef_sette.xml

15:21 Changeset [3013] by flavoni

update pdf file SETTE.pdf

15:06 Changeset [3012] by flavoni

update SETTE

15:03 Changeset [3011] by flavoni

update SETTE

14:16 Changeset [3010] by cetlod

branch dev_LOCEAN_2011 : bug correction in LOBSTER

13:53 ticket/0874_NOC_2011_MERGE edited by acc
13:35 Changeset [3009] by acc

Branch dev_NOC_2011_MERGE. #874. Step 7: Merge in changes from 2011/dev_r2855_NOCS_mppsca branch

13:10 Changeset [3008] by acc

Branch dev_NOC_2011_MERGE. #874. Step 6: Merge in changes from 2011/dev_r2802_NOCS_vvlfix branch

12:56 Changeset [3007] by poddo

Correct default values in namsbc in the Documentation

12:53 Changeset [3006] by poddo

Add namsbc_ecmwf and correct default values in namsbc in the Documentation

12:14 Ticket #880 (ctl_stop doesn't stop execution when code not built with key_mpp_mpi ...) created by trackstand
Calling ctl_stop should stop the code but when running in serial mode it …
11:29 Changeset [3005] by cetlod

branch dev_LOCEAN_2011: update arch file for Titane

11:09 Changeset [3004] by cetlod

branch dev_LOCEAN_2011: update arch file for Titane


22:03 Changeset [3003] by cetlod

branch dev_LOCEAN_2011: use the glob_sum function to sum over the global domain

19:26 Changeset [3002] by djlea

Update documentation for obstools and dataplot. Removal of dataplot code not needed. Addition of headers to some dataplot code. Addition of .exe to command example in obstools.

18:30 ticket/0874_NOC_2011_MERGE edited by acc
18:22 Changeset [3001] by acc

Branch dev_NOC_2011_MERGE. #874. Step 5: Merge in trunk changes between revision 2787 and 2802

15:44 Changeset [3000] by djlea

Updated obstools. Addition of headers to programs which explain what each utility does and how to run it. All the programs now build using the naketools utility.

14:47 Changeset [2999] by mlelod

Bug fix fot non-vvl compilation. see ticket/863?

13:38 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
13:37 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
13:31 Changeset [2998] by charris

#662 Minor change to CICE interface code, plus more careful checking for options not currently available with CICE.


20:14 Changeset [2997] by cetlod

branch dev_LOCEAN_2011 : minor corrections to ensure PISCES restartability

19:18 Changeset [2996] by mlelod

fix isopycnal diffusion issue and dynspg_ts bug. see ticket/863?

16:40 Changeset [2995] by poddo

update documentation in SBC

16:27 Changeset [2994] by poddo

ticket #879. Step 4: Add in changes from the 2011/dev_r2802_INGV2_3_blk_wave branch

16:21 Changeset [2993] by poddo

ticket #879. Step 3: Add in changes from the trunk between revisions 2802 and 2855.

16:15 Changeset [2992] by poddo

ticket #879. Step 2: Add in changes from the 2011/dev_r2802_INGV4_zdfRic branch

16:08 Changeset [2991] by poddo

ticket #879. Step 1: Created dev_INGV 2011 merge branch

16:04 Ticket #879 (Created dev_INGV 2011 merge branch) created by poddo
15:39 Changeset [2990] by poddo

Development DEV2011_INGV2_bulk ECMWF bulk formulae
merged with
Development DEV2011_INGV3_wave Interface to read neutral drag coefficient from wave model

15:30 Changeset [2989] by poddo

Created dev_r2855_INGV2_3_blk_wave 2011 merge branch

15:24 Changeset [2988] by poddo

Development DEV2011_INGV4_zdfRic Pakanovsky and Philander

15:18 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
15:16 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
09:27 Ticket #878 (nn_etau =2 with nla10, nlb10) created by rbourdal
Hi, It can have a flimsiness there the minimum mld at 10m (with variable …
09:18 Changeset [2987] by cetlod

branch dev_LOCEAN_2011:minor changes in PISCES


18:00 ticket/0874_NOC_2011_MERGE edited by acc
17:58 Changeset [2986] by acc

Branch dev_NOC_2011_MERGE. #874. Step 4: Merge in changes from 2011/dev_r2787_NOCS_NEPTUNE branch

17:42 Changeset [2985] by acc

Branch dev_NOC_2011_MERGE. #874. Step 3: Merge in trunk changes between revision 2782 and 2787

15:41 bench_allocdyn.pdf attached to ticket/0829 by clevy
bench new codes dynamic allocation
15:26 ticket/0829 edited by clevy
15:06 Changeset [2984] by charris

#662 Bibliography reference for CICE.

14:54 Changeset [2983] by charris

#662 Updated documentation for sbccpl.

14:54 Changeset [2982] by charris

#662 Updated namelists for documentation.

14:48 Changeset [2981] by charris

#662 Documentation for running with CICE.

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Name changed from 2011WP/2012Stream0 to 2012WP/2012Stream0 (diff)
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14:14 Wiki Start edited by clevy
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12:52 2012WP/2012Stream3 created by clevy
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Name changed from 2011WP/2012Stream1 to 2012WP/2012Stream1 (diff)
12:45 2012WP/2012Stream2 created by clevy
12:44 2011WP/2012Stream2 created by clevy
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12:41 2012WP/2012Stream1 created by clevy
12:41 ticket/0874_NOC_2011_MERGE edited by acc
12:37 2012WP/2012Stream0 created by clevy
12:33 2012WP created by clevy
12:15 ticket/0829 edited by clevy
11:29 Changeset [2980] by acc

Branch dev_NOC_2011_MERGE. #874. Step 2: Add changes from the 2011/dev_r2782_NOCS_Griffies branch

10:47 Changeset [2979] by cetlod

dev_LOCEAN_2011:minor bug correction to avoid compilation errors, see ticket #877


16:47 ticket/0846 edited by momme
16:37 ticket/0846 edited by momme
16:10 ticket/0846 edited by momme


16:06 ticket/0877_LOCEAN_2011 edited by cetlod
16:05 Changeset [2978] by cetlod

Add in changes from the trunk between revisions 2787 and 2855, see ticket #877

15:47 ticket/0877_LOCEAN_2011 edited by cetlod
15:46 Changeset [2977] by cetlod

Add in branch 2011/dev_LOCEAN_2011 changes from 2011/dev_r2787_PISCES_improvment, 2011/dev_r2787_LOCEAN_offline_fldread and 2011/dev_r2787_LOCEAN3_TRA_TRP branches, see ticket #877

11:18 ticket/0877_LOCEAN_2011 edited by cetlod
11:14 ticket/0877_LOCEAN_2011 edited by cetlod
11:03 ticket/0877_LOCEAN_2011 edited by cetlod
11:02 Changeset [2976] by cetlod

Step 1: Created dev_LOCEAN_2011 merge branch, see ticket #877

10:51 ticket/0877_LOCEAN_2011 created by cetlod
10:37 Ticket #877 (Branch for all LOCEAN 2011 developments) created by cetlod
Create a branch for the merge of LOCEAN developments in 2011 : - …


18:47 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
17:08 Changeset [2975] by vichi

Created dev_2855_CMCC3_divd branch for 2011 merge

16:45 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
16:42 Changeset [2974] by mlelod

lateral tracer diffusion: coding slightly modified. see ticket/863?

16:39 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
16:34 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
16:30 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
16:14 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_CMCC edited by vichi
16:09 Changeset [2973] by vichi

Modifcation of fmask for momentum advection

The modification is activated by namelist variable ln_vor_con. When an f
point is surrounded by three sea and one land T points, it ensures the
consistency of vorticity, energy and mixed momentum advection schemes with
continous equations.

15:31 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
14:42 Changeset [2972] by vichi

Created dev_2855_CMCC4_con branch for 2011 merge

14:29 Changeset [2971] by kpedwards

Latest changes for substepping - add key_trabbl.

14:11 Ticket #876 (Submission of dev_CMCC4_con 2011 merge branch) created by vichi
Check masks Advection of the rotational component of velocity should …
14:00 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_CMCC edited by clevy
14:00 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_INGV edited by clevy
13:59 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by clevy
13:57 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_NOC edited by clevy
13:55 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_LOCEAN edited by clevy


18:21 Changeset [2970] by mlelod

thickness weighted outputs and additional outputs, see ticket/863?

18:00 Changeset [2969] by acc

branches/2011/dev_r2782_NOCS_Griffies ticket #838. Final style changes and removal of outdated comments

13:35 Changeset [2968] by cetlod

dev_r2787_PISCES_improvment:style corrections

11:43 Changeset [2967] by cbricaud

Use only ln_tide_pot to activate tidal potential forcing

11:00 Changeset [2966] by cbricaud
10:58 Changeset [2965] by cbricaud

iodef for Tidal Harmonic analysis

10:54 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_LOCEAN edited by flavoni
10:50 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_LOCEAN edited by flavoni
10:49 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_LOCEAN edited by flavoni
10:43 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_LOCEAN edited by flavoni
10:35 Ticket #819 (problems during the setting of the values of namelist in case of ...) closed by flavoni
10:25 Changeset [2964] by cbricaud
10:18 ticket/0844 edited by olegallou
09:52 ticket/0844 edited by olegallou
09:40 TPXO_7.1_M2_x_elev.gif attached to ticket/0844 by olegallou
09:40 TPXO_7.1_M2_y_elev.gif attached to ticket/0844 by olegallou
09:40 ORCA2_M2_x_elev.gif attached to ticket/0844 by olegallou
09:40 ORCA2_M2_y_elev.gif attached to ticket/0844 by olegallou
09:37 ticket/0844 edited by olegallou
08:01 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by deazer


16:58 ticket/0871/Review edited by rblod
16:58 ticket/0871/Review edited by rblod
16:50 ticket/0871/Review edited by rblod
16:49 ticket/0871/Review created by rblod
16:49 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud
16:25 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud
16:22 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud
14:16 Changeset [2963] by cetlod

dev_r2787_PISCES_improvment:include temporal evolution of ocean volume ( vvl )

12:31 Changeset [2962] by cbricaud
12:08 Changeset [2961] by cbricaud

Update namelist for Tidal potential forcing

12:01 ticket/0845 edited by olegallou
11:56 comparison_bilbao_tide_gauge_orca2.gif attached to ticket/0845 by olegallou
11:55 ticket/0845 edited by olegallou
11:26 Changeset [2960] by cetlod

dev_r2787_PISCES_improvment:minor corrections

11:14 Changeset [2959] by cetlod

dev_r2787_PISCES_improvment:minor corrections

11:00 Changeset [2958] by agn

Edited trcadv.F90 to only add the eiv transport if ln_traldf_grif is false
Removed warning from traldf_iso_grif.F90 and prevent duplicate allocation of ah_slp2 etc
Modified trcldf.F90 to use tra_ldf_iso_grif; removed whitespace

10:47 Changeset [2957] by cetlod

dev_r2787_PISCES_improvment:keep the possiblity to switch between old and new parameterisation of production


18:10 Changeset [2956] by cbricaud

! Add Harmonic diag

18:05 Changeset [2955] by cbricaud

Add documentation for Diagnostic Tidal Harmonic

16:51 ticket/0845 edited by olegallou
15:41 Changeset [2954] by cbricaud
14:58 ticket/0845 edited by olegallou
14:50 ticket/0864 edited by cbricaud
14:38 Changeset [2953] by cbricaud

Add Documentation tidal potential forcing

13:47 Changeset [2952] by cbricaud

Reorganize tidal potential in SBC

13:08 ticket/0864/Review edited by rfurner
13:06 ticket/0864/Review edited by rfurner
12:51 Changeset [2951] by cbricaud


12:44 ticket/0864/Review edited by rfurner
11:27 Ticket #875 (Bug in ORCA1 configuration.) closed by acc
fixed: Fixed in changeset 2950. Will need to ensure this is added to the 2011 …
11:20 Changeset [2950] by acc

Fixed incorrect ORCA1 settings in domzgr. See ticket #875

10:49 Changeset [2949] by cbricaud



19:46 Ticket #875 (Bug in ORCA1 configuration.) created by kmogensen
Hi all. There seems to be a problem with the ORCA1 configuration in the …
18:21 Changeset [2948] by cbricaud

corrections after review

17:36 Changeset [2947] by rfurner

small changes to comments

17:01 Changeset [2946] by cbricaud

improve doc

16:58 Changeset [2945] by djlea

Move OBSTOOLS code to src directory

16:54 Changeset [2944] by kpedwards

fixes to trc.F90 and trcsub.F90

16:49 Changeset [2943] by cbricaud

add comments in job

15:15 ticket/0874_NOC_2011_MERGE created by acc
15:08 Ticket #874 (New branch for the merge of all NOC 2011 developments) created by acc
Created a new branch for the merge of all NOC 2011 developments. Step1. …
14:53 Changeset [2942] by acc

Create branch for the merge of all NOC 2011 developments. See ticket #874. Step 1: copy trunk at lowest revision number used by any of the branches to be merged

14:17 Changeset [2941] by cbricaud

corrections after review

13:59 ticket/0864 edited by cbricaud
13:58 ticket/0864 edited by cbricaud


21:50 ticket/0846 edited by momme
17:19 Changeset [2940] by hliu
10:04 Changeset [2939] by hliu

change the order of multiply viscosity

10:02 Changeset [2938] by hliu

change the order of multiply diffusivity, smagorinsky+bilaplacian not recommended

10:02 Changeset [2937] by hliu

change the order of multiply diffusivity, smagorinsky_ bilaplacian not recommended

09:56 Changeset [2936] by hliu

new variable defined

09:56 Changeset [2935] by hliu

new variable defined

09:55 Changeset [2934] by hliu

new variable defined

09:55 Changeset [2933] by hliu

new variable defined

09:53 Changeset [2932] by hliu
09:52 Changeset [2931] by hliu
09:51 Changeset [2930] by hliu
09:49 Changeset [2929] by hliu
09:46 Changeset [2928] by hliu

Submitted by Maria Luneva. Calculation of Smagronsky diffusivity and viscosity

ldftra_smag.F90 ldfdyn_smag.F90 step_oce.F90 step.F90 ldftra_oce.F90 ldftra.F90 ldfdyn_oce.F90 ldfdyn.F90 ldftra_c3d.h90 dynldf_bilap.F90 dynldf_bilapg.F90 traldf_bilap.F90 traldf_bilapg.F90

Modules added: ldftra_smag.F90 - calculates Smagorinsky diffusivity for laplacian and bilaplacian operators,

called by step.F90

ldfdyn_smag.F90 - calculates Smagorinsky viscosity for laplacian and bilaplacian operators
called by step.F90

(Griffies and Hallberg, 2000)

laplacian case:

aht=(rn_chsmag*delta/pi)2*D (1)
(or rn_cmsmag for viscousity)

where D2=Dt2 + Ds2, Dt is horisontal tension and Ds is the horizontal shearing strain


in bilaplacian case diffusivity(viscousity) bht=aht*delta2/8

Stability criteria is twice stronger then in (Griffies and Hallberg, 2000)in assumption of positiveness of the solution
Aht<delta2/(16 rdt)

rn_aht_0 - background diffusivity (either laplacian or bilaplacian)
rn_ahm_0_lap, rn_ahm_0_blp background viscosity in laplacian and bilaplacian case

Keys added : key_traldf_smag ( should be set with key_traldf_c3d)

key_dynldf_smag ( should be set with key_dynldf_c3d)

Modules changed:

step_oce.F90 : added:
USE ldftra_smag ! smagorinsky diffusivity . (ldf_tra_smag routine)
USE ldfdyn_smag ! smagorinsky viscosity (ldf_dyn_smag routine)

added calculation of smagorinsky diffusivity/viscousity:

#if defined key_traldf_c3d && key_traldf_smag

CALL ldf_tra_smag( kstp ) ! Smagorinsky diffusivity

# endif
#if defined key_dynldf_c3d && key_dynldf_smag

CALL ldf_dyn_smag( kstp ) ! Smagorinsky viscosity

# endif



added : definition of new scalar constants

rn_chsmag = 1._wp !: constant in Smagorinsky diffusivity
nkaht_smag =0 !: switch of diffusivity in bilaplacian Smagorinsky

nkaht_smag =1 in smagorinsky case andchanges the order of multiplication by diffusivity in bilaplacian case (and makes in unconservative!!!) as in usual case nkaht_smag =0 operator absolutely unstable (but conservative)

Bilaplacian Smagorinsky operator is not recommended


added :definition of new constants

rn_cmsmag_1 = 3._wp !: constant in laplacian Smagorinsky viscosity
rn_cmsmag_2 = 3._wp !: constant in bilaplacian Smagorinsky viscosity
nkahm_smag = 0


added : new scalar to namelist namtra_ldf:

NAMELIST/namtra_ldf/ ln_traldf_lap , ln_traldf_bilap, &

& rn_slpmax , rn_chsmag

check and warnings:

#if defined key_traldf_smag && ! defined key_traldf_c3d

CALL ctl_stop( 'key_traldf_smag can only be used with key_traldf_c3d' )



# if defined key_traldf_smag



# endif


added: to NAMELIST/namdyn_ldf/ new variable and assignment to nkahm_smag

NAMELIST/namdyn_ldf/ ln_dynldf_lap , ln_dynldf_bilap, &

& rn_cmsmag_1 ,rn_cmsmag_2

nkahm_smag = 0

#if defined key_dynldf_smag

nkahm_smag = 1



corrected small bug for key_traldf_c3d and not key_traldf_eiv



  • traldf_bilapg.F90

All lines containing nkaht:

zlt(ji,jj) = ((1-nkaht_smag)*fsahtt(ji,jj,jk)+nkaht_smag) * zbtr * ( ztu(ji,jj,jk) - ztu(ji-1,jj,jk) &

pta(ji,jj,jk,jn) = pta(ji,jj,jk,jn) + ztra*(nkaht_smag*fsahtt(ji,jj,jk)+1-nkaht_smag


DYN : modified lines contain nkahm in modules


  • dynldf_bilapg.F90

namelist: added to the corresponding namelists:

rn_chsmag=1 (corresponding to for typical horcon values for POM)

namdyn_ldf: (as recommended by (Griffies and Hallberg, 2000) )

rn_cmsmag_1=3 (laplacian)
rn_cmsmag_2=3 (bilaplacian)

TESTS: GYRE 0.2 and 0.1 km resolution with very low backgrouns viscosity/diffusivity (5/1 m2/s for laplacian and -1-3e7m4/s for bilaplacian


19:01 Changeset [2927] by cbricaud

corrections after review

17:32 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by rfurner
17:18 Changeset [2926] by hliu

Undoing change wrongly committed in r2887. for Maria Luneva

16:27 Changeset [2925] by cetlod

branch CMIP5_IPSL : minor modifications on iodef.xml files

16:13 Changeset [2924] by cetlod

branch CMIP5_IPSL: Update reference configurations so that they can be run on titane (CCRT BULL computer) using libIGCM

16:07 Changeset [2923] by cetlod

branch CMIP5_IPSL: Add IPSLCM5A.2 in fait_config

15:47 Changeset [2922] by cbricaud

correction of diadct documentation

14:42 ticket/0865 edited by deazer
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11:14 Ticket #873 (bug in diaptr) created by xcapet
In dia_ptr.F90 the same memory space is used for advective heat and …
10:56 Changeset [2921] by deazer


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09:15 Changeset [2920] by cbricaud

add tidal potential

08:30 Changeset [2919] by cbricaud

corrections after review

08:12 Changeset [2918] by cbricaud

modifications after review


18:40 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
18:28 Changeset [2917] by mlelod

save memory and cpu in the layer case, see ticket/863?

18:19 Changeset [2916] by cbricaud

modifications after review

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17:25 Changeset [2915] by acc

Branch NOCS_NEPTUNE final style changes and documention. See ticket #843

16:46 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
16:26 Changeset [2914] by kpedwards

Fix typos to variables names.

15:57 Changeset [2913] by cbricaud

add comments

15:40 Changeset [2912] by cbricaud

corrections after review

15:12 Changeset [2911] by cbricaud

replace sens by direction

15:03 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
11:41 Changeset [2910] by kpedwards

Updates from Christian - use kit000 in local TRA code; plus a few style corrections in TRC code.

07:59 Changeset [2909] by cbricaud


07:52 Changeset [2908] by cbricaud

add a s-coordinate case for interp subroutine


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modifications after review

18:59 Changeset [2906] by cbricaud

improve documentation for floats

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14:28 Changeset [2905] by mlelod

first commit, compilation ok, see ticket/863?

10:00 Changeset [2904] by kpedwards

Added code for e3?_temp - needed for averaging.


15:14 Changeset [2903] by cbricaud

improve documentation for diadct

15:13 Changeset [2902] by cbricaud

improve documentation for diadct

10:34 Ticket #872 (sbcblk_clio.F90: bug in dynamic allocation.) created by mathiot
There is a bug about the dynamic allocation in sbcblk_clio.F90 in …
09:12 Changeset [2901] by cbricaud

update POMME namelist

05:36 Changeset [2900] by deazer

Create a specific branch for the AMM Systems Config


17:43 ticket/0864/Review created by rfurner
17:03 ticket/0859/Review edited by acc
16:53 ticket/0859/Review created by acc


18:26 Changeset [2899] by acc

Branch 2011/dev_r2855_NOCS_mppsca. Applied full coding conventions and added manual entry (Chap_MISC.tex). See #679

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17:14 ticket/0871 edited by edblockley
17:02 Changeset [2898] by edblockley

4th commit for rebuild branch; Moving rebuild_nemo code from TOOLS/REBUILD to TOOLS/REBUILD_NEMO (NB. this could be renamed REBUILD at a later date if that directory were to be removed) . see ticket:#871

17:00 Changeset [2897] by edblockley

3rd commit for rebuild branch; Adding arch-xlf_aix.fcm for xlf compiler, arch-xlf_pwr6.fcm for xlf compiler with IBM Power6 extra options as well as arch-ifort_linux_omp.fcm for ifort compiler with omp enabled. see ticket:#871

16:41 Changeset [2896] by edblockley

2nd commit for rebuild branch; Renbaming arch-xlf_aix.fcm as arch-mpxlf_aix.fcm because it actually uses the mpxlf compiler (for MPI). see ticket:#871

16:36 Changeset [2895] by edblockley

1st commit for rebuild branch including the rebuild_nemo.f90 code and accompanying shell script. see ticket:#871

16:33 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by edblockley
16:21 Changeset [2894] by edblockley

Create a branch for the new faster rebuild code

16:02 ticket/0871 created by edblockley
15:19 Changeset [2893] by djlea

Adding obs tools to branch

13:01 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by edblockley
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12:58 Ticket #871 (Add faster rebuild to NEMO/TOOLS respository) created by edblockley
At the Met Office we have created a new executable for rebuilding NEMO …


15:59 Changeset [2892] by kpedwards

Updates for substepping: include nittrc000 in call to advection routines and added physics variables for averaging.

15:07 Changeset [2891] by flavoni

small change in param.cfg, SETTE

14:12 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by rfurner
13:56 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by rfurner
13:03 Changeset [2890] by flavoni

update SETTE

11:46 Changeset [2889] by flavoni

Create a specific branch for the updated SETTE

11:26 Changeset [2888] by davestorkey

Move changes into updated BDY module and restore old OBC code.
(Full merge to take place next year).


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14:00 ticket/0855 created by kpedwards
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11:16 Changeset [2887] by hliu

addition and modification of files for Smagorinsky method. for Maria Luneva

10:05 ticket/0848/Review edited by sga


12:28 Changeset [2886] by cbricaud

add missing operator

09:45 ticket/0848/Review edited by sga
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15:23 ticket/0662 created by charris
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12:17 ticket/0848/Review edited by sga
Review ticket created - not yet completed (diff)
12:12 Changeset [2885] by charris

#662 Changes to complement those in [2884] to allow NEMO-CICE model to compile OK.

12:11 Changeset [2884] by charris

#662 Tidying + changes to make sure NEMO-CICE model will compile OK.

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