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12:53 Changeset [3230] by davestorkey

Undo previous change (committed in error).

12:42 Changeset [3229] by charris

Added timing calls to most significant routines in LDF, SBC and ZDF.

12:39 Changeset [3228] by davestorkey

Update documentation for BDY changes at 3.4.

11:28 Changeset [3227] by davestorkey

Update BDY documentation.


17:03 Changeset [3226] by spickles2

Fix typo in domzgr.F90, dCSE NEMO version.

11:23 Ticket #891 (merge of LOCEAN/CMCC and INGV/MERCATOR 2011 branches) closed by cetlod
11:23 Ticket #887 (merge of LOCEAN and CMCC 2011 branches) closed by cetlod
11:22 Ticket #877 (Branch for all LOCEAN 2011 developments) closed by cetlod
11:21 Ticket #842 (Create a branch for 2011 developments on merge TRA/TRP transport routines) closed by cetlod
11:19 Ticket #200 (dtatem & dtasal : cleaning - move the call from step to tradmp - merge in ...) closed by cetlod


17:06 Changeset [3225] by acc

Branch 2011/dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011. Tidy up NOC arch files and move to NOC subdirectory. Small change to Flist_archfile.sh to make members ARCH subdirectories visible when using makenemo -h

15:17 Ticket #874 (New branch for the merge of all NOC 2011 developments) closed by acc
fixed: Completed. Merged as part of the 2011 general merge. Now part of the …
15:16 Ticket #838 (Create new branch for 2011 developments on Griffies operator (NOCS)) closed by acc
fixed: Completed. Merged as part of the 2011 general merge. Now part of the …
15:14 Ticket #890 (Merging NOC and UKMO 2011 developments) closed by acc
fixed: Completed. Merged into 2011 general merge. Now part of upcoming 3.4 …
14:25 Changeset [3224] by hliu

removed a out-of-date comment in domzgr.F90

14:13 Changeset [3223] by hliu

updated hpg_prj in dynhpg.F90: 1) some optimisation in c-spline subroutine to save some computational amount. 2) added some explanations text in Subroutine hpg_prj(). 3) modifications on the head information about hpg_prj


21:29 Changeset [3222] by rblod

Correct a bug in timing with more than 2 levels of imbrication

15:09 Ticket #899 (trasbc with key_vvl) created by jamesharle
Around ln 160 in trasbc.F90 the surface boundary condition content trend …
12:52 Changeset [3221] by agn


12:34 Changeset [3220] by clevy

add namelist variable nn_timing, see ticket #829

12:07 Ticket #898 (Latent heat flux capping in LIM3) created by vancop
l. 798 (limthd_dif.F90) $Id: limthd_dif.F90 2528 2010-12-27 17:33:53Z …
11:58 Ticket #897 (Bug freshwater flux) created by vancop
$Id: limthd_dh.F90 2528 2010-12-27 17:33:53Z rblod $ limthd_dh.F90, line …
11:32 Changeset [3219] by smasson

bugfix for option -s of makenemo

11:31 Changeset [3218] by agn

agn: changes to documentation in dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011

—Reordered NEMO_book.tex, changed from 11pt→12pt,

only needs pstricks for logos

—more abbreviations in mathabbrev.sty
—Corrected bug in Abstracts_Foreword.tex that put whole

text into small

—Clarified discussion of LDF operator rotation in
Chap_Model_Basics.tex, Chap_LDF.tex, Annex_B.tex
—Discuss surface tapering of Griffies triads, how they

work in s-coordinates, eddy-induced velocities in
Annex_ISO.tex. Extra ref in Biblio.bib
Extra figures Fig_bdry_triads.pdf, Fig_triad_MLB.pdf
Modified namelist section namtra_ldf

—Minor corrections to Chap_DIA.tex, Chap_CFG.tex,

Chap_SBC.tex, Annex_A.tex, Chap_DOM.tex, Chap_ASM.tex

10:07 Changeset [3217] by cbricaud

undo unwanted chnage in step.F90


16:54 Changeset [3216] by cbricaud

add arch file for MERCATOR cluster with ifort

16:44 Changeset [3215] by cbricaud

add missing argument kit000 in tra_ldf_iso_grif dummy routine

14:33 Changeset [3214] by cbricaud

undo last change (keep the second declaration of jpk ) and remove the first one in par_oce.F90

13:43 Changeset [3213] by rblod

Correct maketools according to previous changes

11:53 Changeset [3212] by cbricaud

delete a redundant declaration in par_oce.F90 of jpk , when no ccp key of config (key_gyre…, key_orca) is activated


16:00 Changeset [3211] by spickles2

Stephen Pickles, 11 Dec 2011

Commit to bring the rest of the DCSE NEMO development branch
in line with the latest development version. This includes
array index re-ordering of all OPA_SRC/.


09:05 Changeset [3210] by smasson

dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011: add script to rewrite the dynamical allocation, see ticket #896

09:04 Changeset [3209] by smasson

dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011: syntaxe change to dynamical allocation, see ticket #896

09:03 Ticket #896 (test dynamical allocation performances) created by smasson
Provide a shell script rewrite_nemo.sh to remove the use of all …


17:52 Changeset [3208] by smasson

simplified syntaxe for performance tests

15:33 Changeset [3207] by rblod

Fix on ARCH/subdir

14:03 Changeset [3206] by cetlod

Minor bug correction in p4zflx

13:26 Changeset [3205] by cetlod

Rename config IPSLCM5.2 to IPSLCM5_v4


16:23 Ticket #895 (remove POMME configuration) closed by rblod
16:11 Changeset [3204] by rblod

Remove OMME configuration see ticket #895

16:11 Ticket #895 (remove POMME configuration) created by rblod
Remove POMME configuration since we've got AMM. We keep par_POMME.h90 at …
16:10 Changeset [3203] by cbricaud

correct bug in diadct

16:08 Changeset [3202] by rblod
16:07 Changeset [3201] by rblod

Final (?) commit for ticket #894

16:00 Changeset [3200] by cbricaud

bugs corections for compilation witk key_dimgout

15:57 Changeset [3199] by rblod

move CNRS arch files in ARCH/CNRS, see ticket #894

15:53 Changeset [3198] by rblod

Add new functionalities to makenemo, see ticket #894

15:51 Ticket #894 (improving makenemo) created by rblod
New options in makenemo: - -e option to specify an external …
15:30 Changeset [3197] by mafoipsl

For IPSL CMIP5 NEMO branch, use 5 proc by default. Usefull for titane and vargas, new basic computers.

12:59 Ticket #866 (Create a new branch for Horizontal Pressure Gradient scheme) closed by hliu
fixed: Mainly finished. But will open another ticket to add some on-line …
12:55 Ticket #867 (Create a new branch for Mixed Implicit Explicit bottom friction) closed by hliu
fixed: finished development
12:51 Ticket #868 (Create a new branch for PPM advection) closed by hliu
fixed: This work has been postponed to the next year's work plan.
08:27 Changeset [3196] by cbricaud

correct smal bug in SECTIONS_DIADCT TOOLS


17:40 Changeset [3195] by smasson

syntaxe change to clearly indentify work arrays

17:06 Changeset [3194] by smasson

bugfix in work array size

10:31 2011WP/Validation edited by cbricaud
08:40 2011WP/Validation edited by cbricaud
08:39 2011WP/Validation edited by cbricaud


17:31 Changeset [3193] by charris

Added timing calls in main CICE interface routines and tidied up indentation of lines etc. Also minor change to lib_mpp to allow NEMO-CICE to run without key_nemocice_decomp.

16:28 Ticket #853 (Create a branch for 2011 developments on OFFLINE data read with fldread) closed by cetlod
16:05 IS-ENES/core2_cmip edited by flavoni
14:55 Changeset [3192] by cetlod

Perform the initialisation phase of PISCES at nit000 rather than nittrc000

10:41 Changeset [3191] by davestorkey
  1. Bug fix for BDY and fldread.F90.
  2. Update history comments for BDY.
  3. Remove redundant namelist variables in BDY.
10:37 Changeset [3190] by davestorkey

Remove redundant variables from nambdy namelist.


15:19 2011WP/Validation edited by clevy
14:37 Changeset [3189] by charris

Fix to ensure rnf is initialised even when ln_emp_rnf=T. Also a modification to sbcice_cice.F90 to allow sea surface slopes to be passed to CICE.

14:33 2011WP/Validation edited by charris


18:13 Changeset [3188] by spickles2

Stephen Pickles, 28 Nov 2011, DCSE NEMO branch.
Changed variable name "len" to "lenin" in function
fill_buffer() in EXTERNAL/XMLF90/src/sax/m_reader.f90

The clash with the fortran intrinsic of the same name
confuses the PGI compiler (pgi/11.9.0), which generates
erroneous code when key_iomput is enabled. The symptom
is a segmentation fault at run-time while parsing iodef.xml.

17:44 Changeset [3187] by spickles2

Stephen Pickles, 28 Nov 2011.
First commit of dCSE NEMO project work, part 1 - index re-ordering,
OPA_SRC top level only. Includes fix for sub-optimal auto-partitioning
in nemogcm.F90.


09:16 Changeset [3186] by smasson

dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011: replace the old wrk_nemo with the new wrk_nemo

08:53 Changeset [3185] by smasson

dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011: last changes before removing old wrk_nemo


16:42 Changeset [3184] by cetlod

New dynamic allocation in NST modules

16:31 Changeset [3183] by davestorkey

Update dynamic allocation in OBS and ASM modules.

12:27 Changeset [3182] by davestorkey

Change dynamic allocation and add timing to BDY module.

12:07 Changeset [3181] by cetlod

New dynamical allocation on OPA_SRC/TRD routines

11:48 2011WP/Validation edited by clevy
10:57 2011WP/Validation edited by clevy
10:56 Changeset [3180] by charris

Add array missed in dynamic allocation changes.

10:44 Changeset [3179] by cetlod

suppress useless wrk_alloc in OFF_SRC/nemogcm.F90


17:27 Changeset [3178] by acc

Branch dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011. Fixed minor bug in restart checks in zdfgls.F90 and updated SETTE to work correctly for MPP restartability tests when nproc >1

16:38 Changeset [3177] by cetlod

update PISCES namelist according to changeset:3174

13:01 2011WP/Validation edited by charris
12:55 Changeset [3176] by charris

Removal of references to tn and tb since they no longer exist in NEMO. Also a bit of tidying and some extra consistency checks between NEMO and CICE options.

12:33 2011WP/Validation edited by clevy
12:31 2011WP/Validation edited by clevy
11:44 2011WP/Validation edited by clevy
09:52 2011WP/Validation edited by clevy
09:46 Ticket #893 (Is it possible to run ORCA05 with KPP closure scheme and MPI?) created by jharlass
I want to run ORCA05 (L46) with the KPP closure scheme (instead of TKE), …


23:07 Changeset [3175] by cetlod

Add missing average of rhop when substepping in TOP+some minor corrections

21:48 Changeset [3174] by cetlod

Add mass conservation checking in PISCES

17:06 2011WP/Validation edited by clevy
16:21 2011WP/Validation edited by clevy
16:14 2011WP/Validation edited by clevy
16:10 2011WP edited by clevy
16:09 2011WP/Validation created by clevy
15:57 2011WP edited by clevy


19:45 Changeset [3173] by rblod

continue test on arch files

15:33 Changeset [3172] by cetlod

suppress useless wrk_in_use & wrk_not_released in ZDF/zdftmx.F90

11:56 Changeset [3171] by cbricaud

correction for mono proc compiling

11:49 Changeset [3170] by cetlod

Minor changes to avoid compilation error in domngb module

10:53 Changeset [3169] by cetlod

New memory allocation for some forgotten TOP routines

10:48 Changeset [3168] by cbricaud

add timing, change dynamical allocation and correct small bugs


21:31 Changeset [3167] by cetlod

PISCES variable ln_pisdmp has no more need to be changed for SETTE

21:21 Changeset [3166] by cetlod

Correct the timestep at which passive tracers are initialized with climatological data

19:51 Changeset [3165] by rblod

Test addition of a subdirectory for ARCH on LOCEAN branch

14:41 Changeset [3164] by cetlod

New dynamical allocation in some routines in OPA_SRC/LDF that have been just forgotten

11:59 Changeset [3163] by cetlod

Add the nemo_northcomms routine in Offline

11:34 2012WP edited by clevy


17:38 Changeset [3162] by cetlod

New dynamical allocation & timing in OPA_SRC/DOM and OPA_SRC/SOL routines

16:02 Changeset [3161] by cetlod

New dynamical allocation & timing in OPA_SRC/DYN routines

15:27 Changeset [3160] by cetlod

Add timing in TOP routines

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