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10:39 Ticket #940 (Uninitialized flag for rotation in structure FLD of fld_read) created by vichi
This was very difficult to find and it took me 4 days of parallel …


10:46 Ticket #939 (opa fails to execute in ubuntu architecture) created by MAMM
Hello, I have just installed NEMO in a computer running ubuntu. The …


17:26 ticket/0927_Energy_diag edited by fabien.roquet
16:21 ticket/0927_Energy_diag edited by fabien.roquet
15:44 ticket/0927_Energy_diag edited by fabien.roquet
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17:43 ticket/0927_Energy_diag edited by fabien.roquet
10:02 ticket/0932_Standalone_SBC edited by sga
10:02 Ticket #938 (annoying perl warning when building configurations) created by vichi
For those who continuously get many warnings like this "Use of …


19:04 ticket/0927_Energy_diag edited by fabien.roquet
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14:26 Changeset [3334] by sga
NEMO 2012 development branch dev_r3322_NOCS09_SAS: add some lines from …
11:19 Changeset [3333] by sga
NEMO 2012 development branch dev_r3322_NOCS09_SAS: correct stupidity - …
10:27 Changeset [3332] by sga
NEMO trunk: small correction to prtctl - array bound mismatch


19:26 ticket/0927_Energy_diag edited by fabien.roquet
19:18 ticket/0927_Energy_diag edited by fabien.roquet
18:54 ticket/0927_Energy_diag edited by fabien.roquet
18:09 ticket/0927_Energy_diag edited by fabien.roquet
16:01 ticket/0932_Standalone_SBC edited by sga
15:52 Changeset [3331] by sga
NEMO 2012 development branch dev_r3322_NOCS09_SAS Code changes made for …


13:24 Changeset [3330] by gm
Ediag branche: #927 hups... eosbn2 correction missing…
13:22 Changeset [3329] by gm
Ediag branche: #927 add the missing trdpen initialisation in trdini


16:15 2012WP/2012Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud
15:36 Changeset [3328] by cbricaud
Create a specific branch for improvment on new BDY package ( atmospheric …
15:26 Ticket #937 (Improvement of OBCs) created by cbricaud
Add atmospheric pressure forcing and tide forcing in the new BDY package
10:27 2012WP/2012Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud
09:17 ticket/0932_Standalone_SBC edited by sga
09:15 ticket/0932_Standalone_SBC edited by sga
08:40 2012WP/2012Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud
08:36 ticket/0932_Standalone_SBC edited by sga


21:14 Ticket #936 (bugs & reproducibility in closea) created by beppe
There are 2 bugs in the routine sbc_clo (closea.F90) when the closed seas …
19:02 ticket/0932_Standalone_SBC edited by gm
gm: add the NOCS task 9 description (diff)
17:01 ticket/0927_Energy_diag edited by gm
16:09 Changeset [3327] by gm
Ediag branche: #927 correct a few problems and clean trdtra
10:31 ticket/0932_Standalone_SBC created by sga
10:19 ticket/0927_Energy_diag edited by gm
10:19 Changeset [3326] by gm
Ediag branche: #927 add Potential Energy trend diagnostics (trdpen.F90)
10:16 ticket/0927_Energy_diag edited by gm


15:37 Ticket #935 (uninitialized variable in LIM3 advection) created by rblod
In LIM3, high order moments for open water area (corresponding to ato_i) …
15:32 Ticket #934 (bug in zdfddm) created by rblod
With double diffusion activated (key_zdfddm), avs (fsavs substitute ) is …


17:31 ticket/0927_Energy_diag edited by gm
15:44 Changeset [3325] by gm
Ediag branche: #927 add Kinetic Energy trend diagnostics (trdken.F90)


10:46 2012WP/2012Action_institutions_CMCC edited by vichi


11:24 Ticket #933 (In namelist example of 6.2.1 Vorticity term) created by fabien.roquet
In 6.2.1 Vorticity term (dynvor.F90) ln_dynvor_ene = .true. ! …


10:28 Changeset [3324] by sga
NEMO 2012 branch dev_r3322_NOCS09_SAS: add in new SAS_SRC sub-directory …
10:17 Changeset [3323] by sga
NEMO 2012 branch dev_r3322_NOCS09_SAS: Create new branch for StandAlone?
10:08 Ticket #932 (NOCS.09 - Stand alone surface module) created by sga
Purpose: A standalone surface module is proposed which will allow …


17:44 Changeset [3322] by rfurner
very small and obvious bug fix in dynspg


18:11 Ticket #931 (pH is not well diagnosed in PISCES model) closed by cetlod
18:10 Changeset [3321] by cetlod
trunk:bugfix on pH diagnostic in PISCES, see ticket #931
18:09 Ticket #931 (pH is not well diagnosed in PISCES model) created by cetlod
The pH as it now diagnosed in PISCES is wrong. The diagnostic in the …
17:48 user/rblod/TicketStat edited by rblod
17:47 user/rblod/TicketStat edited by rblod
17:44 user/rblod/TicketStat edited by rblod
17:42 user/rblod/TicketStat edited by rblod
17:38 Ticket #928 (Bugs in TOP mixed layer trend diagnostics) closed by cetlod
17:38 Ticket #930 (Bug in PISCES mixed-layer trends diagnostics) closed by cetlod
17:37 Changeset [3320] by cetlod
trunk:bugfix on trends diagnostics in the mixed-layer, see ticket#928 and …
17:35 Ticket #930 (Bug in PISCES mixed-layer trends diagnostics) created by cetlod
At the end of PISCES time-step, the variable tra does not contain all the …
17:04 Ticket #929 (Minor bugs in TOP) closed by cetlod
17:03 Changeset [3319] by cetlod
trunk:minor bugs corrections, see ticket #929
16:57 Ticket #929 (Minor bugs in TOP) created by cetlod
2 minor bugs have been identified in TOP component : (i) the restart file …


11:03 user/smasson/NEMOConfigurationDataBase edited by mafoipsl
11:01 user/smasson/NEMOConfigurationDataBase edited by mafoipsl
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