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17:35 Changeset [3365] by smasson

small bugfix in IDL_scripts

15:52 Changeset [3364] by sga

NEMO branch dev_r3322_NOCS09_SAS: tinkering to get initialisation to happen in the right order

15:16 ticket/0932_Standalone_SBC edited by gm
13:24 Changeset [3363] by sga

NEMO branch dev_r3322_NOCS09_SAS: bugfixes of the changes to the modifications of the sbcssm imposter

12:35 Changeset [3362] by sga

NEMO branch dev_r3322_NOCS09_SAS: Restructure standalone code to reduce impact on SBC code.

Moral: never talk to Gurvan just as you are finishing a development branch.


17:35 Ticket #958 (strange behaviour or bug in fldread under some circumstances :) created by molines
We found the following bug in running a ORCA2 configuration with 3 hourly …
16:59 Ticket #957 (Bug in obcdta : wrong index in allocation) created by molines
In routine module obcdta.F90, routine obc_dta_alloc, error in the …
14:36 Ticket #956 (problem in NEMO1D if bathy file is read) created by rbourdal
In 1D case, if a bathymetry file is read, the bathymetry of the first and …
14:23 Ticket #955 (avmu & avmv computation problem for the NEMO1D case) created by rbourdal
The computation of avmu and avmv in zdfgls and zdftke is not correct in 1D …


17:45 Ticket #954 (Bug in zdftke, zdfgls when used with zdfevd convection) created by hadcv
Enhanced diffusion coefficients when using the zdfevd module to boost both …
14:29 Changeset [3361] by sga

NEMO branch dev_r3337_NOCS10_ICB: correct some typographical errors

13:43 Changeset [3360] by sga

NEMO branch dev_r3337_NOCS10_ICB: correct names for integer parameters (thanks Andrew!)

12:42 Changeset [3359] by sga

NEMO branch dev_r3337_NOCS10_ICB: make code conform to NEMO coding conventions


09:03 Changeset [3358] by sga

NEMO branch dev_r3322_NOCS09_SAS: remove redundant variables


16:03 Changeset [3357] by charris

#953 Removal of unnecessary array.

15:48 Changeset [3356] by charris

#953 Changes to give salinity dependence for freezing temperature (except in the fully coupled case when the UM still requires that freezing temperature is fixed as -1.8). More details in ticket.

14:17 2012WP/2012Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by charris
14:05 Changeset [3355] by charris

#953 First set of modifications (details in ticket).

13:44 Changeset [3354] by charris

Create a specific branch for UKMO8 2012

13:36 2012WP/2012Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by charris
13:34 Ticket #953 (Enhancements and fixes for running with CICE (UKMO8)) created by charris
This ticket covers code maintenance and any improvements to the NEMO-CICE …
11:13 2012WP/2012Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by charris


17:22 Ticket #952 (vvl and flux formulation) created by rblod
I guess there are some inconsistencies with both vvl activated and flux …
11:26 Changeset [3353] by cetlod

branch CMIP5 : minor corrections in namelist & iodef files for ORCA2_LIM_PISCES configuration


15:50 ticket/0927_Energy_diag edited by fabien.roquet
14:58 Ticket #925 (timing module causes crash at end of run) closed by rblod
fixed: Fix in changeset:3552, including formatting of the output, but I kept …
14:56 Changeset [3352] by rblod

Correct a bug in timing + some cleaning, see ticket #925

14:22 ticket/0942_icebergs edited by sga
14:16 Ticket #949 (memory leak in limthd_dif) closed by rblod
fixed: Fix in changeset:3351
14:16 Changeset [3351] by rblod

Come bacl to automatic arrays in limthd_dif see ticket #949

10:47 Changeset [3350] by sga

NEMO branch dev_r3322_NOCS09_SAS: correct namelist name for SAS configuration

10:32 Ticket #935 (uninitialized variable in LIM3 advection) closed by rblod
10:31 Changeset [3349] by rblod

Fix unitialized variables in LIM3, see ticket #935

10:28 Ticket #934 (bug in zdfddm) closed by rblod
fixed: fix in changeset:3348
10:25 Changeset [3348] by rblod

Fix initialisation of avs for key_zdfddm, see ticket #934


17:27 Changeset [3347] by davestorkey

Bug fix (typo) for bdyice_lim2.F90. Ticket 951.

17:20 Ticket #951 (typo in bdyice_lim2.F90) created by davestorkey
Fix typo in bdyice_lim2.F90. Prevents compilation with key_lim2 and …


20:23 Ticket #950 (test run for ORCA2_LIM_PISCES CONFIGURATION) created by liuzhuo
Dear Sir/Madam?,I am a brand new user about NEMO.We shall use NEMO to do …
14:29 Ticket #949 (memory leak in limthd_dif) created by rblod
With LIM3, we use wrk_alloc in limthd_dif to allocate arrays which …
12:14 Ticket #948 (Uncorrect REBUILD for restart file with only ocean subdomains) created by lovato
The restart file produced by the REBUILD TOOL do not account for the …
10:48 Ticket #947 (Incorrect values in some diaptr output) closed by charris
fixed: Fixed in [3346].
10:47 Changeset [3346] by charris

#947 Fix to indexing bug.

10:46 Ticket #947 (Incorrect values in some diaptr output) created by charris
The current NEMO code gives nonsense values in some of the diatpr output …


17:52 Ticket #943 (output files are not netcdf4 as expected) closed by acc
fixed: Fix now committed to the trunk. Please be aware the default behaviour for …
17:37 Changeset [3345] by acc

trunk bugfix for #943. Reinstating changes to XMLIO_SERVER module (mod_interface_ioipsl.f90) to ensure netcdf4 files are produced when requested. Prior to this fix, v3.4 would produce netCDF-3 mean files regardless of logical flags when key_iomput was used with key_netcdf4


15:40 Ticket #946 (syncing the netcdf file before the end of the model run) created by rkandilarov
Currently the model doesn't sync the written data. In my case I would …
14:00 ticket/0942_icebergs edited by sga
13:57 ticket/0942_icebergs edited by sga
11:41 Ticket #945 (bash completion for makenemo) created by rkandilarov
I want to get familiar with making my own bash complition functions and …
10:59 ticket/0942_icebergs edited by sga
10:54 ticket/0942_icebergs edited by sga
10:52 ticket/0942_icebergs edited by sga
09:23 Changeset [3344] by sga

NEMO branch dev_r3337_NOCS10_ICB: change defaults in icebergs namelists


16:52 Changeset [3343] by cbricaud

create a branch for 2012 development MERCATOR 7

16:51 Ticket #944 (2012 Mercator 7 Devpt: SST niqght equivalent model) created by cbricaud
15:41 Changeset [3342] by sga

NEMO branch dev_r3337_NOCS10_ICB: add documentation for iceberg code

15:24 Ticket #943 (output files are not netcdf4 as expected) created by rkandilarov
Hello guys! I'm using Revision: 3321 (nemo_v3_4) and it seems that: * …
13:26 Changeset [3341] by sga

NEMO branch dev_r3337_NOCS10_ICB: add iceberg namelist to various namelist files

13:05 Changeset [3340] by sga

NEMO branch dev_r3337_NOCS10_ICB: add changes to ocean code to allow interface to iceberg code

12:38 Changeset [3339] by sga

NEMO branch dev_r3337_NOCS10_ICB: add new iceberg sub-directory ICB

12:14 ticket/0942_icebergs created by sga
10:15 Changeset [3338] by sga

NEMO 2012 development branch dev_r3337_NOCS10_ICB: iceberg drift code (see ticket #942)

10:10 Ticket #942 (Introduce iceberg drift code) created by sga
NOCS-10 2012 development branch for adding iceberg calving and drift to …


13:04 ticket/0932_Standalone_SBC edited by sga
12:21 Changeset [3337] by clevy

Add README and init file for DOC_SCRIPTS

11:52 ticket/0932_Standalone_SBC edited by sga
11:46 ticket/0932_Standalone_SBC edited by sga
11:42 sas_year_diff.png attached to ticket/0932_Standalone_SBC by sga
11:41 sas_mean_diff.png attached to ticket/0932_Standalone_SBC by sga
11:37 ticket/0932_Standalone_SBC edited by sga
11:34 Ticket #941 (bugfixes in SETTE validation tool) closed by clevy
11:29 Changeset [3336] by clevy

SETTE bugfixes see ticket #941

11:22 Ticket #941 (bugfixes in SETTE validation tool) created by clevy
Correct some bugs in the calling sequences of SETTE shell scripts.
09:33 Changeset [3335] by sga

Branch dev_r3322_NOCS09_SAS: remove interior ocean allocation

add allocation of surface fields used by LIM codes.


10:39 Ticket #940 (Uninitialized flag for rotation in structure FLD of fld_read) created by vichi
This was very difficult to find and it took me 4 days of parallel …


10:46 Ticket #939 (opa fails to execute in ubuntu architecture) created by MAMM
Hello, I have just installed NEMO in a computer running ubuntu. The …
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