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18:09 ticket/0993/Review created by rfurner
18:07 ticket/0993 created by rfurner
17:56 Changeset [3501] by rfurner

changes to ordering of calculations

15:00 Changeset [3500] by rfurner

create a branch for updates to flow through sections code

14:52 Ticket #993 (Update to flow through transects code, for tidal models) created by rfurner
Currently the code used to calculate flow through transects sums all …
03:15 Changeset [3499] by rblod

branch dev_r3406_LOCEAN4_XIOS_r35474 : complete previous modification

02:12 Changeset [3498] by rblod

branch dev_r3406_LOCEAN4_XIOS_r35474: suppress XIOS from EXTERNAL to use it as an external library


18:14 Changeset [3497] by hliu

Upload code files for Smagorinsky viscosity/diffusivity work, documentation to be converted to latex format and uploaded soon. See the ticket (coming in minutes)

16:51 2012WP/2012Action_institutions_INGV edited by poddo
14:08 2012WP/2012Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud


10:39 Changeset [3496] by cetlod

branch:2012/dev_r3438_LOCEAN15_PISLOB: minor changes in PISCES log files, see ticket #972


16:17 Changeset [3495] by cetlod

branch:2012/dev_r3438_LOCEAN15_PISLOB, missing to divide dust P-deposition by po4r to convert in model units see ticket #972

11:39 Changeset [3494] by cetlod

branch:2012/dev_r3438_LOCEAN15_PISLOB minor bugs correction, see ticket #972


17:03 Changeset [3493] by cbricaud

modiff for SETTE

16:31 Changeset [3492] by cbricaud

add modifications in SETTE

16:28 Changeset [3491] by cbricaud

add Jerome Chanut 's modications for BDY, Mercator_1 2012 task

16:27 Changeset [3490] by cbricaud

add Jerome Chanut 's modications for BDY, Mercator_1 2012 task


17:10 Changeset [3489] by acc

Branch: dev_r3385_NOCS04_HAMF; #665. Stage 4 of 2012 development: Tidying of diagnostic output and bug correction in limsbc_2.F90


18:31 Changeset [3488] by acc

Branch: dev_r3385_NOCS04_HAMF; #665. Stage 3 of 2012 development: Rationalisation of code. Added LIM3 changes, corrected coupled changes and highlighted areas of concern in CICE interface


18:48 Changeset [3487] by hliu

Log Layer bottom friction option is added. The two relevant parameters to activate this option has been added in the AMM12 namelist file

12:42 Ticket #992 (Create a branch for vPPM scheme) created by hliu
Create a branch for the development of verical PPM advection scheme with …
12:39 Ticket #991 (Create a branch for Marsaleix's hpg method) created by hliu
Create a branch for the implementation of Marsaleix's Horizontal Pressure …
12:35 Ticket #990 (Create a branch for Log Layer bottom friction) created by hliu
Create a branch for the implementation of the Log Layer? bottom friction …
12:34 Ticket #989 (Create a branch for Smagorinsky model) created by hliu
Create a branch for the implementation of Smagorinsky turbulence model …
12:29 Ticket #988 (Create a branch for Wetting/Drying (2012)) created by hliu
Create a branch for Wetting/Drying? development based on r3452
11:55 Changeset [3486] by hliu

Create a branch for Horizontal Pressure Gradient of Marsaleix

11:54 Changeset [3485] by hliu

Create a branch for vertical PPM advection scheme_

11:53 Changeset [3484] by hliu

Create a branch for Wetting and Drying_

11:51 Changeset [3483] by hliu

Create a branch for Smagorinsky Viscosity work

11:46 Changeset [3482] by hliu

Create a branch for log layer bottom friction work

08:40 ticket/0937 created by cbricaud


14:38 Changeset [3481] by cetlod

NEMOGCM_dev_r3438_LOCEAN15_PISLOB: output a text file for carbon budget

11:28 Changeset [3480] by charris

#953 Removing salinity dependence of freezing point for the moment (will be implemented more completely in NEMO3.6).
Reversed r3356 of /branches/2012/dev_3352_UKMO8_CICE/NEMOGCM


11:03 Changeset [3479] by rblod

branch dev_r3387_LOCEAN : add forgotten routine …


16:51 Changeset [3478] by vichi

Updated namelist for GYRE_BFM

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17:09 Changeset [3477] by charris

#953 Documentation update for CICE interface.

17:06 Changeset [3476] by charris

#953 Changes to ensure CICE interface will work in regional as well as global configurations.

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