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13:59 Changeset [3744] by vichi

Update of the GYRE_BFM configuration

The BFM namelists have been removed because they are part of
the BFM tree and can be taken from there.
An updated version of the README has been incuded.

13:58 Changeset [3743] by vichi

Removed the key_pisces macro for light absorption with bio model

The key was preventing the light coupling between physics and any other bio model.
Now when key_top is activated, the control is passed to the namelist
parameter ln_qsr_bio.


17:22 Ticket #1041 (Corrected diagnostic for the ice shear rate) created by bouillon
The ice shear rate invariant computed in limrhg.F90 is not correct. It is …
14:58 Changeset [3742] by smasson

dev_MERGE_2012: remove old part of makenemo related to the compilation of the old ioserver

14:57 Changeset [3741] by smasson

dev_MERGE_2012: update comments in arch-macport_osx.fcm

13:35 Changeset [3740] by charris

Minor correction to error message.


11:43 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod
11:43 ticket/0863 edited by mlelod


08:49 Report-3rd-NEMO-ASSIM-meeting.pdf attached to Working Groups/Data Assimilation by blayo
Report on the 3rd NEMO-Assim meeting - November 2012


13:24 Ticket #1040 (NaNs originating in sbcdcy (diurnal cycle) at some points in space and ...) closed by acc
fixed: In trying to ascertain why this hasn't been a problem before I can only …
13:11 Changeset [3739] by acc

ticket #1040. Fix to sbcdcy.F90 to avoid possible infinite scaling factor associated with very short daylight periods. Also upgraded all real constants to full precision.

12:55 Ticket #871 (Add faster rebuild to NEMO/TOOLS respository) closed by edblockley


17:28 Ticket #1040 (NaNs originating in sbcdcy (diurnal cycle) at some points in space and ...) created by acc
Affects runs with ln_dm2dc = .true. It seems the algorithm in sbcdcy …
09:53 Ticket #1039 (double allocation of array in dynvor (vor_een)) created by flavoni
In dyn_vor routine, in subroutine vor_een, there is a double allocation of …


13:28 Changeset [3738] by cetlod

dev_r3411_CNRS4_IOCRS : some corrections


20:55 Changeset [3737] by smasson

dev_MERGE_2012: update iom for vertical zooms with xios

16:40 Changeset [3736] by acc

Branch dev_MERGE_2012. Update arch files for NOC/ALTIX system

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