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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
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14:38 Ticket #1140 (MFS bulk formulae) created by poddo
We noticed after several tests that air parameters extrapolation between 2 …
12:11 Ticket #1139 (fr1_i0 and fr2_i0 not always properly allocated) created by nemo_user
File/routine : sbccpl.F90/sbc_cpl_init NEMO crashes when …
11:09 Changeset [3992] by davestorkey
This branch now obsolete. Replaced by …
11:04 Changeset [3991] by davestorkey
New branch from later branch point on trunk so you can do a clean diff of …
10:55 Changeset [3990] by davestorkey
ticket #1090: Completion of OBC BDY merge (MetOffice?-1, MetOffice?-2 and …


11:48 Changeset [3989] by clevy
Configuration setting/Step3 and doc, see ticket:#1074
07:36 Ticket #1080 (minor bug in diadct.F90 : ice_3 module does not exist) closed by cbricaud
fixed: add the good "USE" for LIM3 and phasing compute of transport for lim3. …
07:36 Changeset [3988] by cbricaud
bugfix diadct for ice transport ( LIM3 case ) ; see ticket 1080
07:35 Changeset [3987] by cbricaud
bugfix diadct for ice transport ( LIM3 case ) ; see ticket 1080


16:26 Ticket #1138 (Land suppression code doesn't work with CICE) closed by charris
fixed: Now included in
16:25 Changeset [3986] by charris
#1138 Changes for land suppression when running with CICE.
16:24 Ticket #1138 (Land suppression code doesn't work with CICE) created by charris
The changes in mppini to ensure NEMO and CICE decompositions are identical …
14:27 Ticket #1137 (Pb sbc_cpl_ice_tau wind stress on ice in "mixed oce-ice" coupling case) created by aclsce
It seems the bug fix #1110 introduces a problem in the use of …
12:15 Ticket #1136 (Limited use of nn_fsbc (and nn_dttrc) due to set_xmlatt bug) created by hadcv
The automatic freq_op definition using nn_fsbc in set_xmlatt (iom.F90) as …
01:22 Changeset [3985] by smasson
trunk: bugfix to force the model to stop correctly with XIOS, part 1, see …
01:21 Ticket #1135 (force the model to stop correctly) created by smasson
when using XIOS, if the model stops because of an identified error, XIOS …


23:40 Ticket #1134 (Large drift & Non-conservation of tracers) created by mouchet
Tests of tracer conservation in NEMO (V3.4 Off line mode, MY_TRC ) failed. …
18:50 Changeset [3984] by smasson
trunk: add missing update of iodef.xml files, see #1122


18:22 Changeset [3983] by acc
Update xml files with missing iceberg (ICB) variables and add new axis …


12:44 Changeset [3982] by clem
bug correction for penetrative solar flux


14:36 Changeset [3981] by clem
bug correction


18:58 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2013-06-18 edited by clevy
16:46 Changeset [3980] by clem
bug correction on solar flux penetration
16:45 Changeset [3979] by clem
bug correction on solar flux penetration
15:56 Changeset [3978] by clem
change min thickness by min volume to set up u_ice=u_oce
14:04 Changeset [3977] by flavoni
add print of fwb correction value, and hminrhg for LIM2, in CNRS LIM3 …
11:28 Changeset [3976] by acc
Refinement of XIOS documentation (#1122). More still to come soonso pdf …
09:29 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2013-06-18 edited by vancop


19:52 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2013-06-18 edited by clevy
11:53 Ticket #1133 (Compatibility between bdy and Agrif) created by jchanut
There are several issues to be fixed to use Agrif with key_bdy (a likely …


08:22 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2013-06-18 edited by clevy


13:48 Changeset [3975] by cetlod
trunk:update part of PISCES variables in field_def.xml, see ticket #1132


19:09 Ticket #1132 (missing variable definition) created by smasson
Since I updated (see r3974), I could check if all variables …
18:56 Changeset [3974] by smasson
trunk: update so it is working again... see ./ …
13:54 Changeset [3973] by clevy
Configuration setting/Step3, see ticket:#1074
11:44 Ticket #1131 (PISCES : minor bug in iron budget calculation) closed by cetlod
11:44 Changeset [3972] by cetlod
trunk: bugfix on iron budget calculation in PISCES, see ticket #1131
11:42 Ticket #1131 (PISCES : minor bug in iron budget calculation) created by cetlod
In the ferbudget, trn(:,:,:,jpzoo) should also be * ferat3 (like jpmes). …
11:32 Ticket #1096 (Missing subroutines for C1D case in lbclnk) closed by rbourdal
11:31 Changeset [3971] by cbricaud
Correction for 1D configuration ; see ticket #1096


15:59 Changeset [3970] by cbricaud
Time splitting update, see ticket #1079
10:56 Ticket #1130 (bug in PISCES - new iron chemistry) closed by cetlod
10:56 Changeset [3969] by cetlod
trunk : bugfix in PISCES, see ticket #1130
10:49 Ticket #1130 (bug in PISCES - new iron chemistry) created by cetlod
In p4zfechem there is a bug in the calculation of the oxydation rate zkox …
09:04 WorkingGroups/TAM/CompilationFCM edited by bouttier


16:38 Changeset [3968] by cbricaud
use after vertical scale factors in vvl case, see ticket #1059
14:46 Ticket #1129 (Agrif and s-coordinates) closed by jchanut
14:43 Changeset [3967] by cbricaud
Vertical scale factors with sco and AGRIF, see ticket #1129
14:37 Ticket #1129 (Agrif and s-coordinates) created by jchanut
There is a problem with AGRIF and s-coordinates caused by the arbitrary …


19:01 Changeset [3966] by smasson
trunk: update ORCA2_LIM xml demo file, see #1122
17:43 Changeset [3965] by flavoni
change arch file for ADA for LIM3 branch, see ticket 1116
17:42 Changeset [3964] by flavoni
correction of fresh water budget for LIM3, see ticket 1116
17:41 Changeset [3963] by clem
bugs correction + creation of glob_max and glob_min in lib_fortran.F90, …
14:22 Changeset [3962] by gm
dev_r3406_CNRS_LIM3: fix a bug in the freshwater budget correction, see …


21:54 Changeset [3961] by smasson
trunk: correct CURIE arch file
21:37 Changeset [3960] by smasson
trunk: update arch files
18:46 Changeset [3959] by agn
Gurvan's FK + separate rn_rho_c_mle
18:43 Ticket #1055 (dom_vvl_2 with vvl and s-coordinates) closed by jchanut
12:01 Changeset [3958] by cbricaud
Bug with vvl and sco, see ticket #1055
10:28 Ticket #1128 (Agrif sponge) created by jchanut
I guess that the definition of sponge coefficients does not account for …


12:29 WorkingGroups/AGRIF edited by treguier
12:28 WorkingGroups/AGRIF edited by treguier
12:20 WorkingGroups/AGRIF edited by treguier
12:19 WorkingGroups/AGRIF edited by treguier
10:54 WorkingGroups edited by clevy
10:53 WorkingGroups/AGRIF edited by clevy
10:50 WorkingGroups/AGRIF created by clevy


19:10 Ticket #1127 (INGV-2 Action in the 2013 WP) created by poddo
INGV-2 Action in the 2013 WP. Perform basic tests. The first test …
19:07 Ticket #1126 (Perform basic coherency/consistency tests) closed by poddo
18:59 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2013-06-18 edited by clevy
18:46 Ticket #1126 (Perform basic coherency/consistency tests) created by poddo
NGV-2 Action in the 2013 WP. Perform basic tests. The first test …
18:28 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2013-06-18 edited by clevy
18:26 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2013-06-18 edited by clevy
18:22 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2013-06-18 edited by clevy
16:30 Changeset [3957] by acc
Branch 2013/dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC, #863. Fixes to tidal potential forcing …
16:05 2013WP/EnlargedDevComJune2013/2013SmallGroup edited by clevy
16:02 2013WP/EnlargedDevComJune2013/2013SmallGroup edited by clevy
16:01 2013WP/EnlargedDevComJune2013/2013SmallGroup edited by clevy
15:59 2013WP/EnlargedDevComJune2013/2013SmallGroup edited by clevy
15:39 2013WP/EnlargedDevComJune2013/2013SmallGroup edited by clevy


17:26 Changeset [3956] by agn
Create new branch for Fox-Kemper
15:42 Changeset [3955] by acc
Branch 2013/dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC, #863. Minor fix to sbctide.F90 to enable …


17:44 ticket/0927_Energy_diag_v3.5 edited by fabien.roquet
16:20 Changeset [3954] by clevy
Configuration setting/Step2, additions, see ticket:#1074
13:41 Changeset [3953] by gm
dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC, #863 : activate tide potential in filtered ssh case + …
11:36 NEMO_OnTheFlyConclusions_june2013.pdf attached to DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2013-06-18 by clevy
Conclusions "on the fly"
11:35 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2013-06-18 edited by clevy


19:40 2013WP/EnlargedDevComJune2013/2013SmallGroup edited by clevy
19:18 2013WP/EnlargedDevComJune2013/2013SmallGroup edited by clevy
18:20 ticket/0927_Energy_diag_v3.5 edited by fabien.roquet
15:20 Changeset [3952] by flavoni
ok for LIM2, still reproducibility error on LIM3 case


17:43 Changeset [3951] by acc
Branch 2013/dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC, #863. Minor fix to dynspg_ts.F90 and …
15:30 Changeset [3950] by epico
Create new Branch to introduce the north fold optimization
14:24 2013WP/EnlargedDevComJune2013/2013SmallGroup created by clevy
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