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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
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16:15 Changeset [4032] by epico
The hybrid parallel version OpenMP+MPI has been introduced for the GYRE …


18:21 Changeset [4031] by djlea
Updates to fix a reading bug and removal of debug print statements from …
16:40 Changeset [4030] by djlea
Initial version of the offline observation operator and the required …


10:01 Changeset [4029] by cetlod
Branch 2013/dev_r3940_CNRS4_IOCRS : minor improvments
09:57 Ticket #1153 (bad initialisation of sea surface mean fields when restarting) closed by cetlod
09:54 Changeset [4028] by cetlod
trunk:correction of uninitialised sea surface mean fields, see ticket …
09:48 Ticket #1153 (bad initialisation of sea surface mean fields when restarting) created by cetlod
the call of sbc_ssm_init is missing in sbcmod.F90. This subroutine reads …


13:19 Changeset [4027] by epico
bug fix to support also decompositions without land-only processes


15:24 Changeset [4026] by vichi
Correct bug in deallocation of data structure
11:08 Changeset [4025] by clevy
Configuration setting/correct errors, see ticket:#1074


15:58 Changeset [4024] by cbricaud
correction for branch dev_r3856_MERCATOR3_QSRMEAN24H
10:13 Ticket #1152 (2013 MERCATOR5 PAPA1D dvpt branch) created by cbricaud
new dvpt branch for PAPA1D configuration svn copy …
10:11 Changeset [4023] by cbricaud
create dvpt branch for MERCATOR5 PAPA1D


21:29 Ticket #1151 (Development Branch for CMCC: Hybrid parallel version based on MPI-OpenMP) created by epico
This long term development branch introduces a hybrid parallel approach …
19:51 Changeset [4022] by epico
Hybrid MPI-OpenMP version
15:40 Changeset [4021] by epico
performance optimization in the north fold routines. See Ticket #1150 for …
15:36 Ticket #1150 (2013 Development Branch for CMCC: North Fold Optimization) created by epico
Some performance optimizations have been introduced in the north fold …
14:12 Changeset [4020] by clevy
Configuration setting/correct my error, see ticket:#1074
11:07 Changeset [4019] by vichi
Add configuration for CMCC Athena XIOS


15:46 Ticket #1121 (OBC in parallel) closed by epico
fixed: The bug concerns the communication pattern among the processes on the …
15:43 Changeset [4018] by clevy
Configuration setting, bugfixes for AGRIF, see ticket:#1074
15:15 Changeset [4017] by epico
Bug fixed in mppobc routine. see Ticket #1121
12:14 Changeset [4016] by cetlod
2013/dev_r3940_CNRS4_IOCRS: update namelits
12:13 Changeset [4015] by cetlod
2013/dev_r3940_CNRS4_IOCRS: 1st step, add new routines for outputs …
11:38 Changeset [4014] by cetlod
New branch for on-line coarsening of output, see ticket #1149
11:33 Ticket #1149 (New branch for CNRS development on 2013 : On-line coarsening of ocean ...) created by cetlod
* Branch started from v34 ( trunk rev 3411) : see branch …


17:18 2013WP/2013Action_institutions_MetOffice edited by djlea
16:21 Changeset [4013] by acc
Minor corrections to XML tag details in Chap_DIA.tex
16:05 ticket/1148 created by djlea
15:52 2013WP/2013Action_institutions_MetOffice edited by djlea
15:50 Changeset [4012] by djlea
New branch for OBS developments including the offline observation operator


16:32 2013WP/2013Action_institutions_MetOffice edited by djlea
16:29 Ticket #1148 (UKMO developments of OBS and ASM) created by djlea
This branch to contain UKMO OBS and ASM developments 1) Offline …


18:48 Changeset [4011] by vichi
Make a generic interface for trcdta when using other BGCM This change …
16:12 2013WP/2013Action_institutions_CMCC edited by vichi
11:24 Ticket #1059 (Wrong scale factors with key_vvl in dynspg_flt.F90 and bdydyn.F90) closed by jchanut
fixed: Changes done in dynspg_flt.F90 and bdydyn.F90. The need for changing …
11:12 Changeset [4010] by cbricaud
Fix minor bug with key_vvl. See ticket #1059


14:53 2013WP/2013Action_institutions_MetOffice edited by rfurner


16:20 Ticket #1128 (Agrif sponge) closed by jchanut
16:18 Changeset [4009] by cbricaud
Correct Agrif sponge coefficients near bdy corners
10:33 Changeset [4008] by davestorkey
Uncomment important lines in bdylib.F90!
10:10 Changeset [4007] by davestorkey
1. Bug fixes for flagu/flagv calculation in bdyini.F90. 2. Introduce …
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