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14:09 Changeset [4624] by acc
#1305. Fix slow start-up problems on some systems by introducing and using …
11:50 WorkingGroups/Simplification-Robustness edited by gm
11:41 2014WP/2014_SystemSimplification_hard_coding created by gm
11:29 WorkingGroups/Simplification-Robustness edited by gm


15:16 Ticket #1307 (Slow start-ups with v3.6 on some systems) created by acc
I've been experiencing very slow start-ups on a new cluster with a lustre …
10:55 2014WP/Met_Office edited by timgraham
10:54 ticket/1306 created by timgraham
10:36 ticket/1296 edited by timgraham
10:24 Ticket #1306 (UKMO 2014 workplan task 12 - CFL diagnostics) created by timgraham
Add a module to calculate and output the maximum CFL number during a model …


12:55 WorkingGroups/Simplification-Robustness edited by timgraham


17:25 Ticket #1305 (Wrong maximum level for light penetration in some mpp cases) closed by acc
fixed: Change submitted at Revision: 4623
17:21 Changeset [4623] by acc
#1305. Fix trc_oce_ext_lev function in trc_oce.F90 so that the correct …
17:14 Ticket #1305 (Wrong maximum level for light penetration in some mpp cases) created by acc
The trc_oce_ext_lev function (trc_oce.F90) often computes the wrong …
12:08 WorkingGroups/Simplification-Robustness edited by gm


16:24 WorkingGroups/Simplification-Robustness edited by gm
14:38 2014WP/2014_SystemSimplification_v2 edited by gm
03:02 Ticket #1304 ([TOP/PISCES] p4zbio.F90: tra correction for negative tracers concentration) created by oriche
Hello, While looking through this part of the code with some colleagues …


09:11 Ticket #1268 (Missing zprec initialisation in day_adj routine) closed by pabouttier
09:09 Ticket #1283 (Useless pgtu and pgtv args in zps_hde_adj definition) closed by pabouttier
00:24 Ticket #1303 (Sea ice (melting/freezing) water flux for biogeochemical tracers in ...) created by vichi
There is a hidden change in the treatment of sea ice melting/freezing for …


22:57 Ticket #1178 (Merged CMCC-INGV 2013 branches) closed by vichi
15:32 Ticket #1076 (MERCATOR.3 — Solar flux filtering at daily frequency to force ...) closed by cbricaud
15:31 Ticket #1179 (Mercator merge 2013) closed by cbricaud
15:29 Ticket #1183 (merge 2013 NOCS UKMO MERCATOR) closed by cbricaud
15:29 Ticket #1171 (2013 MERCATOR5_PAPA1D) closed by cbricaud
15:27 Ticket #1152 (2013 MERCATOR5 PAPA1D dvpt branch) closed by cbricaud
10:25 Ticket #1302 (Missing error message in XMLIO) created by timgraham
There is a missing error message in …


14:13 Ticket #1301 (underflow in tra_qsr_init) created by cbricaud
2 lines give underflow ( due to EXP ): zc0 = zz0 * EXP( -fsdepw(ji,jj,jk …
10:58 ticket/1299 created by jamesharle
10:48 Changeset [4622] by jamesharle
ticket #1299: creation of 2014 development branch for WP item NOC-4; BDY …
09:52 Ticket #1300 (LIM3 compilation fails with key_coupled) created by ufla
LIM_SRC_3/limistate.F90 references a non-existing array (albege) in line …
09:42 Ticket #1299 (2014 development branch for NOC-4: BDY vertical interpolation on-the-fly) created by jamesharle
Implement an on-line vertical interpolation of BDY inputs to allow easy …


11:12 Ticket #1298 (division by zero when lk_mpp activated in sbcice_lim_2.F90) closed by cbricaud
fixed: remark: it is detected only if debug option suc as -g -C -qsigtrap …
11:11 Changeset [4621] by cbricaud
fix ticket 1298
11:07 Ticket #1298 (division by zero when lk_mpp activated in sbcice_lim_2.F90) created by cbricaud
ninfo is not initialized and is read in lim_dia_init_2 only if lk_mpp=F …


14:53 Ticket #1297 (Minor bug in ORCA2_LIM with Agrif) created by MAMM
Hello, In case it is of interest. I was having problems running ORCA2_LIM …


14:19 2014WP/Met_Office edited by rfurner


12:56 2014WP/Met_Office edited by timgraham
12:25 ticket/1296 created by timgraham
11:34 Ticket #1296 (UKMO 2014 workplan task 3 (masked damping)) created by timgraham
Module will be developed to damp Temperature & Salinity in any region …


17:02 ticket/1294_CNRS1_10_TEOS10_Ediag edited by gm
17:02 ticket/1294_CNRS1_10_TEOS10_Ediag created by gm
16:57 ticket/1260_CNRS0_NOC1_LDF edited by gm
16:54 Changeset [4620] by gm
#1260 : LDF improvements, correct a bug in ldfdyn.F90
16:37 ticket/1260_CNRS0_NOC1_LDF edited by gm
11:23 Changeset [4619] by gm
#1294 : TEOS-10 and Ediag


21:12 Ticket #1295 (rdtmax mis-assigned in domain.F90) created by nswart
On line 235 to 236 of /NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/DOM/domain.F90, rdtmin and …
16:05 ticket/1260_CNRS0_NOC1_LDF edited by gm
16:03 Changeset [4618] by gm
#1260 : LDF improvements, correct a bug in trcldf.F90
14:25 WorkingGroups/LIM/Meetings/2014_04_03 created by vancop
14:17 WorkingGroups/LIM/Meetings edited by vancop
12:10 ticket/1260_CNRS0_NOC1_LDF edited by gm


17:48 ticket/1260_CNRS0_NOC1_LDF edited by gm
17:47 Changeset [4617] by gm
#1260 : TOP fixes, see the associated wiki page for explanation
17:28 Changeset [4616] by gm
#1260 : see the associated wiki page for explanation
16:20 Developers/SVN_QuickReference edited by gm


11:47 Ticket #1187 (Final branch of the merge) closed by gm
11:43 Ticket #1025 (New branch for LOCEAN_UKMO & INGV_CMCC 2012) closed by gm
11:43 Ticket #1028 (Create the final branch for nemo 3.5) closed by gm
11:42 Ticket #927 (LOCEAN-12 : Energy diagnostics) closed by gm
fixed: The energy diagnostics will be included in 2014 together with the change …
11:41 Ticket #356 (eosbn2: should we update the equation of state ?) closed by gm
fixed: Introduction of TEOS10 is CNRS-1 item of 2014 workplan (see #1294).
10:53 Ticket #1294 (dev CNRS-1 & CNRS-10 --- TEOS10 and Energy diag.) created by gm
Development branch related to CNRS-10 and NOC-10 action of 2014 work plan: …
10:51 Changeset [4615] by gm
Create a specific branch for TEOS10 and Energetic diagnostics
09:04 Ticket #1252 (addition of rivers in the data reading for OFF_SRC) reopened by vichi
There are more changes needed to implement this feature. […]


14:43 Ticket #1293 (compilation problem with LIM3 and key_vvl activated) closed by cetlod
14:42 Changeset [4614] by cetlod
bugfix : allow compilation when using LIM3+vvl activated, see ticket #1293
14:39 Ticket #1293 (compilation problem with LIM3 and key_vvl activated) created by cetlod
Compilation fails when using LIM3 + key_vvl : the substitution routine …
14:19 Ticket #1292 (bug in the INTERP function of diadct.F90) closed by cbricaud
fixed: fixed at rev4612 for dev_v3_4_STABLE_2012 ( …
14:17 Changeset [4613] by cbricaud
fixe bug in diadct, ticket 1292
14:17 Changeset [4612] by cbricaud
fixe bug in diadct, ticket 1292
14:16 Ticket #1292 (bug in the INTERP function of diadct.F90) created by cbricaud
reported by SEVAULT FLORENCE: I think there is a bug in the INTERP …


14:11 WorkingGroups/AGRIF edited by topex


17:13 Ticket #1291 (Incompatibility of TOP substepping with v3.6) closed by cetlod
17:13 Changeset [4611] by cetlod
bugfix : clean the routine trcsub.F90 and remove obsolescence, see ticket …
17:11 Ticket #1291 (Incompatibility of TOP substepping with v3.6) created by cetlod
The substepping routine TOP_SRC/trcsub.F90 must be entirely rewritten. …
15:20 Ticket #1290 (bug in TOP advection routine) closed by cetlod
15:19 Changeset [4610] by cetlod
bugfix : Add the MLE and ztilde parameterisation for passive tracers …
15:17 Ticket #1290 (bug in TOP advection routine) created by cetlod
The passive tracers advection is not possible with the Mixed-Layer Eddy …
15:06 Ticket #1289 (bug in PISCES P2Z version) closed by cetlod
15:06 Changeset [4609] by cetlod
bugfix on PISCES/P2Z, see ticket #1298
15:04 Ticket #1289 (bug in PISCES P2Z version) created by cetlod
- p2zsed : additionnal diagnostics for biology must be output only in case …
14:39 Changeset [4608] by davestorkey
Bug fixes for BDY with LIM, see ticket #1288.
12:04 Ticket #1239 (unallocated arrays in daily mean to diurnal cycle code with passive ...) closed by cbricaud
fixed: bug fixed at rev 4607 …
12:03 Changeset [4607] by cbricaud
solve ticket 1239
11:54 Ticket #1288 (nn_ice_lim declared string but compared as integer) created by anders
nn_ice_lim is declared in OPA_SRC/BDY/bdy_oce.F90 as an array of strings …
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