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23:10 Changeset [4635] by clem
22:46 Changeset [4634] by clem

major changes in heat budget

20:03 Changeset [4633] by cetlod

3.4 stable : update scripts for running NEMO using libIGCM (IPSL) library

15:48 Changeset [4632] by flavoni

remove useless executable from COMODO configurations

15:45 Changeset [4631] by flavoni

add Upwelling CONFIGURATION, for COMODO test cases

14:38 Changeset [4630] by flavoni

Create a specific branch for COMODO test case: Upwelling

14:38 Changeset [4629] by flavoni
14:35 Changeset [4628] by flavoni

Create a specific branch for COMODO test case: Upwelling

12:27 2014WP/2014Action_institutions_CNRS edited by clevy


11:36 2014WP/ticket/1316 created by jwhile
11:32 2014WP/Met_Office edited by jwhile
11:30 Ticket #1316 (Add 0.2K temperature mixed layer depthdiagnostic) created by jwhile
Add a new MLD diagnostic to NEMO. The diagnostic will be based on a 0.2K …


16:38 Ticket #1307 (Slow start-ups with v3.6 on some systems) closed by acc
fixed: Fixed at revision 4624. Note log message at this revision erroneously …
15:58 Changeset [4627] by davestorkey

Bug fixes for sbcice_cice.F90 at NEMO 3.6 alpha. See ticket #1315.

15:48 Ticket #1315 (bugs in sbcice_cice.F90 at NEMO 3.6 alpha) created by davestorkey
There are a couple of bugs in sbcice_cice.F90 at NEMO 3.6 alpha: 1. The …
13:28 2014WP/ticket/1311 edited by djlea
13:23 2014WP/ticket/1314 created by djlea
13:22 2014WP/ticket/1313 created by djlea
13:21 2014WP/ticket/1312 created by djlea
13:20 2014WP/ticket/1311 created by djlea
13:18 2014WP/Met_Office edited by djlea
13:12 Ticket #1314 (Implement assimilation interface SETTE test) created by djlea
Create a SETTE test configuration which includes observation operator and …
13:11 Ticket #1313 (Addition of Satellite Surface Salinity data and Microwave SST data) created by djlea
Allow comparison of satellite surface salinity and microwave SST data …
13:09 Ticket #1312 (Sea ice increments) created by djlea
Implement code used to apply seaice increments; this is used for data …
13:08 Ticket #1311 (Equatorial pressure correction) created by djlea
The pressure correction code exists to maintain balance in equatorial …
12:56 2014WP/ticket/1310 created by djlea
12:51 2014WP/Met_Office edited by djlea
12:47 Ticket #1310 (Allow specification of start hour) created by djlea
NEMO is hard-wired to always start a run at the start of the day (at 0z). …


10:47 2014WP/2014Action_institutions_CMCC edited by diovino
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10:22 Ticket #1309 (3.6 alpha : sbcblk_core.F90 : long wave rad fluxes in blk_ice_core) created by molines
I am surprised to see those lines in blk_ice_core : […] * Special …


12:11 Changeset [4626] by gm

dev_r4028_CNRS_LIM3_MV2014 : minor corrections on LIM3


08:47 Ticket #1308 (Gstar is used inlim_itd_me_icestrength before its initialization in LIM3 ...) created by cbricaud
CALL sbcice_lim =⇒ CALL lim_dyn =⇒ CALL lim_rhg =⇒ …


15:54 user/flavoni/libIGCM/postalreadyrunpage edited by flavoni
15:52 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v3.3 edited by flavoni
15:52 user/flavoni/libIGCM/postalreadyrunpage edited by flavoni
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15:00 Changeset [4625] by mafoipsl

Adapt fait_AA_make to ada and curie. Delete old computers.


14:09 Changeset [4624] by acc

#1305. Fix slow start-up problems on some systems by introducing and using lwm logical to restrict output of merged namelists to the first (or only) processor. lwm is true only on the first processor regardless of ln_ctl. Small changes to all flavours of nemogcm.F90 are also required to write namctl and namcfg after the call to mynode which now opens output.namelist.dyn and writes nammpp.

11:50 Working Groups/Simplification-Robustness edited by gm
11:41 2014WP/2014_System Simplification_hard_coding created by gm
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15:16 Ticket #1307 (Slow start-ups with v3.6 on some systems) created by acc
I've been experiencing very slow start-ups on a new cluster with a lustre …
10:55 2014WP/Met_Office edited by timgraham
10:54 ticket/1306 created by timgraham
10:36 ticket/1296 edited by timgraham
10:24 Ticket #1306 (UKMO 2014 workplan task 12 - CFL diagnostics) created by timgraham
Add a module to calculate and output the maximum CFL number during a model …


12:55 Working Groups/Simplification-Robustness edited by timgraham


17:25 Ticket #1305 (Wrong maximum level for light penetration in some mpp cases) closed by acc
fixed: Change submitted at Revision: 4623
17:21 Changeset [4623] by acc

#1305. Fix trc_oce_ext_lev function in trc_oce.F90 so that the correct maximum light penetration level is determined even if all a processing elements wet points are above the maximum penetration depth

17:14 Ticket #1305 (Wrong maximum level for light penetration in some mpp cases) created by acc
The trc_oce_ext_lev function (trc_oce.F90) often computes the wrong …
12:08 Working Groups/Simplification-Robustness edited by gm


16:24 Working Groups/Simplification-Robustness edited by gm
14:38 2014WP/2014_System Simplification_v2 edited by gm
03:02 Ticket #1304 ([TOP/PISCES] p4zbio.F90: tra correction for negative tracers concentration) created by oriche
Hello, While looking through this part of the code with some colleagues …


09:11 Ticket #1268 (Missing zprec initialisation in day_adj routine) closed by pabouttier
09:09 Ticket #1283 (Useless pgtu and pgtv args in zps_hde_adj definition) closed by pabouttier
00:24 Ticket #1303 (Sea ice (melting/freezing) water flux for biogeochemical tracers in ...) created by vichi
There is a hidden change in the treatment of sea ice melting/freezing for …


22:57 Ticket #1178 (Merged CMCC-INGV 2013 branches) closed by vichi
15:32 Ticket #1076 (MERCATOR.3 — Solar flux filtering at daily frequency to force ...) closed by cbricaud
15:31 Ticket #1179 (Mercator merge 2013) closed by cbricaud
15:29 Ticket #1183 (merge 2013 NOCS UKMO MERCATOR) closed by cbricaud
15:29 Ticket #1171 (2013 MERCATOR5_PAPA1D) closed by cbricaud
15:27 Ticket #1152 (2013 MERCATOR5 PAPA1D dvpt branch) closed by cbricaud
10:25 Ticket #1302 (Missing error message in XMLIO) created by timgraham
There is a missing error message in …


14:13 Ticket #1301 (underflow in tra_qsr_init) created by cbricaud
2 lines give underflow ( due to EXP ): zc0 = zz0 * EXP( -fsdepw(ji,jj,jk …
10:58 ticket/1299 created by jamesharle
10:48 Changeset [4622] by jamesharle

ticket #1299: creation of 2014 development branch for WP item NOC-4; BDY vertical interpolation

09:52 Ticket #1300 (LIM3 compilation fails with key_coupled) created by ufla
LIM_SRC_3/limistate.F90 references a non-existing array (albege) in line …
09:42 Ticket #1299 (2014 development branch for NOC-4: BDY vertical interpolation on-the-fly) created by jamesharle
Implement an on-line vertical interpolation of BDY inputs to allow easy …


11:12 Ticket #1298 (division by zero when lk_mpp activated in sbcice_lim_2.F90) closed by cbricaud
fixed: remark: it is detected only if debug option suc as -g -C -qsigtrap …
11:11 Changeset [4621] by cbricaud

fix ticket 1298

11:07 Ticket #1298 (division by zero when lk_mpp activated in sbcice_lim_2.F90) created by cbricaud
ninfo is not initialized and is read in lim_dia_init_2 only if lk_mpp=F …
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