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17:18 Changeset [4745] by timgraham

Modified documentation to describe new features.

12:24 Changeset [4744] by deazer

Creating Branch for UKMO10 2014 Development for Tidally meaned diagnostics

11:06 Changeset [4743] by rfurner

initialising unitiated bdy arrays

11:05 Changeset [4742] by rfurner

turning of vertical mixing etc

10:54 Ticket #1371 (Uninitalised variables in diaobs.F90) closed by jwhile
fixed: Closing ticket
10:45 Changeset [4741] by jwhile

Fix to unitialised arrays

10:29 Ticket #1371 (Uninitalised variables in diaobs.F90) created by jwhile
Namelist arrays are not being intalised in diaobs. This is causing the …


17:37 ticket/1296/review created by timgraham
17:35 ticket/1296 edited by timgraham
16:58 Changeset [4740] by timgraham

Corrected bugs in trcdmp and trcnam_trp
Modifications to nam_tradmp in configuration namelists

10:46 Changeset [4739] by timgraham

Updated C1D/dyndmp.F90 and trcdmp.F90 to read restoration coefficient from a file.
Modified namelist_top_ref to match new options
Bug fixes to DMP_TOOLS tool and addition of custom.F90 to allow users to make modifications. Also changed to use working precision (wp) throughout.


17:01 Ticket #1370 (Missing line in dia_wri_state) created by nemo_user
CALL histwrite( id_i, "vovvldep", kt, fsdept_n(:,:,:) , jpi*jpj*jpk, idex …
13:54 Ticket #1369 (Coupling field names for OASIS should not be limited to 8 characters) created by ufla
The length of OASIS coupling field names is limited to 8 characters in …


17:47 Changeset [4738] by timgraham

Modified tra_dmp module to read in restoration coefficient from a netcdf file

Added a tool to create the netcdf file - this replaces all of the hard coded resolution dependencies in tra_dmp_init

16:59 Ticket #1368 (Nemo 3.6 crashes when using 03 option of Intel compilers) created by nemo_user
It is all in the title. But it runs when using 02.
14:47 Changeset [4737] by jwhile

Branch to contain generalised vertical interpolation


12:30 ticket/1367_NOC2_ZTS created by acc
12:24 Changeset [4736] by acc

Branch 2014/dev_r4743_NOC2_ZTS, #1367. Code changes to introduce optional sub-timestepping for vertical advection. Changes in dynadv.F90, dynzad.F90, traadv.F90, traadv_tvd.F90 and namelist_ref only.

11:51 Ticket #1367 (NOCS development branch for sub-timestepping of vertical advection) created by acc
Tests using ORCA1 and ORCA025 configurations with high vertical resolution …
11:34 Changeset [4735] by acc

Create branch for NOCS development of a sub-timestepping scheme for vertical advection to ease numerical stability issues when vertical metrics become small. See ticket #1367


17:58 Ticket #1366 (Unitialised values outputted to ocean.ouptut in bdytide_init) created by rfurner
Phase speeds and tidal component names are outputted to ocean.output in …


12:43 Changeset [4734] by vancop

compilation bug


15:52 Changeset [4733] by vancop

Fix energy budget in coupled case


11:43 Changeset [4732] by vancop

cosmetic changes


12:44 ticket/1331_UKMO2_ice_shelves/Review created by mathiot
12:43 ticket/1331_UKMO2_ice_shelves edited by mathiot


10:28 Changeset [4731] by vancop

cosmetic changes

09:39 Changeset [4730] by vancop

coupled interface modifications for LIM3

08:20 Changeset [4729] by vancop
08:13 Changeset [4728] by vancop

Create a specific branch for revised coupled interface with LIM3


18:40 Changeset [4727] by djlea

#1314: Creating a new branch to contain developments to SETTE for testing the assimilation interface.

15:56 Ticket #1365 (domvvl restart logic faulty for cases when both fse3t_b and fse3t_n are ...) created by acc
The restart logic for vvl cases when both the fse3t_b and fse3t_n fields …


18:38 ticket/1331_UKMO2_ice_shelves edited by mathiot
18:27 Changeset [4726] by mathiot

ISF branch: change name of 2 variables (icedep ⇒ risfdep and lmask ⇒ ssmask), cosmetic changes and add ldfslp key

14:13 ticket/1331_UKMO2_ice_shelves edited by mathiot
14:05 ticket/1331_UKMO2_ice_shelves edited by mathiot


19:44 ticket/1331_UKMO2_ice_shelves edited by mathiot
16:58 ticket/1331_UKMO2_ice_shelves edited by mathiot
10:58 ticket/1331_UKMO2_ice_shelves edited by mathiot


17:41 Changeset [4725] by timgraham

Removed unnecessary LBC_LNK calls.

17:37 ticket/1331_UKMO2_ice_shelves edited by mathiot
17:32 Changeset [4724] by mathiot

ISF branch: add comments, fix mpp and restar issues, add test to stop if incompatible options and fix mask issue in sbcice and sbcblk.

16:16 ticket/1331_UKMO2_ice_shelves edited by mathiot
11:10 Ticket #1338 (correction of 1D reference configuration) closed by rbourdal
11:07 Changeset [4723] by cbricaud

correct an error during the commit 4671; see ticket 1338

11:04 Ticket #1338 (correction of 1D reference configuration) reopened by rbourdal


16:10 ticket/1331_UKMO2_ice_shelves edited by mathiot
13:18 ticket/1306/Review created by timgraham
13:15 ticket/1306 edited by timgraham
13:04 ticket/1306 edited by timgraham


20:00 ticket/1331_UKMO2_ice_shelves edited by mathiot
18:58 Changeset [4722] by vancop

[sea ice tracer boundary conditions ORCA2_LIM2 PISCES]

18:57 Changeset [4721] by vancop

[sea ice tracer boundary conditions ORCA2_LIM2 PISCES]

18:48 Changeset [4720] by vancop

[sea ice tracer boundary conditions ORCA2_LIM2 PISCES]

18:48 Changeset [4719] by vancop

[sea ice tracer boundary conditions ORCA2_LIM2 PISCES]

18:47 Changeset [4718] by vancop

[sea ice tracer boundary conditions ORCA2_LIM2 PISCES]

18:46 Changeset [4717] by vancop

[sea ice tracer boundary conditions ORCA2_LIM2 PISCES]

16:29 Changeset [4716] by acc

Add new arch file for use with the Intel compiler on ARCHER (Cray XC30)

13:26 Ticket #1364 (XIOS online weighted average not working properly) created by joakim
Hi I'm running NEMO3.6 (rev 4672) and have XIOS rev 484, both compiled …
12:46 Changeset [4715] by timgraham

Added nn_diacfl to the namctl read in other configurations.

12:25 Changeset [4714] by timgraham

Added diacfl module and added a nn_diacfl to namctl to control it

12:05 Changeset [4713] by timgraham

Remaking development branch at correct revision of trunk

11:40 ticket/1331_UKMO2_ice_shelves edited by mathiot
11:33 Changeset [4712] by timgraham

Remaking development branch starting at correct revision of trunk (old branch will be deleted).

11:30 Changeset [4711] by timgraham

Removing branch as used wrong revision of trunk

11:25 ticket/1331_UKMO2_ice_shelves edited by mathiot
11:17 ticket/1331_UKMO2_ice_shelves edited by mathiot
11:16 ticket/1331_UKMO2_ice_shelves edited by mathiot
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