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This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
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19:32 Ticket #1401 (Missing call in lbc_lnk in bdydyn2d.F90) created by nemo_user
In bdy_dyn2d_fla : _ !!! …
13:51 2015WP/Met_Office edited by davestorkey
13:30 Changeset [4816] by djlea
Change in response to review to uncomment line on iom xml files.
13:28 Changeset [4815] by djlea
Small fixes to reference namelists.
12:41 ticket/1328/review edited by avidard


15:38 Changeset [4814] by acc
Changes to enable SETTE testing on ARCHER. Includes a new batch template …
15:16 Changeset [4813] by djlea
Attempted fix to reading in restart start day.
10:46 Ticket #1378 (Fix bug in return code handling in cpl_oasis3.F90) closed by frrh
fixed: No issues reported following application of fixes. Closing ticket, …


19:38 ticket/1331_UKMO2_ice_shelves edited by mathiot
19:38 ticket/1331_UKMO2_ice_shelves edited by mathiot
19:31 Changeset [4812] by mathiot
UKMO02 ISF: correction of some TOP/ and OFF/ files (compilation and SETTE …
15:00 Ticket #1400 (No isopycnal mixing with vvl ?) created by jchanut
In ldfslp.F90, revision 4488 added the following condition […] It …


15:49 Changeset [4811] by djlea
Update reference namelists with nn_time0. Fix to daymod. Fix to offline …
13:22 2015WP/Met_Office edited by timgraham
13:18 2015WP/Met_Office edited by timgraham
12:19 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_CNRS edited by cetlod
12:18 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_CNRS edited by cetlod
12:17 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_CNRS edited by cetlod
12:15 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_CNRS edited by cetlod
11:31 2015WP/Met_Office edited by timgraham


18:22 2014WP/Met_Office edited by andrewryan
18:20 2014WP/Met_Office edited by andrewryan
18:05 Changeset [4810] by andrewryan
main development branch for the stand alone obs_oper formerly offline …
16:26 2015WP/2015SharedActions edited by timgraham


16:56 2015WP/2015SharedActions edited by clevy
16:18 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud
16:09 2015WP/Met_Office edited by timgraham
16:08 2015WP/Met_Office edited by timgraham
16:05 2015WP/2015SharedActions edited by timgraham
15:55 Changeset [4809] by timgraham
Minor bug fix in #if defined call. This did not cause a problem on Met …
15:39 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud
15:33 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud
15:32 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud
15:28 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud
15:28 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud
15:20 2014WP/2014Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud
15:16 2015WP/Met_Office edited by timgraham
14:57 2015WP/Met_Office edited by timgraham
14:53 2015WP/Met_Office edited by timgraham
14:51 2015WP/Met_Office edited by timgraham
12:20 Changeset [4808] by cetlod
dev_CNRS1_10_TEOS10_Ediag : namelists updated
12:17 2014WP/2014Stream0 edited by clevy
12:12 2014WP/2014Stream0 edited by clevy
12:10 2014WP/2014Stream0 edited by clevy
12:03 2015WP/2015SharedActions edited by clevy
11:59 2015WP/Met_Office edited by timgraham
11:43 2015WP/Met_Office edited by timgraham
11:20 Changeset [4807] by cetlod
dev_CNRS1_10_TEOS10_Ediag: ÃÃminor correction to avoid compilations errors


19:30 2015WP edited by clevy
19:20 2015WP edited by clevy
19:18 2015WP edited by clevy
19:11 2015WP/NOC edited by clevy
19:10 2015WP/Met_Office edited by clevy
19:09 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by clevy
19:08 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_INGV edited by clevy
19:07 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_CNRS edited by clevy
19:03 2015WP/NOC created by clevy
19:02 2015WP/Met_Office created by clevy
19:01 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_MERCATOR created by clevy
19:01 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_INGV created by clevy
19:00 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_CNRS created by clevy
18:58 2015WP edited by clevy
18:57 2015WP/2015SharedActions edited by clevy
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16:56 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_CMCC created by clevy
16:49 2015WP edited by clevy
16:40 2015WP/2015SharedActions edited by clevy
16:39 2015WP/2015SharedActions created by clevy
16:32 2015WP edited by clevy
16:32 2015WP edited by clevy
15:56 2015WP created by clevy
15:31 2014WP/2014Stream0 edited by timgraham
14:26 ticket/1399/review created by timgraham
13:27 ticket/1399 edited by timgraham
13:16 ticket/1399 created by timgraham
12:59 Ticket #1399 (UKMO13 CICE interface to work with CICE5) created by timgraham
Changes to the CICE interface to allow NEMO to run with CICE5. Variable …
12:55 Changeset [4806] by frrh
#1378 Apply simplest solution to ensure that return codes from oasis put …
12:49 Changeset [4805] by frrh
#1378 Apply simplest solution to ensure that return codes from oasis put …
12:47 Changeset [4804] by cetlod
branch dev_CNRS1_10_TEOS10_Ediag : add changes to avoid compilation errors …
12:31 Changeset [4803] by flavoni
change small option to run on interactive mode on ADA machine, for SETTE


16:24 WorkingGroups/LIM/lim3_monocat edited by flavoni
15:53 Ticket #1398 (LIM3 is not riproducibile) created by flavoni
LIM3 run on cluster IBM, proc Intel ES 4650 2 tests :  jpi=2 jpj= 8, and …
10:53 Changeset [4802] by gm
#1294 : bug with npc in C1D case, change the position of tra_npc call and …
10:41 WorkingGroups/LIM/lim3_monocat edited by flavoni


15:12 Changeset [4801] by jwhile
Branch to contain various NEMOVAR consortium changes
12:50 Ticket #1397 (minor bugs in PISCES) closed by cetlod
12:50 Changeset [4800] by cetlod
bugfixes on PISCES, see ticket #1397
12:28 Changeset [4799] by djlea
Add blank obs asm namelist sections to ORCA2_LIM config namelists. Update …
11:44 Ticket #1397 (minor bugs in PISCES) created by cetlod
Some minor bugs in PISCES : - the unit from input dust has changed : …


19:00 Changeset [4798] by djlea
Fix to OBS and ASM sette test to use the standard ORCA2_LIM reference …
17:47 Changeset [4797] by flavoni
update see ticket #1396
17:41 Changeset [4796] by flavoni
add ORCA2_LIM3 in SETTE, preparing ORCA2_LIM3 to be a reference …
17:40 Ticket #1396 (add LIM3 in SETTE) created by flavoni
16:51 WorkingGroups/LIM/lim3_monocat edited by flavoni
12:07 2014WP/2014Stream0 edited by clevy
10:53 Ticket #1395 (AGRIF compilation) created by timgraham
Currently AGRIF compilation does not work correctly on all systems (in …


17:26 Ticket #1387 (Slow varying divergence is not read in restart (ztilde coord.)) closed by jchanut
17:25 Changeset [4795] by jchanut
Read hdiv_lf with ztilde option, see ticket #1387
16:42 WorkingGroups/LIM/lim3_monocat edited by flavoni
16:33 WorkingGroups/LIM/lim3_monocat edited by flavoni
16:14 WorkingGroups/LIM/lim3_monocat edited by flavoni
16:10 WorkingGroups/LIM/lim3_monocat edited by flavoni
15:58 Changeset [4794] by rfurner
commited changes to run as 1 vertical level, added simple hpg option for …
12:01 ticket/1380 edited by rblod


17:16 2014WP/2014Stream0 edited by clevy
14:38 Changeset [4793] by rblod
dev_r4765_CNRS_agrif: changes for compatibily with TOP
14:31 WorkingGroups/LIM/lim3_monocat edited by flavoni
13:04 Changeset [4792] by jamesharle
Updates to code after first successful test + merge with HEAD of trunk
12:28 WorkingGroups/LIM/lim3_monocat edited by flavoni
11:03 Changeset [4791] by timgraham
Correction to %FFLAGS in Met Office arch file so that AGRIF can be …


21:14 Changeset [4790] by rblod
dev_r4765_CNRS_agrif : update AGRIF for LIM2
18:26 Changeset [4789] by rblod
dev_r4765_CNRS_agrif: First update of AGRIF for dynamic only (_flt and …
16:24 Ticket #1394 (Bug related to the porosity of ridges) closed by clem
16:22 Ticket #1394 (Bug related to the porosity of ridges) created by barthele
The treatment of the porosity of ridges in LIM3 is incorrect. In the way …
16:19 Changeset [4788] by clem
bug in LIM3. Porosity during ridging was not taken into account properly. …
16:16 Changeset [4787] by clem
bug in LIM3: loss of snow mass by sublimation was given to ocean while it …
16:03 2014WP/2014Stream0 edited by diovino
15:53 Ticket #1393 (Tidal harmonic forcing namelist_ref) created by fchegini
Hi, I want to give the tidal components that should be included in my …
12:45 WorkingGroups/LIM/lim3_monocat edited by flavoni


17:11 Changeset [4786] by gm
#1294 : TEOS-10 : last adjustment of TEOS10 following Roquet et al. 2014 …
14:03 Changeset [4785] by rblod
dev_r4765_CNRS_agrif: First update of AGRIF for dynamic only (_flt and …
13:59 ticket/1380 edited by rblod
13:59 ticket/1380 created by rblod
12:35 Ticket #1392 (control for asm or z-tilde) created by rblod
I just had a quick look so I may be wrong but it seems than application of …
10:47 Ticket #1201 (Monthly Interpolation Incorrect in fldread.F90) closed by jamesharle
10:46 Ticket #1372 (BDY using monthly data) closed by jamesharle
10:44 Changeset [4784] by jamesharle
Correction to monthly and yearly interpolation in fld_rec subroutine (see …
10:42 Changeset [4783] by jamesharle
Correction to monthly and yearly interpolation in fld_rec subroutine (see …


17:19 WorkingGroups/LIM/lim3_monocat edited by flavoni


18:04 2014WP/ticket/1314/Review created by djlea
18:03 2014WP/ticket/1314 edited by djlea
18:01 2014WP/ticket/1314 edited by djlea
17:22 Changeset [4782] by djlea
Add namelist_cfg missed out previously. Python increments generation code …
16:54 Changeset [4781] by djlea
Remove redundant error check preventing background write and increments …
16:42 2014WP/ticket/1314 edited by djlea
16:42 2014WP/ticket/1314 edited by djlea
12:14 WorkingGroups/LIM/lim3_monocat edited by flavoni
12:03 WorkingGroups/LIM/lim3_monocat edited by flavoni
11:50 WorkingGroups/LIM/lim3_monocat edited by flavoni
11:49 WorkingGroups/LIM/lim3_monocat edited by flavoni
11:43 WorkingGroups/LIM/lim3_monocat edited by flavoni
11:13 WorkingGroups/LIM/lim3_monocat created by flavoni
10:54 WorkingGroups/LIM edited by flavoni
10:41 WorkingGroups/LIM/Run_Table edited by flavoni
10:40 ts_cw3-testht_50y.pdf attached to WorkingGroups/LIM/Run_Table by flavoni
10:39 cw3-testht_50y.pdf attached to WorkingGroups/LIM/Run_Table by flavoni


18:45 Changeset [4780] by edblockley
Second commit in UKMO11 development branch. This change allows the user …
16:21 Changeset [4779] by rblod
Update AGRIF internal routines and conv on branch dev_r4765_CNRS_agrif
15:51 Changeset [4778] by rblod
Tag vendors/AGRIF/current as vendors/AGRIF/r_02.
15:51 Changeset [4777] by rblod
Load working_directory into vendors/AGRIF/current.
13:50 Ticket #1391 (icblbc.F90. Problems with processors elimination with ICB module) created by nacho
* ORCA025.L75, multiproc coupled with ICB * When working with processor …
12:31 WorkingGroups/LIM/Run_Table edited by flavoni
12:29 cw3-htconv1.pdf attached to WorkingGroups/LIM/Run_Table by flavoni
12:28 ts_cw3-htconv1.pdf attached to WorkingGroups/LIM/Run_Table by flavoni
11:27 Changeset [4776] by cbricaud
create devpt branch for congif man
10:31 ticket/1306/Review edited by epico
09:40 WorkingGroups/LIM/Run_Table edited by flavoni


20:33 Ticket #1390 (Unable to open initiales files in p4z_sed_init.) created by lambertn
In the subroutine p4z_sed_init (in file p4zsed.F90) the model is anable to …
19:06 Changeset [4775] by edblockley
First round of chnages for restart functionality branch (UKMO11). These …
15:47 Ticket #1389 (icbutl.f90 : Numerical instability caused by the interpolation of ocean ...) created by nacho
- Setting : ORCA025.L75 with mutlproc and icb  - The dynamics of …
15:11 Ticket #1388 (neutral drag coefficient / cyclones) created by julienjouanno
Neutral drag coefficient from Large and Yeager 2004 is not adapted to …
14:36 Changeset [4774] by timgraham
Updated documentation to describe new diagnostics.
13:22 Changeset [4773] by flavoni
small fixes in namelists for ORCA2_LIM_AGRIF reference configuration


19:25 Ticket #1387 (Slow varying divergence is not read in restart (ztilde coord.)) created by jchanut
With ztilde vertical coordinate, slow varying divergence is not read in …
19:19 Changeset [4772] by djlea
Changes to allow hour start time. First version.
18:19 2014WP/ticket/1310 edited by djlea
17:52 Changeset [4771] by djlea
#1310: Create a new branch for allowing arbitrary start hours in NEMO …
16:55 Ticket #1386 (bug in ENE and ENS vorticity schemes with partial steps?) created by davestorkey
In the ENE and ENS vorticity schemes (vor_ene and vor_ens) there are two …
14:23 Ticket #1353 (sshbb_e and sshb_e nor initialized in dynspg_ts.F90 when not ln_rstart and ...) closed by jchanut
14:22 Changeset [4770] by jchanut
Initialize barotropic arrays, see ticket #1353
12:24 Ticket #1385 (trc.F90; gtru and gtrv incorrectly dimensioned in nemo_3_5_beta) created by PlankTOM
gtru and gtrv should be allocated space by jptra and not jpk: ALLOCATE( …
12:22 Ticket #1384 (Missing open boundary conditions with LIM2) closed by clem
fixed: A call to bdy in sbcice_lim_2.F90 was missing. It's corrected now (though …
12:20 Changeset [4769] by clem
adding missing call to bdyice_lim to run bdy with lim2
12:11 ticket/1328/review created by jwhile
12:08 Ticket #1384 (Missing open boundary conditions with LIM2) created by jchanut
Open boundary conditions on fraction and thicknesses are missing in LIM2
11:29 ticket/1328 edited by jwhile
11:05 Changeset [4768] by jwhile
Adding code for bias correction to SST obs
09:03 Ticket #1383 (Compile failure with BDY and LIM2) closed by jamesharle
09:03 Changeset [4767] by jamesharle
Addition of import module dom_ice_2 to allow compilation of BDY and LIM2 …
08:59 Ticket #1383 (Compile failure with BDY and LIM2) created by jamesharle
In bdyice_lim the module dom_ice is used for both key_lim2 and key_lim3. …
08:51 Ticket #1382 (BDY LIM2 condition equal to initial conditions fails) created by jamesharle
If one tries to run bdy ice boundary conditions taken from initial …


16:46 Ticket #1353 (sshbb_e and sshb_e nor initialized in dynspg_ts.F90 when not ln_rstart and ...) reopened by jchanut
15:44 Ticket #1381 (new Development branch) closed by rblod
15:36 Changeset [4766] by rblod
Create a branch for the last version of Agrif
15:35 Ticket #1381 (new Development branch) created by rblod
Create a branch for the last version of AGRIF core library. This change …
15:35 Ticket #1380 (new Development branch for AGRIF) created by rblod
Create a branch for the last version of AGRIF core library. This change …
15:02 Ticket #1379 (lines length over 132) closed by rblod
14:55 Changeset [4765] by rblod
Compilation issue, see ticket #1379
14:54 Ticket #1379 (lines length over 132) created by rblod
Some lines with pretty remarkable length .…
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