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18:52 Ticket #1467 (on the use of mikt/u/v...) created by smasson
I don't know if you noticed the introduction of mikt/u/v in the code... I …
18:27 Changeset [5080] by clem
LIM3 cleaning again (almost done)
16:32 Changeset [5079] by clem
LIM3: solve ticket #1421
16:15 Changeset [5078] by clem
LIM3: cosmetic changes to increase readability and performance
16:14 Ticket #1466 (default definition of nam_vvl) created by smasson
the logical namelist parameters of domvvl (nam_vvl namelist) have a …
14:17 2015WP/Met_Office edited by jwhile
14:15 Changeset [5077] by clem
LIM3: diag added
14:13 Changeset [5076] by clem
LIM3: important bug fix on heat conservation
11:50 Changeset [5075] by timgraham
Upgraded branch to current head of trunk (r5072) so it can be used with …


10:06 WorkingGroups/LIM/Run_Table edited by flavoni
09:39 Changeset [5074] by hliu
prevent nla10 from being 0
09:32 Changeset [5073] by hliu
two bugs fixed in wadlmt (only wetting/drying related)


16:05 Changeset [5072] by nicolasmartin
Void arguments for keys in SETTE cause an unwanted display of environment …
14:39 Changeset [5071] by clem
LIM3 cosmetic changes
14:39 Changeset [5070] by clem
LIM3 cosmetic changes
11:08 Changeset [5069] by smasson
line exceed 132 characters in dynadv_ubs


19:13 Changeset [5068] by clem
LIM3 change all namelist names to fit with NEMO convention
19:12 Changeset [5067] by clem
LIM3 change all namelist names to fit with NEMO convention
17:02 Changeset [5066] by rfurner
added current state of wetting and drying code to test...note it does not …
12:45 Ticket #1465 (bug in CORE bulk formulae code) closed by davestorkey
fixed: Fixed at revision 5065.
12:43 Changeset [5065] by davestorkey
Fix bug in cd_neutral_10m in sbcblk_core.F90. See ticket #1465.
12:25 Ticket #1465 (bug in CORE bulk formulae code) created by davestorkey
There is a bug in the function cd_neutral_10m in sbcblk_core.F90. The …


18:54 Changeset [5064] by clem
LIM3 now includes specific physics to run with only 1 sea ice category …
17:29 Changeset [5063] by andrewryan
gross simplification of stand alone observation operator
16:51 Ticket #1339 (dynadv_ubs.F90 : problem with lateral boundary condition in version 3.6 ...) closed by flavoni
15:35 Changeset [5062] by flavoni
correction to previous committ
15:14 Changeset [5061] by flavoni
bug fix on dynadv_ubs.F90, see ticket 1339
10:16 WikiStart edited by clevy
09:40 Ticket #1464 (Efficiency improvements in the OBS operator.) created by jenniewaters
The OBS operator needs to be improved to make it more efficient for use …


17:22 Changeset [5060] by clem
LIM3: set ice diffusivity independant of the resolution in the namelist. …
17:22 Changeset [5059] by clem
LIM3: set ice diffusivity independant of the resolution in the namelist. …
12:25 Changeset [5058] by clem
LIM3: add a namelist parameter to change the shape of ice thickness …
12:25 Changeset [5057] by clem
LIM3: add a namelist parameter to change the shape of ice thickness …
12:23 Ticket #1463 (CNRS-13(2015WP) - Subduction diagnostics) created by cetlod
Add useful diagnostics of subduction of water masses Already coded/tested …
12:12 Ticket #1462 (CNRS- 5 : Offline with vvl) created by cetlod
Add missing pieces of code to make passive tracers model run offline with …
11:45 Changeset [5056] by clem
add rswitch in ice_2.F90 for bdy purpose
11:10 Changeset [5055] by clem
LIM3: removing par_ice and put jpl, nlay_i and nlay_s as namelist …
11:09 Changeset [5054] by clem
LIM3 new namelists
10:45 Ticket #1461 (incompatibility of key_by and key_lim2) created by njourdain
Hi, When I compile NEMO with the following CPP keys, I have no …


18:11 Changeset [5053] by clem
LIM3 cleaning continues. No change in the physics besides the introduction …
17:58 Ticket #1460 (exit code for rebuild_nemo) created by hulten
When rebuild_nemo.exe exits on error, its error code (to the shell) is …
17:36 Ticket #1459 (Code lines above 132 characters (source & after pre-processing)) created by nicolasmartin
Usually you have no inconvenience with the right option of compiler to …
16:28 Ticket #1458 (AGRIF-1 / Met Office-7 - Vertical grid refinement using AGRIF (2015)) created by timgraham
Add capability for vertical grid refinement in AGRIF P.I.= Tim Graham
16:17 Ticket #1457 (2015 NOC-3 - System support and Simplification work) created by acc
Development branch for NOC contributions to 2015 simplification work. To …
16:01 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud
16:00 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud
16:00 Ticket #1456 (2015 CMCC - 4: simplification tasks) created by diovino
CMCC simplification tasks: removal of obsolete features
15:52 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud
15:48 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud
15:45 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud
15:45 Ticket #1455 (2015 MERCATOR-9: enable LIM3 initialisation with a netcdf file) created by cbricaud
15:44 Ticket #1454 (2015 ROBUST-4 /MERCATOR-7: test NEMO_3.6 and ORCA025/ORCA12) created by cbricaud
15:43 Ticket #1453 (2015 AGRIF-4/MERCATOR-5: Agrif: Enable vvl and AGRIF) created by cbricaud
task posponned in 2016
15:42 Ticket #1452 (2015: AGRIF-3 /MERCATOR-4 AGRIF + time-splitting compatibility (ctnd)) created by cbricaud
15:41 Ticket #1451 (2015 HPC-2 /MERCATOR-3: OpenMP) created by cbricaud
15:40 Ticket #1450 (2015 CONFIGMAN-2/MERCATOR-2: Merge BDY configuration tool and SIREN) created by cbricaud
15:34 Ticket #1079 (2013 MERCATOR1 : resolving the 2 versions of time-stepping) closed by cbricaud
15:33 Ticket #1170 (2013 MERCATOR4 congif manager) closed by cbricaud
12:18 Changeset [5052] by clem
change the order of the calls between the initializations of bdy and sbc. …
11:09 Ticket #1449 (Performance analysis of parallel IO (CMCC-2)) created by mocavero
11:02 Ticket #1448 (Scalability with MPI-OPENMP (CMCC-1)) created by mocavero


18:31 Changeset [5051] by clem
LIM3 initialization is now called at the same time as other sbc fields
18:29 Changeset [5050] by clem
LIM3: add diagnostics of ice concentration trends
12:02 Changeset [5049] by vancop
compilation bugs
11:28 Changeset [5048] by vancop
new itd boundaries, namelist changes, mono-category and comments


17:47 WorkingGroups/WaveCoupling edited by emanuelaclementi
17:45 WAVE_WG_Dev_com.pdf attached to WorkingGroups/WaveCoupling by emanuelaclementi
Dev. Com. 2014: Wave WG presentation


14:13 Changeset [5047] by clem
LIM3 cleaning (1): namelist
14:06 Changeset [5046] by vancop
first step of namelist cleaning
12:39 2015WP/2015SharedActions edited by timgraham
12:10 Changeset [5045] by vancop
LIM3 early 2015 cleaning
11:36 Ticket #1447 (2015 Met_Office_13 - simplification tasks) created by timgraham
Met Office simplification tasks: Removal of obsolete options Offline code …
11:26 2015WP/Met_Office edited by timgraham


16:23 Ticket #1446 (taum not updated in sbcice_cice) created by timgraham
In sbcice_cice utau and vtau are updated to be a combination of the wind …


15:48 Changeset [5044] by hliu
correct three potential bugs in vertical scale calculation when …
10:25 Ticket #1445 (jpi used instead of jpj in iom.F90) closed by timgraham
fixed: Fixed at r5043
10:23 Changeset [5043] by timgraham
Fix for ticket #1445 - (Use jpj instead of jpi)
10:22 Ticket #1445 (jpi used instead of jpj in iom.F90) created by timgraham
In subroutine set_grid (in iom.F90) the following line is called if …


14:48 2015WP/2015SharedActions edited by cbricaud
14:47 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud
14:46 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud
13:33 Ticket #1444 (Improved flexibility in the handling of the trajectory) created by sam
It would be useful if the initialisation of the reading in of the …
12:22 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_CNRS edited by cetlod
12:21 Ticket #1443 (The trajectory at the before time level seems to be incorrectly set during ...) created by sam
In subroutine 'trj_rea' of module 'trj_tam', the direction of advancement …
11:37 Ticket #1442 (Variable 'nsec1jan000' is not updated during the adjoint time step) created by sam
In subroutine 'day_adj' of module 'daymod_tam', no update of the variable …
10:42 Changeset [5042] by andrewryan
changed standard print statement to indicate use of stand alone operator …


17:38 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_CMCC edited by lovato
17:25 Changeset [5041] by lovato
Development branch CMCC5_BDY_for_TOP ticket #1441.
17:17 Ticket #1441 (BDY open boundaries for biogeochemistry (CMCC-5)) created by lovato
This development deals with the implementation of BDY for biogeochemical …
14:24 Ticket #1440 (use of wrk_alloc( jpidta, jpjdta...) closed by smasson
fixed: fixed, see changeset r5040
14:23 Changeset [5040] by smasson
supress wrk_alloc( jpidta, jpjdta, see ticket #1440
12:26 Ticket #1440 (use of wrk_alloc( jpidta, jpjdta...) created by smasson
There is a few routines of the code that use work_alloc for arrays that …
11:24 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by cbricaud


11:04 Ticket #1437 (off_src nemogcm routine: SUBROUTINE nemo_northcomms not phased with ...) closed by mocavero
fixed: nemo_northcomms subroutine in OFF_SRC/nemogcm has been faced with …
11:02 Changeset [5039] by mocavero
bug fix, see ticket #1437


15:26 Changeset [5038] by jamesharle
Merging branch with HEAD of the trunk


14:34 Ticket #1439 (2014 dvpt MERCATOR-1 Config Manager) closed by jpaul
14:31 Changeset [5037] by jpaul
see ticket #1439
14:19 Changeset [5036] by jpaul
see ticket 1439 commit config manager
14:14 Ticket #1439 (2014 dvpt MERCATOR-1 Config Manager) created by jpaul
10:53 Changeset [5035] by jamesharle
Update to reading in thickness variables in BDY read for bt velocity …


18:12 Ticket #1438 (Use istate_uvg in NEMO v3.2) created by Robin_Waldman
The routine istate_uvg within istate.F90 has been reactivated in order to …
14:48 Changeset [5034] by andrewryan
merge with trunk
14:28 Changeset [5033] by timgraham
Changes to use salinity dependent freezing temperature with CICE
11:48 Changeset [5032] by davestorkey
Implementation of old version of EEN scheme: add consistent changes to …


17:47 Changeset [5031] by timgraham
Added sn_snd_mpnd to namsbc_cpl namelist to control coupling of meltponds
17:45 Changeset [5030] by timgraham
Added changes for coupling of meltpond fraction and depth between …
17:39 Ticket #1375 (degradation of North Atlantic solution in ORCA025 at 3.6) closed by davestorkey
fixed: Gurvan views the change in the formulation of the EEN scheme as a …
17:32 Changeset [5029] by davestorkey
Reinstate old formulation of EEN vorticity scheme as an option in NEMO …
16:13 Changeset [5028] by davestorkey
15:51 Changeset [5027] by davestorkey
Updates to Met Office ARCH files: 1. Use updated XIOS libraries in …
12:48 Changeset [5026] by timgraham
First set of changes for multicategory coupling with CICE


16:53 Changeset [5025] by timgraham
Minor fix for case when clinfo3 is not fiven as an argument to prt_ctl
14:40 Ticket #1437 (off_src nemogcm routine: SUBROUTINE nemo_northcomms not phased with ...) created by cbricaud
nfsloop and nfeloop have no value ==> out of bound arrays ln_nogather=T …
13:37 Ticket #1436 (Possible invalid call to oasis_get_freqs) created by ufla
The code in sbccpl.F90 calls oasis_get_freqs (via cpl_freq from …
13:21 Ticket #1208 (No module use'd for variable a_i in sbcice_if.F90) closed by ufla
invalid: This is no longer valid given the development since the ticket was …
13:18 Ticket #1420 (Uninitialised array elements in zps_hde) closed by ufla
10:43 Changeset [5024] by timgraham
Branch for Met Office CICE coupling task (#1428)
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