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16:45 Changeset [5259] by smasson

dev_r5218_CNRS17_coupling: merge with trunk rev 5258

12:46 Changeset [5258] by flavoni

fix a typo in IDL scripts

12:19 IS-ENES/core2_cmip edited by flavoni
12:18 IS-ENES/core2_cmip edited by flavoni
12:16 IS-ENES/core2_cmip edited by flavoni
12:14 IS-ENES/core2_cmip edited by flavoni
12:07 IS-ENES/core2_cmip edited by flavoni
12:05 IS-ENES/core2_cmip edited by flavoni
12:03 IS-ENES/core2_cmip edited by flavoni


16:18 Changeset [5257] by timgraham

Fixed lots of compilation errors


16:40 Changeset [5256] by mikebell

Clean up key words

16:13 Changeset [5255] by timgraham

First attempt at making a tool to move Scoord generation offline.

09:45 Ticket #1374 (filename "data_1m_salinity_nomask.nc" hard-wired in diaar5) closed by diovino


17:15 Changeset [5254] by gm

#1513 , branche dev_r5224_CNRS_OPA_Hollingsworth

14:46 Changeset [5253] by diovino

bugfix #1374. Modification in diaar5.F90


11:13 Changeset [5252] by cetlod

NEMOGCM_dev_r5204_CNRS_PISCES_dcy : suppress unused variables


17:04 Changeset [5251] by davestorkey

2014 restart_functionality branch: bug fix.

15:07 Changeset [5250] by davestorkey

2014 restarts_functionality branch: extend changes to icebergs restarts.


15:21 Changeset [5249] by davestorkey

UKMO mld_zint branch: implement vertically-interpolated MLD.

12:24 Changeset [5248] by mikebell

ticket #1514: changes to dynvor for partial steps een option

12:22 Ticket #1514 (changes to dynvor for partial steps een option) created by mikebell
09:10 Changeset [5247] by davestorkey

UKMO mld_zint branch: clear SVN keywords and remove keyword property.

09:06 Changeset [5246] by davestorkey

UKMO branch to implement vertically-interpolated mixed-layer depth diagnostic.

09:03 Changeset [5245] by davestorkey

Delete UKMO dev_r5107_kara_mld branch. (Will recreate with more appropriate name).


16:31 Changeset [5244] by davestorkey

UKMO Kara MLD branch: remove svn keyword property and clear keywords.

16:06 Changeset [5243] by davestorkey

Branch to implement mixed-layer depth diagnostic due to
Kara et al, JGR vol. 105 (2000).

15:56 Changeset [5242] by davestorkey

UKMO nn_etau revision branch: update namelist_ref and field_def.xml.

15:53 Changeset [5241] by gm

#1513 : Branch for optional Hollingsworth correction in the evaluation of grad(KE)

15:51 Ticket #1513 (Add in option the Hollingsworth correction in the grad(KE) calculation) created by gm
Add as an option (controlled by a namelist parameter) the Hollingsworth …
14:20 Working Groups/Wave Coupling edited by emanuelaclementi
12:17 Changeset [5240] by davestorkey

Update UKMO nn_etau_revision branch with trunk changes to rev 5107.

10:35 Changeset [5239] by davestorkey

Commit changes to UKMO nn_etau revision branch (including clearing
SVN keywords).


18:45 Changeset [5238] by nicolasmartin


14:29 Changeset [5237] by cetlod

NEMOGCM_dev_r5204_CNRS_PISCES_dcy : put the appropriate comments

14:08 Changeset [5236] by cetlod

NEMOGCM_dev_r5204_CNRS_PISCES_dcy : update routines according to the new strategy, see ticket #1484


12:59 Ticket #1511 (Proper shutdown of NEMO+OASIS if NEMO aborts...) closed by timgraham
invalid: I agree that this has been a pain at earlier NEMO versions but from …
11:31 Ticket #1512 (Function cpl_freq not consistent with OASIS interface) created by ufla
There are issues with the way oasis_get_freqs is called from cpl_freq in …


15:28 Ticket #1511 (Proper shutdown of NEMO+OASIS if NEMO aborts...) created by masif
It has been observed that the coupled simulation of EC-Earth3 (having …
15:26 Changeset [5235] by davestorkey

Clear svn keyword information in branch

15:24 Changeset [5234] by davestorkey

Clear svn keyword information in branch

15:07 Changeset [5233] by davestorkey

Restore svn keyword lines accidentally deleted in previous commit.

14:55 Changeset [5232] by davestorkey

Svn keywords deactivated using "svn propdel" in
branch 2015/dev_r5021_UKMO1_CICE_coupling.

14:53 Changeset [5231] by davestorkey

Svn keywords deactivated using "svn propdel" in
branch 2014/dev_r4650_UKMO11_restart_functionality.

11:47 Developers/SVN_Quick Reference edited by nicolasmartin
11:26 Ticket #1504 (bug in trunk after revision 5140) closed by clevy
fixed: Corrected at rev 5202
09:59 Changeset [5230] by cetlod

NEMOGCM_dev_r5204_CNRS_PISCES_dcy : no need to output qsr_mean as it it already done in sea-ice model


15:50 Changeset [5229] by nicolasmartin

CURIE arch files for trusting environment

15:44 Changeset [5228] by nicolasmartin

ADA arch files for trusting environment

15:40 Changeset [5227] by cetlod

NEMOGCM_dev_r5204_CNRS_PISCES_dcy : cosmetic changes

15:27 Changeset [5226] by cetlod

NEMOGCM_dev_r5204_CNRS_PISCES_dcy : minor bugs correction

11:26 Changeset [5225] by cetlod

dev_r5204_CNRS_PISCES_dcy : fixes to avoid compilation errors


18:25 Ticket #1510 (Bug in hpg_prj (dynhpg.F90) reported by hliu) closed by acc
18:23 Changeset [5224] by acc

Bugfix #1510. Correct ssh terms used in hpg_prj (dynhpg.F90)

18:21 Ticket #1510 (Bug in hpg_prj (dynhpg.F90) reported by hliu) created by acc
As reported: Revision: 5212 Author: hliu Date: 2015-04-15 13:14:00 …
14:31 Changeset [5223] by smasson

dev_r5218_CNRS17_coupling: keep exact same results with old version

12:24 Changeset [5222] by cetlod

dev_r5204_CNRS_PISCES_dcy: some improvments

12:09 Changeset [5221] by hliu

small correction for lbc_lnk call in hpg_prj

11:50 Changeset [5220] by smasson

dev_r5218_CNRS17_coupling: first update

11:40 Changeset [5219] by smasson

Create a specific branch for coupling update: regional, SAS-OPA…


15:12 Changeset [5218] by timgraham

Updated to the keys files used in fcm-make directory to match those in NEMOGCM/CONFIG

12:24 Changeset [5217] by nicolasmartin

SVN keywords tag inconsistencies resolution bis


20:54 Changeset [5216] by mathiot

ISF branch: minor changes in zpshde, sbcisf + bug correction in domzgr (e3wu) only if ice shelf

18:11 Changeset [5215] by nicolasmartin

SVN keywords tag inconsistencies resolution

17:14 Changeset [5214] by davestorkey

Merge in changes from the trunk up to rev 5107.

17:03 Changeset [5213] by davestorkey

Merge in trunk changes up to rev 5107.

13:14 Changeset [5212] by hliu

A serious mistake in dynhpg: hpg_prj, which should also be corrected in v3.6 main trunk

12:10 Changeset [5211] by hliu

add bottom friction limiter in dynspg_ts.F90


15:44 Changeset [5210] by cetlod

dev_r5204_CNRS_PISCES_dcy:minor corrections for offline

15:30 Changeset [5209] by cetlod

dev_r5204_CNRS_PISCES_dcy:updates for offline

15:08 Changeset [5208] by davestorkey

Merge in changes from trunk up to 5021.

13:00 Changeset [5207] by cetlod

dev_r5204_CNRS_PISCES_dcy:minor bugs corrections

12:13 Changeset [5206] by cetlod

First improvment of diurnal cycle for passive tracers, see ticket #1484

10:21 Changeset [5205] by cetlod

Create a new branch with diurnal cycle in PISCES, see ticket #1484

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