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20:55 Changeset [5956] by mathiot
ISF : merged trunk (5936) into branch
17:51 ticket/1464 edited by jenniewaters
17:49 ticket/1464 edited by jenniewaters
17:44 ticket/1464 edited by jenniewaters
17:43 Changeset [5955] by mathiot
ice sheet coupling: merged in head of trunk (r5936)
16:35 ticket/1464 edited by jenniewaters
16:28 ticket/1464 edited by jenniewaters
15:53 ticket/1464 edited by jenniewaters
15:47 ticket/1464 edited by jenniewaters
15:04 Changeset [5954] by rfurner
added surge code from 2014_Surge_Modelling branch
13:41 Changeset [5953] by mathiot
ISF: minor changes before merge
13:16 Changeset [5952] by mathiot
ice sheet coupling: minor changes before merge
12:48 Changeset [5951] by timgraham
Merged trunk r5936 into branch
12:40 Changeset [5950] by timgraham
Reinstated Id keyword before merging
12:15 Changeset [5949] by timgraham
Minor correction in step.F90
11:47 Changeset [5948] by timgraham
Merged in head of trunk (r5936)
11:12 Changeset [5947] by timgraham
Reinstate svn Id keywords before merge
10:14 Changeset [5946] by timgraham
Branch for merge of Met Office developments


20:44 Changeset [5945] by mathiot
ice sheet coupling: changes based on reviewer comments
20:28 Changeset [5944] by mathiot
ISF: change related to reviewers comments


11:34 Ticket #1641 (Small Bug in AGRIF (agrif_opa_interp.F90)) created by gm
In agrif_opa_interp, I think the subroutine interpun and interpvn has 2 …
10:38 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm


17:49 Changeset [5943] by jenniewaters
Fix to get the agrif tests to work.
17:35 Changeset [5942] by rfurner
merged bug fixes from vn3.6_stable to this branch
16:57 Changeset [5941] by jpalmier
JPALM --27-11-2015 -- MEDUSA-TOP debugg X3 in MEDUSA iom_use adapt
16:54 Ticket #1640 (Wiki page for Trusting) created by nicolasmartin
16:51 Ticket #1639 (Reactivate Trusting on trunk prior MP2015) created by nicolasmartin
All the trusting lights have turned red since the merge of the …
16:35 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_CNRS edited by nicolasmartin
16:16 Changeset [5940] by rfurner
Branch to contain surge modellign code, updated to vn3.6_stable
15:57 Changeset [5939] by jpalmier
JPALM --27-11-2015 -- MEDUSA-TOP debugg in MEDUSA iom_use adapt
15:40 Ticket #1631 (Merge Trusting branch into trunk prior MP2015) closed by nicolasmartin
15:38 Changeset [5938] by mathiot
ticket #1634: correction of hmlp
13:58 Changeset [5937] by jpalmier
JPALM --27-11-2015 -- MEDUSA-TOP debugg in MEDUSA iom_use adapt
12:01 Changeset [5936] by nicolasmartin
Merge dev_r5092_CNRS18_TRUST onto the trunk: add new tool Trusting (ie …
11:01 Changeset [5935] by nicolasmartin
dev_r5092_CNRS18_TRUST Last commit before the merge onto the trunk
10:23 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by matthieu.chevallier


21:22 Changeset [5934] by nicolasmartin
dev_r5092_CNRS18_TRUST Last commits before merging to trunk
21:09 Changeset [5933] by nicolasmartin
dev_r5092_CNRS18_TRUST Last commits before merging to trunk
18:25 Changeset [5932] by mathiot
ice sheet coupling: cosmetic changes + rm duplicate sanity check on isf …
17:28 Changeset [5931] by jpalmier
JPALM --26-11-2015 -- Update MEDUSA diagnostics with iom_use
17:07 Changeset [5930] by jchanut
#1620 Merge free surface simplification into trunk
16:55 Changeset [5929] by nicolasmartin
dev_r5092_CNRS18_TRUST Last commits before merging to trunk
14:06 Changeset [5928] by cetlod
NEMO-XIOS2 : XIOS1 by default
12:23 Changeset [5927] by jchanut
FS simplification: Insert changes related to #1638, #1625 + C1D …
11:37 Ticket #1638 (C1D_PAPA: correct chlorophyll data name in namelist_cfg) closed by jchanut
fixed: NEMO_3_6_STABLE: revision 5925 trunk: revision 5926
11:30 Changeset [5926] by jchanut
11:23 Changeset [5925] by jchanut
11:20 Ticket #1638 (C1D_PAPA: correct chlorophyll data name in namelist_cfg) created by jchanut
Chlorophyll file name in INPUTS_c1d_PAPA_v3.6.tar is …
11:20 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
11:19 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
11:15 Changeset [5924] by jcastill
Add sea surface height to the list of fields that can be passed to waves …
10:42 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
10:31 Ticket #1637 (Mismatching units in new contributions to qns in sbcblk_core.F90) closed by gm
invalid: Historically ocean and ice models always use Celsius , not Kelvin. All …


18:53 Ticket #1637 (Mismatching units in new contributions to qns in sbcblk_core.F90) created by royf3
In sbcblk_core.F90 I think there are errors in these new contributions to …
18:51 Ticket #1636 ("Now" bottom tracer gradients in later diffusion with zps ?) created by jchanut
The actual step is pretty hard to follow. It seems that, at least with …
18:46 Changeset [5923] by cetlod
NEMO-XIOS2 : 1st implementation of the 2 versions of XIOS ; work done A. …
18:37 Changeset [5922] by cetlod
Create a new branch from the 3.6 stable for XIOS2 implementation in NEMO, …
18:34 Ticket #1635 (New branch for XIOS-2 implementation in NEMO) created by cetlod
18:32 Ticket #1634 (wrong diagnostic of the mixed layer depth) created by cetlod
The mixed layer depth diagnosed by the model ( hmlp variable ) is …
18:13 Changeset [5921] by mathiot
ISF: modification of how we compute contribution to hpg of the first half …
17:58 Changeset [5920] by mathiot
ice sheet coupling: add treshold to define grounded area, remove useless …
15:38 2015WP/2015SharedActions edited by jchanut
15:28 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by jchanut
15:25 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by jchanut
12:24 Changeset [5919] by jchanut
#1625: Provide correct ice bdy data filename if non climatological
12:18 Changeset [5918] by jchanut
#1625: Provide correct ice bdy data filename if non climatological
12:01 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
11:13 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by jchanut
11:03 Changeset [5917] by jchanut
Free surface simplification #1620. Step 4 (Final): add Gurvan's …
09:49 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by clevy


18:55 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by jchanut
18:53 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by jchanut
18:34 Changeset [5916] by acc
Branch dev_r5836_NOC3_vvl_by_default. Changes to ensure successful SETTE …
15:35 Changeset [5915] by rfurner
bug fix to previous commit!
15:18 Changeset [5914] by rfurner
pulled over bug fix from trunk, see nemo ticket #1633
14:57 Changeset [5913] by jchanut
Correct time arguments for tidal forcing, ticket #1633
14:42 Changeset [5912] by jchanut
Correct time arguments for tidal forcing, ticket #1633
12:31 Ticket #1633 (Wrong time stamp in tidal forcing update) created by jchanut
There are several bugs in the update of tidal forcing in sub barotropic …
12:03 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by rmsadek
10:25 ticket/1590 edited by davestorkey
10:18 Changeset [5911] by davestorkey
UKMO/icebergs_restart_single_file branch: Add rebuild script and comment.


17:00 ticket/1590 edited by davestorkey
16:58 ticket/1590 edited by davestorkey
16:06 Changeset [5910] by mathiot
ISF: add compatibility with time splitting
14:58 ticket/1590 edited by davestorkey
14:54 ticket/1590 created by davestorkey
12:28 Changeset [5909] by jchanut
wrong array name
12:24 Changeset [5908] by jchanut
Move lbclk else unreproductible results with ln_dynvor_een=T and …
12:23 Changeset [5907] by jchanut
Move lbclk else unreproductible results with ln_dynvor_een=T and …
11:43 Changeset [5906] by jchanut
correct wrong place for updating scale factors with time splitting
11:03 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by biastoch


15:30 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by gm


17:59 Changeset [5905] by mathiot
ISF: based on N. Jourdain comments, compute fwf from potential temp …
16:40 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by gm
15:54 Changeset [5904] by acc
Branch 2015/dev_r5836_NOC3_vvl_by_default. Correct logical statement in …
11:22 Changeset [5903] by jcastill
Made coupled current passed to wave independent of currents passed to …
11:09 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by jchanut
11:08 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by jchanut
11:06 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by jchanut
11:05 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by jchanut
11:03 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by jchanut
11:01 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by jchanut
10:58 Changeset [5902] by jchanut
Free surface simplification #1620. Step 3: Step readibility, suppress cpp …
10:26 2016WP/MERCATOR_2016 edited by cbricaud
09:39 Changeset [5901] by jamesharle
merging branch with head of the trunk


22:41 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by hthewitt
22:17 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by hthewitt
22:15 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by hthewitt
22:12 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by hthewitt
17:13 Changeset [5900] by jcastill
Properly remove the atmosphere dependency of the current to wave coupled …
15:55 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by jchanut
15:54 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by jchanut
15:52 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by cetlod
13:21 Changeset [5899] by emanuelaclementi
ticket 1632 Add in changes from the 2014/dev_4822_INGV_WAVE branch
12:48 Changeset [5898] by emanuelaclementi
ticket 1632 create /branches/2015/dev_5894_INGV_WAVE as copy of the trunk …


18:43 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by jchanut
18:16 Changeset [5897] by emanuelaclementi
delete branches/2015/dev_5894_INGV_WAVE/
17:17 Changeset [5896] by emanuelaclementi
ticket 1632 create /branches/2015/dev_5894_INGV_WAVE
17:05 Changeset [5895] by kuniko
Made treatment of river mouth grids consistent in nn_flxadjfw 1&2.
16:58 Ticket #1632 (create /branches/2015/dev_5894_INGV_WAVE) created by emanuelaclementi
This branch was created in 2014 (dev_r4822_INGV_WAVE). It is now moved to …
15:11 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by omamce
14:59 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by omamce
12:09 Changeset [5894] by cetlod
v3.4 stable : update some files for IPSL runtime environment


17:55 Changeset [5893] by jcastill
Remove the dependency of UM when transferring currents to the wave model
17:41 Changeset [5892] by acc
Branch 2015/dev_r5836_NOC3_vvl_by_default. Remove references to deleted …
12:31 Ticket #1631 (Merge Trusting branch into trunk prior MP2015) created by nicolasmartin
As we plan to present this new continuous integration tool at the very …
11:15 Changeset [5891] by jamesharle
bugfix in bdy_interp
10:03 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by aurore.voldoire
10:02 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by aurore.voldoire


14:31 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by puotila
14:00 ticket/1629_v3.6_stable_DOC edited by gm
14:00 ticket/1629_v3.6_stable_DOC edited by gm
13:56 ticket/1629_v3.6_stable_DOC edited by gm
13:54 Changeset [5890] by gm
#1629 - v3.6 stable DOC : update DOC/Namelist + addition of a script (see …
13:06 Ticket #1630 (Strange sea-ice albedo for ice with little melting snow on top) created by ufla
Forwarding this on behalf of my colleague Klaus Wyser who deserves the …
12:44 ticket/1629_v3.6_stable_DOC created by gm
12:15 Ticket #1629 (Documentation of v3.6 STABLE) created by gm
The documentation of the v3.6_STABLE is out-of-date. This concern both …
09:01 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by deshayes


18:53 Ticket #1628 (bug when key_mpp_mpi is not active) created by clem
Multiple communications (lbc_lnk_multi) have not been coded when …
17:58 Changeset [5889] by kuniko
Incorporated flux adjustment. Job compiles and runs.
17:47 Changeset [5888] by clem
only cleaning of unused or misused variables
17:45 Changeset [5887] by clem
debug. BDY sea ice is implemented only on the outermost grid point …
13:03 Changeset [5886] by jgraham
Removed keywords
12:54 Changeset [5885] by jgraham
Temporary AMM15 test branch. Prevent vertical interp of initial T/S on …
12:44 Ticket #1627 (Testing branch for AMM15) created by jgraham
Prevent interpolation over depth when reading initial T/S for s-coord. …
10:51 Changeset [5884] by jcastill
Fix coupling without atmosphere and without diurnal cycle of solar forcing
08:03 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
08:01 Changeset [5883] by gm
#1613: vvl by default: TRA/TRC remove optimization associated with linear …


17:28 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by matthieu.chevallier
17:16 Changeset [5882] by davestorkey
UKMO/icebergs_restart_single_file : move iom_close statement.
17:08 Changeset [5881] by timgraham
Added sbcflx_adj and call to it from sbcmod
17:06 Changeset [5880] by timgraham
Clear svn keywords
16:44 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by laurent
15:56 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by clevy
15:52 Changeset [5879] by davestorkey
UKMO icebergs_single_restart_branch: Bug fixes. This version of the code …
14:02 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by clevy
12:07 ticket/1441 created by lovato
12:04 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by flavoni
12:03 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by clevy
12:02 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by flavoni
11:46 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by flavoni
10:49 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by clem
10:40 2016WP/MERCATOR_2016 edited by cbricaud
10:30 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
10:14 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by timgraham
10:13 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm


19:11 Changeset [5878] by deazer
Adds simple ramp of diffusion coefficient in BDY rim using TANH weighting
18:19 Changeset [5877] by acc
Branch 2015/dev_r5803_NOC_WAD. Some minor code tidying. No functional …
17:34 ticket/1430_WETTING_AND_DRYING edited by acc
17:27 ticket/1430_WETTING_AND_DRYING created by acc
17:09 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by cetlod
17:08 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by cetlod
17:06 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by cetlod
16:57 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by cetlod
15:37 2016WP/NOC_2016 edited by acc
14:08 Changeset [5876] by deazer
Remove svn keywords
13:49 Changeset [5875] by deazer
Temporary CO6/7 UKMO/NOC Collab. branch to allow extra diffusion near bdy
12:47 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by cetlod
12:37 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by cetlod
12:32 Ticket #1626 (Add branch to allow sponge layer) created by deazer
High (1.5km) resolution regional models appear to require additional …
12:16 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by cetlod
11:43 2016WP/NOC_2016 edited by acc
10:21 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_INGV edited by emanuelaclementi
10:16 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by emanuelaclementi
10:15 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by emanuelaclementi
10:12 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by emanuelaclementi
09:09 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm


18:35 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by acc
18:33 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by acc
18:13 2016WP/MERCATOR_2016 edited by cbricaud
18:07 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by cbricaud
18:04 2016WP/MERCATOR_2016 edited by cbricaud
17:29 2015WP/2015SharedActions edited by jchanut
17:12 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by jchanut
16:56 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by jchanut
16:55 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
16:48 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
16:42 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by diovino
16:35 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by diovino
15:58 Changeset [5874] by antsia
move branch from a wrong place
15:20 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by timgraham
15:17 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by timgraham
15:16 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by timgraham
15:11 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by timgraham
15:00 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by timgraham
12:30 Ticket #1625 (Bug with BDY and ice model if non-climatological ice bdy data) created by jchanut
During initialization phase in bdydta, an ice open boundary data file is …
10:53 2014WP/ticket/1310 edited by djlea
10:40 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by clevy
10:39 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by clevy
10:38 2014WP/ticket/1310 edited by djlea
10:17 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by clevy
10:15 Ticket #1148 (UKMO developments of OBS and ASM) closed by djlea
fixed: This all went in a while ago
10:10 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by clevy
10:09 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by clevy
09:56 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by clevy
09:53 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by clevy
09:50 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by clevy
09:49 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by clevy
09:45 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by clevy
09:42 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by clevy
09:26 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by clevy
09:24 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
09:18 2016WP edited by clevy
09:14 2016WP edited by clevy
09:14 2016WP edited by clevy
09:13 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by clevy
09:10 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 created by clevy
07:36 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
07:28 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm


20:22 Changeset [5873] by antsia
increase lateral friction on Lombok strait for a testing of standard …
19:20 Changeset [5872] by djlea
Fixes to enable restartability for runs of less than one day.
19:02 Changeset [5871] by antsia
A branch to edit lateral friction
18:33 Changeset [5870] by acc
Branch 2015/dev_r5803_NOC_WAD. Merge in trunk changes from 5803 to 5869 in …
14:34 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by jchanut
11:51 Changeset [5869] by jchanut
Free surface simplification #1620. Step 2: suppress implicit pressure …


19:34 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION created by jchanut
19:07 Changeset [5868] by jchanut
Free surface simplification #1620. Step 1: suppress filtered free surface
18:57 Changeset [5867] by jchanut
Merge dvt branch with Gurvan's trunk changes at revision 5861
11:44 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
11:42 Changeset [5866] by gm
#1613: vvl by default: add ln_linssh and remove key_vvl
09:24 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
09:21 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm


17:54 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
17:53 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
17:53 Changeset [5865] by davestorkey
IOM-inification of reading of iceberg restarts.
17:38 Changeset [5864] by gm
#1613: vvl by default: use r1_e1 instead of 1 / e1 in dynhpg.F90
16:52 ticket/1586/Review edited by stortignauz
16:24 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
16:21 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
16:19 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
16:18 Changeset [5863] by gm
#1613: vvl by default: non-vvl OK thanks to error correction in mask in …
15:05 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
15:04 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
15:03 Changeset [5862] by gm
#1613: vvl by default: non-vvl: initialize _b,n,a scale factors with _0 …
14:21 Ticket #1624 (Detecting NaN values in NEMO) created by joakim
NEMO checks for unrealistically high velocities and negative surface …
12:59 Changeset [5861] by gm
#1612 : correct a bug in dynldf_lap_blp in vvl case: forgot en e3t_b
12:53 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
12:39 Ticket #1623 (No volume conservation for BDY with vvl and dynspg_ts) created by joakim
The namelist parameter ln_vol under nambdy activates a correction so that …
11:53 Changeset [5860] by gm
#1612 : correct a bug in dynldf_lap_blp in vvl case and a minor bug in …
11:12 Changeset [5859] by jwhile
Added DIU chapter to documentation
10:45 Ticket #1622 (vovvldep and vovvle3t not in output.abort output in diawri.F90) created by joakim
NEMO 3.6 does not output cell depth and thickness in the output.abort …


16:08 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v3.6 edited by cetlod
14:51 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v3.6 edited by flavoni
14:41 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v3.6 edited by flavoni
14:35 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v3.6 edited by flavoni
14:31 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v3.6 edited by flavoni
14:25 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v3.6 edited by cetlod
14:23 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v3.6 edited by flavoni
14:21 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v3.6 edited by cetlod
14:15 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v3.6 edited by flavoni
14:13 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v3.6 edited by cetlod
13:44 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v3.6 edited by cetlod


16:05 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
13:38 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
13:32 Changeset [5858] by gm
#1613: vvl by default: small bug correction
11:51 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v3.6/config.card_description edited by flavoni


18:28 Changeset [5857] by jenniewaters
Removing global arrays when ln_grid_global=.false.
15:15 Changeset [5856] by jcastill
The Surface stress wind is only received from atmosphere if specified in …
15:14 Ticket #1621 (Avoid receiving the surface stress wind from UM by default whtn in coupled ...) closed by jcastill
fixed: Might be further changes will be needed in the future. This is the first …
14:19 Changeset [5855] by jcastill
Clearing SVN keywords
13:28 Changeset [5854] by jcastill
ticket #1621: remove UM coupling dependency
13:23 Ticket #1621 (Avoid receiving the surface stress wind from UM by default whtn in coupled ...) created by jcastill
This branch is needed to couple NEMO without UM being present, as the …
13:18 Changeset [5853] by jcastill
Changing from old style function cpl_prism_snd to new style cpl_snd
13:16 Ticket #1609 (Branch for coupling changes to allow mslp to be received from UKV for use ...) closed by jcastill
13:14 Ticket #1619 (Branch to provide coupling with WaveWatchIII) closed by jcastill
fixed: The revision used should be the @5847. Revision @5851 merges the mslp …
12:50 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v3.6/config.card_description edited by flavoni
12:42 Changeset [5852] by davestorkey
UKMO/icebergs_restart_single_file branch : remove SVN keywords
12:39 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v3.6/list_of_possible_errors edited by flavoni
12:37 Changeset [5851] by jcastill
Merge with mslp branch to allow merge without conflicts
12:33 Changeset [5850] by davestorkey
ticket #1590
12:19 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v3.6 edited by flavoni
11:52 Ticket #1620 (SIMPLIF-2 / MERCATOR-9: Suppression of solvers) created by jchanut
Suppress filtered in favor of split-explicit free surface …
11:35 Changeset [5849] by jcastill
Changes to allow merging with mslp branch
11:29 Changeset [5848] by cbricaud
create branch from trunk rev 5847 for MERCATOR-9/SIMPLIFIOCATION2 task ( …
11:25 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v3.6/config.card_description edited by flavoni
11:23 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v3.6/config.card_description edited by flavoni
11:20 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v3.6/config.card_description edited by flavoni
10:43 Changeset [5847] by jcastill
Removing key_ww3
10:42 Changeset [5846] by jcastill
Changes as in vn3.4_WWIII/vn3.4_ww3_coupling
10:40 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v3.6 edited by flavoni
10:34 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v3.6 edited by flavoni
10:30 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v3.6 edited by flavoni


11:03 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm


09:40 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
09:27 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
09:11 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
09:10 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
09:05 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
08:40 Changeset [5845] by gm
#1613: vvl by default: suppression of domzgr_substitute.h90
08:05 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
07:52 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
07:35 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
07:30 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
07:08 ticket/1593_CNRS9_NOC3_LDF edited by gm
06:56 ticket/1593_CNRS9_NOC3_LDF edited by gm
06:42 ticket/1593_CNRS9_NOC3_LDF edited by gm
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