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19:59 Changeset [6007] by nicolasmartin
dev_r5092_CNRS18_TRUST Reactivate MLE parameterization by default in …
17:56 Changeset [6006] by mathiot
Merged ice sheet coupling branch
17:22 Changeset [6005] by timgraham
Merged diurnal sst branch
17:11 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
17:05 Changeset [6004] by gm
#1613: vvl by default, step III: Merge with the trunk (free surface …
17:03 Changeset [6003] by timgraham
Fixes from last merge
16:43 Changeset [6002] by mathiot
ice sheet cpl: update documentation
16:39 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
15:56 Changeset [6001] by mathiot
ice sheet coupling: update namelist file in doc
15:42 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
15:37 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
15:02 Ticket #1648 (Remove useless bmask after free surface simplification) created by jchanut
I forgot this in the removal of filtered free surface (#1620). Just to …
12:04 Changeset [6000] by timgraham
Adding the files from previous commit back in
12:02 Changeset [5999] by timgraham
Intermediate commit to change the type of these files (symbolic links to …
11:56 Changeset [5998] by timgraham
Merge in changes from OBS simplification branch …


18:43 WorkingGroups/HPC edited by mike.bell
17:04 Changeset [5997] by timgraham
Merged branches/2014/dev_r4650_UKMO7_STARTHOUR into branch
16:25 Changeset [5996] by kingr
Create a specific branch for generalised vertical coordinate observation …
15:51 Changeset [5995] by timgraham
Add in ln_cfmeta (missed out in merge with trunk)
14:58 Changeset [5994] by timgraham
Added rx1 to output file as requested by reviewer
14:55 Changeset [5993] by timgraham
Applied changes as suggested by reviewer
12:16 Ticket #1647 (GYRE_XIOS config) created by mathiot
I am unable to run GYRE_XIOS with the SETTE test with the trunk at the …
12:16 Changeset [5992] by timgraham
Merged branches/2014/dev_r4650_UKMO14.5_SST_BIAS_CORRECTION into branch
12:05 Changeset [5991] by cbricaud
correction of comments in limistate
11:49 ticket/1455/Review edited by clem
11:44 Ticket #1646 (pit falls of choosing parameters in the F-S sigma code) created by jamesharle
Having had a look at the NOCL set up of a high resolution AMM60 …
11:24 Changeset [5990] by timgraham
Another bugfix
11:14 ticket/1455/Review created by cbricaud
11:11 ticket/1455 edited by cbricaud
11:03 ticket/1455 created by cbricaud
09:10 Changeset [5989] by deazer
Merging TMB and 25h diagnostics to head of trunk added brief documentation


19:23 Changeset [5988] by nicolasmartin
dev_r5092_CNRS18_TRUST Bug correction & updating trusting namelists
18:00 Changeset [5987] by timgraham
Merged head of trunk (r5936) into branch
17:50 Changeset [5986] by davestorkey
UKMO/icebergs_restart_single_file branch: tidy up.
17:47 Changeset [5985] by timgraham
Reinstate keywords before upgrading to head of trunk
17:45 Changeset [5984] by timgraham
Clear svn keywords to allow use with fcm make
17:12 Changeset [5983] by emanuelaclementi
ticket #1643 Aligned branch INGV1-WAVE at trunk revision 5936
17:10 Ticket #1645 (river coupling with BFM does not work in v3_6_STABLE) created by vichi
The multiplicative factor for runoff is used in the BFM to compute the …
16:50 Changeset [5982] by jpalmier
JPALM --02-12-2015-- iom-use debugg
16:45 Ticket #1644 (Few bugs in Trusting process) created by nicolasmartin
No automatic conflict resolution when updating the working copy of NEMO => …
16:44 Changeset [5981] by emanuelaclementi
ticket #1643 Step 1: Created dev_r5936_INGV1_WAVE 2015 merge branch
16:38 Ticket #1643 (Align branch 2014/dev_r4822_INGV_WAVE to the trunk revision 5936) created by emanuelaclementi
Align branch 2014/dev_r4822_INGV_WAVE to the trunk revision 5936. This …
16:20 Changeset [5980] by timgraham
Upgraded to v3.6 revision of trunk (r5518)
14:59 Changeset [5979] by timgraham
Bug fixes following last merge
13:33 Changeset [5978] by jpalmier
JPALM --02-12-2015-- iom-use debugg - move trcnam_iom_medusa call in …
13:23 Changeset [5977] by timgraham
Revert changes to as agreed with reviewer
12:46 Changeset [5976] by cbricaud
code and namelist changes for ticket #1455: enable LIM3 initialisation …
12:22 Changeset [5975] by cbricaud
create branche for 2015 MERCATOR-10 task:"enable LIM3 initialisation with …
11:52 Changeset [5974] by timgraham
Upgrade to head of trunk (r5936)
11:27 Ticket #1642 (Generalised vertical coordinate observation operator) created by kingr
GO6 has introduced a variable volume layer (VVL). To properly calculate …
10:54 Changeset [5973] by timgraham
Deleted accidental copy of trunk from inside branch
09:52 Changeset [5972] by timgraham
Upgraded to head of trunk (r5936)
09:47 Changeset [5971] by davestorkey
UKMO/products_diagnostics branch: implement new diagnostics.


20:31 Changeset [5970] by mathiot
ISF: minor change to run ISOMIP with 2nd order COMPACT scheme
18:17 Changeset [5969] by mathiot
ISF: modifications to compile and run SETTE tests
17:42 Changeset [5968] by acc
Branch dev_NOC_merge_2015. Create branch for the merging of NOC 2015 …
16:52 Changeset [5967] by timgraham
Reset keywords before merging with head of trunk
16:50 Changeset [5966] by timgraham
Removed svn keywords for use with fcm make at v3.6
16:35 Changeset [5965] by timgraham
Upgraded branch to r5518 of trunk (v3.6 stable revision)
16:09 Changeset [5964] by mathiot
ice sheet cpl: modifications to compile and run SETTE test
16:06 Changeset [5963] by timgraham
Merged branches/2014/dev_r4650_UKMO14.4_OBS_GENERAL_VINTERP into branch
12:53 Changeset [5962] by davestorkey
UKMO/product_diagnostics branch : remove SVN keywords
12:37 Changeset [5961] by davestorkey
UKMO/antarctic_partial_slip branch: commit code change.
11:31 Changeset [5960] by timgraham
Merged in changes from /branches/2014/dev_r4650_UKMO12_CFL_diags_take2
11:29 ticket/1495/Review edited by njourdain
11:27 ticket/1611/Review edited by njourdain
11:19 Changeset [5959] by davestorkey
Temporary branch to implement product diagnostics such at u*T for the …
11:13 ticket/1611/Review edited by njourdain
10:54 ticket/1495/Review edited by njourdain
10:48 ticket/1495/Review edited by njourdain
10:43 ticket/1495/Review edited by njourdain
10:39 Changeset [5958] by davestorkey
UKMO/antarctica_partial_slip branch: remove SVN keywords.
10:22 Changeset [5957] by davestorkey
Branch to implement a partial slip condition around the coastline of …


20:55 Changeset [5956] by mathiot
ISF : merged trunk (5936) into branch
17:51 ticket/1464 edited by jenniewaters
17:49 ticket/1464 edited by jenniewaters
17:44 ticket/1464 edited by jenniewaters
17:43 Changeset [5955] by mathiot
ice sheet coupling: merged in head of trunk (r5936)
16:35 ticket/1464 edited by jenniewaters
16:28 ticket/1464 edited by jenniewaters
15:53 ticket/1464 edited by jenniewaters
15:47 ticket/1464 edited by jenniewaters
15:04 Changeset [5954] by rfurner
added surge code from 2014_Surge_Modelling branch
13:41 Changeset [5953] by mathiot
ISF: minor changes before merge
13:16 Changeset [5952] by mathiot
ice sheet coupling: minor changes before merge
12:48 Changeset [5951] by timgraham
Merged trunk r5936 into branch
12:40 Changeset [5950] by timgraham
Reinstated Id keyword before merging
12:15 Changeset [5949] by timgraham
Minor correction in step.F90
11:47 Changeset [5948] by timgraham
Merged in head of trunk (r5936)
11:12 Changeset [5947] by timgraham
Reinstate svn Id keywords before merge
10:14 Changeset [5946] by timgraham
Branch for merge of Met Office developments


20:44 Changeset [5945] by mathiot
ice sheet coupling: changes based on reviewer comments
20:28 Changeset [5944] by mathiot
ISF: change related to reviewers comments


11:34 Ticket #1641 (Small Bug in AGRIF (agrif_opa_interp.F90)) created by gm
In agrif_opa_interp, I think the subroutine interpun and interpvn has 2 …
10:38 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm


17:49 Changeset [5943] by jenniewaters
Fix to get the agrif tests to work.
17:35 Changeset [5942] by rfurner
merged bug fixes from vn3.6_stable to this branch
16:57 Changeset [5941] by jpalmier
JPALM --27-11-2015 -- MEDUSA-TOP debugg X3 in MEDUSA iom_use adapt
16:54 Ticket #1640 (Wiki page for Trusting) created by nicolasmartin
16:51 Ticket #1639 (Reactivate Trusting on trunk prior MP2015) created by nicolasmartin
All the trusting lights have turned red since the merge of the …
16:35 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_CNRS edited by nicolasmartin
16:16 Changeset [5940] by rfurner
Branch to contain surge modellign code, updated to vn3.6_stable
15:57 Changeset [5939] by jpalmier
JPALM --27-11-2015 -- MEDUSA-TOP debugg in MEDUSA iom_use adapt
15:40 Ticket #1631 (Merge Trusting branch into trunk prior MP2015) closed by nicolasmartin
15:38 Changeset [5938] by mathiot
ticket #1634: correction of hmlp
13:58 Changeset [5937] by jpalmier
JPALM --27-11-2015 -- MEDUSA-TOP debugg in MEDUSA iom_use adapt
12:01 Changeset [5936] by nicolasmartin
Merge dev_r5092_CNRS18_TRUST onto the trunk: add new tool Trusting (ie …
11:01 Changeset [5935] by nicolasmartin
dev_r5092_CNRS18_TRUST Last commit before the merge onto the trunk
10:23 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by matthieu.chevallier


21:22 Changeset [5934] by nicolasmartin
dev_r5092_CNRS18_TRUST Last commits before merging to trunk
21:09 Changeset [5933] by nicolasmartin
dev_r5092_CNRS18_TRUST Last commits before merging to trunk
18:25 Changeset [5932] by mathiot
ice sheet coupling: cosmetic changes + rm duplicate sanity check on isf …
17:28 Changeset [5931] by jpalmier
JPALM --26-11-2015 -- Update MEDUSA diagnostics with iom_use
17:07 Changeset [5930] by jchanut
#1620 Merge free surface simplification into trunk
16:55 Changeset [5929] by nicolasmartin
dev_r5092_CNRS18_TRUST Last commits before merging to trunk
14:06 Changeset [5928] by cetlod
NEMO-XIOS2 : XIOS1 by default
12:23 Changeset [5927] by jchanut
FS simplification: Insert changes related to #1638, #1625 + C1D …
11:37 Ticket #1638 (C1D_PAPA: correct chlorophyll data name in namelist_cfg) closed by jchanut
fixed: NEMO_3_6_STABLE: revision 5925 trunk: revision 5926
11:30 Changeset [5926] by jchanut
11:23 Changeset [5925] by jchanut
11:20 Ticket #1638 (C1D_PAPA: correct chlorophyll data name in namelist_cfg) created by jchanut
Chlorophyll file name in INPUTS_c1d_PAPA_v3.6.tar is …
11:20 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
11:19 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
11:15 Changeset [5924] by jcastill
Add sea surface height to the list of fields that can be passed to waves …
10:42 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
10:31 Ticket #1637 (Mismatching units in new contributions to qns in sbcblk_core.F90) closed by gm
invalid: Historically ocean and ice models always use Celsius , not Kelvin. All …


18:53 Ticket #1637 (Mismatching units in new contributions to qns in sbcblk_core.F90) created by royf3
In sbcblk_core.F90 I think there are errors in these new contributions to …
18:51 Ticket #1636 ("Now" bottom tracer gradients in later diffusion with zps ?) created by jchanut
The actual step is pretty hard to follow. It seems that, at least with …
18:46 Changeset [5923] by cetlod
NEMO-XIOS2 : 1st implementation of the 2 versions of XIOS ; work done A. …
18:37 Changeset [5922] by cetlod
Create a new branch from the 3.6 stable for XIOS2 implementation in NEMO, …
18:34 Ticket #1635 (New branch for XIOS-2 implementation in NEMO) created by cetlod
18:32 Ticket #1634 (wrong diagnostic of the mixed layer depth) created by cetlod
The mixed layer depth diagnosed by the model ( hmlp variable ) is …
18:13 Changeset [5921] by mathiot
ISF: modification of how we compute contribution to hpg of the first half …
17:58 Changeset [5920] by mathiot
ice sheet coupling: add treshold to define grounded area, remove useless …
15:38 2015WP/2015SharedActions edited by jchanut
15:28 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by jchanut
15:25 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_MERCATOR edited by jchanut
12:24 Changeset [5919] by jchanut
#1625: Provide correct ice bdy data filename if non climatological
12:18 Changeset [5918] by jchanut
#1625: Provide correct ice bdy data filename if non climatological
12:01 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
11:13 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by jchanut
11:03 Changeset [5917] by jchanut
Free surface simplification #1620. Step 4 (Final): add Gurvan's …
09:49 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by clevy


18:55 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by jchanut
18:53 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by jchanut
18:34 Changeset [5916] by acc
Branch dev_r5836_NOC3_vvl_by_default. Changes to ensure successful SETTE …
15:35 Changeset [5915] by rfurner
bug fix to previous commit!
15:18 Changeset [5914] by rfurner
pulled over bug fix from trunk, see nemo ticket #1633
14:57 Changeset [5913] by jchanut
Correct time arguments for tidal forcing, ticket #1633
14:42 Changeset [5912] by jchanut
Correct time arguments for tidal forcing, ticket #1633
12:31 Ticket #1633 (Wrong time stamp in tidal forcing update) created by jchanut
There are several bugs in the update of tidal forcing in sub barotropic …
12:03 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by rmsadek
10:25 ticket/1590 edited by davestorkey
10:18 Changeset [5911] by davestorkey
UKMO/icebergs_restart_single_file branch: Add rebuild script and comment.


17:00 ticket/1590 edited by davestorkey
16:58 ticket/1590 edited by davestorkey
16:06 Changeset [5910] by mathiot
ISF: add compatibility with time splitting
14:58 ticket/1590 edited by davestorkey
14:54 ticket/1590 created by davestorkey
12:28 Changeset [5909] by jchanut
wrong array name
12:24 Changeset [5908] by jchanut
Move lbclk else unreproductible results with ln_dynvor_een=T and …
12:23 Changeset [5907] by jchanut
Move lbclk else unreproductible results with ln_dynvor_een=T and …
11:43 Changeset [5906] by jchanut
correct wrong place for updating scale factors with time splitting
11:03 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by biastoch


15:30 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by gm


17:59 Changeset [5905] by mathiot
ISF: based on N. Jourdain comments, compute fwf from potential temp …
16:40 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by gm
15:54 Changeset [5904] by acc
Branch 2015/dev_r5836_NOC3_vvl_by_default. Correct logical statement in …
11:22 Changeset [5903] by jcastill
Made coupled current passed to wave independent of currents passed to …
11:09 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by jchanut
11:08 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by jchanut
11:06 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by jchanut
11:05 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by jchanut
11:03 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by jchanut
11:01 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by jchanut
10:58 Changeset [5902] by jchanut
Free surface simplification #1620. Step 3: Step readibility, suppress cpp …
10:26 2016WP/MERCATOR_2016 edited by cbricaud
09:39 Changeset [5901] by jamesharle
merging branch with head of the trunk


22:41 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by hthewitt
22:17 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by hthewitt
22:15 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by hthewitt
22:12 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by hthewitt
17:13 Changeset [5900] by jcastill
Properly remove the atmosphere dependency of the current to wave coupled …
15:55 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by jchanut
15:54 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by jchanut
15:52 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by cetlod
13:21 Changeset [5899] by emanuelaclementi
ticket 1632 Add in changes from the 2014/dev_4822_INGV_WAVE branch
12:48 Changeset [5898] by emanuelaclementi
ticket 1632 create /branches/2015/dev_5894_INGV_WAVE as copy of the trunk …


18:43 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by jchanut
18:16 Changeset [5897] by emanuelaclementi
delete branches/2015/dev_5894_INGV_WAVE/
17:17 Changeset [5896] by emanuelaclementi
ticket 1632 create /branches/2015/dev_5894_INGV_WAVE
17:05 Changeset [5895] by kuniko
Made treatment of river mouth grids consistent in nn_flxadjfw 1&2.
16:58 Ticket #1632 (create /branches/2015/dev_5894_INGV_WAVE) created by emanuelaclementi
This branch was created in 2014 (dev_r4822_INGV_WAVE). It is now moved to …
15:11 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by omamce
14:59 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by omamce
12:09 Changeset [5894] by cetlod
v3.4 stable : update some files for IPSL runtime environment


17:55 Changeset [5893] by jcastill
Remove the dependency of UM when transferring currents to the wave model
17:41 Changeset [5892] by acc
Branch 2015/dev_r5836_NOC3_vvl_by_default. Remove references to deleted …
12:31 Ticket #1631 (Merge Trusting branch into trunk prior MP2015) created by nicolasmartin
As we plan to present this new continuous integration tool at the very …
11:15 Changeset [5891] by jamesharle
bugfix in bdy_interp
10:03 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by aurore.voldoire
10:02 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by aurore.voldoire


14:31 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by puotila
14:00 ticket/1629_v3.6_stable_DOC edited by gm
14:00 ticket/1629_v3.6_stable_DOC edited by gm
13:56 ticket/1629_v3.6_stable_DOC edited by gm
13:54 Changeset [5890] by gm
#1629 - v3.6 stable DOC : update DOC/Namelist + addition of a script (see …
13:06 Ticket #1630 (Strange sea-ice albedo for ice with little melting snow on top) created by ufla
Forwarding this on behalf of my colleague Klaus Wyser who deserves the …
12:44 ticket/1629_v3.6_stable_DOC created by gm
12:15 Ticket #1629 (Documentation of v3.6 STABLE) created by gm
The documentation of the v3.6_STABLE is out-of-date. This concern both …
09:01 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by deshayes


18:53 Ticket #1628 (bug when key_mpp_mpi is not active) created by clem
Multiple communications (lbc_lnk_multi) have not been coded when …
17:58 Changeset [5889] by kuniko
Incorporated flux adjustment. Job compiles and runs.
17:47 Changeset [5888] by clem
only cleaning of unused or misused variables
17:45 Changeset [5887] by clem
debug. BDY sea ice is implemented only on the outermost grid point …
13:03 Changeset [5886] by jgraham
Removed keywords
12:54 Changeset [5885] by jgraham
Temporary AMM15 test branch. Prevent vertical interp of initial T/S on …
12:44 Ticket #1627 (Testing branch for AMM15) created by jgraham
Prevent interpolation over depth when reading initial T/S for s-coord. …
10:51 Changeset [5884] by jcastill
Fix coupling without atmosphere and without diurnal cycle of solar forcing
08:03 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
08:01 Changeset [5883] by gm
#1613: vvl by default: TRA/TRC remove optimization associated with linear …


17:28 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by matthieu.chevallier
17:16 Changeset [5882] by davestorkey
UKMO/icebergs_restart_single_file : move iom_close statement.
17:08 Changeset [5881] by timgraham
Added sbcflx_adj and call to it from sbcmod
17:06 Changeset [5880] by timgraham
Clear svn keywords
16:44 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by laurent
15:56 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by clevy
15:52 Changeset [5879] by davestorkey
UKMO icebergs_single_restart_branch: Bug fixes. This version of the code …
14:02 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by clevy
12:07 ticket/1441 created by lovato
12:04 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by flavoni
12:03 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by clevy
12:02 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by flavoni
11:46 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by flavoni
10:49 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by clem
10:40 2016WP/MERCATOR_2016 edited by cbricaud
10:30 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
10:14 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by timgraham
10:13 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm


19:11 Changeset [5878] by deazer
Adds simple ramp of diffusion coefficient in BDY rim using TANH weighting
18:19 Changeset [5877] by acc
Branch 2015/dev_r5803_NOC_WAD. Some minor code tidying. No functional …
17:34 ticket/1430_WETTING_AND_DRYING edited by acc
17:27 ticket/1430_WETTING_AND_DRYING created by acc
17:09 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by cetlod
17:08 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by cetlod
17:06 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by cetlod
16:57 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by cetlod
15:37 2016WP/NOC_2016 edited by acc
14:08 Changeset [5876] by deazer
Remove svn keywords
13:49 Changeset [5875] by deazer
Temporary CO6/7 UKMO/NOC Collab. branch to allow extra diffusion near bdy
12:47 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by cetlod
12:37 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by cetlod
12:32 Ticket #1626 (Add branch to allow sponge layer) created by deazer
High (1.5km) resolution regional models appear to require additional …
12:16 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by cetlod
11:43 2016WP/NOC_2016 edited by acc
10:21 2015WP/2015Action_institutions_INGV edited by emanuelaclementi
10:16 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by emanuelaclementi
10:15 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by emanuelaclementi
10:12 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by emanuelaclementi
09:09 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm


18:35 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by acc
18:33 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by acc
18:13 2016WP/MERCATOR_2016 edited by cbricaud
18:07 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by cbricaud
18:04 2016WP/MERCATOR_2016 edited by cbricaud
17:29 2015WP/2015SharedActions edited by jchanut
17:12 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by jchanut
16:56 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by jchanut
16:55 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
16:48 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
16:42 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by diovino
16:35 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by diovino
15:58 Changeset [5874] by antsia
move branch from a wrong place
15:20 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by timgraham
15:17 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by timgraham
15:16 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by timgraham
15:11 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by timgraham
15:00 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by timgraham
12:30 Ticket #1625 (Bug with BDY and ice model if non-climatological ice bdy data) created by jchanut
During initialization phase in bdydta, an ice open boundary data file is …
10:53 2014WP/ticket/1310 edited by djlea
10:40 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by clevy
10:39 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by clevy
10:38 2014WP/ticket/1310 edited by djlea
10:17 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by clevy
10:15 Ticket #1148 (UKMO developments of OBS and ASM) closed by djlea
fixed: This all went in a while ago
10:10 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 edited by clevy
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09:24 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
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09:10 2016WP/2016SharedActions/Workshop_NEMO_in_CMIP6 created by clevy
07:36 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
07:28 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm


20:22 Changeset [5873] by antsia
increase lateral friction on Lombok strait for a testing of standard …
19:20 Changeset [5872] by djlea
Fixes to enable restartability for runs of less than one day.
19:02 Changeset [5871] by antsia
A branch to edit lateral friction
18:33 Changeset [5870] by acc
Branch 2015/dev_r5803_NOC_WAD. Merge in trunk changes from 5803 to 5869 in …
14:34 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION edited by jchanut
11:51 Changeset [5869] by jchanut
Free surface simplification #1620. Step 2: suppress implicit pressure …


19:34 ticket/1620_MERCATOR_SOLVER_SIMPLIFICATION created by jchanut
19:07 Changeset [5868] by jchanut
Free surface simplification #1620. Step 1: suppress filtered free surface
18:57 Changeset [5867] by jchanut
Merge dvt branch with Gurvan's trunk changes at revision 5861
11:44 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
11:42 Changeset [5866] by gm
#1613: vvl by default: add ln_linssh and remove key_vvl
09:24 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
09:21 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm


17:54 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
17:53 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
17:53 Changeset [5865] by davestorkey
IOM-inification of reading of iceberg restarts.
17:38 Changeset [5864] by gm
#1613: vvl by default: use r1_e1 instead of 1 / e1 in dynhpg.F90
16:52 ticket/1586/Review edited by stortignauz
16:24 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
16:21 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
16:19 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
16:18 Changeset [5863] by gm
#1613: vvl by default: non-vvl OK thanks to error correction in mask in …
15:05 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
15:04 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
15:03 Changeset [5862] by gm
#1613: vvl by default: non-vvl: initialize _b,n,a scale factors with _0 …
14:21 Ticket #1624 (Detecting NaN values in NEMO) created by joakim
NEMO checks for unrealistically high velocities and negative surface …
12:59 Changeset [5861] by gm
#1612 : correct a bug in dynldf_lap_blp in vvl case: forgot en e3t_b
12:53 ticket/1613_NOC3_vvl_by_default edited by gm
12:39 Ticket #1623 (No volume conservation for BDY with vvl and dynspg_ts) created by joakim
The namelist parameter ln_vol under nambdy activates a correction so that …
11:53 Changeset [5860] by gm
#1612 : correct a bug in dynldf_lap_blp in vvl case and a minor bug in …
11:12 Changeset [5859] by jwhile
Added DIU chapter to documentation
10:45 Ticket #1622 (vovvldep and vovvle3t not in output.abort output in diawri.F90) created by joakim
NEMO 3.6 does not output cell depth and thickness in the output.abort …


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