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17:10 Changeset [6409] by lovato
Update CMCC DOC logo, SETTE scripts and arch files.
17:09 Changeset [6408] by lovato
Update CMCC DOC logo, SETTE scripts and arch files.
14:23 Changeset [6407] by jenniewaters
Replace removed white space to avoid conflicts with other branches.
13:21 Changeset [6406] by jenniewaters
Manually merged in the efficiency changes for the obsoper from …


13:57 Ticket #1705 (Missing restarting functionality for stochastic parametrization parameters) closed by pabouttier
fixed: Fixed in the revision 6405.
13:54 Changeset [6405] by pabouttier
Add restarting functionality for stochastic parametrization parameters; …
13:53 Ticket #1705 (Missing restarting functionality for stochastic parametrization parameters) created by pabouttier
Currently, there is no way to restart a run with the same stochastic …
11:24 Changeset [6404] by timgraham
First attempt at upgrading branch to the head of the trunk. This should …


18:31 2016WP/HPC-4_SilviaMocavero created by mocavero
17:24 Changeset [6403] by cetlod
trunk:new developments already included in 3.6 stable, see points 1, 2 and …
17:00 2016WP/HPC-1_SilviaMocavero created by mocavero
12:49 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by mocavero
12:48 2016WP/CMCC_2016 edited by mocavero


16:32 Changeset [6402] by rfurner
small namelist change
13:22 2016WP/WAVE-3_JuanCastillo edited by jcastill
12:08 Ticket #1475 (Missmatch in bdyini between sending and receiving) closed by mocavero
10:57 Changeset [6401] by timgraham
Reinstate svn keywords before update to head of trunk


18:18 ticket/1704 created by lovato
18:06 Ticket #1704 (NEMO reproducibility fails with land domains exclusion) created by lovato
When running SETTE with the default settings all tests of NEOM 3.6 are …
17:15 2016WP/WAVE-3_JuanCastillo created by timgraham
17:04 Ticket #1703 (Wrong runoff fields time swap in coupled mode (ln_cpl)) created by lovato
The swap of runoff fields between now and before timesteps is done at the …
14:58 Ticket #1619 (Branch to provide coupling with WaveWatchIII) reopened by jcastill
14:55 Ticket #1586 (Adding warm layer and cool skin models to NEMO) closed by timgraham
11:37 ticket/2016WP/HPC-3_TimGraham created by timgraham
11:32 Ticket #1702 (HPC-3(2016WP) - suppression of useless communications) created by timgraham
= Description = Suppress unnecessary lbc_lnk calls in all parts of NEMO. …


18:34 Ticket #1695 (LIM3: ice thickness out of bounds at high resolution) closed by clem
fixed: solved at r6398
18:31 Ticket #1697 (ice-air coupling (LIM3). part2: sublimation) closed by clem
fixed: solved at r6399
18:31 Ticket #1696 (ice-air coupling (LIM3). part1: snow blown by the winds) closed by clem
18:30 Ticket #1694 (LIM3 bug: wrong value of fresh water budget sent to passive tracers ...) closed by clem
fixed: solved at r6399
18:27 Changeset [6400] by clem
following previous commits on LIM3 (r6399), this commit makes lim3 more …
18:17 Changeset [6399] by clem
solve issues for 1)wrong fresh water budget sent to passive tracers and …
18:14 Changeset [6398] by clem
solve issue for out of bounds ice thicknesses. see ticket #1695
12:56 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by timgraham
11:25 2016WP/NocWad created by acc
11:12 Changeset [6397] by acc
#1701. Create new branch for the 2016 bugfixes to Wetting amd Drying
11:06 Ticket #1701 (New development branch for 2016 fixes to Wetting and Drying) created by acc
= Description = New development branch for 2016 fixes to Wetting and …


14:56 Changeset [6396] by mathiot
Modification of the ISF documentation based on the comments from N. …


18:21 Changeset [6395] by kingr
Moved setting of dobsini and dobsend to after the reading of the reference …
18:05 Changeset [6394] by jcastill
Bug fix when coupling sea surface height with ln_apr_dyn - at the first …
10:42 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by mocavero
10:40 2016WP/CMCC_2016 edited by mocavero
10:19 Ticket #1700 (commit changes/bugfix/... for SIREN) closed by jpaul
10:16 Changeset [6393] by jpaul
commit changes/bugfix/... for SIREN; see ticket #1700
10:15 Changeset [6392] by jpaul
commit changes/bugfix/... for SIREN; see ticket #1700
10:14 Ticket #1700 (commit changes/bugfix/... for SIREN) created by jpaul
new features :    - add optional use of relative position to get closest …


17:20 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by gshapiro


20:37 2016WP/ROBUST-10_MARTIN edited by nicolasmartin
17:26 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by diovino
16:14 Changeset [6391] by acc
Branch 2016/dev_r6325_SIMPLIF_1. Documentation changes for the Smagorinsky …
14:53 New forum Tools created by nemo
Set up your configuration and process your data - {BDY, DMP, OBS, NST}-tools, SIREN, weights creator, …
11:42 Changeset [6390] by davestorkey
UKMO/dev_r5107_eorca025_closea branch: update closea definitions for …
11:31 Changeset [6389] by rfurner
Added surge flux formulation, and amended bottom friction coefficient


19:28 Changeset [6388] by kuniko
Flux adjustment incorporated.
16:18 Changeset [6387] by cetlod
trunk: bugfix related to the wrong name of vertical scale factor, see …
16:15 Ticket #1699 (Wrong name of vertical scale factor in diawri.F90) created by cetlod
= in diawri,  fse3t is still use rather than e3t_n to name the vertical …
15:18 Ticket #1698 (ice-air coupling (LIM3). part3: bug in the non-solar heat flux) created by clem
In coupled mode, the total non-solar heat flux is imposed by the …
15:11 Ticket #1697 (ice-air coupling (LIM3). part2: sublimation) created by clem
There are many issues concerning sublimation over sea ice in both forced …
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12:53 2015WP/CNRS-19_mcastril edited by mcastril
12:26 Developers/DevProcess edited by nicolasmartin
11:13 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by diovino
11:11 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by diovino
10:59 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by diovino
10:58 Ticket #1696 (ice-air coupling (LIM3). part1: snow blown by the winds) created by clem
In LIM3, a portion of the snow that falls on ice is considered to be blown …
10:54 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by diovino
10:54 Abstract_Wobus.pdf attached to Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 by diovino
10:53 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by diovino
10:38 Ticket #1695 (LIM3: ice thickness out of bounds at high resolution) created by clem
In some rare cases, ice thickness in LIM3 can reach values up to a couple …
10:16 Ticket #1694 (LIM3 bug: wrong value of fresh water budget sent to passive tracers ...) created by clem
In LIM3 (limsbc.F90), the fresh water budget recorded to …


16:39 Ticket #1443 (The trajectory at the before time level seems to be incorrectly set during ...) reopened by sam
The incorrect assignment of the variables 'tsb', 'ub', and 'vb' in adjoint …
15:11 Changeset [6386] by acc
#1689. 2016WP-SIMPLIF-5. Minor renaming and code tidying to ldfdyn.F90 and …
14:51 Ticket #1693 (Erroneous call to timing_start in DMP_TOOLS/src/zoom.F90) closed by timgraham
fixed: Fixed at r6384 in nemo_v3_6_STABLE and r6385 in trunk
14:51 Changeset [6385] by timgraham
#1693: Delete erroneous call to timing_start.F90
14:49 Changeset [6384] by timgraham
#1693: Delete erroneous call to timing_start
14:49 Ticket #1693 (Erroneous call to timing_start in DMP_TOOLS/src/zoom.F90) created by timgraham
= Description = There is a call to timing_start left in zoom.F90 in the …
14:23 2016WP/Simplif2-CNRS-simona edited by nicolasmartin
14:17 2016WP/Simplif2-CNRS-simona edited by flavoni
14:11 Ticket #1692 (2016WP SIMPLIF-2:Re-writing of interface between model and configuration) created by flavoni
Ticket for development branch related to …
08:58 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by declerck


17:06 Changeset [6383] by acc
#1689. 2016WP-SIMPLIF-5. Code changes to ldfdyn.F90 and namelist additions …
15:25 Changeset [6382] by acc
Create branch for 2016WP-SIMPLIF-5 (Smagorinsky re-implementation). #1689
15:17 Ticket #1691 (Missing call to ldf_dyn in step (only relevant to time-varying eddy ...) closed by acc
fixed: Line added at revision changeset:6381
15:12 Changeset [6381] by acc
Trunk only. #1691 Add missing call to ldf_dyn in step.F90 needed for …
15:06 Ticket #1691 (Missing call to ldf_dyn in step (only relevant to time-varying eddy ...) created by acc
= Description = There is no call to ldf_dyn in step.F90 even if the …
14:52 Changeset [6380] by frrh
Get rid of all the flaming SVN keywords introduced at the last step by …
14:49 Changeset [6379] by frrh
merge -r 5781:6237 of STABLE_copy NOTE: This is a mess because it …
14:31 2016WP/SIMPLIF-5_ACC edited by acc
13:58 2016WP/SIMPLIF-5_ACC edited by acc
13:38 2016WP/SIMPLIF-5_ACC edited by acc
12:13 2016WP/Simplif2-CNRS-simona edited by nicolasmartin
09:16 Changeset [6378] by frrh
Merge in 6340:6343 of branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_fix_global_ice
07:53 Changeset [6377] by deazer
Double up new namelist entries also in nambdy
06:50 Changeset [6376] by deazer
Reinstating multiple boundaries in nambdy for Nemo Documentation at VN36 …


18:47 2016WP/Simplif2-CNRS-simona edited by acc
17:01 Changeset [6375] by frrh
This is a temporary package branch intended to facilitate debugguing bit …
13:26 MLuneva_abstract_NEMO2016.pdf attached to Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 by Mluneva
Assessment of vertical mixing schemes
13:21 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by Mluneva


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17:38 2016WP edited by clevy
16:38 WorkingGroups/HPC/Mins_2015_10_20 created by timgraham
16:38 WorkingGroups/HPC/Mins_2015_11_05 created by timgraham
16:37 2016WP/ROBUST-10_MARTIN edited by nicolasmartin
16:37 WorkingGroups/HPC/Mins_2015_12_04 created by timgraham
16:37 WorkingGroups/HPC/Mins_2016_01_13 created by timgraham
16:36 WorkingGroups/HPC/Mins_2016_02_10 created by timgraham
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15:45 2015WP/CNRS-19_mcastril edited by mcastril
15:30 2015WP/CNRS-19_mcastril created by mcastril
15:24 Changeset [6374] by frrh
Defunct debugging branch
14:54 WorkingGroups/HPC edited by mikebell
14:43 WorkingGroups/HPC edited by mikebell
11:16 Changeset [6373] by frrh
svn merge to earlier revision since later revisions of STABLE_copy clash …
11:12 Changeset [6372] by frrh
Reverse previous merge.
10:25 Changeset [6371] by frrh
Now merge r 5783:6333 of nemo_v3_6_STABLE_copy
10:20 Changeset [6370] by deazer
Added restart switch for harmonic analysis reading
10:20 Changeset [6369] by frrh
Merge -r 5781:5783 of nemo_v3_6_STABLE_copy since this is the revision …
10:13 Changeset [6368] by frrh
Add missing revision from dev_r5518_fix_global_ice. Our merge should have …
10:08 Changeset [6367] by frrh
Commit addition of code from svn merge -r 6340:6343 …
10:00 Changeset [6366] by frrh
Strip out SVN keywords and properties.
09:58 Changeset [6365] by frrh
Special branch to help debug non bit-comparison in restarts caused by isf …


17:29 Changeset [6364] by dancopsey
Deleting as I mucked this up. I have remade this branch properly as …
17:13 2016WP/SIMPLIF-5_ACC edited by nicolasmartin
Fix the text area names for comments in addind a 'c' (duplicate with … (diff)
17:08 2016WP/Simplif2-CNRS-simona edited by nicolasmartin
Fix the text area names for comments in addind a 'c' (duplicate with … (diff)
17:02 2016WP/ROBUST-10_MARTIN edited by nicolasmartin
16:56 Developers/DevProcess edited by nicolasmartin
Fix the text area names for comments in addind a 'c' (duplicate with … (diff)
16:06 Changeset [6363] by dancopsey
Merged in dev_r5518_fix_global_ice (which already includes all of …
16:01 Changeset [6362] by dancopsey
Stripped out SVN keywords.
15:59 Changeset [6361] by dancopsey
Made a new branch to store coupling, sea ice and land ice code for GC3.0. …
14:56 Changeset [6360] by hliu
W/D updating
14:51 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by acc
14:50 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by acc
13:37 2016WP/SIMPLIF-5_ACC edited by acc
12:56 Changeset [6359] by dancopsey
Removed SVN keywords.
12:34 Changeset [6358] by dancopsey
Reverse last merge (I did it wrong)
12:14 Changeset [6357] by dancopsey
Merged in UKMO/dev_r5518_fix_global_ice@6343
11:45 Changeset [6356] by dancopsey
Made a new branch to store coupling, sea ice and land ice code for GC3.0. …
11:08 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by clevy


19:19 Developers/DevProcess edited by nicolasmartin
19:17 2016WP/ROBUST-10_MARTIN created by nicolasmartin
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13:17 Ticket #1690 (unallocated array hit when using bdy + LIM2) created by molines
= Description = * nemo_3_6_STABLE : key_bdy, key_lim2 * run time …
11:16 2016WP/SIMPLIF-5_ACC edited by nicolasmartin
Try to correct the rendering of text areas in the 'Abstract' form (diff)
01:14 Developers/DevProcess edited by nicolasmartin
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23:45 Developers/DevProcess edited by nicolasmartin
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18:48 2016WP/SIMPLIF-5_ACC created by acc
18:13 Ticket #1689 (2016WP SIMPLIF-5 Reimplement Smagorinsky) created by acc
Ticket to start the process for task SIMPLIF-5 from the 2016WP. Details to …
14:41 2016WP/Simplif2-CNRS-simona created by flavoni


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16:46 Ticket #1688 (Missing diagnostics for CMIP6) created by timgraham
= Description = As discussed in the ST video conference last week I think …
16:27 Ticket #1687 (Dangerous default setting of ln_useCT) created by timgraham
= Description = The variable ln_useCT is set to True in nameos in …
14:30 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by diovino
14:28 Abstract_Ourmieres.pdf attached to Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 by diovino
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14:15 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by clevy
14:06 Changeset [6355] by dancopsey
Make MCT compatible with land suppression.
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