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16:50 Changeset [6542] by frrh
Strip out svn keywords and properties.
16:48 Changeset [6541] by frrh
Met Office coupling package branch. Originally set up to hold …
15:24 Changeset [6540] by mocavero
added TESTS dir
14:25 Ticket #1727 (NEMO-CICE continuation runs do not give same results and normal runs over ...) created by frrh
= Context = NEMO-CICE stand-alone models have been observed to produce …
13:29 Changeset [6539] by frrh
Add critical lbc_lnk call for tsb array on all timesteps.
13:25 Changeset [6538] by frrh
Strip out SVN keywords and properties.
13:11 Changeset [6537] by frrh
Fix to ensure NEMO-CICE continuation runs are bit comparable with …


16:44 Changeset [6536] by cetlod
Minor bugfix
16:40 Changeset [6535] by timgraham
1) Added vertical integral of zonal mass transport to diawri (for use in …
16:26 Changeset [6534] by cetlod
1st implementation of PISCES + isotopes
15:22 Changeset [6533] by davestorkey
Update mixed-layer depth diagnostic code in UKMO/dev_r5518_GO6_package …
14:53 Changeset [6532] by cetlod
minor bug corrections
14:29 Changeset [6531] by cetlod
delete IGCM subdir
14:28 Changeset [6530] by cetlod
1st implementation of PISCES GAS
12:45 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by vichi
12:24 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by lovato
11:12 Changeset [6529] by cetlod
Delete old PISCES QUOTA dev branch
10:52 Changeset [6528] by cetlod
Create new developement branch for PISCES N15/C13
10:51 Changeset [6527] by cetlod
Create new developement brach for PISCES GAS


17:46 2016WP/2016SharedActions edited by nicolasmartin
16:30 Changeset [6526] by drew
Add an ifdef for key_vvl to isolate this change to VVL.
15:56 Ticket #1624 (Detecting NaN values in NEMO) closed by cbricaud
fixed: there are some options in compilers which can do the same.It is not …
15:10 Changeset [6525] by drew
Commit Chris Harris original solution.
14:12 Changeset [6524] by drew
Clean out svn keywords.
14:02 Changeset [6523] by drew
Changes required to prevent changes to surface salinity and temperature in …
11:23 Changeset [6522] by lovato
Update CMCC arch file for xios
11:09 Changeset [6521] by lovato
Update CMCC arch file for xios


16:51 Changeset [6520] by mocavero
Create the branch for HPC-4 action
16:19 Ticket #1726 (HPC-4-Scalability with MPI-OPENMP) created by mocavero
Development branch related to HPC-4 shared action of 2016 work plan. …
15:07 2016WP/MERCATOR_2016 edited by cbricaud
15:01 2016WP/MERCATOR_2016 edited by cbricaud
14:48 2016WP/MERCATOR_2016 edited by cbricaud
14:44 2016WP/MERCATOR_2016 edited by cbricaud
13:01 Ticket #1725 (Output file time variable not correct when nn_time0 /= 0000) closed by timgraham
fixed: Fixed at r6519
12:50 Changeset [6519] by timgraham
#1725 - pass correct start time to XIOS.
12:44 Ticket #1725 (Output file time variable not correct when nn_time0 /= 0000) created by timgraham
= Context = In the trunk it is possible to initialise the model from times …
12:22 Changeset [6518] by rfurner
updates to namelist options
12:12 Changeset [6517] by rfurner
small fixes to surge flux module
11:37 Changeset [6516] by rfurner
fix to metadata outputting


10:34 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by jbrauch


16:42 Changeset [6515] by clem
implement several developments for LIM3: new advection scheme …
16:37 Changeset [6514] by mocavero
added COUNTERS dir
16:36 Changeset [6513] by mocavero
added arch file
16:05 Changeset [6512] by clem
Create a specific branch for AGRIF-LIM3 compatibility & enabling/disabling …
10:33 Changeset [6511] by mocavero
two environment variables added
10:28 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by pabouttier


13:08 Changeset [6510] by rfurner
changes to include different start times from branch …


12:07 Changeset [6509] by jpalmier
JPALM -- 05-05-2016 -- update the pre-industrial pCO2 value …


18:17 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by diovino
18:16 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by diovino
16:23 Changeset [6508] by dkuts
First version of OMP changes, partly ported from previous branch
15:35 Ticket #1724 (makenemo fails to delete key in some case) created by omamce
= Context = Building NEMO = Analysis = I run the command `./makenemo -m …
15:18 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by damiencouespel
15:17 nemo2016_abstract_DC.pdf attached to Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 by damiencouespel
15:16 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by damiencouespel


15:54 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by jchanut
15:46 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by matthieu.chevallier
14:28 Changeset [6507] by timgraham
First attempt at merging in science changes from GO6 package branch at …


16:33 2016WP/ROBUST-10_MARTIN edited by flavoni
16:05 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by andrea.gierisch
12:33 Ticket #1723 (diags KE with time_splitting) created by julienjouanno
The computation of the momentum or KE trends (key_trddyn or key_trdken) …


18:24 Ticket #1722 (small error in the freezing point when using TEOS-10 (trunk and ...) closed by gm
18:21 Changeset [6506] by gm
#1722 - v3.6_STABLE: TEOS-10 freezing point bug correction
18:11 Changeset [6505] by gm
#1722 - trunk: TEOS-10 freezing point bug correction
18:09 Ticket #1722 (small error in the freezing point when using TEOS-10 (trunk and ...) created by gm
= Context = When using TEOS-10 Equation Of Seawater, there is a small bug …
16:23 Ticket #1687 (Dangerous default setting of ln_useCT) closed by gm
16:23 Ticket #1687 (Dangerous default setting of ln_useCT) reopened by gm
With the changes a bug has been introduced in the trunk only (v3.6_stable …
16:19 Changeset [6504] by gm
#1687 - trunk: correct an error in the EOS-80 freezing point


17:06 Changeset [6503] by timgraham
Cleared svn keywords
17:03 Changeset [6502] by timgraham
Create a package branch to run GO6 configuration at head of trunk
10:40 ticket/1721/General edited by frrh
10:38 ticket/1721/General edited by frrh
10:19 ticket/1721/General created by frrh
10:12 Ticket #1721 (Running eORCA1 at NEMO vn3.6 on a single PE) created by frrh
= Context = Here we aim to investigate whether it is possible to run …


16:35 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by jpaul
12:47 Changeset [6501] by timgraham
Added extra fields into field_def.xml that were forgotten earlier
12:07 Changeset [6500] by timgraham
Bug fix in sbcice_cice that appeared due to upgrade to head of branch


16:54 2016WP/Met_Office_2016 edited by mathiot
16:02 Changeset [6499] by timgraham
Manually add domain_def.xml back in due to change of type
16:01 Changeset [6498] by timgraham
Merge head of nemo_v3_6_STABLE into package branch
09:36 Ticket #1720 (Adition of the new tidal mixing parameterization) closed by gm
09:33 Changeset [6497] by gm
#1720 - trunk: add Casimir tidal parameterization
09:28 Ticket #1720 (Adition of the new tidal mixing parameterization) created by gm
= Description = Add in the trunk the new tidal mixing parameterization (de …


09:46 Ticket #1719 ("conservation diagnostic" variables not saved in restart file) created by njourdain
= Description = The conservation diagnostics made in diahsb.F90 do not …


16:15 Changeset [6496] by frrh
Get rid of SVN properties and keywords.
16:11 Changeset [6495] by frrh
General debugging branch
15:22 2016WP/METO-5_MATHIOT edited by mathiot
15:20 Ticket #1718 (2016 development branch: Parametrisation of tide water glacier melting) created by mathiot
= Description = New development to implement a parametrisation of the …
15:04 2016WP/METO-5_MATHIOT created by mathiot
14:51 2016WP/Met_Office_2016 edited by mathiot
10:45 Changeset [6494] by kingr
Initialising variable in profile obsoper horizontal interpolation routine.


15:53 Ticket #1717 (Compilation error without key_mpp_mpi) closed by mathiot
fixed: fix in commit r6493
15:52 Changeset [6493] by mathiot
add lbc_sum interface + USE lib_mpi in cool_skin if key_mpi_mpp not …
15:49 Ticket #1717 (Compilation error without key_mpp_mpi) created by mathiot
= Description = NEMO (GYRE at least) not compile without key_mpp_mpi. = …
15:05 Ticket #1716 (SAS reference configuration is not working) closed by mathiot
fixed: Fix in commit 6492
15:04 Changeset [6492] by mathiot
Initialisation of misfdep/risfdep in case ln_zco activated + check …
15:02 Ticket #1716 (SAS reference configuration is not working) created by mathiot
= Description = SAS failed due to an out of bound: lib-4961 : WARNING …
14:39 New reply on Tools created by jpaul
[SIREN] GRID GET GHOST: should have been an impossible case
12:37 New topic on Tools created by mgunduz
[SIREN] GRID GET GHOST: should have been an impossible case


18:15 Changeset [6491] by davestorkey
Commit remaining changes to UKMO/r5518_GO6_package branch from following …
14:44 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by vsicardi


16:55 Changeset [6490] by mcastril
Merging of branch dev_r5546_CNRS19_HPC_scalability
15:50 Ticket #1447 (2015 Met_Office_13 - simplification tasks) closed by timgraham
15:35 Ticket #1639 (Reactivate Trusting on trunk prior MP2015) closed by nicolasmartin
fixed: With difficulties and delays, I reinstated the trusting on the trunk for …
14:28 Ticket #1687 (Dangerous default setting of ln_useCT) closed by timgraham
fixed: Fixed in trunk (including Gurvan's suggestion for replacing nn_eos with …
14:26 Changeset [6489] by timgraham
#1687 fixed. Namelist changes required.
11:42 Changeset [6488] by davestorkey
Commit changes from dev_r5518_coupling_GSI7_GSI8_landice and its ancestor …
11:33 Changeset [6487] by davestorkey
Changes from nemo_v3_6_STABLE_copy branch. Custom merge into …
11:27 Changeset [6486] by davestorkey
Remove SVN keywords from UKMO/dev_r5518_GO6_package branch.
11:22 Changeset [6485] by davestorkey
Package branch for UK GO6 configuration.


18:01 Changeset [6484] by flavoni
update usr_def module, see ticket #1692
17:11 Changeset [6483] by mcastril
Revert last changes in the trunk
14:48 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by marnelam
14:42 NEMO_abstract_Lecce_2016_Marnela_Uotila.pdf attached to Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 by marnelam
14:39 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by marnelam
14:38 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by marnelam
11:43 Ticket #1715 (Bug in zdfric with simplified equation of state) created by timgraham
= Description = I think there is a bug in the following section of code …
09:59 Changeset [6482] by timgraham
#1687 - Add a consistency check for the setting of ln_useCT and nn_eos
07:28 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by leti


15:21 Changeset [6481] by mocavero
Create a branch to test a second level of parallelism on v3_6_STABLE for …
14:20 Ticket #1634 (wrong diagnostic of the mixed layer depth) closed by flavoni
12:02 Ticket #1714 (bugs in icbrst.F90) closed by davestorkey
invalid: Invalid ticket: 1. The icbrst.F90 changes went into the trunk, not into …
11:53 Changeset [6480] by davestorkey
Bug fixes for icbrst.F90 in UKMO/icebergs_restart_single_file_corrected …
11:44 user/clem/Heat_Flux_air-ice-ocean_interface edited by aurore.voldoire
11:39 Changeset [6479] by davestorkey
Create copy of UKMO/icebergs_restart_single_file branch to correct bug. …
10:41 Ticket #1714 (bugs in icbrst.F90) created by davestorkey
There are a couple of syntax errors that I introduced when I modified …
09:41 user/clem/Heat_Flux_air-ice-ocean_interface edited by aurore.voldoire
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