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16:50 Changeset [6542] by frrh

Strip out svn keywords and properties.

16:48 Changeset [6541] by frrh

Met Office coupling package branch.

Originally set up to hold GC3-related branches which really don't need
to be split over multiple branches.

15:24 Changeset [6540] by mocavero

added TESTS dir

14:25 Ticket #1727 (NEMO-CICE continuation runs do not give same results and normal runs over ...) created by frrh
= Context = NEMO-CICE stand-alone models have been observed to produce …
13:29 Changeset [6539] by frrh

Add critical lbc_lnk call for tsb array on all timesteps.

13:25 Changeset [6538] by frrh

Strip out SVN keywords and properties.

13:11 Changeset [6537] by frrh

Fix to ensure NEMO-CICE continuation runs are bit comparable with
NEMO-CICE normal runs, regardless of when the dumps and restarts
are perfomed and to ensure things compare over different PE arrangements.

The problems being corrected are data dependent and therefore
the time of the divergence of models is completely unpredictable,
often happening several days into a model simulation.

It's not at all clear that this is an issue only relevant to
CICE being present. It may well be a general issue for NEMO.


16:44 Changeset [6536] by cetlod

Minor bugfix

16:40 Changeset [6535] by timgraham

1) Added vertical integral of zonal mass transport to diawri (for use in calculating barotropic streamfunction)
2) Modified iom.F90 to automatically choose an ocean point for 1_point XIOS output scalars
3) Added heat flux from runoff to sbccpl and masked some fields where needed
4) Some modifications in field_def.xml

16:26 Changeset [6534] by cetlod

1st implementation of PISCES + isotopes

15:22 Changeset [6533] by davestorkey

Update mixed-layer depth diagnostic code in UKMO/dev_r5518_GO6_package branch.
Custom merge into /branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_GO6_package/NEMOGCM: r6335 cf. r5534 of /branches/UKMO/dev_r5107_mld_zint/NEMOGCM@6532

14:53 Changeset [6532] by cetlod

minor bug corrections

14:29 Changeset [6531] by cetlod

delete IGCM subdir

14:28 Changeset [6530] by cetlod

1st implementation of PISCES GAS

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11:12 Changeset [6529] by cetlod

Delete old PISCES QUOTA dev branch

10:52 Changeset [6528] by cetlod

Create new developement branch for PISCES N15/C13

10:51 Changeset [6527] by cetlod

Create new developement brach for PISCES GAS


17:46 2016WP/2016Shared Actions edited by nicolasmartin
16:30 Changeset [6526] by drew

Add an ifdef for key_vvl to isolate this change to VVL.

15:56 Ticket #1624 (Detecting NaN values in NEMO) closed by cbricaud
fixed: there are some options in compilers which can do the same.It is not …
15:10 Changeset [6525] by drew

Commit Chris Harris original solution.

14:12 Changeset [6524] by drew

Clean out svn keywords.

14:02 Changeset [6523] by drew

Changes required to prevent changes to surface salinity and temperature in connection to ssh increments with VVL

11:23 Changeset [6522] by lovato

Update CMCC arch file for xios

11:09 Changeset [6521] by lovato

Update CMCC arch file for xios


16:51 Changeset [6520] by mocavero

Create the branch for HPC-4 action

16:19 Ticket #1726 (HPC-4-Scalability with MPI-OPENMP) created by mocavero
Development branch related to HPC-4 shared action of 2016 work plan. …
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13:01 Ticket #1725 (Output file time variable not correct when nn_time0 /= 0000) closed by timgraham
fixed: Fixed at r6519
12:50 Changeset [6519] by timgraham

#1725 - pass correct start time to XIOS.

12:44 Ticket #1725 (Output file time variable not correct when nn_time0 /= 0000) created by timgraham
= Context = In the trunk it is possible to initialise the model from times …
12:22 Changeset [6518] by rfurner

updates to namelist options

12:12 Changeset [6517] by rfurner

small fixes to surge flux module

11:37 Changeset [6516] by rfurner

fix to metadata outputting


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16:42 Changeset [6515] by clem

implement several developments for LIM3: new advection scheme (ultimate-macho, not yet perfect) ; lateral ice melt ; enabling/disabling thermo and dyn with namelist options ; simplifications (including a clarified namelist)

16:37 Changeset [6514] by mocavero

added COUNTERS dir

16:36 Changeset [6513] by mocavero

added arch file

16:05 Changeset [6512] by clem

Create a specific branch for AGRIF-LIM3 compatibility & enabling/disabling ice thermo and dyn & implementation of a new ice advection scheme (ultimate-macho) & implementation of ice lateral melting

10:33 Changeset [6511] by mocavero

two environment variables added

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13:08 Changeset [6510] by rfurner

changes to include different start times from branch 2014/dev_r4650_UKMO7_STARTHOUR


12:07 Changeset [6509] by jpalmier

JPALM — 05-05-2016 — update the pre-industrial pCO2 value

— increase the ideal-tracer relax time at the surface


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16:23 Changeset [6508] by dkuts

First version of OMP changes, partly ported from previous branch

15:35 Ticket #1724 (makenemo fails to delete key in some case) created by omamce
= Context = Building NEMO = Analysis = I run the command `./makenemo -m …
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14:28 Changeset [6507] by timgraham

First attempt at merging in science changes from GO6 package branch at v3.6 stable (Note-namelists not yet dealt with)


16:33 2016WP/ROBUST-10_MARTIN edited by flavoni
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12:33 Ticket #1723 (diags KE with time_splitting) created by julienjouanno
The computation of the momentum or KE trends (key_trddyn or key_trdken) …


18:24 Ticket #1722 (small error in the freezing point when using TEOS-10 (trunk and ...) closed by gm
18:21 Changeset [6506] by gm

#1722 - v3.6_STABLE: TEOS-10 freezing point bug correction

18:11 Changeset [6505] by gm

#1722 - trunk: TEOS-10 freezing point bug correction

18:09 Ticket #1722 (small error in the freezing point when using TEOS-10 (trunk and ...) created by gm
= Context = When using TEOS-10 Equation Of Seawater, there is a small bug …
16:23 Ticket #1687 (Dangerous default setting of ln_useCT) closed by gm
16:23 Ticket #1687 (Dangerous default setting of ln_useCT) reopened by gm
With the changes a bug has been introduced in the trunk only (v3.6_stable …
16:19 Changeset [6504] by gm

#1687 - trunk: correct an error in the EOS-80 freezing point


17:06 Changeset [6503] by timgraham

Cleared svn keywords

17:03 Changeset [6502] by timgraham

Create a package branch to run GO6 configuration at head of trunk

10:40 ticket/1721/General edited by frrh
10:38 ticket/1721/General edited by frrh
10:19 ticket/1721/General created by frrh
10:12 Ticket #1721 (Running eORCA1 at NEMO vn3.6 on a single PE) created by frrh
= Context = Here we aim to investigate whether it is possible to run …


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12:47 Changeset [6501] by timgraham

Added extra fields into field_def.xml that were forgotten earlier

12:07 Changeset [6500] by timgraham

Bug fix in sbcice_cice that appeared due to upgrade to head of branch


16:54 2016WP/Met_Office_2016 edited by mathiot
16:02 Changeset [6499] by timgraham

Manually add domain_def.xml back in due to change of type

16:01 Changeset [6498] by timgraham

Merge head of nemo_v3_6_STABLE into package branch

09:36 Ticket #1720 (Adition of the new tidal mixing parameterization) closed by gm
09:33 Changeset [6497] by gm

#1720 - trunk: add Casimir tidal parameterization

09:28 Ticket #1720 (Adition of the new tidal mixing parameterization) created by gm
= Description = Add in the trunk the new tidal mixing parameterization (de …


09:46 Ticket #1719 ("conservation diagnostic" variables not saved in restart file) created by njourdain
= Description = The conservation diagnostics made in diahsb.F90 do not …


16:15 Changeset [6496] by frrh

Get rid of SVN properties and keywords.

16:11 Changeset [6495] by frrh

General debugging branch

15:22 2016WP/METO-5_MATHIOT edited by mathiot
15:20 Ticket #1718 (2016 development branch: Parametrisation of tide water glacier melting) created by mathiot
= Description = New development to implement a parametrisation of the …
15:04 2016WP/METO-5_MATHIOT created by mathiot
14:51 2016WP/Met_Office_2016 edited by mathiot
10:45 Changeset [6494] by kingr

Initialising variable in profile obsoper horizontal interpolation routine.


15:53 Ticket #1717 (Compilation error without key_mpp_mpi) closed by mathiot
fixed: fix in commit r6493
15:52 Changeset [6493] by mathiot

add lbc_sum interface + USE lib_mpi in cool_skin if key_mpi_mpp not defined

15:49 Ticket #1717 (Compilation error without key_mpp_mpi) created by mathiot
= Description = NEMO (GYRE at least) not compile without key_mpp_mpi. = …
15:05 Ticket #1716 (SAS reference configuration is not working) closed by mathiot
fixed: Fix in commit 6492
15:04 Changeset [6492] by mathiot

Initialisation of misfdep/risfdep in case ln_zco activated + check compatibility option ln_isfcav + ln_zco/ln_sco

15:02 Ticket #1716 (SAS reference configuration is not working) created by mathiot
= Description = SAS failed due to an out of bound: lib-4961 : WARNING …
14:39 New reply on Tools created by jpaul
[SIREN] GRID GET GHOST: should have been an impossible case
12:37 New topic on Tools created by mgunduz
[SIREN] GRID GET GHOST: should have been an impossible case


18:15 Changeset [6491] by davestorkey

Commit remaining changes to UKMO/r5518_GO6_package branch from following branches:
Custom merge into /branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_GO6_package/NEMOGCM: r5961 cf. r5958 of /branches/UKMO/antarctic_partial_slip/NEMOGCM@6490

Custom merge into /branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_GO6_package/NEMOGCM: r6349 cf. r5962 of /branches/UKMO/product_diagnostics/NEMOGCM@6490

Custom merge into /branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_GO6_package/NEMOGCM: r6480 cf. r6479 of /branches/UKMO/icebergs_restart_single_file_corrected/NEMOGCM@6490

Custom merge into /branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_GO6_package/NEMOGCM: r5986 cf. r5852 of /branches/UKMO/icebergs_restart_single_file/NEMOGCM@6490

Custom merge into /branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_GO6_package/NEMOGCM: r5821 cf. r5808 of /branches/UKMO/icebergs_latent_heat/NEMOGCM@6490

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16:55 Changeset [6490] by mcastril

Merging of branch dev_r5546_CNRS19_HPC_scalability

15:50 Ticket #1447 (2015 Met_Office_13 - simplification tasks) closed by timgraham
15:35 Ticket #1639 (Reactivate Trusting on trunk prior MP2015) closed by nicolasmartin
fixed: With difficulties and delays, I reinstated the trusting on the trunk for …
14:28 Ticket #1687 (Dangerous default setting of ln_useCT) closed by timgraham
fixed: Fixed in trunk (including Gurvan's suggestion for replacing nn_eos with …
14:26 Changeset [6489] by timgraham

#1687 fixed. Namelist changes required.

11:42 Changeset [6488] by davestorkey

Commit changes from dev_r5518_coupling_GSI7_GSI8_landice and its ancestor branch dev_r5518_CICE_coupling_GSI7_GSI8.
Custom merge into /branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_GO6_package/NEMOGCM: r6023 cf. r5668 of /branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_coupling_GSI7_GSI8_landice/NEMOGCM@6487

Custom merge into /branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_GO6_package/NEMOGCM: r5668 cf. r5662 of /branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_CICE_coupling_GSI7_GSI8/NEMOGCM@6487

11:33 Changeset [6487] by davestorkey

Changes from nemo_v3_6_STABLE_copy branch.
Custom merge into /branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_GO6_package/NEMOGCM: r6237 cf. r5781 of /branches/UKMO/nemo_v3_6_STABLE_copy/NEMOGCM@6486

11:27 Changeset [6486] by davestorkey

Remove SVN keywords from UKMO/dev_r5518_GO6_package branch.

11:22 Changeset [6485] by davestorkey

Package branch for UK GO6 configuration.


18:01 Changeset [6484] by flavoni

update usr_def module, see ticket #1692

17:11 Changeset [6483] by mcastril

Revert last changes in the trunk

14:48 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by marnelam
14:42 NEMO_abstract_Lecce_2016_Marnela_Uotila.pdf attached to Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 by marnelam
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11:43 Ticket #1715 (Bug in zdfric with simplified equation of state) created by timgraham
= Description = I think there is a bug in the following section of code …
09:59 Changeset [6482] by timgraham

#1687 - Add a consistency check for the setting of ln_useCT and nn_eos

07:28 Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 edited by leti


15:21 Changeset [6481] by mocavero

Create a branch to test a second level of parallelism on v3_6_STABLE for the GYRE configuration

14:20 Ticket #1634 (wrong diagnostic of the mixed layer depth) closed by flavoni
12:02 Ticket #1714 (bugs in icbrst.F90) closed by davestorkey
invalid: Invalid ticket: 1. The icbrst.F90 changes went into the trunk, not into …
11:53 Changeset [6480] by davestorkey

Bug fixes for icbrst.F90 in UKMO/icebergs_restart_single_file_corrected branch.

11:44 user/clem/Heat_Flux_air-ice-ocean_interface edited by aurore.voldoire
11:39 Changeset [6479] by davestorkey

Create copy of UKMO/icebergs_restart_single_file branch to correct bug. (Need to create a new branch because original branch was upgraded to the trunk prior to merging back).

10:41 Ticket #1714 (bugs in icbrst.F90) created by davestorkey
There are a couple of syntax errors that I introduced when I modified …
09:41 user/clem/Heat_Flux_air-ice-ocean_interface edited by aurore.voldoire
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