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09:20 Changeset [6940] by mikebell

Finite volume partial cells code


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15:52 Ticket #1088 (CORE sbc modifies public variable wind speed changing it to relative wind) closed by lovato
fixed: The code of NEMO v3.6 (and trunk) was fixed in MERGE2013 by introducing …


16:36 Changeset [6939] by deazer

Updated to include bug bix restart date label with respect to truncation error.

12:40 Changeset [6938] by deazer

Duplicated work in another branch

12:35 Ticket #1772 (restart date bug fix for 3.6 stable) closed by deazer
11:30 Changeset [6937] by deazer

remove svn keywords for fcm merging.

11:17 Changeset [6936] by deazer

Branch of 36 stable that includes restart date labelling bug fix requried for CO6/CO7 rose suites. If checks out can also update 36 stable itself.

11:13 Ticket #1772 (restart date bug fix for 3.6 stable) created by deazer
= Context = small bug in relation to truncation error for restart file …


19:04 Changeset [6935] by csanchez

Added Id line to prevent conflics

18:09 Changeset [6934] by csanchez

Added Enda O'Dea changes for SINGV

18:04 Changeset [6933] by csanchez

Add changes svn-related (no science)

17:16 Changeset [6932] by csanchez

Branch created

16:51 Ticket #1771 (bug nesting tools / double tanh) created by julienjouanno
In order to have agrif_create_bathy.exe to work properly with doubletanh : …
09:32 Changeset [6931] by aumont

various bug fixes on carbon chemistry


15:19 Changeset [6930] by timgraham

Modified interpun as discussed in Grenoble avoiding need for interpscales.


11:58 Changeset [6929] by timgraham

Extended update changes to updateU and updateV


17:52 Changeset [6928] by jgraham

Clear svn keywords

17:45 Changeset [6927] by jgraham

AMM15 branch at v3_6_STABLE. Contains changes required for AMM15 test runs. Prevent interpolation over depth when reading T/S from climatology. Modification of tanh function for tracers at bdy.

16:20 Ticket #1770 (AMM15 branch of VN3.6 Stable) created by jgraham
Branch to contain changes specific for AMM15 configuration. Updating …


15:50 Changeset [6926] by dford

Clear svn keywords.

15:47 Changeset [6925] by dford

Branch for ASM changes to apply biogeochemical assimilation increments to ERSEM. See Met office internal ticket 668.

14:49 Ticket #1769 (cmip diagnostics) created by clem
To complete diagnostics of volume conservation in coupled systems (like …
11:25 Ticket #1768 (zdfric: momentum background viscosity propagates into tracer diffusivity) created by mclaus
= Context = I think, the following code of zdfric.F90 (line 158, …
10:58 Ticket #1767 (Closed seas in eORCA025) created by fmasson
Dear colleagues, Apologies if this issue has already been raised …
09:18 Changeset [6924] by timgraham

Committing fixes for lbclnk when running without key_mpp_mpi (as developed by Miguel and added at a later revision of the trunk).


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11:09 Changeset [6923] by gm

#1692 - branch SIMPLIF_2_usrdef: update comments in usrdef modules


15:34 Changeset [6922] by flavoni

#1692 and ROBUST-3 : add declaration variable


22:07 Changeset [6921] by antsia

from v3_6_extra_CMIP6_diagnostics@6550

18:12 Changeset [6920] by malcolmroberts

Added fix from UKMO/dev_r5518_GO6_package@6912 to temporarily fix bug in
coupling in ticket #1766

17:56 Changeset [6919] by malcolmroberts

Updated to mirror v3_6_extra_CMIP6_diagnostics@6910 revisions

15:02 Changeset [6918] by flavoni

#1763, commit in trunk, same of 3_6_STABLE, line over 132 chars

14:51 Ticket #1763 (line over 132 in lib_mpp) closed by flavoni
14:50 Changeset [6917] by flavoni

#1763, commit fix for: line over 132 in lib_mpp

14:35 Changeset [6916] by flavoni

#1692 and ROBUST-3 : Update and some cleaning

14:06 Changeset [6915] by kuniko

Branch that incorporates delta TOA to flux_adjust branch

13:27 Changeset [6914] by gm

#1692 - branch SIMPLIF_2_usrdef: final adjustment of OVERFLOW and LOCK-ECHANGE configuration

13:00 Changeset [6913] by kuniko

Made identical twin to dev_r5518_haney_arctic_mask and commited

12:42 Changeset [6912] by timgraham

Temporary fix in this branch for first bug in ticket #1766

12:12 Changeset [6911] by kuniko

Branch to test haney_arctic_mask


17:56 Changeset [6910] by timgraham

Bug fixes ofr diagnostics in traadv_tvd and traadv_eiv
Modified method for barotropic heat transport calculation as values weren't being output correctly on Cray computer (although I still don't understand why).


18:09 Changeset [6909] by glong

removing rest branch

17:39 Changeset [6908] by glong

Test change

17:35 Changeset [6907] by glong

Create a test branch for the New Surface Module

15:06 Changeset [6906] by flavoni

#1692 and ROBUST-3 : commit zgr and some update for LOCK EXCHANGE case

10:53 Changeset [6905] by gm

#1692 - branch SIMPLIF_2_usrdef: OVERFLOW configuration (zps case) + dommsk bug correction


12:17 Changeset [6904] by gm

#1692 - branch SIMPLIF_2_usrdef: OVERFLOW configuration (zco & sco) + small bug corrections

10:28 Changeset [6903] by timgraham

Bug fixes as pointed out by reviewer


17:40 Ticket #1766 (Bugs in sbc_cpl) created by timgraham
= Context = Bugs have been introduced into nemo_v3_6_STABLE from revision …


16:20 Ticket #1765 (Undefined variables in dummy subroutines) created by timgraham
= Context = Note this also affects v3.6 STABLE but is probably not worth …
15:44 Changeset [6902] by drew

UKMO CICE Ticket#68. Fix bug in delivery of sea ice increments to CICE code due to assignment of sea ice increments after call to SBC. May require additional changes to CICE code to have seaice iau code called after thermodynamics.


18:17 Changeset [6901] by flavoni

#1692 and ROBUST-3 : Update OVERFLOW configuration, and ADD LOCK_EXCHANGE configuration

17:55 Changeset [6900] by flavoni

#1692 and ROBUST-3 : Update OVERFLOW configuration, and some cleaning


19:02 Changeset [6899] by malcolmroberts

Added bugfix https://code.metoffice.gov.uk/trac/gmed/ticket/268 to squares of uu
and vv diagnostics


17:09 Changeset [6898] by flavoni

continue ROBUST3, little changes in usrdef_sbc

17:01 Changeset [6897] by flavoni

cleaning up working branch

16:57 Changeset [6896] by flavoni

continue ROBUST3, overflow case

16:53 Changeset [6895] by flavoni

commit usrdef routines for OVERFLOW

15:18 Ticket #1764 (definition problem in usr_def routines of some variables) closed by flavoni
15:17 Changeset [6894] by flavoni

#1764, correction in domhgr, in SIMPLIF2 branch


16:32 Changeset [6893] by flavoni

1764, correction of declaration in userdef_istate and domzgr, in SIMPLIF2 branch

16:31 Ticket #1764 (definition problem in usr_def routines of some variables) created by flavoni
= Context = Compilation problem in domhgr.F90, variables: pff_f , pff_t, …
16:23 Changeset [6892] by stephenhaddad

rolled back changed which attempted to send a meaningful return code.

15:32 Changeset [6891] by stephenhaddad

Fixed end suibroutine statement.

13:59 Changeset [6890] by stephenhaddad

updated to exit with error code when "E R R O R" is reported.

12:03 Changeset [6889] by stephenhaddad

update namelist_cfg based on error message.

10:47 Changeset [6888] by stephenhaddad

update namelist_cfg based on error.

09:56 Changeset [6887] by stephenhaddad

crum #103: comment out script in Fcheck_archfile that removes oasis link flags when not using key_oa3mct

09:54 Changeset [6886] by stephenhaddad

Creating a branch to link NEMO v3.6 with XIOS-2.0 and oasis3-mct without the key_oa3mct

04:16 Changeset [6885] by deazer

Revision valid for local time nodal factors in correction
Uses start data Nodal correction
Can be fixed in post proc
later reviiosn weill use mean values


16:37 Changeset [6884] by lovato

#1729 - trunk: correct typo in diaharm.F90 for ln_tide settings

10:51 Changeset [6883] by stephenhaddad

Commented out script code to remove oasis link arguments and corrected iom.F90 to make it compatible with latest revisions of XIOS-1.0.

10:47 Changeset [6882] by stephenhaddad

Creating a branch of NEMO based on the branch used by GC3 that works with the moci test suite.


17:13 Changeset [6881] by flavoni

first commit to create in TOOLS domain_cfg.nc files

16:58 Changeset [6880] by stephenhaddad

crum #160fixing compatibility between xios-1.0 and NEMO v3.6 STABLE branch.

15:42 Changeset [6879] by flavoni

commit small modifications in ly_src routines for OVERFLOW

15:33 Changeset [6878] by flavoni

add OVERFLOW idealized config, in usr_def development branch

15:31 Changeset [6877] by stephenhaddad

crum #160: Update to ensure that NEMO treats xios1.0 and xios2.0 the same when sending the bounds.

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