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19:54 Page Templates/Workplan/Action edited by nicolasmartin
18:08 Changeset [6999] by kingr

Fix to typo in previous commmit.

16:30 Changeset [6998] by nicolasmartin

TeX files missing from last commit

16:26 Changeset [6997] by nicolasmartin

Duplication of changes in DOC directory for the trunk

15:45 Changeset [6996] by acc

Branch dev_r6393_NOC_WAD. Removed WAD_TEST_CASES/MY_SRC/traadv_fct.F90; fixes now in main directory

15:40 Changeset [6995] by acc

Branch dev_r6393_NOC_WAD. Corrected reproducibility error in wet_dry.F90

15:07 Changeset [6994] by clem

clean online sea ice diagnostics

14:25 Changeset [6993] by nicolasmartin

Add missing files and modifications from previous commit

14:07 Changeset [6992] by nicolasmartin

Global reorganisation of DOC directory to ensure the export of NEMO Reference Manual both in PDF & HTML

  • Move 'Figures' and 'Namelists' from ./Tex Files? to the root, create 'Styles' directory in ./Tex Files? with corresponding files and generate EPS version of all figures
  • Fix La Tex? typos, add the possibility to compile each chapter separately with 'subfiles' package and clean the main LaTeX file by creating 'Preamble.tex' & 'Top_Matter.tex' in ./Tex Files?
  • Provide LaTeX2HTML.sh script for producing HTML output (LaTeX2HTML tool needed with patch)
  • Remove PDF files from versionned files
12:08 Changeset [6991] by kingr

Adding Momme's bdy changes for zerograd and neumann conditions.

11:18 Changeset [6990] by kingr

Added code from nemo3.4 OBS branch to allow rejection of observations near open boundaries.

09:43 Changeset [6989] by clem

use a namelist parameter to choose between the different advection schemes


18:45 Changeset [6988] by kingr

Added Pete/Enda?'s tidal diagnostic changes.

18:01 Changeset [6987] by kingr

A branch to add tidal harmonic analysis and boundary treatment changes made in CO6 operational suite (by Pete).

17:46 Changeset [6986] by acc

Branch dev_r6393_NOC_WAD. Introduced some WAD test cases, tidied and corrected WAD code

16:58 Changeset [6985] by flavoni

update sette

16:57 Changeset [6984] by flavoni

update DOMAINcfg TOOL

16:26 Changeset [6983] by dford

An initial version of code to apply chlorophyll increments to FABM-ERSEM.

15:01 Changeset [6982] by flavoni

update SETTE, SAS, AMM12 and namelists to run simplif-2 branch

14:34 Changeset [6981] by nicolasmartin

Bugfixes for compilation issues : last commit for trcstp and gfortran doesn't allow starting lines with semicolon


21:29 Ticket #1780 (Add missing bibliography) created by vi7Slitt
Making NEMO_book.pdf showed undefined references. The file attached …
18:31 Changeset [6980] by kingr

Update to add ability to reject observations near open boundaries.

18:23 Changeset [6979] by cetlod

SIMPLIF_2_usrdef : make it work for standard Offline configuration

16:17 2016WP/CNRS_2016 edited by flavoni
16:12 Changeset [6978] by kingr

Create a branch to add option to reject observations neat the boundary of regional models.

15:52 Changeset [6977] by flavoni

fix bug in variable name

15:28 Changeset [6976] by flavoni

fix bug in variable name

14:15 Changeset [6975] by flavoni

change sette.sh for SIMPLIF-2

14:14 Changeset [6974] by flavoni

minor bugfixes

14:09 Changeset [6973] by flavoni

fix small bug

12:10 Changeset [6972] by clem

correct bulk heat transfers in case the new (Lupkes2012) drag parameterization is used

11:57 2016WP/CNRS_2016 edited by flavoni
10:36 2017UpdateNEMOStrategy/First Steps edited by clevy
10:33 NEMO_Development_Strategy_Jun_2016_v0.4_JLS_and_MB.pdf attached to 2017UpdateNEMOStrategy/First Steps by clevy
Suggestions from Julien Le Sommer and Mike Bell
09:52 Changeset [6971] by clem

update from 3.6 stable

09:36 Changeset [6970] by clem

update from 3.6 stable, ticket #1777

09:29 Changeset [6969] by cetlod

v3.6stable : bugfix in PISCES when running offline, see ticket #1173

08:39 Changeset [6968] by cetlod

trunk: minor bgufix on trcstp, see ticket #1173

08:35 Changeset [6967] by cetlod

v3.6stable: minor bgufix on trcstp, see ticket #1173


16:56 Changeset [6966] by aumont

various bug fixes and updates on carbon chemistry

16:27 2017UpdateNEMOStrategy/First Steps edited by clevy
15:34 Changeset [6965] by clem

put some diags that were erased by mistake

14:41 Changeset [6964] by clem

LIM3 rheology rewritten, see ticket #1778

14:40 Changeset [6963] by clem

diagnostics for conservation checks, see ticket #1777


16:47 Ticket #1779 (Compilation error when coupling with PISCES) closed by cetlod
16:46 Changeset [6962] by cetlod

trunk: Bugfix on PISCES to avoid compilation errors, see ticket #1779

16:45 Ticket #1779 (Compilation error when coupling with PISCES) created by cetlod
= There are several errors in different files under P4Z. One of the …
14:14 Glossary edited by nicolasmartin
12:04 Ticket #1778 (LIM3 ice rheology) created by clem
Ice rheology for LIM3 has been re-written because of several …
11:57 Ticket #1777 (diags of conservation) created by clem
= Context = We are experiencing issues with conservation of properties in …
11:45 Ticket #1776 (Issue with Prather scheme) created by fmasson
Hi everyone, = Context = I'm running nemo_3.6_stable, r6396, in ORCA1L75 …


11:10 Working Groups/HPC/Mins_2016_05_20 created by timgraham
10:05 Working Groups/HPC edited by mike.bell


11:53 Changeset [6961] by flavoni

remove useless routine

11:36 Changeset [6960] by flavoni

define initial value for pe1e2 to avoid error with some compilers

00:12 Changeset [6959] by cetlod

Minor bugs correction on PISCES


15:21 Changeset [6958] by timgraham

Added vertical integral of density * T and density * S

15:20 Changeset [6957] by flavoni

change Fcheck_archfile to compile tools with xiosÃ

12:18 Changeset [6956] by flavoni

update file tools

11:01 Changeset [6955] by flavoni

add README file for DOMAINcfg tool

10:50 Changeset [6954] by jamesharle

correcting misnamed variable in trcstp: nb_rec_per_day was declared as nb_rec_per_days


17:56 vi7Slitt_portrait.png attached to User Manager Plugin Pictures by vi7Slitt
vi7Slitt's Avatar


16:27 2017UpdateNEMOStrategy/First Steps edited by clevy
16:06 Developers/SVN_Quick Reference edited by flavoni
16:02 Changeset [6953] by flavoni

Delete defunct branch

16:02 Changeset [6952] by cetlod

Offline vvl: 1st implementation, see ticket #1775

15:46 Changeset [6951] by flavoni

merge simplif-2 branches (TOOLS and NEMO); update DOMAINcfg TOOL: create domain_cfg.nc files to be used in new version of NEMO, SIMPLIF-2 branch

15:37 ticket/1775_TOP_Offline_vvl edited by cetlod
15:36 Changeset [6950] by jamesharle

update mppini_2.h90 to account for the bdy_msk (if used) to allow full land supression

15:34 Changeset [6949] by cetlod

Create development branch for Offline with vvl, see ticket #1775

15:31 Ticket #1775 (Offline with vvl) created by cetlod
Development branch based on 3.6 stable to implement the passive tracers …
14:56 Changeset [6948] by jamesharle

updated masking code in bdyini.F90 and dommsk.F90 to properly account for bdy_msk

13:45 Changeset [6947] by flavoni

update DOMAINcfg TOOL: create deomain_cfg.nc files to be used in new version of NEMO, SIMPLIF-2 branch

13:34 2017UpdateNEMOStrategy/First Steps edited by clevy
12:41 Changeset [6946] by jamesharle

Address ticket #1618: bdy_msk not masking

12:34 Ticket #1773 (Restartabilty issues in TOP with vvl and/or diurnal cycle) closed by cetlod
12:33 Ticket #1774 (Bug in PISCES carbon chemistry and when using vvl) closed by cetlod
12:31 Changeset [6945] by cetlod

trunk: bugfixes on PISCES carbon chemistry, see ticket #1774

12:21 2017UpdateNEMOStrategy/First Steps edited by clevy
12:09 2017UpdateNEMOStrategy/First Steps edited by clevy
12:05 2017UpdateNEMOStrategy/First Steps created by clevy
12:00 Changeset [6944] by cetlod

v3.6stable: update namelist PISCES, see ticket #1774

11:57 Changeset [6943] by cetlod

v3.6stable: bugfixes on PISCES carbon chemistry, see ticket #1774

11:44 Changeset [6942] by cetlod

trunk: bugfix on TOP restartability with vvl and/or with diurnal cycle, see ticket #1773

11:43 Changeset [6941] by cetlod

v3.6stable: bugfix on TOP restartability with vvl and/or with diurnal cycle, see ticket #1773

11:09 Ticket #1774 (Bug in PISCES carbon chemistry and when using vvl) created by cetlod
- The coastal supply of iron must be computed once at the initialization, …
10:51 Ticket #1773 (Restartabilty issues in TOP with vvl and/or diurnal cycle) created by cetlod
- The horizontal gradient of passive tracers ( gtru/gtrv ) are computed …
08:55 ticket/1775_TOP_Offline_vvl edited by cetlod


10:50 Documentation edited by nicolasmartin
09:20 Changeset [6940] by mikebell

Finite volume partial cells code


14:39 ticket/1775_TOP_Offline_vvl edited by cetlod
11:26 ticket/1775_TOP_Offline_vvl edited by cetlod
11:26 ticket/1775_TOP_Offline_vvl edited by cetlod
11:24 ticket/1775_TOP_Offline_vvl edited by cetlod
09:55 ticket/1775_TOP_Offline_vvl edited by cetlod
09:50 ticket/1775_TOP_Offline_vvl created by cetlod


15:52 Ticket #1088 (CORE sbc modifies public variable wind speed changing it to relative wind) closed by lovato
fixed: The code of NEMO v3.6 (and trunk) was fixed in MERGE2013 by introducing …


16:36 Changeset [6939] by deazer

Updated to include bug bix restart date label with respect to truncation error.

12:40 Changeset [6938] by deazer

Duplicated work in another branch

12:35 Ticket #1772 (restart date bug fix for 3.6 stable) closed by deazer
11:30 Changeset [6937] by deazer

remove svn keywords for fcm merging.

11:17 Changeset [6936] by deazer

Branch of 36 stable that includes restart date labelling bug fix requried for CO6/CO7 rose suites. If checks out can also update 36 stable itself.

11:13 Ticket #1772 (restart date bug fix for 3.6 stable) created by deazer
= Context = small bug in relation to truncation error for restart file …


19:04 Changeset [6935] by csanchez

Added Id line to prevent conflics

18:09 Changeset [6934] by csanchez

Added Enda O'Dea changes for SINGV

18:04 Changeset [6933] by csanchez

Add changes svn-related (no science)

17:16 Changeset [6932] by csanchez

Branch created

16:51 Ticket #1771 (bug nesting tools / double tanh) created by julienjouanno
In order to have agrif_create_bathy.exe to work properly with doubletanh : …
09:32 Changeset [6931] by aumont

various bug fixes on carbon chemistry


15:19 Changeset [6930] by timgraham

Modified interpun as discussed in Grenoble avoiding need for interpscales.


11:58 Changeset [6929] by timgraham

Extended update changes to updateU and updateV


17:52 Changeset [6928] by jgraham

Clear svn keywords

17:45 Changeset [6927] by jgraham

AMM15 branch at v3_6_STABLE. Contains changes required for AMM15 test runs. Prevent interpolation over depth when reading T/S from climatology. Modification of tanh function for tracers at bdy.

16:20 Ticket #1770 (AMM15 branch of VN3.6 Stable) created by jgraham
Branch to contain changes specific for AMM15 configuration. Updating …


15:50 Changeset [6926] by dford

Clear svn keywords.

15:47 Changeset [6925] by dford

Branch for ASM changes to apply biogeochemical assimilation increments to ERSEM. See Met office internal ticket 668.

14:49 Ticket #1769 (cmip diagnostics) created by clem
To complete diagnostics of volume conservation in coupled systems (like …
11:25 Ticket #1768 (zdfric: momentum background viscosity propagates into tracer diffusivity) created by mclaus
= Context = I think, the following code of zdfric.F90 (line 158, …
10:58 Ticket #1767 (Closed seas in eORCA025) created by fmasson
Dear colleagues, Apologies if this issue has already been raised …
09:18 Changeset [6924] by timgraham

Committing fixes for lbclnk when running without key_mpp_mpi (as developed by Miguel and added at a later revision of the trunk).


13:19 2016WP/CMCC_2016 edited by lovato
13:17 2016WP/2016Shared Actions edited by lovato
11:09 Changeset [6923] by gm

#1692 - branch SIMPLIF_2_usrdef: update comments in usrdef modules


15:34 Changeset [6922] by flavoni

#1692 and ROBUST-3 : add declaration variable


22:07 Changeset [6921] by antsia

from v3_6_extra_CMIP6_diagnostics@6550

18:12 Changeset [6920] by malcolmroberts

Added fix from UKMO/dev_r5518_GO6_package@6912 to temporarily fix bug in
coupling in ticket #1766

17:56 Changeset [6919] by malcolmroberts

Updated to mirror v3_6_extra_CMIP6_diagnostics@6910 revisions

15:02 Changeset [6918] by flavoni

#1763, commit in trunk, same of 3_6_STABLE, line over 132 chars

14:51 Ticket #1763 (line over 132 in lib_mpp) closed by flavoni
14:50 Changeset [6917] by flavoni

#1763, commit fix for: line over 132 in lib_mpp

14:35 Changeset [6916] by flavoni

#1692 and ROBUST-3 : Update and some cleaning

14:06 Changeset [6915] by kuniko

Branch that incorporates delta TOA to flux_adjust branch

13:27 Changeset [6914] by gm

#1692 - branch SIMPLIF_2_usrdef: final adjustment of OVERFLOW and LOCK-ECHANGE configuration

13:00 Changeset [6913] by kuniko

Made identical twin to dev_r5518_haney_arctic_mask and commited

12:42 Changeset [6912] by timgraham

Temporary fix in this branch for first bug in ticket #1766

12:12 Changeset [6911] by kuniko

Branch to test haney_arctic_mask


17:56 Changeset [6910] by timgraham

Bug fixes ofr diagnostics in traadv_tvd and traadv_eiv
Modified method for barotropic heat transport calculation as values weren't being output correctly on Cray computer (although I still don't understand why).

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