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16:15 Ticket #1820 (clios variable too short in ctl_nam subroutine) closed by timgraham
fixed: Fixed in nemo_v3_6_STABLE at r7531 and dev_merge_2016 at r7532.
16:14 Changeset [7532] by timgraham

Trivial fix for #1820. Committing to merge branch so it goes back onto trunk

16:13 Changeset [7531] by timgraham

Trivial fix for #1820

16:13 Changeset [7530] by kingr

Removing use of SSH increment in dynspg_ts - no longer applied directly in ssh_nxt.

16:10 Ticket #1820 (clios variable too short in ctl_nam subroutine) created by timgraham
= Context = In the ctl_nam subroutine clios is too short. Applies in the …
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12:22 Changeset [7529] by flavoni

remove uncesessary

10:56 Changeset [7528] by flavoni

commit new field def with wdmask and wetdep to allow diawri.F90 to find variable wetdep


18:26 Changeset [7527] by acc

Branch 2016/dev_merge_2016. Changes to WAD_TEST_CASES to cope with wetting and drying above sea level

16:11 Changeset [7526] by flavoni

add debug options

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17:47 Changeset [7525] by mocavero

changes after review

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14:37 Ticket #1819 (Wrong names in LIM3 restarts with number of ice categories > 9) created by jchanut
= Context = If the number of ice categories jpl ≥ 10, restarts are not …


18:37 Ticket #1817 (Uninitialized arrays in domzgr.F90) closed by mathiot
fixed: I agree on the suggested patch. Results of SETTE configuration are …
18:32 Changeset [7524] by mathiot

Fix for ticket #1817 (uninitialised misfdep/risfdep)

11:06 Changeset [7523] by cetlod

3.6stable: minor bugfix for Offline configuration with vvl


11:06 Changeset [7522] by cetlod

3.6 stable : update the offline routines to be able to run passive tracers offline with linear free surface, see ticket #1775


16:20 Changeset [7521] by cbricaud

correc bugs in crs branch


17:26 Changeset [7520] by cbricaud

cleaning and bug correction in CRS branch


23:34 Ticket #1818 (Uninitialized variable in sbc_oce.F90) created by mdunphy
= Context = Variable nn_components is initialized with a namelist read in …
19:43 Ticket #1817 (Uninitialized arrays in domzgr.F90) created by mdunphy
= Context = The arrays misfdep and risfdep are not initialized in routine …
12:56 Ticket #1816 (No possibility to use the same weight filename with both a 3D and 2D input ...) created by ctlod
= Context = When using 3D spatial dimension initial temperature/salinity …


17:34 Changeset [7519] by jpalmier

JPALM - field_def_dyn.xml debug

17:12 Changeset [7518] by jpalmier

JPALM - field_def_dyn.xml debug

16:38 Changeset [7517] by vancop

more outputs

14:48 Changeset [7516] by jpalmier

JPALM - remove nemogcm debug printing statements to avoid conflicts - change update field_def_dyn.xml to latest version

11:14 Changeset [7515] by timgraham

Minor changes so that sali_clim_ref.nc file is not needed with key_diaar5 unless variable sshthster is requested in iodef file


15:40 Changeset [7514] by acc

Branch dev_merge_2016. Tidying up wetting and drying test cases. Only usrdef routines are now required in the MY_SRC directory and all test cases will run. Still some robustness issues to resolve with test case 6

10:15 Changeset [7513] by mocavero

delete optional ompdo statements


18:14 Changeset [7512] by mocavero

update private scalars

17:20 Changeset [7511] by nicolasmartin

Minor bugfixes on field_def.xml, only tested to make the trusting work

16:20 Changeset [7510] by clem

update version

15:48 Changeset [7509] by clem

update branch

13:15 Changeset [7508] by mocavero

changes on code duplication and workshare construct

12:06 Changeset [7507] by clem

correct bugs introduced during merge in sea-ice


20:41 Changeset [7506] by vancop

Commit a first set of modifications

20:31 Changeset [7505] by vancop

Create branch with extra SIMIP sea ice diagnostics

17:05 Changeset [7504] by timgraham

Fix uninitialised array in sbcblk.F90 (feeding into LIM3).
Fix copied from sbcblk_core.F90 module

16:49 Changeset [7503] by timgraham

Missing end of namelist character in namelist_cfg for ISOMIP

14:09 Changeset [7502] by cetlod

Minor bugfix

11:06 Changeset [7501] by jwhile

Branch to change how NEMO handels sst bias files and outputs.

11:04 Changeset [7500] by jwhile

Branch created with wrong name

11:03 Changeset [7499] by jwhile

Branch to contain updates to how SSTbias files are handeled.

10:44 Changeset [7498] by timgraham

Fix for occasional truncation error in date in restart_trc filename


16:46 Changeset [7497] by jpalmier

JPALM — 14-12-2016 — MEDUSA Diags update ; remove extra lbc-lnk

15:56 Changeset [7496] by clem

correct xml files

14:16 Changeset [7495] by clem

add xios2 output files

10:02 Changeset [7494] by timgraham

Addition of extra diagnostic outputs in CMIP6 data request. NB. Will require update to field_def file from shaconemo


17:46 Changeset [7493] by jpalmier

JPALM — add XIOS-2 MEDUSA files

17:45 Changeset [7492] by timgraham

Final merge of head of v3.6 STABLE branch into this branch


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17:44 Changeset [7491] by timgraham

Reinstate svn keywords

15:47 Changeset [7490] by cetlod

Remove one module that has been already declared

12:27 Changeset [7489] by dford

Changes to reject BGC obs at open boundaries, and update getting chlorophyll from FABM.

12:03 Changeset [7488] by timgraham

Updated CONFIG directory to head of v3.6 STABLE and removed XIOS2 dependent fields from field_def.xml (these will be included in shaconemo only)

11:53 Changeset [7487] by timgraham

Merged head of v3.6 Stable into NEMOGCM/NEMO

10:16 Changeset [7486] by timgraham

Remove useless axis_ref keywords on isotherm depth variables

09:33 Changeset [7485] by cetlod

Remove CPP key key_offline and replace it with a logical l_offline


17:27 Changeset [7484] by cetlod

PISCES gas : minor bug correction

14:27 Changeset [7483] by cetlod

phase PISCES GAS branch with head of v3.6 stable ( rev 7482 )


10:12 Changeset [7482] by timgraham

Remove #if defined key_bdy statements that got in somehow at the merge.


19:33 Changeset [7481] by jcastill

Changes as in branches/2016/dev_INGV_UKMO_2016@7451

14:27 Changeset [7480] by dford

Merge in changes to reject obs near open boundaries.

14:25 Changeset [7479] by dford

Changes to get chlorophyll from FABM.

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12:36 Changeset [7478] by clem

correct ticket #1801

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11:37 Changeset [7477] by kingr

Trac ticket #651 - code changes allow writing of averaged assim background for shelf assimilation.

11:11 Changeset [7476] by kingr

Minor change from code reiew.

10:30 2017WP/Shared Actions edited by timgraham
09:58 2017WP/Shared Actions edited by timgraham
01:43 2017UpdateNEMOStrategy/First Steps edited by vancop
01:32 2017UpdateNEMOStrategy/First Steps edited by vancop


23:47 Changeset [7475] by mocavero

fix for ticket #1813

23:37 Ticket #1813 (north fold (MPP case) of I-point with F-pivot fails (e.g. ORCA05 + ...) closed by mocavero
fixed: In revision 7474: the table has been changed from the remote (pt2tr) to …
22:52 Changeset [7474] by mocavero

fix for ticket #1813

17:37 Changeset [7473] by kingr

Removing obsolete branch

17:03 Glossary edited by nicolasmartin
13:34 Changeset [7472] by dford

Merge in changes for 25hr mean background averaging.

13:15 Changeset [7471] by jcastill

Version as merged to the trunk during the Nov-2016 merge party, equivalent to branches/UKMO/r5936_INGV1_WAVE-coupling@7360

11:10 Changeset [7470] by jcastill

Remove svn keys

11:08 Changeset [7469] by jcastill

New version of the branch to merge with amm15 operational r6232

10:53 Changeset [7468] by cetlod

dev_merge_2016: Control the removal of runoff dilution effect only in linerar free surface case

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