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13:00 Changeset [7703] by marc

Marc 20/2/17. Fix two bugs.

12:50 Changeset [7702] by flavoni

move README-setup-configs file

11:07 Changeset [7701] by frrh

Improve control of numstr unit.

In addition to only producing output, and doing the
related global sums when we really need them, we
need to restrict it to one instance on the master PE
in all circumstances and to explicitly close it at the
end of the run. (Currently if lwp = true you get a separate
file for every PE containing identical information and none
of the tracer.stat files are explicitly closed.)

10:43 Changeset [7700] by mathiot

update makenemo to run ISOMIP correctly with sette.sh


10:10 Changeset [7699] by mocavero

added OpenMP arch file and batch template for CMCC

10:02 Changeset [7698] by mocavero

update trunk with OpenMP parallelization


18:04 Changeset [7697] by anaguiar

Clear svn keywords

16:56 Changeset [7696] by flavoni

create README to set up users configuration in nemo 4.0

16:54 Changeset [7695] by flavoni

update README for DOMAINcfg tool

16:50 Changeset [7694] by frrh

Protect expensive global sums of all tracers from being performed
unconditionally with a rtl (ln_ctl). This code is only relevant for
debugging or other circumstances where the user needs to know
global tracer sums for bit comarison purposes.

In normal run conditions, this calculation is redundant.

16:38 Changeset [7693] by frrh

Merge in branches/NERC/dev_r5518_NOC_MEDUSA_Stable from revision range
r 5711:7611 (i.e. the entire branch)

16:34 Changeset [7692] by frrh

Strip out svn keywords

16:29 Changeset [7691] by frrh

Tidying and optimisations for MEDUSA - by R Hill.

16:27 Changeset [7690] by anaguiar

Changes to fix SSH IAU bug in FOAM-GO6, ticket #1849

16:00 Changeset [7689] by anaguiar

ticket #1849: ssh iau bug fix


18:10 Changeset [7688] by anaguiar

Reverting earlier changes that were a mistake. The interpolation to the middle of the timestep is a very deliberate choice based on Leclair and Madec (2009) - davestorkey

12:24 Changeset [7687] by timgraham

Reduce chunksize so that ORCA12 restart files can be rebuilt without needing stupid amounts of memory

11:10 Changeset [7686] by timgraham

Added code to increase permitted number of open files


17:24 Changeset [7685] by timgraham

Added option to specify required memory for jobs submitted to a compute node

17:17 Changeset [7684] by mathiot

update SETTE directory to work with ISOMIP into TEST_CASE/ directory

14:08 Ticket #1849 (SSH IAU does not turn off at time-step specified by nitiaufin) created by charris
= Context = The nitaufin namelist setting is supposed to allow IAU to be …
12:53 Changeset [7683] by timgraham

#1848 First commit of modified code

12:51 Ticket #1848 (Modifications to rebuild_nemo) created by timgraham
= Context = At the Met Office we have a lot of modifications to the …
12:23 Changeset [7682] by timgraham

Branch for Met Office modifications to rebuild_nemo tool


18:56 Changeset [7681] by cetlod

Remove unused routines trd_mld_bio etc …

13:11 ticket/1821/Branch Testing edited by frrh
13:06 Changeset [7680] by frrh

Update all modified (and some existing) ALLOCATE statements to
use explicit range in dimensioning starting from 1, for
consistency and avoidance of doubt over dimensioning.

12:23 Ticket #1847 (iceprod_cea field doesn't exist in the LIM3 code.) created by ctlod
= Context = The field iceprod_cea defined in the field_def.xml file does …
11:42 Changeset [7679] by isabella

added changes to be consistent with go6


18:28 Changeset [7678] by mathiot

add option to read shlat2d

18:22 Changeset [7677] by mathiot

branch to read a shlat2d file (from GO6 package r7651)

16:29 Changeset [7676] by mathiot

move test point from (180.,90.) to (-168.7, 65.6 ie a point across Bering strait) to avoid missing value with model composition with hi-res configuration.

16:20 Changeset [7675] by mathiot

branch to modify the reference latitude used in some output file (diaptr file for exemple) in case of land suppression and high resolution.

16:14 Changeset [7674] by mathiot

set the iceberg trajectory output to trajectory_icebergs_<date_ini (YYYYMMDD)>-<date_end (YYYYMMDD)>_????.nc (instead of trajectory_icebergs_<last time step (XXXXXX)>_????.nc)

15:51 Changeset [7673] by mathiot

branch to rename iceberg trajectory output

10:27 Changeset [7672] by jcastill

Further changes to remove the UM dependency in case of a coupled run, so that ocean can also run in coupled mode with a wave model only: until now, if running in forced/coupled mode (ln_mixcpl), the program expected forcing files and coupling fields from the atmosphere, and they were 'merged' together using a coupling map; if the coupling map was not provided, the coupling fields overwrote the input fields even if they were not actually coupled and did not have any valid information. If we were coupling to a wave model and not an atmosphere model, the forcing fields read from file were being overwritten but the atmosphere coupling fields, which did not contain any valid information.

Now, it is possible to couple in real mixed mode, where the fields can independently be read either from forcing files or from coupling (ocean coupled to an atmosphere model, a wave model, or both), and the coupling mapping is only needed if a field if both provided via coupling and a forcing file.


19:44 Ticket #1846 (diaptr land suppression eORCA12) created by mathiot
= Context = Diaptr with land suppression is not working well. Whatever the …
19:22 Ticket #1845 (iceberg trajectory file name) created by mathiot
= Context = - With eORCA025, after 30 years the trajectory data can’t be …
18:29 Changeset [7671] by flavoni

DOC: update some SBC namelists

18:18 Changeset [7670] by flavoni

update NEMO book pdf

18:16 Changeset [7669] by flavoni

starting update of tex book for new configurations interface

18:04 Changeset [7668] by mathiot

Change location of ISOMIP, add plot routine and expected melt/moc/psi figure and README

15:21 Changeset [7667] by isabella

added more explanation

15:02 Changeset [7666] by isabella

including domzgr_substitute.h90 so that fsdept_n is known to bias

12:47 Ticket #1844 (ISOMIP configuration update) created by mathiot
= Context = ISOMIP configuration is testing the ice shelf module. It has …
12:24 Changeset [7665] by isabella

making changes to be consistent

11:21 Changeset [7664] by mathiot

Creation branch to update userdef file for ISOMIP, add plot_routine and expected figure

11:19 Changeset [7663] by mathiot

make 2017 directory


16:07 Changeset [7662] by isabella

some other comments

13:37 Changeset [7661] by isabella

adding more messages

12:08 Changeset [7660] by isabella

multiply tbias_i by the tmask

09:49 Working Groups/Wave Coupling edited by emanuelaclementi
09:43 Minutes_WAVE_WG_Meeting_20170119.pdf attached to Working Groups/Wave Coupling by emanuelaclementi


17:15 Changeset [7659] by isabella

added more info messages

16:18 Changeset [7658] by isabella

write statement put outside case statement

16:04 Changeset [7657] by isabella

adding more output messages

14:55 Changeset [7656] by isabella

added other output messages and changed one formula to sum up from tbias_i .

14:52 ticket/1821/Branch Testing edited by frrh
13:59 Ticket Guidelines/Modify Ticket Summary edited by nicolasmartin
13:58 Ticket Guidelines/New Ticket Summary edited by nicolasmartin


18:02 Changeset [7655] by jcastill

Wave coupling branch, using the implementation of Joanna Staneva at HZG - copied from a local copy of her branch that has not been uploaded to the repository

17:16 Changeset [7654] by cetlod

Bugfix : read the last time step of qsr sampling in TOP restart file only when nn_rsttr not equal to 0

16:37 Changeset [7653] by isabella

adding changes to reset variables following options

13:58 Developers/Developing Code Changes edited by nicolasmartin


17:14 Changeset [7652] by isabella

adding output messages to understand what model does

16:28 Changeset [7651] by timgraham

Added iom_put call for wpt_dep (used for CMIP6 zhalf) as this came into the data request quite late

16:24 Changeset [7650] by andmirek

#1840 : if(PRESENT) for eanch OPTIONAL variable in iom.F90

16:21 Changeset [7649] by glong

dyn_vrt_dia subroutine added and calls added for most processes - spg, zdf, and bfr not yet done

10:38 Changeset [7648] by glong

Copy of dev_r5518_G06_package@6876 including barotropic vorticity diagnostics (dyn_vrt_diag)

10:25 Changeset [7647] by timgraham

Add LIM_SRC_2/limrhg.F90 back in after merge of dev_merge_2016

10:25 Changeset [7646] by timgraham

Merge of dev_merge_2016 into trunk. UPDATE TO ARCHFILES NEEDED for XIOS2.
LIM_SRC_s/limrhg.F90 to follow in next commit due to change of kind (I'm unable to do it in this commit).
Merged using the following steps:

1) svn merge —reintegrate svn+ssh://forge.ipsl.jussieu.fr/ipsl/forge/projets/nemo/svn/trunk .
2) Resolve minor conflicts in sette.sh and namelist_cfg for ORCA2LIM3 (due to a change in trunk after branch was created)
3) svn commit
4) svn switch svn+ssh://forge.ipsl.jussieu.fr/ipsl/forge/projets/nemo/svn/trunk
5) svn merge svn+ssh://forge.ipsl.jussieu.fr/ipsl/forge/projets/nemo/svn/branches/2016/dev_merge_2016 .
6) At this stage I checked out a clean copy of the branch to compare against what is about to be committed to the trunk.
6) svn commit #Commit code to the trunk

In this commit I have also reverted a change to Fcheck_archfile.sh which was causing problems on the Paris machine.


18:09 Changeset [7645] by acc

Branch 2016/dev_merge_2016. Rename cpp_WAD_TEST_CASES.fcm to cpp_WAD.fcm to match its shortened configuration name in its new location

17:38 Ticket #1843 (obs operator: non initialized varaible) closed by cbricaud
fixed: fixed in dev_merge_2016 at rev 7644 …
17:34 Changeset [7644] by cbricaud

fix ticket #1843 in dev_merge_2016

17:13 Ticket #1843 (obs operator: non initialized varaible) created by cbricaud
= Context = ORCA2_LIM3_OBS reference configuration SETTE test with debug …
16:55 Ticket #1766 (Bugs in sbc_cpl) closed by clem
16:50 Changeset [7643] by acc

Branch dev_merge_2016. Update MOBILIS arch files to use XIOS2.0 as default

16:45 Ticket #1778 (LIM3 ice rheology) closed by clem
16:38 Ticket #1795 (Boundary files for LIM3 are not found in a subdirectory) closed by clem
invalid: The general rule for running simulations is to put all the forcing files …
16:26 Changeset [7642] by timgraham

Merged in minor changes between revsion of trunk where branch started and the head.

16:20 Ticket #1607 (out-of-bound references in agrif_lim2_update (lim2_vp case) in trunk and ...) closed by clem
fixed: fixed at r7641
16:19 Changeset [7641] by clem

bug fix for AGRIF+LIM2-VP, see ticket #1607

16:06 Changeset [7640] by flavoni

#1842 add README to compile test cases, and some namelists

16:03 Ticket #1842 (ROBUST-02(2017WP) enhancement in TEST CASES) created by flavoni
= Context = Following on from ticket #1839 and #1841, preparing action on …
15:59 Ticket #1837 (Fix LIM2-VP for AGRIF) closed by clem
fixed: fixed at revision 7639
15:58 Changeset [7639] by clem

bug fix for AGRIF+LIM2-VP, see ticket #1837

15:25 Ticket #1838 (Modifications to remove XIOS1 from dev_merge_2016) closed by timgraham
15:25 Ticket #1841 (Create TEST_CASES directory) closed by timgraham
fixed: Remaining test_cases moved at r7638
15:09 Changeset [7638] by timgraham

#1841. Moved Lock_exchange and SAS_BIPER test cases

15:00 Changeset [7637] by timgraham

#1841 - Moved Wetting and drying test cases to new directory.

14:56 Changeset [7636] by timgraham

#1840 Create TEST_CASES directory and move OVERFLOW test case

14:36 Ticket #1841 (Create TEST_CASES directory) created by timgraham
= Context = Following on from ticket #1839 the test cases will now be …
14:24 Changeset [7635] by timgraham

#1838 - Changes to remove XIOS1.0

14:10 Changeset [7634] by andmirek

1840 xios definitions and optional variables

13:43 Ticket #1840 (optional variables) created by andmirek
= Context = There are few places where optional arguments are used without …
13:08 Ticket #1839 (Changes to makenemo to support configurations in subdirectories of CONFIG) closed by acc
fixed: Changes to makenemo submitted at Changset [7633]
13:06 Changeset [7633] by acc

Branch 2016/dev_merge_2016. Changes to makenemo to support configurations in subdirectories of CONFIG. See #1839; added new -a option to makenemo which takes the name of a subdirectory of CONFIG as its argument. Subdirectories will be created later and some configurations moved to use this facility and tidy CONFIG in the process

12:58 Ticket #1839 (Changes to makenemo to support configurations in subdirectories of CONFIG) created by acc
= Context = Minor changes to makenemo are required to allow some …
12:45 Ticket #1838 (Modifications to remove XIOS1 from dev_merge_2016) created by timgraham
= Context = It has been agreed that XIOS1.0 should be removed from the …


16:27 Ticket #1701 (New development branch for 2016 fixes to Wetting and Drying) closed by acc
fixed: Incorporated into 2016 merge. Includes simple test cases (linear slopes, …
16:23 Ticket #1689 (2016WP SIMPLIF-5 Reimplement Smagorinsky) closed by acc
fixed: Incorporated into 2016 merge
16:20 Ticket #1758 (namelist mangling: cfg does not always override ref) closed by acc
invalid: The error here is in the user's namelist_cfg. The name list contains 2 …
16:12 Ticket #1816 (No possibility to use the same weight filename with both a 3D and 2D input ...) closed by acc
wontfix: This is a 'feature' rather than a true bug. Ideally one should be able to …
14:37 Changeset [7632] by acc

Branch 2016/dev_merge_2016. Added python utility to plot animation frames for the Wetting and Drying test cases. WAD_TEST_CASES/EXP00/plotframes.py replaces WAD_TEST_CASES/EXP00/matpoly2.py

12:25 Ticket #1837 (Fix LIM2-VP for AGRIF) created by fschwarzkopf
= Context = LIM2-VP does not work with AGRIF = Analysis = In …
12:02 Ticket #1836 (Fix timing for AGRIF) created by fschwarzkopf
= Context In AGRIF simulations the #child_timing files only contain …
11:17 Changeset [7631] by flavoni

update iodef.xml for pisces

09:56 Changeset [7630] by timgraham

Modification to regular expressions to pick up timing_start/stop calls with white space around the subroutine name


11:29 Changeset [7629] by aumont

Change in the PISCES diags

11:24 Changeset [7628] by aumont

Change in the ligands parameters

11:22 Changeset [7627] by aumont

change in the bacterial consumption of Fe + some more diags


17:06 Changeset [7626] by hadjt

Added CO5 code to catch water below freezing, and reset to freezing point - based on code by Rachel Furner/Rob? King (http://fcm3/projects/NEMO/ticket/682). Also added a name list to switch this code on, and how it reports any freezing grid boxes - nam_tranxticing: nn_tranxticing; (0=Off; 1=Error; 2 Warn (verbose); 3 Warn (Quiet))

14:44 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v4.0a edited by flavoni
13:06 Changeset [7625] by dford

Update the retrieval of pCO2 from FABM.

12:37 Changeset [7624] by flavoni

update test lock and overflow with dev_merge_2016

12:26 Changeset [7623] by flavoni

update lock_exchange with dev_merge_2016

11:10 Changeset [7622] by flavoni

bad old name for output ISOMIP file

09:43 Changeset [7621] by cetlod

Minor corrections


14:35 Changeset [7620] by jcastill

Fix bug with momentum transfer in coupled mode


00:12 Changeset [7619] by aumont

bug correction in the declared fields


18:19 Changeset [7618] by aumont

update namelist_pisces in the quota code

18:17 Changeset [7617] by aumont

update diagnostics + changes in quota code

18:09 Changeset [7616] by acc

Branch 2016/dev_merge_2016. Wetting and drying updates. Includes a slightly modified MY_SRC copy of domain.F90 to enable a north-south cyclic test domain (jperio=7). Other changes include fixes in usrdef_zgr.F90 to correct metrics on the northern boundary and a new test case (#8) which uses the north-south cyclic option.

16:43 Changeset [7615] by aumont

update for additional diags

15:27 ticket/1821/Branch Testing edited by frrh
14:47 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v4.0a edited by flavoni
14:46 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v4.0a edited by flavoni
14:41 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v4.0a edited by flavoni
14:38 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v4.0a edited by flavoni
13:12 ticket/1821/Branch Testing edited by frrh
13:07 ticket/1821/Branch Testing created by frrh
12:47 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v4.0a edited by flavoni
10:43 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v4.0a edited by flavoni
10:41 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v4.0a edited by flavoni
10:39 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v4.0a edited by flavoni
10:15 Changeset [7614] by kingr

Code changes to prevent water temperature falling below pressure-dependent freezing point


18:35 Changeset [7613] by hadjt

Added namelist entries to effectively switch off region mean, pea and NOOS code. Also use correct nemo file open subroutines, rahter than low level open statements with fixed file ids (37 and 73)

12:35 Changeset [7612] by flavoni

missing close tag in html pisces file

12:07 Changeset [7611] by jpalmier

JPALM — 26-01-2017 — Fix MOCSY depth0 init value

10:45 Changeset [7610] by acc

Branch 2016/dev_merge_2016. Minor correction to WAD documentation and add in WAD_TEST_CASES/MY_SRC/bdyini.F90 which removes an apparently unnecessary restriction (to be checked) that would otherwise stop test case 7


19:12 Ticket #1835 (Uninitialized variable nn_dttrc used in iom.F90) created by mdunphy
= Context = The variable nn_dttrc is not initialized when we run without …
17:43 Changeset [7609] by acc

Branch 2016/dev_merge_2016. Additional WAD test case with a sinusoidally forced open boundary. Changes include additions to usrdef routines (WAD_TEST_CASES/MYSRC), configuration namelist and documentation only

17:30 Changeset [7608] by kingr

Create a branch to test limiting the min temp in CO6/AMM7

16:37 Changeset [7607] by cetlod

v3.6 stable : add missing features for CMIP6 exercise, see ticket #1834

14:40 Glossary edited by nemo
14:07 Ticket #1834 (Missing features in 3.6 stable) created by cetlod
Some features are missing in the 3.6 stable and are needed for CMIP6 …
13:01 Changeset [7606] by jcastill

Fix some bugs introduced due to particularities of the branch revision; make some small improvements

12:14 New topic on Forks created by nemo
[FAQ] Test cases
12:13 New topic on Skilled created by nemo
[FAQ] Choosing options (natural and computer science), please read this before creating a new topic
12:05 New topic on Beginner created by nemo
[FAQ] Getting started with NEMO, please read this before creating a new topic
11:59 New forum News created by nemo
Ocean modelling events - Calls | Meetings | Sessions | {e-}Trainings | Webinars | Workshops
11:57 New forum Forks created by nemo
Unofficial resources (cfgs, repos, tools, etc) - Unsupported configurations, secondary repositories, available tools and utilities
11:55 New forum Skilled created by nemo
Natural & computer science - Additional answers on choosing savvy options
11:47 New forum Beginner created by nemo
Getting started with the ocean model - Download, install, compile and run reference configurations
11:29 Changeset [7605] by timgraham

Added field for dynldf_c3d case

11:28 New topic on Tools created by nemo
[FAQ] Tools and Interfaces, please read this before creating a new topic
06:56 Ticket #1833 (Uninitialized arrays bfrua/bfrva in zdf_bfr_init) created by mdunphy
= Context = The function zdf_bfr_init does not initialize arrays …


16:50 Changeset [7604] by dkuts

fixed some typos

16:26 Changeset [7603] by flavoni

update wrong names for pisces outputs

13:43 Changeset [7602] by frrh

Typo fix

13:39 Changeset [7601] by frrh

#1821 more changes to replace pointers with ALLOCATE in traldf_iso


19:26 Changeset [7600] by jcastill

Changes as in branches/2016/dev_merge_2016@7562 (branches/2016/dev_INGV_UKMO_2016@7558)

16:12 Changeset [7599] by timgraham

Fully working version

14:13 Changeset [7598] by acc

Branch 2016/dev_merge_2016. Update Wetting and drying documentation (temporary location)

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