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14:23 Changeset [7731] by dford
Merge in revisions 6625:7726 of dev_r5518_v3.4_asm_nemovar_community, so …
14:14 Changeset [7730] by dford
Clear svn keywords.
14:10 Changeset [7729] by dford
Create a new version of the asm_nemovar_community branch, correctly …
12:51 Changeset [7728] by frrh
Stop OOB crashes by giving ierr the right size and removing unallocated …
12:49 ticket/1851/General edited by frrh
12:34 Changeset [7727] by dford
Deleting branch, as changes merged back into main community branch.
12:28 ticket/1851/General edited by frrh
12:26 ticket/1851/General edited by frrh
12:25 ticket/1851/General edited by frrh
12:16 Changeset [7726] by dford
Merge in changes to apply logchl assimilation increments to FABM-ERSEM, …
12:13 ticket/1851/General edited by frrh
12:09 ticket/1851/General edited by frrh
11:49 ticket/1851/General edited by frrh
11:44 ticket/1851/General edited by frrh
11:33 Changeset [7725] by frrh
Fix array dimensioning to avoid OOB crash on compilation with -Rb!
11:31 Changeset [7724] by frrh
Strip out svn keywords
11:28 Changeset [7723] by frrh
Branch of branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_GO6_package@7704 for debugging purposes.
11:27 Changeset [7722] by flavoni
update test for ORCA2_LIM3_OBS, active with pisces
11:25 Changeset [7721] by frrh
Branch from branches/NERC/dev_r5518_NOC_MEDUSA_Stable@7709 for more …
11:23 Changeset [7720] by jpalmier
JPALM -- 23-02-2017 -- add new DMS testing config
11:00 Changeset [7719] by dford
Minor updates to logchl assimilation balancing.


18:47 Changeset [7718] by dford
Update to correctly get BGC model parameters when writing balancing …
17:49 Changeset [7717] by jcastill
Add surface drag coefficient direct forcing and coupling
16:21 Ticket #1830 (Problem with restart from another simulation) closed by clevy
invalid: I've tried to reproduce your problem with the ORCA2_LIM3_PISCES forced …
16:11 Changeset [7716] by dford
Tidy up and simplify use of arrays for logchl assimilation balancing.
15:47 ticket/1851/General edited by frrh
15:20 Changeset [7715] by flavoni
#1850 commit new list of REFERENCE CONFIGURATIONS, and SETTE tests
15:04 ticket/1851/General edited by frrh
15:04 ticket/1851/General edited by frrh
12:48 Changeset [7714] by dford
Deleting branch, as changes merged back into main community branch.
12:40 Changeset [7713] by dford
Add observation operator code for surface log10(chlorophyll), SPM, pCO2 …
12:26 Changeset [7712] by dford
Update comment relating to pCO2 to fCO2 conversion.
11:23 ticket/1851/General edited by frrh
11:15 ticket/1851/General edited by frrh
10:19 ticket/1851/General edited by frrh
10:18 ticket/1851/General edited by frrh


17:05 Changeset [7711] by frrh
Various minor corrections resulting from array bounds checking. Note: …
17:02 Ticket #1852 (Inconsistent halo values across restarts in SETTE tests) closed by acc
fixed: Fix submitted to trunk at Changeset: [7710]
17:00 Changeset [7710] by acc
Trunk fix for ticket #1852. Add initialisation of sbc_tsc in trasbc.F90 to …
16:55 Ticket #1852 (Inconsistent halo values across restarts in SETTE tests) created by acc
= Context = Attempts to derive a SETTE test for SAS configurations by …
16:46 Changeset [7709] by jpalmier
JPALM -- 21-02-2017 -- merge the branch with Richard optim branch, and add …
16:40 ticket/1851/General edited by frrh
16:30 ticket/1851/General created by frrh
16:20 Changeset [7708] by frrh
#1851 Debugging GO6-GSI8-MEDUSA
16:20 Ticket #1851 (Fixes developed while debugging GO6-GSI8-MEDUSA) created by frrh
= Context = This ticket records actions and developments in respect of …
16:15 Ticket #1850 (modifications list of REFERENCE CONFIGURATIONS and list of tests SETTE) created by flavoni
= Context = Toward NEMO version 4.0 change reference configuration list : …
15:13 Changeset [7707] by frrh
Get rid if defunct branch
15:11 Changeset [7706] by frrh
Get rid of defunct branch
13:53 Changeset [7705] by flavoni
update NEMO documentation in trunk
12:05 Changeset [7704] by timgraham
Remove the ocean biology fields from field_def.xml. This doesn't affect …


13:00 Changeset [7703] by marc
Marc 20/2/17. Fix two bugs.
12:50 Changeset [7702] by flavoni
move README-setup-configs file
11:07 Changeset [7701] by frrh
Improve control of numstr unit. In addition to only producing output, …
10:43 Changeset [7700] by mathiot
update makenemo to run ISOMIP correctly with


10:10 Changeset [7699] by mocavero
added OpenMP arch file and batch template for CMCC
10:02 Changeset [7698] by mocavero
update trunk with OpenMP parallelization


18:04 Changeset [7697] by anaguiar
Clear svn keywords
16:56 Changeset [7696] by flavoni
create README to set up users configuration in nemo 4.0
16:54 Changeset [7695] by flavoni
update README for DOMAINcfg tool
16:50 Changeset [7694] by frrh
Protect expensive global sums of all tracers from being performed …
16:38 Changeset [7693] by frrh
Merge in branches/NERC/dev_r5518_NOC_MEDUSA_Stable from revision range r …
16:34 Changeset [7692] by frrh
Strip out svn keywords
16:29 Changeset [7691] by frrh
Tidying and optimisations for MEDUSA - by R Hill.
16:27 Changeset [7690] by anaguiar
Changes to fix SSH IAU bug in FOAM-GO6, ticket #1849
16:00 Changeset [7689] by anaguiar
ticket #1849: ssh iau bug fix


18:10 Changeset [7688] by anaguiar
Reverting earlier changes that were a mistake. The interpolation to the …
12:24 Changeset [7687] by timgraham
Reduce chunksize so that ORCA12 restart files can be rebuilt without …
11:10 Changeset [7686] by timgraham
Added code to increase permitted number of open files


17:24 Changeset [7685] by timgraham
Added option to specify required memory for jobs submitted to a compute …
17:17 Changeset [7684] by mathiot
update SETTE directory to work with ISOMIP into TEST_CASE/ directory
14:08 Ticket #1849 (SSH IAU does not turn off at time-step specified by nitiaufin) created by charris
= Context = The nitaufin namelist setting is supposed to allow IAU to be …
12:53 Changeset [7683] by timgraham
#1848 First commit of modified code
12:51 Ticket #1848 (Modifications to rebuild_nemo) created by timgraham
= Context = At the Met Office we have a lot of modifications to the …
12:23 Changeset [7682] by timgraham
Branch for Met Office modifications to rebuild_nemo tool


18:56 Changeset [7681] by cetlod
Remove unused routines trd_mld_bio etc …
13:11 ticket/1821/BranchTesting edited by frrh
13:06 Changeset [7680] by frrh
Update all modified (and some existing) ALLOCATE statements to use …
12:23 Ticket #1847 (iceprod_cea field doesn't exist in the LIM3 code.) created by ctlod
= Context = The field iceprod_cea defined in the field_def.xml file does …
11:42 Changeset [7679] by isabella
added changes to be consistent with go6


18:28 Changeset [7678] by mathiot
add option to read shlat2d
18:22 Changeset [7677] by mathiot
branch to read a shlat2d file (from GO6 package r7651)
16:29 Changeset [7676] by mathiot
move test point from (180.,90.) to (-168.7, 65.6 ie a point across Bering …
16:20 Changeset [7675] by mathiot
branch to modify the reference latitude used in some output file (diaptr …
16:14 Changeset [7674] by mathiot
set the iceberg trajectory output to trajectory_icebergs_<date_ini …
15:51 Changeset [7673] by mathiot
branch to rename iceberg trajectory output
10:27 Changeset [7672] by jcastill
Further changes to remove the UM dependency in case of a coupled run, so …


19:44 Ticket #1846 (diaptr land suppression eORCA12) created by mathiot
= Context = Diaptr with land suppression is not working well. Whatever the …
19:22 Ticket #1845 (iceberg trajectory file name) created by mathiot
= Context = - With eORCA025, after 30 years the trajectory data can’t be …
18:29 Changeset [7671] by flavoni
DOC: update some SBC namelists
18:18 Changeset [7670] by flavoni
update NEMO book pdf
18:16 Changeset [7669] by flavoni
starting update of tex book for new configurations interface
18:04 Changeset [7668] by mathiot
Change location of ISOMIP, add plot routine and expected melt/moc/psi …
15:21 Changeset [7667] by isabella
added more explanation
15:02 Changeset [7666] by isabella
including domzgr_substitute.h90 so that fsdept_n is known to bias
12:47 Ticket #1844 (ISOMIP configuration update) created by mathiot
= Context = ISOMIP configuration is testing the ice shelf module. It has …
12:24 Changeset [7665] by isabella
making changes to be consistent
11:21 Changeset [7664] by mathiot
Creation branch to update userdef file for ISOMIP, add plot_routine and …
11:19 Changeset [7663] by mathiot
make 2017 directory


16:07 Changeset [7662] by isabella
some other comments
13:37 Changeset [7661] by isabella
adding more messages
12:08 Changeset [7660] by isabella
multiply tbias_i by the tmask
09:49 WorkingGroups/WaveCoupling edited by emanuelaclementi
09:43 Minutes_WAVE_WG_Meeting_20170119.pdf attached to WorkingGroups/WaveCoupling by emanuelaclementi


17:15 Changeset [7659] by isabella
added more info messages
16:18 Changeset [7658] by isabella
write statement put outside case statement
16:04 Changeset [7657] by isabella
adding more output messages
14:55 Changeset [7656] by isabella
added other output messages and changed one formula to sum up from tbias_i …
14:52 ticket/1821/BranchTesting edited by frrh
13:59 TicketGuidelines/ModifyTicketSummary edited by nicolasmartin
13:58 TicketGuidelines/NewTicketSummary edited by nicolasmartin


18:02 Changeset [7655] by jcastill
Wave coupling branch, using the implementation of Joanna Staneva at HZG - …
17:16 Changeset [7654] by cetlod
Bugfix : read the last time step of qsr sampling in TOP restart file only …
16:37 Changeset [7653] by isabella
adding changes to reset variables following options
13:58 Developers/DevelopingCodeChanges edited by nicolasmartin


17:14 Changeset [7652] by isabella
adding output messages to understand what model does
16:28 Changeset [7651] by timgraham
Added iom_put call for wpt_dep (used for CMIP6 zhalf) as this came into …
16:24 Changeset [7650] by andmirek
#1840 : if(PRESENT) for eanch OPTIONAL variable in iom.F90
16:21 Changeset [7649] by glong
dyn_vrt_dia subroutine added and calls added for most processes - spg, …
10:38 Changeset [7648] by glong
Copy of dev_r5518_G06_package@6876 including barotropic vorticity …
10:25 Changeset [7647] by timgraham
Add LIM_SRC_2/limrhg.F90 back in after merge of dev_merge_2016
10:25 Changeset [7646] by timgraham
Merge of dev_merge_2016 into trunk. UPDATE TO ARCHFILES NEEDED for XIOS2. …


18:09 Changeset [7645] by acc
Branch 2016/dev_merge_2016. Rename cpp_WAD_TEST_CASES.fcm to cpp_WAD.fcm …
17:38 Ticket #1843 (obs operator: non initialized varaible) closed by cbricaud
fixed: fixed in dev_merge_2016 at rev 7644 …
17:34 Changeset [7644] by cbricaud
fix ticket #1843 in dev_merge_2016
17:13 Ticket #1843 (obs operator: non initialized varaible) created by cbricaud
= Context = ORCA2_LIM3_OBS reference configuration SETTE test with debug …
16:55 Ticket #1766 (Bugs in sbc_cpl) closed by clem
16:50 Changeset [7643] by acc
Branch dev_merge_2016. Update MOBILIS arch files to use XIOS2.0 as default
16:45 Ticket #1778 (LIM3 ice rheology) closed by clem
16:38 Ticket #1795 (Boundary files for LIM3 are not found in a subdirectory) closed by clem
invalid: The general rule for running simulations is to put all the forcing files …
16:26 Changeset [7642] by timgraham
Merged in minor changes between revsion of trunk where branch started and …
16:20 Ticket #1607 (out-of-bound references in agrif_lim2_update (lim2_vp case) in trunk and ...) closed by clem
fixed: fixed at r7641
16:19 Changeset [7641] by clem
bug fix for AGRIF+LIM2-VP, see ticket #1607
16:06 Changeset [7640] by flavoni
#1842 add README to compile test cases, and some namelists
16:03 Ticket #1842 (ROBUST-02(2017WP) enhancement in TEST CASES) created by flavoni
= Context = Following on from ticket #1839 and #1841, preparing action on …
15:59 Ticket #1837 (Fix LIM2-VP for AGRIF) closed by clem
fixed: fixed at revision 7639
15:58 Changeset [7639] by clem
bug fix for AGRIF+LIM2-VP, see ticket #1837
15:25 Ticket #1838 (Modifications to remove XIOS1 from dev_merge_2016) closed by timgraham
15:25 Ticket #1841 (Create TEST_CASES directory) closed by timgraham
fixed: Remaining test_cases moved at r7638
15:09 Changeset [7638] by timgraham
#1841. Moved Lock_exchange and SAS_BIPER test cases
15:00 Changeset [7637] by timgraham
#1841 - Moved Wetting and drying test cases to new directory.
14:56 Changeset [7636] by timgraham
#1840 Create TEST_CASES directory and move OVERFLOW test case
14:36 Ticket #1841 (Create TEST_CASES directory) created by timgraham
= Context = Following on from ticket #1839 the test cases will now be …
14:24 Changeset [7635] by timgraham
#1838 - Changes to remove XIOS1.0
14:10 Changeset [7634] by andmirek
1840 xios definitions and optional variables
13:43 Ticket #1840 (optional variables) created by andmirek
= Context = There are few places where optional arguments are used without …
13:08 Ticket #1839 (Changes to makenemo to support configurations in subdirectories of CONFIG) closed by acc
fixed: Changes to makenemo submitted at Changset [7633]
13:06 Changeset [7633] by acc
Branch 2016/dev_merge_2016. Changes to makenemo to support configurations …
12:58 Ticket #1839 (Changes to makenemo to support configurations in subdirectories of CONFIG) created by acc
= Context = Minor changes to makenemo are required to allow some …
12:45 Ticket #1838 (Modifications to remove XIOS1 from dev_merge_2016) created by timgraham
= Context = It has been agreed that XIOS1.0 should be removed from the …


16:27 Ticket #1701 (New development branch for 2016 fixes to Wetting and Drying) closed by acc
fixed: Incorporated into 2016 merge. Includes simple test cases (linear slopes, …
16:23 Ticket #1689 (2016WP SIMPLIF-5 Reimplement Smagorinsky) closed by acc
fixed: Incorporated into 2016 merge
16:20 Ticket #1758 (namelist mangling: cfg does not always override ref) closed by acc
invalid: The error here is in the user's namelist_cfg. The name list contains 2 …
16:12 Ticket #1816 (No possibility to use the same weight filename with both a 3D and 2D input ...) closed by acc
wontfix: This is a 'feature' rather than a true bug. Ideally one should be able to …
14:37 Changeset [7632] by acc
Branch 2016/dev_merge_2016. Added python utility to plot animation frames …
12:25 Ticket #1837 (Fix LIM2-VP for AGRIF) created by fschwarzkopf
= Context = LIM2-VP does not work with AGRIF = Analysis = In …
12:02 Ticket #1836 (Fix timing for AGRIF) created by fschwarzkopf
= Context In AGRIF simulations the #child_timing files only contain …
11:17 Changeset [7631] by flavoni
update iodef.xml for pisces
09:56 Changeset [7630] by timgraham
Modification to regular expressions to pick up timing_start/stop calls …


11:29 Changeset [7629] by aumont
Change in the PISCES diags
11:24 Changeset [7628] by aumont
Change in the ligands parameters
11:22 Changeset [7627] by aumont
change in the bacterial consumption of Fe + some more diags


17:06 Changeset [7626] by hadjt
Added CO5 code to catch water below freezing, and reset to freezing point …
14:44 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v4.0a edited by flavoni
13:06 Changeset [7625] by dford
Update the retrieval of pCO2 from FABM.
12:37 Changeset [7624] by flavoni
update test lock and overflow with dev_merge_2016
12:26 Changeset [7623] by flavoni
update lock_exchange with dev_merge_2016
11:10 Changeset [7622] by flavoni
bad old name for output ISOMIP file
09:43 Changeset [7621] by cetlod
Minor corrections


14:35 Changeset [7620] by jcastill
Fix bug with momentum transfer in coupled mode


00:12 Changeset [7619] by aumont
bug correction in the declared fields


18:19 Changeset [7618] by aumont
update namelist_pisces in the quota code
18:17 Changeset [7617] by aumont
update diagnostics + changes in quota code
18:09 Changeset [7616] by acc
Branch 2016/dev_merge_2016. Wetting and drying updates. Includes a …
16:43 Changeset [7615] by aumont
update for additional diags
15:27 ticket/1821/BranchTesting edited by frrh
14:47 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v4.0a edited by flavoni
14:46 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v4.0a edited by flavoni
14:41 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v4.0a edited by flavoni
14:38 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v4.0a edited by flavoni
13:12 ticket/1821/BranchTesting edited by frrh
13:07 ticket/1821/BranchTesting created by frrh
12:47 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v4.0a edited by flavoni
10:43 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v4.0a edited by flavoni
10:41 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v4.0a edited by flavoni
10:39 user/flavoni/libIGCM_v4.0a edited by flavoni
10:15 Changeset [7614] by kingr
Code changes to prevent water temperature falling below pressure-dependent …


18:35 Changeset [7613] by hadjt
Added namelist entries to effectively switch off region mean, pea and NOOS …
12:35 Changeset [7612] by flavoni
missing close tag in html pisces file
12:07 Changeset [7611] by jpalmier
JPALM -- 26-01-2017 -- Fix MOCSY depth0 init value
10:45 Changeset [7610] by acc
Branch 2016/dev_merge_2016. Minor correction to WAD documentation and add …


19:12 Ticket #1835 (Uninitialized variable nn_dttrc used in iom.F90) created by mdunphy
= Context = The variable nn_dttrc is not initialized when we run without …
17:43 Changeset [7609] by acc
Branch 2016/dev_merge_2016. Additional WAD test case with a sinusoidally …
17:30 Changeset [7608] by kingr
Create a branch to test limiting the min temp in CO6/AMM7
16:37 Changeset [7607] by cetlod
v3.6 stable : add missing features for CMIP6 exercise, see ticket #1834
14:40 Glossary edited by nemo
14:07 Ticket #1834 (Missing features in 3.6 stable) created by cetlod
Some features are missing in the 3.6 stable and are needed for CMIP6 …
13:01 Changeset [7606] by jcastill
Fix some bugs introduced due to particularities of the branch revision; …
12:14 New topic on Forks created by nemo
[FAQ] Test cases
12:13 New topic on Skilled created by nemo
[FAQ] Choosing options (natural and computer science), please read this before creating a new topic
12:05 New topic on Beginner created by nemo
[FAQ] Getting started with NEMO, please read this before creating a new topic
11:59 New forum News created by nemo
Ocean modelling events - Calls | Meetings | Sessions | {e-}Trainings | Webinars | Workshops
11:57 New forum Forks created by nemo
Unofficial resources (cfgs, repos, tools, etc) - Unsupported configurations, secondary repositories, available tools and utilities
11:55 New forum Skilled created by nemo
Natural & computer science - Additional answers on choosing savvy options
11:47 New forum Beginner created by nemo
Getting started with the ocean model - Download, install, compile and run reference configurations
11:29 Changeset [7605] by timgraham
Added field for dynldf_c3d case
11:28 New topic on Tools created by nemo
[FAQ] Tools and Interfaces, please read this before creating a new topic
06:56 Ticket #1833 (Uninitialized arrays bfrua/bfrva in zdf_bfr_init) created by mdunphy
= Context = The function zdf_bfr_init does not initialize arrays …


16:50 Changeset [7604] by dkuts
fixed some typos
16:26 Changeset [7603] by flavoni
update wrong names for pisces outputs
13:43 Changeset [7602] by frrh
Typo fix
13:39 Changeset [7601] by frrh
#1821 more changes to replace pointers with ALLOCATE in traldf_iso
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