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This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
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17:26 Changeset [8300] by glong
Changed diagnostics to calculate the contributions by taking after-before …


18:16 2017WP/ENHANCE-16_Clement_ICEMODEL edited by clem
18:09 2017WP/ENHANCE-16_Clement_ICEMODEL edited by clem
17:33 Changeset [8299] by andmirek
#1882 no need to define context in iodef.xml
14:25 Changeset [8298] by timgraham
Changes to use a real scalar grid in XIOS2 (GMED ticket 334)
12:13 Changeset [8297] by andmirek
#1882 New way of defining what is in restart file
09:56 Changeset [8296] by timgraham
Branch for GMED ticket 334 to correct scalar variable output in GO6
09:31 Changeset [8295] by andmirek
fix restart variable definition: see change 8293


18:47 2017WP/ENHANCE-16_Clement_ICEMODEL edited by clem
18:09 Changeset [8294] by clem
add one output for sea ice
17:29 Changeset [8293] by andmirek
#1881: Add 2 missing variables in restart.
11:51 Changeset [8292] by clem
also correct
11:49 Changeset [8291] by clem
correct last commit changes. This is the start version for the …
10:42 Ticket #1733 (Initialization of av*_k in tke) closed by emanuelaclementi
fixed: fixed bug for Initialization of av*_k in tke
10:40 Changeset [8290] by emanuelaclementi
#1733 bug fixed for Initialization of av*_k in tke
10:17 Changeset [8289] by clem
correct outputs
09:48 Changeset [8288] by clem
correct a bug on agrif following #8287
09:44 Changeset [8287] by clem
correct a bug in agrif_opa_interp.F90 (unmask some operations)
08:48 Changeset [8286] by vancop
1e20 as missing value
08:40 Changeset [8285] by vancop
Move diagnostics within limrhg to be AGRIF-compliant


20:34 2017WP/ROBUST-12_SystemTeam-Trunk-Validation/Results edited by clem
20:29 Changeset [8284] by clem
make almost all sette tests pass except agrif restart and sas for some …
20:26 2017WP/ROBUST-12_SystemTeam-Trunk-Validation/Results edited by clem
15:51 Changeset [8283] by andmirek
changes for coupled configuration
15:46 Changeset [8282] by clem
solve issues with adding/deleting keys for all the keys
15:45 Changeset [8281] by clem
solve issues with adding/deleting keys for all the keys
10:28 Changeset [8280] by timgraham
331: Merge of MEDUSA stable branch and HadGEM3 coupling branches into GO6 …


17:46 Changeset [8279] by mocavero
Implementation of OMP coarse-grained parallelization on ZDF new package
17:01 Changeset [8278] by frrh
Updates to stop/error/abort controls following TG's review.
16:22 Changeset [8277] by vancop
fix on meltwater #2
15:35 Changeset [8276] by andmirek
ticket #1914 fix restart read with XIOS when ln_restart is false
14:50 Changeset [8275] by vancop
bug on surface melt water
13:50 Changeset [8274] by clem
make SASBIPER restartable by changing from non-linear to linear free …
12:56 Changeset [8273] by jwhile
Minor fixes
11:18 Changeset [8272] by clem
update following r8270 & r8271
09:34 Changeset [8271] by vancop
missing value sign
09:32 Changeset [8270] by vancop
final SIMIP output commit
06:32 2017WP/ENHANCE-17_Gurvan_MCO edited by gm


17:39 Changeset [8269] by andmirek
fix restart read with XIOS whne ln_restart is false
17:01 Changeset [8268] by clem
commit bug fixes, so that all sette tests passed (except SAS as usual)
16:12 Changeset [8267] by gm
#1918 - ENHANCE-17 Action: addition of a Multi-Column Ocean (MCO)scheme …
16:10 Ticket #1918 (ENHANCE-17(2017WP) — Multi-Column Ocean scheme (MCO)) created by gm
= Context Introduction of the Multi-Column Ocean scheme (MCO) developed …
16:06 2017WP/ENHANCE-17_Gurvan_MCO edited by gm
15:58 2017WP/ENHANCE-17_Gurvan_MCO edited by gm
15:48 Users_ edited by nicolasmartin
15:37 Developers/Validation/release-3.6rc created by nicolasmartin
14:38 2017WP/ENHANCE-17_Gurvan_MCO created by nicolasmartin
New page from template WorkPlanAction?
12:17 Changeset [8266] by clem
update outputs following simip requirements


16:43 Changeset [8265] by vancop
time averaging second session
16:37 Changeset [8264] by niall
16:16 Changeset [8263] by niall
15:42 Changeset [8262] by niall
Remove dia_hsb_init
15:28 Changeset [8261] by niall
15:13 Changeset [8260] by niall
remove icb_init
14:52 Changeset [8259] by niall
14:31 Changeset [8258] by vancop
fix temporal averages for SIMIP
13:48 Changeset [8257] by andmirek
few improvements and fixe to run GO6
10:46 2017WP/ROBUST-12_SystemTeam-Trunk-Validation/Results edited by flavoni
10:34 Changeset [8256] by flavoni
remove fix mistake for tmx output. It is needed in HPC09 branch
10:29 2017WP/ROBUST-12_SystemTeam-Trunk-Validation/Results edited by flavoni


19:08 Users/ReferenceConfigurations/ORCA2_LIM3_PISCES edited by nicolasmartin
18:16 Changeset [8255] by niall
Remove diatmb and dia25h
17:34 Ticket #1724 (makenemo fails to delete key in some case) closed by nicolasmartin
fixed: New fix with regexp \b in sed command to match word, commit r8252 for …
17:29 Changeset [8254] by nicolasmartin
17:20 Changeset [8253] by niall
17:20 Changeset [8252] by nicolasmartin
#1724 Modify sed command for deleting key in order to match word (use \b)
17:10 Changeset [8251] by niall
bug in dia25h
16:51 2017WP/ROBUST-12_SystemTeam-Trunk-Validation/Results edited by flavoni
16:41 Changeset [8250] by niall
16:36 Changeset [8249] by niall
test debug dia25h.F90
16:30 Changeset [8248] by niall
test debug of dia25h.F90
16:25 Changeset [8247] by niall
Test changes in dia25h.F90
16:04 Changeset [8246] by niall
Test changes to dia25h.F90
15:51 Changeset [8245] by niall
Debug problems with the model hanging in nemo_init
13:05 Users/ReferenceConfigurations/ORCA2_OFF_PISCES edited by cetlod
13:04 Users/ReferenceConfigurations/ORCA2_OFF_PISCES edited by cetlod
13:00 Users/ReferenceConfigurations/ORCA2_OFF_PISCES edited by cetlod
12:55 Users/ReferenceConfigurations/ORCA2_OFF_TRC edited by cetlod
12:54 Changeset [8244] by flavoni
fix error name in file_def_nemo.xml; old tmx now iwm
12:53 Users/ReferenceConfigurations/ORCA2_OFF_TRC edited by cetlod
12:51 Users/ReferenceConfigurations/ORCA2_OFF_TRC edited by cetlod
12:44 Ticket #1724 (makenemo fails to delete key in some case) reopened by nicolasmartin
12:13 Users/ReferenceConfigurations/ORCA2_LIM3_PISCES edited by flavoni
11:41 Changeset [8243] by andmirek
#1914 working XIOS read, XIOS write and single processor read
10:51 Changeset [8242] by andmirek
#1881 fix restart path name
09:59 Changeset [8241] by cetlod
trunk:bugfix to avoid compilation error when using TOP+AGRIF …


18:09 Changeset [8240] by clem
correct some bugs for compilation
18:06 TicketGuidelines/ModifyTicketSummary edited by nemo
17:55 Changeset [8239] by clem
merge with v3_6_CMIP6_ice_diagnostics@r8238
17:48 Changeset [8238] by clem
correct some xml LIM3 outputs
17:10 Changeset [8237] by clem
correct a problem of compilation when no ice
17:10 Changeset [8236] by clem
correct a problem of compilation when no ice
16:48 Changeset [8235] by frrh
Update branch in line with current head of GO6 package branch at revision …
15:21 TicketGuidelines/Included edited by nemo
15:18 TicketGuidelines/ModifyTicketSummary edited by nemo
14:50 Changeset [8234] by clem
change e12 for e1e2 in limtrp.F90
14:33 Changeset [8233] by clem
merge with dev_r6859_LIM3_meltponds@r8179
12:31 Changeset [8232] by clem
add a missing key_agrif in sbcwave.F90
12:31 Changeset [8231] by clem
add a missing key_agrif in sbcwave.F90
12:27 Changeset [8230] by clem
add a missing key_agrif in divhor.F90
12:27 Changeset [8229] by clem
add a missing key_agrif in divhor.F90
11:50 Changeset [8228] by andmirek
fix path for restart file name
10:53 Changeset [8227] by andmirek
procect xios restart write calls with IF to write only on the correct …
10:02 Changeset [8226] by clem
merge with dev_r8127_AGRIF_LIM3_GHOST@r8189 and …
07:53 Ticket #1917 (TOP does not compile with AGRIF) created by gm
= Context compilation of ORCA2_LIM3_PISCES reference configuration …


23:32 Users/Agenda/2006-06-08 edited by nicolasmartin
23:30 Users/Agenda/2006-06-08 edited by nicolasmartin
22:51 Users/Agenda/2007-05-22 edited by nicolasmartin
22:46 Users/Agenda/2007-05-22 edited by nicolasmartin
22:44 Users/Agenda/2007-05-22 edited by nicolasmartin
22:16 Users/Agenda/2008-06-16 edited by nicolasmartin
22:14 Users/Agenda/2008-06-16 edited by nicolasmartin
21:48 Users/Agenda/2009-07-02 edited by nicolasmartin
21:21 Users/Agenda/2009-07-02 edited by nicolasmartin
21:00 Users/Agenda/2011-06-29 edited by nicolasmartin
20:46 Users/Agenda/2012-05-22 edited by nicolasmartin
20:45 Users/Agenda/2012-05-22 edited by nicolasmartin
20:44 Users/Agenda/2012-05-22 edited by nicolasmartin
20:44 Users/Agenda/2012-05-22 edited by nicolasmartin
19:53 Users/Agenda/2014-07-07 edited by nicolasmartin
19:43 Glossary edited by nicolasmartin
19:40 Users/Agenda/2014-07-07 edited by nicolasmartin
18:01 Users/Agenda/2006-06-08 created by nicolasmartin
17:40 Users/Agenda/2007-05-22 created by nicolasmartin
17:16 Users/Agenda/2008-06-16 created by nicolasmartin
15:59 Users/Agenda/2009-07-02 created by nicolasmartin
15:26 Changeset [8225] by jwhile
Reintroducing a bug fix as recomended by Tim Graham's review
13:23 Changeset [8224] by frrh
Merge Marc's fix for MEDUSA NRUN reproducibility since this is the …
12:46 Changeset [8223] by dford
Allow for different capitalisations of biogeochemical variable names.
12:31 Users/Agenda/2010-07-21 created by nicolasmartin
12:21 Changeset [8222] by jwhile
Bug fix to OBS prep that was included in old version of OBS code, but …
12:16 Changeset [8221] by andmirek
ticket #1914: branch for moci test suite, xios read and write …
10:28 2017WP/ENHANCE-16_Clement_ICEMODEL edited by clem
09:48 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2017-06-27 edited by clevy


18:17 Changeset [8220] by lovato
3.6 stable: reinstate substitute variables in diaar5.F90 to compute tnpeo …
17:51 2017WP/ENHANCE-16_Clement_ICEMODEL created by clem
New page from template WorkPlanAction?
16:58 Ticket #1316 (Add 0.2K temperature mixed layer depthdiagnostic) closed by lovato
wontfix: The diagnostic is already included in both 3.6_stable and trunk codes (see …
16:29 Changeset [8219] by lovato
trunk : implementation of unified mppini routines - 2017WP (#1916)
16:28 Ticket #1724 (makenemo fails to delete key in some case) closed by lovato
fixed: The proposed fix was implemented v3.6_stable ar r8217 and in the trunk at …
16:26 Changeset [8218] by lovato
trunk: bugfix for ticket #1724
16:26 Changeset [8217] by lovato
3.6 stable: bugfix for ticket #1724
12:40 Changeset [8216] by clne
Fix incorrect comment
12:21 2017WP/ROBUST-10_Tomas_Unify_MPPINI edited by lovato
11:58 2017WP/ROBUST-10_Tomas_Unify_MPPINI edited by lovato
11:55 Ticket #1916 (ROBUST 10 Unify MPPINI) created by lovato
= Context Merge domain decomposition subroutines (mppini.F90, …


12:26 Changeset [8215] by gm
#1911 (ENHANCE-09): PART 0 - phasing with branch dev_r7832_HPC09_ZDF …
11:54 Changeset [8214] by gm
#1883 (HPC-09) - correction of minor issues
11:27 Changeset [8213] by jpalmier
JPALM -- split trcbio - mergeable-ish MEDUSA branch


18:22 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2017-06-27 edited by clevy
17:08 Changeset [8212] by dancopsey
Corrected array.
13:10 Users_ edited by clevy
11:23 Changeset [8211] by flavoni
for ISOMIP choice non-linear drag : Cd = Cd0 |U| in namelist_cfg
11:00 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2017-06-27 edited by clevy
10:59 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2017-06-27 edited by clevy
09:55 New topic on Skilled created by andrzejewskijan
[LBC] Lateral open boundary condition file


19:41 2017WP/HPC-07_SilviaMocavero_mpi3 edited by mocavero
19:02 Changeset [8210] by jpalmier
JPALM -- add COARE bulk patch for ocean-only forced by coupled-run atm
17:55 2017WP/HPC-06_SilviaMocavero_hybrid edited by mocavero
16:39 Changeset [8209] by frrh
Finally get a viable version which covers MO and NEMO base code options.
16:14 New topic on Jobs created by xavierfrancis
[permanent] Vacancies for ocean modellers at Plymouth University, UK | Closing 30 Jul. 2017
15:44 Changeset [8208] by andmirek
open write context at time write-1 as for default write
12:48 Changeset [8207] by frrh
Syntax fix in #elseif
12:31 Changeset [8206] by frrh
Correct the way cpl_freq is set.
12:26 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2017-06-27 edited by diovino
11:44 Changeset [8205] by jwhile
#708 Increased file name length as per request from Dave Ford
10:56 Changeset [8204] by frrh
We need to protect numstr operations with key_top!
10:55 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2017-06-27 edited by agn


17:07 Changeset [8203] by frrh
Code alterations to ensure compilation and running in stand-alone GO6 …
16:51 Users/Agenda/2011-06-29 created by nicolasmartin
16:41 Changeset [8202] by frrh
Merge branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_couple_chlorophyll@8136 using: svn …
16:27 Changeset [8201] by frrh
Merge MEDUSA branch using command: svn merge -r 5711:8182 …
14:28 user/acc edited by acc
14:27 Changeset [8200] by frrh
Merge branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_GC3_couple_pkg@7985 using command: svn …
14:20 Changeset [8199] by frrh
Development branch for merging GO6, MEDUSA and others into a single …
14:15 Ticket #1430 (create /branches/2015/dev_r4826_NOC_WAD) closed by acc
fixed: Closed old development branch ticket.
14:14 Ticket #1457 (2015 NOC-3 - System support and Simplification work) closed by acc
fixed: Closed old development branch ticket.
14:11 Ticket #1802 (New development branch for merging NOC 2016 developments) closed by acc
fixed: Closed old development branch ticket.
14:08 user/acc created by acc
14:03 2017WP/NOC-2_JamesH-SCO_ISF edited by jamesharle
13:50 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2017-06-27 edited by clem
13:00 2017WP/ROBUST-08_AndrewC-MPP_no_ghost edited by acc
12:45 Ticket #1915 (ROBUST-8_AndrewC-MPP_no_ghost development branch) created by acc
= Context With the move to full dynamic allocation there is no need to …
12:27 Changeset [8198] by jwhile
Small fix to sbcice_cice
11:39 Changeset [8197] by glong
Changed id's to be chars e.g. hpg to more easily identify output (and …
11:25 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2017-06-27 edited by clevy
11:23 NEMO_Development_Strategy_2017_draft_20.06.2017.docx attached to DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2017-06-27 by clevy
11:01 2017WP/ENHANCE-08_AndrewC-Wetting_and_drying edited by acc
10:29 2017WP/HPC-01_Miguel_Mondher_GatherComm edited by cbricaud
10:05 2019WP/ENHANCE-09_Jerome_freesurface edited by cbricaud
09:58 2017WP/ROBUST-03_Clement_CRS edited by cbricaud
09:55 2017WP/ENHANCE-14_Jerome_SAL edited by cbricaud
09:54 2017WP/ENHANCE-13_GuillaumeS_dragairice edited by cbricaud
09:52 2017WP/ENHANCE-11_GuillaumeR_QuickestAdv edited by cbricaud
09:50 2017WP/ENHANCE-11_GuillaumeR_QuickestAdv edited by cbricaud
09:48 2019WP/ENHANCE-10_Jerome_ztilde edited by cbricaud
09:13 2017WP/CONFIGMAN-3-Julien_runoff edited by cbricaud
09:12 2017WP/CONFIGMAN-2-Julien_tide_OB_forcing edited by cbricaud
09:11 2017WP/CONFIGMAN-1-Julien_improvment edited by cbricaud
09:06 2017WP/AGRIF-4_clementB_northfold_eastwest edited by cbricaud
09:03 2017WP/AGRIF-3_Jerome-vvl edited by cbricaud
01:23 Users/Agenda/2011-06-23 created by nicolasmartin
01:19 Users/Agenda/2012-05-22 edited by nicolasmartin
01:15 Users/Agenda/2012-05-22 created by nicolasmartin
00:12 Users/Agenda/2013-02-13 created by nicolasmartin


23:55 Users/Agenda/2013-10-04 created by nicolasmartin
23:30 Users/Agenda/2014-07-07 edited by nicolasmartin
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20:05 Users/Agenda/2015-06-30 created by nicolasmartin
18:39 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2017-06-27 edited by mocavero
17:01 Changeset [8196] by acc
Branch 2017/dev_r8126_ROBUST08_no_ghost. Add generic routine for the north …
16:39 Users/Agenda/2016-03-30 edited by nicolasmartin
16:39 Users/Agenda/2016-03-30 created by nicolasmartin
12:02 Changeset [8195] by andmirek
ticket #1914 : merge branch branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_GO6_package_XIOS_read
10:56 Changeset [8194] by andmirek
ticket #1914 back to 8188
10:46 Changeset [8193] by andmirek
ticket #1914 back to 8188
10:36 2017WP/ROBUST-10_Tomas_Unify_MPPINI edited by lovato
10:33 Changeset [8192] by lovato
dev 2017, branch for ROBUST10 Unify mppini


21:21 Users/Agenda/2016-04-12 edited by nicolasmartin
20:48 Users_ edited by nicolasmartin
20:45 Users_ edited by nicolasmartin
19:50 Users/Agenda/2016-04-12 created by nicolasmartin
18:23 2017WP/WAVE-2_Clementi_add_coupling edited by emanuelaclementi
18:23 2017WP/WAVE-1_Drudi_Improvements edited by emanuelaclementi
18:20 2017WP/INGV-1_Mattia_Test_Mediterranean edited by emanuelaclementi
18:17 2017WP/WAVE-2_Clementi_add_coupling edited by emanuelaclementi
18:16 Changeset [8191] by andmirek
merge with XIOS restart read branch
18:12 2017WP/WAVE-1_Drudi_Improvements edited by emanuelaclementi
17:43 Changeset [8190] by jwhile
Update due to Tim's review
17:16 2017WP/HPC-04_SilviaMocavero_singlecoreperf edited by mocavero
17:16 Changeset [8189] by clem
bug fixes for ghostcells>1
16:49 2017WP/HPC-03_SilviaMocavero_globcomm edited by mocavero
16:36 Changeset [8188] by andmirek
ticket #1914 create a test branch for MOCI test SUITE (3.6) to investigate …
16:35 Ticket #1914 (Test branch for UKMO MOCI test suite (for testing XIOS read/write ...) created by andmirek
= Context create a test branch for MOCI test SUITE (3.6) to investigate …
15:54 Ticket #1913 (Compilation issue due to typo in diaar5) closed by nicolasmartin
fixed: Fix in r8187
15:46 Changeset [8187] by nicolasmartin
Fix for typos in diaar5.F90 [close #1913]
15:25 Ticket #1913 (Compilation issue due to typo in diaar5) created by nicolasmartin
= Context ORCA1_LIM3_PISCES cfg. monitored by …
15:21 2017WP/CONFIGMAN-5_StefaniaCiliberti-BDYTool edited by sciliberti
15:21 2017WP/CONFIGMAN-4_StefaniaCiliberti-BDYModel edited by sciliberti
15:20 2017WP/CONFIGMAN-4_StefaniaCiliberti-BDYModel edited by sciliberti
15:18 2017WP/CONFIGMAN-4_StefaniaCiliberti-BDYModel edited by sciliberti
11:49 Users_ edited by nicolasmartin
11:25 Changeset [8186] by acc
Branch 2017/dev_r8126_ROBUST08_no_ghost. Incorporation of re-written lbc …


17:48 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2017-06-27 edited by clevy
15:27 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2017-06-27 edited by cbricaud
14:26 2017WP/ROBUST-10_Tomas_Unify_MPPINI edited by lovato
14:24 2017WP/ROBUST-10_Tomas_Unify_MPPINI edited by lovato
14:24 2017WP/ROBUST-10_Tomas_Unify_MPPINI edited by lovato
12:15 Changeset [8185] by gm
HPC-09 Action: optional 3rd order Range-Kutta time stepping (RK3)
12:11 Changeset [8184] by clem
Create a specific branch for the new sea ice model
11:56 2017WP/ROBUST-10_Tomas_Unify_MPPINI edited by lovato
11:07 2017WP/CNRS-14_Merino-ICB edited by clevy
11:06 2017WP/CNRS-14_Merino-ICB edited by clevy
11:05 2017WP/CNRS-14_Merino-ICB created by clevy
New page from template WorkPlanAction?
10:57 Changeset [8183] by vancop
bugfix on snow melt water
09:20 2017WP/ENHANCE-05_Gurvan-RK3 edited by gm
09:20 2017WP/ENHANCE-05_Gurvan-RK3 edited by gm
09:03 2017WP/ROBUST-13_Martin_v36_CMIP6_ice_diagnostics edited by vancop
09:00 2017WP/HPC-08_Gurvan_Unspecified_jpk edited by gm
08:44 Ticket #1613 (dev NOC-3 --- Non-linear free surface as default) closed by gm
08:33 2017WP/ENHANCE-05_Gurvan-RK3 edited by gm
08:22 2017WP/ENHANCE-05_Gurvan-RK3 edited by gm
08:17 2017WP/ENHANCE-05_Gurvan-RK3 edited by gm
01:45 Users_ edited by nicolasmartin
01:40 Users_ edited by nicolasmartin


22:28 Glossary edited by nicolasmartin
22:12 Users_ edited by nicolasmartin
18:50 Changeset [8182] by jpalmier
JPALM -- update MEDUSA xCO2 to CMIP6 value
15:47 Changeset [8181] by frrh
Changes for stand-alone ocean GO6 compatibility.
15:41 Changeset [8180] by frrh
Branch for developments to allow coupled package to be used in stand-alone …
15:24 Ticket #1912 (parallel running of rebuild_nemo) created by clivefujitsu
The system is currently designed to run rebuild_nemo in serial, one file …
14:56 2017WP/ROBUST-13_Martin_v36_CMIP6_ice_diagnostics created by flavoni
New page from template WorkPlanAction?
12:01 Changeset [8179] by vancop
Replace total snow flux by snow meltwater flux
09:12 Ticket #1911 (ENHANCE-04(2017WP) — MLF and RK3 time stepping) created by gm
= Context Introduce an optional RK3 time-stepping scheme. The scheme …
08:44 Changeset [8178] by gm
#1883 (HPC-09) - step-9: final step for the removal of avmu, avmv from the …
06:22 New topic on Interoperability created by bijoy
[IO] Units of tidal energy flux in M2 and k1 rowdrg


18:42 Changeset [8177] by vancop
namelists and XIOS xmls
18:33 Changeset [8176] by vancop
Bugfix on ocean-to-ice sensible heat flux found during SIMIP diags
18:31 Changeset [8175] by vancop
Final commit SIMIP outputs, phase 2
15:50 Changeset [8174] by dford
Deleting branch as changes merged back.
15:50 Changeset [8173] by dford
Add 25 hour mean zooplankton diagnostic.
15:44 Changeset [8172] by vancop
SIMIP branch, generic 2D transport fluxes
15:43 Documentation edited by nicolasmartin
12:40 Changeset [8171] by dford
Remove no longer required output.
11:26 Changeset [8170] by acc
Branch 2017/dev_r8126_ROBUST08_no_ghost. Merge in changes from …
10:04 Changeset [8169] by vancop
SIMIP outputs: clean ice age, prepare ocean heat flux modification


20:17 Users_ edited by nicolasmartin
20:12 Users_ edited by nicolasmartin
20:10 Users_ edited by nicolasmartin
18:50 Changeset [8168] by glong
changes as of eod 13/16/17
17:16 Changeset [8167] by dford
Alterations to 25 hour mean diagnostics for ERSEM.
17:16 Changeset [8166] by dancopsey
First attempt at getting the ocean to accept river runoff as a 1D array.
15:08 Changeset [8165] by acc
Create development branch for ROBUST08 (MPP_no_ghost) development. See …
12:37 Changeset [8164] by dford
Branch of operational CO6+FABM branch to implement CF compliant 25 hour …
12:17 Changeset [8163] by dancopsey
Clear out SVN keywords.
12:13 Changeset [8162] by dancopsey
New river runoff coupling scheme
10:35 New topic on Tools created by mlicer
[tools][CDF] Z-coordinate output from s-coordinate grid


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14:07 Changeset [8161] by andmirek
few small bug fixes and support for Agrif restart read


09:31 Changeset [8160] by gm
#1883 (HPC-09) - step-8: remove split-explicit calculation of (tra/dyn)zdf …
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Commit chlorophyll coupling interface inclusion and fix to protect namstr …
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SIMIP outputs, phase 2, commit#5


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Tags bibliography added; publication, reference removed
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Fix syntax error in HadOCC/MEDUSA warning messages.
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SIMIP outputs, phase 2, commit #4
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Merge branches/NERC/dev_r5518_NOC_MEDUSA_Stable revisions 5711:8147, thus …
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GO6 + MEDUSA merge procedure dummy run.
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disable restart read with XIOS for agrif configuration
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SIMIP diagnostics, phase 2, commit#3
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[RNF] River runoff time-stepping
08:58 Changeset [8151] by vancop
SIMIP outputs, phase 2, commit#2
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